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Chapter 1283 - Imperishable Scripture

The golden little ant rubbed its eyes, and after making sure that it wasn’t seeing incorrectly, it was stupefied. It still hadn’t matured yet, which was why it still couldn’t move this cauldron.

However, this person in front of it moved the cauldron first. This left it completely shocked, and then it felt annoyed.

“What is wrong with you? Fighting with me over my weapon, is it that fun? If you aren’t convinced, just come and we can fight it out!” It said angrily.

Right now, everyone was greatly alarmed. Huang was actually this terrifying! Those young supreme beings were all defeated, unable to move this cauldron, while he could actually directly raise it!

Just how terrifying was his divine force? It really was generation dominating!

Everyone had already placed quite a bit of their attention on Huang. They knew that he had been laying low for three years, that he was still powerful, still one of the supreme beings of this generation.

However, no matter what, they just never expected him to be this strong!

If it was only in terms of physical bodies, he was likely in the top three, right? Aside from Sacred Academy’s Jin Zhan, Little Saint, and others who stressed body refining, not even the few unmatched individuals from Immortal Academy had flesh shells this strong!

“He clearly exhibits an aura from my Immortal Ancient bloodline, walking this path, yet he didn’t merge with a perfect seed. How did he achieve this?” An old soldier said softly, expression serious.

“Impossible, that path is something no one could take, a broken one. It should have been a path everyone gave up on.” The old soldier leader’s eyes were deep and cold.

They had long seen that Daoist Qi Gu cultivated the present world methods, different from the inheritance of Immortal Ancient. His divine force was exceptional because his methods were different, there was a reason for this.

However, that young man named Shi Hao used immortal energy. The symbols that covered his body and surged from his flesh displayed that he walked the path of Immortal Ancient bloodlines.

Meanwhile, this path, if one didn’t merge with one of those unmatched seeds, no matter what he did, he wouldn’t be able to compare to the Heavenly Horned Ant. The power of his flesh wouldn’t be this frightening.

“Seniors, you all guessed correctly. This brother of mine is extremely awesome, taking that path you all speak of, moreover succeeded, transcending the ancients!” Fatty Cao acted cockily there, as if he himself was the one who succeeded and basking in glory.

Moreover, he even specially pointed out Immortal Academy’s people, saying that their elders’ eyes couldn’t judge others properly, too stingy to grant Shi Hao a precious seed, forcing him to take this path of death.

Outside the city, the elders who were surveying this place from above saw this scene, feeling their skin become hot.

“You… used the body as the seed, continuing a broken road, breaking through the trial of death?” An old soldier widened his eyes, simply unable to believe everything he was seeing.

“Succeeded through a fluke.” Shi Hao nodded.

In that instant, several old soldiers became petrified, unable to say anything.

Right now, Shi Hao’s entire head was covered in sweat. This cauldron really was too heavy, crushing his arms until they felt like they were going to break. The entire stone mountain was swirling with immortal mist, unexpectedly lightly trembling as well.

This was just too shocking. Everyone felt like the ground below their feet was unstable, rocking intensely!

This was but an immortal mountain! There were immortal formations here, yet it was still like this right now, just how heavy was that cauldron? It was just too terrifying!

Meanwhile, this was only a projection, not the true Origin Source Cauldron!

“Hurry and lower it, you are quite excellent, already meeting the requirements!” The leader of the immortal city guards said urgently, fearing that Shi Hao would become injured due to the weight of the ancient cauldron.

The old soldiers had already recovered from their petrification. They were incomparably shocked, staring at Shi Hao as if they were looking at a rare treasury, making him shiver inwardly.

Shi Hao lowered the cauldron, making the entire mountain shake intensely, as if an earthquake happened. He felt his arms becoming sore, in a bit of pain.

He couldn’t help but sigh, the Heavenly Horned Ant Race was too freakish, using something this heavy as a weapon. How could ordinary people even raise such a thing?

