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Chapter 1282 - Raising the Origin Source Cauldron    

Green multicolored light scattered down. An individual with a wonderful physique walked over, body swaying like a lotus, leaves fluttering about in her surroundings. There was a great feeling of vitality.

In addition, there were some seeds that floated up, taking root in the void, growing into divine vines, precious trees, and other things, crowding her within, carrying out protection.

The first young supreme being who was taking action was actually female, her dress extremely long, dragging on the ground, her figure swaying about, extremely beautiful.

She had a head of green hair, her skin snow-white, her eyes extremely large, full of spirituality. Her pupils were deep green, as if she was a spirit that emerged from the most primitive mountain forest depths.

She was astonishingly beautiful, and also full of spirituality, even more so having a type of unimaginably rich life force, as if a boundless source of life accompanied her.

“It’s her!” Someone said quietly, recognizing her.

“Who is this woman?” Many people didn’t recognize her, because there were a few young supreme beings who kept a low profile. After truly merging with a perfect seed, even though there were rumors, the number of times they took action was limited.

“The woman called the Goddess of Life!” Someone said.

When has this type of person appeared among young supreme beings before? Everyone was stunned. However, just now, she really did walk together with Great Xu Tuo, Lan Xian, and the others.

“Someone who recently came out from seclusion. At first, many people didn’t know about her, but an elder from Immortal Academy personally stated that in the era of divine dao, she could perhaps claim the title of being Lord of Life, imperishable through endless generations.”

Everyone was stupefied. How high of an evaluation was this? Just what kind of seed did this female supreme being merge with?

Many people were discussing things privately, more and more rumors spreading.

This woman came from a long life family, her entire clan descendants of Immortal Ancient. They had previously produced immortals, even though those individuals now might have long died, their bones even rotten.

However, all long life families were giants no one dared to look down on, even more so wouldn’t provoke. They held frightening trump cards left behind by immortals!

A young female supreme being who came from this type of clan was naturally frightening. Together with the evaluation that Immortal Academy’s elder gave, it was too hard not to feel fear.

“Her name is Lu Hong.”

At this moment, everyone knew what clan she was from. They weren’t a human clan, but had humanoid forms, no one knowing what their original forms were, just that they possessed overflowing magical force, their divine might able to oppress the world!

Lu Hong strolled over gracefully towards that stone mountain in the city. She didn’t dare fly, instead walking with her own two feet.

It was because this kind of place wouldn’t tolerate anyone acting recklessly. There were long rumors that the void had a few formations. If one behaved too recklessly, they might incur punishment.

“Those who are not foreign cultivators may fly in this city, however, no killing intent is allowed to be released.” An old soldier protecting the ancient city said.

“Understood!” Lu Hong didn’t act pretentiously either, rushing into the air, flying towards that stone mountain.

When everyone heard this, they all followed her.

The metal gate was extremely large, the nine stone mountains extremely grand.

The one before them was cast and majestic. It wasn’t shockingly tall either, but it just had a type of loftiness that made one feel reverence, as if it was a great immortal dao peak.

There was an ancient cave halfway up the mountain that was releasing immortal energy strand after strand, but no one was able to approach it, because there was an enormous domain there that blocked everything.

The bluestone steps led straight to the top of the mountain. On the mountain was a three foot tall ancient cauldron that poured out white mist. There were even reflections of the sun, moon, and stars within.

It was as if there was an expanse of cosmos inside, vast and boundless.

It was extremely peaceful, nothing unexpected happening along the way. Everyone landed on this mountain peak smoothly, ascending this immortal mountain, all of them extremely excited.

“Rise!” Lu Hong walked up, forcefully grabbing an ear and a foot of the cauldron, wishing to lift it.

She looked like she was extremely delicate and gentle, but her power really was extremely great. Around her snow-white fingertips, the void completely ruptured, forming a terrifying great crack that ran through this place.

However, she failed. Even though she used heaven-overflowing strength, it was still too hard for her to move the cauldron in the slightest.


Lu Hong released a light shout, her entire body shining, life force surging like an ocean. Moreover, she used precious techniques this time, all types of bone texts interweaving, merging together, forming a great divine ability, trying to raise up this cauldron.