Even someone like him could only raise it, definitely not brandish it as he wished, use it like a weapon. That wasn’t realistic.

Shi Hao felt like his own physical body was already strong enough, but when he encountered this race, he clearly experienced the phrase ‘in the wider world, there are people more talented than oneself!

When they saw his face of dissatisfaction, as if he achieved nothing, everyone became speechless. Cao Yusheng was still boasting loudly for him, campaigning for him, but when he saw how he was now, he didn’t know what to say.

The young supreme beings all became inwardly vigilant, feeling a great pressure. On the path of physical bodies, Huang now took the lead. If they wanted to suppress and surpass him, they could only try to do so through dao skills!

Right now, those old guards’ eyes all released green light, staring at Shi Hao as if they were sizing up a priceless treasure.

The leader laughed in an extremely mechanical manner, as if seeing through his thoughts, saying, “There is no need to feel disappointment. The Heavenly Horned Ant, in terms of strength, is number one in the world!”

Shi Hao nodded, not saying anything.

The leader then added, “In reality, you are also extremely astonishing, to the extent where your achievements have surpassed the past and present. It is because you didn’t truly forge your flesh shell, not a pure body cultivator. If you take that path, you can definitely become comparable to the Heavenly Horned Ant, perhaps even seize the advantage.”

On the side, that little golden ant didn’t like the sound of this, saying, “What are you saying? He’s just a human, how can he compare to us? When I grow up, I will definitely swing this cauldron around, treat it like a toy!”

“Little Jin, you are unmatched, extremely strong. In the future, you will definitely exceed your ancestors. However, this human is not simple either. He is also extremely strong, not necessarily weaker than your race.” The leader said.

When they heard such a high evaluation given to Shi Hao, everyone was surprised. They actually rated Huang so highly, putting him side by side with the Vicious Ten’s Heavenly Horned Ant!

“I have also studied a bit of body refinement techniques.” Shi Hao spoke things as they were, correcting the other party. It wasn’t that he hadn’t taken this path before.

“Oh? What technique have you studied?” The guard leader asked, appearing quite shocked.

“Bone Tempering Method.” Shi Hao said. It was something the Great Elder passed down to him, at the time saying that it originated from Sacred Academy, so he had to search for the latter portions from them later.

“I have never heard of it. Could you describe it a bit?” The leader was quite direct, actually speaking about this type of requirement.

One had to bear in mind that all techniques were precious. How could it be easily leaked to others?

However, Shi Hao didn’t hesitate, secretly passing it over through his divine consciousness, telling it to him.

“It is not bad, but still not enough. This is a scripture method derived from the Imperishable Technique, far from being comparable to the true scripture.” The leader said.

“What? You know the Imperishable Scripture?” Before Shi Hao spoke up, someone from the side already asked about this, moreover sounding extremely urgent.

It was precisely Daoist Qi Gu. He normally remained quiet, rarely speaking, almost like an old-fashioned elder. However, right now, his breathing was rushed, extremely agitated.

It was because when he was in Sacred Academy, a few people had mentioned that ancient scripture before, talking about its inconceivable power.

“I do not understand it, and in Immortal Ancient, there weren’t many who did either, at most two or three great ones reading it in the past. Meanwhile, we only know some superficial bits.” The leader spoke as things were.

“How great is the difference between the Bone Tempering Method and the Imperishable Scripture?” Shi Hao asked.

“If I have to speak the truth, then I can only say that compared to the Imperishable Method, this piece of scripture of yours is extremely shallow, not profound enough.” That leader said.

This left everyone shocked. The Bone Tempering Method was already extraordinary, yet it could only obtain this evaluation.

“If there is no body refinement technique in the present world comparable to the Imperishable Technique, then this era is inferior to the last, undoubtedly in danger!” The leader said with a sigh.

“There is one established by a senior from Sacred Academy, but my academy is still searching for the Imperishable Scripture to compare and verify.” Daoist Qi Gu explained directly.

“The Imperishable Scripture could also be said to be one of the most powerful scriptures of Immortal Ancient Era, and in the path of body refinement, it is even more so an unmatched canonical text.” An old soldier said.

Based on what he said, once the complete Imperishable Scripture was cultivated, heaven would be difficult to bury, earth difficult to extinguish, flesh spiritual. Even if the divine senses are wiped out and scattered, the body would remain undecaying, unbreaking, forever imperishable. It was to the extent where there were rumors that once one achieved perfection through it, even if the primordial spirit was destroyed and wiped out, after a long period of accumulation, the day would come when the flesh could reconstruct a divine soul!

In other words, this was imperishable in the truest of meaning!

It was to the extent where there was someone who explained that after several decades to centuries later, when the flesh body produced a primordial spirit again, it wouldn’t be a new body, still having memories prior to the reconstruction.

Everyone listened carefully to what he said. All of them were stunned.

“This is more formidable than than that unmatched canonical text of Sacred Academy!” They sighed with praise.

“In reality, if it is assessed based on its rumors, then the Imperishable Scripture can also rank within the top three in the last great era, just that there is no proof that it truly can make one imperishable.” The leader said with a sigh.

That was why it wasn’t ranked in the top three.

When he spoke up to here, the old soldiers’ eyes burned with passion, looking at Shi Hao. One of them said, “If you have the chance to cultivate it, after you reach perfection you might be able to verify if one can truly become imperishable, the heavens difficult to bury, the earth difficult to extinguish!”

It was because Shi Hao used the body as the seed, having enough potential himself already. If he cultivated the Imperishable Scripture, he would definitely travel even further!

“Where is the Imperishable Scripture?” Shi Hao asked. He really was moved, feeling that he needed it quite badly.

Even the others’ eyes burned with desire. Even if they weren’t body cultivators, reforging the body was still essential.

“It disappeared.” The leader said with a sigh.

Everyone was surprised. Their interests were all stirred up, yet in the end, this type of reply was given. It truly left them feeling disappointed.

The leader said, “back then, Heavenly Horned Ant great one could only raise this cauldron, but after cultivating that Imperishable Scripture, he could already brandish this cauldron in his youth, treating it like a firewood rod, his power matchless!”

This was why they acknowledged Shi Hao. Being able to lift the cauldron meant that he was already just like the Heavenly Horned Ant before it studied the Imperishable Scripture, equally matched!

“It definitely hasn’t disappeared. I still have to learn it in the future!” On the side, the little golden ant shouted.

“We have searched through this city, scoured this ancient place, but we still didn’t find the Imperishable Scripture Heavenly Horned Ant great one obtained. It really is regretful and something difficult to accept.” The leader sighed.

Everyone felt disappointed. If such an important scripture was lost, then that would just be too pitiful.

Many times, just having great ambition wasn’t enough. The so-called forging new methods, treading on completely new paths were all established on the glory of predecessors. Only by having enough experiences to borrow from could one produce even more dazzling martial dao enlightenment.

“Based on our suspicions, there are only three possibilities as to where the Imperishable Scripture is, the first is right here, to be left to the Heavenly Horned Ant’s descendant to discover as soon as he matured to a certain step. The second is that it was lost on that cruel battlefield. Heavenly Horned Ant great one fought until the heavens collapsed and earth ruptured back then, killing many undying beings, yet at the same time suffered injuries that were too severe, continuing until the last drop of blood flowed out from his body. Many things great one carried were lost. The third possibility is that it might have fallen into a restricted land within the Nine Heavens Ten Earths!” The leader said with a serious tone.

There were three possibilities, difficult to say which one it was.

However, there was a chance right before their eyes. If it was here, if these old soldiers couldn’t find it, that didn’t meant that others couldn’t.

If outsiders like them were destined to do so, they might be able to get in touch with it, draw out the Imperishable Scripture!

1. Jin=gold

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