She didn’t believe in the supernatural. Could it be that even after relying on her own divine abilities, long life clan’s exceptional precious technique, she still couldn’t move this artifact?


A giant noise sounded here, all types of lightning radiance erupting, electricity interweaving, the scene extremely terrifying. Even though she was known as a life goddess, she still had her wild side.

However, in the end, the great cauldron didn’t move at all, still situated above the mountain peak, calm like a boulder. Chaotic energy surged from within, sun, moon, and stars shining.

“Attacking this cauldron with divine abilities is useless. No matter how powerful you are, don’t tell me you think your power is greater than this magical artifact whose name has reigned glorious throughout the ages. It can neutralize all, and can only be raised through true strength.” An old soldier said.

Everyone suddenly understood. This was the weapon of the Heavenly Horned Ant, so it was naturally something that required great strength to wield. All attempts to raise it through divine abilities and precious techniques would most likely result in failure.

Lin Hong tried several times, but she had no choice but to admit that she failed, unable to move this cauldron in the slightest.

Origin Source Cauldron, it was as steady as Mount Tai, calm and unmoving.

“Senior, this is not fair. This is the weapon of an immortal, even if our aptitudes are unordinary, we are still too far from Immortal Dao Realm, so how can we possibly raise it?” Lu Hong found this a bit hard to accept.

“The true Origin Source Cauldron is something you all can’t even touch, or else you would have been directly blown to pieces. This is merely its projection.” An old soldier said.

When they heard these words, many people became stupefied. This wasn’t the true Origin Source Cauldron?

It looked just like the real thing, no difference at all. It was similarly ice-cold to the touch.

The city defenders immediately stated clearly that the Heavenly Horned Ant’s weapon was incomparable, perfectly preserved from the Immortal Ancient battle. This was one of the most frightening immortal artifacts.

Forget about other inheritances and opportunities, just this weapon ending up here alone was already incredible, the meaning great. This was an unmatched ancient treasure!

When the true battle came in the future, whoever could come here and awaken the weapon, use it in attack, they would definitely produce world-shaking matchless divine might!

“This weapon is a condensed projection. It isn’t that heavy, but it isn’t that light either, at the perfect weight for the past Heavenly Horned Ant great one when he was young.” An old soldier explained.

Everyone sighed with admiration, finding it hard to calm down. It was worthy of being a Vicious Ten, already this frightening when it was young, its power able to oppress the masses!

It was clear that the young female supreme being Lu Hong couldn’t compare to the Heavenly Horned Ant when it was young.

“I am not a match for it!” She said in dejection.

The other young supreme beings behind her also frowned, feeling like it would be extremely difficult for them to succeed as well.

“Let me try!”

Right at this time, Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch spoke. He bathed in purple energy, wrapped within purple multicolored light. He walked forward, now long calmed down. He didn’t even give Shi Hao a glance, starting to raise the cauldron.


He shouted loudly, using all of his strength. The bones within his body released ga zhi ga zhi noises, purple light erupting like thunder. However, in the end, it was all useless!

That cauldron didn’t move at all, not leaving its original location at all.

“Again!” Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch released a loud roar. A sparkling purple seed appeared, turning into a streak of Great Mist Purple Energy, hanging from that cauldron, about to raise it.


Then, an alarming event happened. That purple energy burst open, Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch coughing out large mouthfuls of blood, directly flying out.

This place became dead silent, everyone horrified. This was just too frightening! After Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch rashly used the perfect seed, he suffered a severe retaliation, being seriously injured as a result.

“I failed!” Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch sighed, slowly withdrawing. He found this truly hard to accept, but he couldn’t do anything to this cauldron.

“Is there anyone else who is going to give it a try?” The old soldier asked.

“This is my weapon, who can move it?!” On the ground, that little golden ant that was less than an inch long curled its lips, putting on an arrogant look.

“I will give it a try!” Lan Xian walked up. Her entire body surged with blue multicolored light. As a result, the corners of her lips fluttered about. As she used all of her strength, her face turned pale, unable to move this cauldron in the slightest.

Then, Cao Yusheng and the others refused to believe things without trying it out themselves, giving it a try one after another. However, in the end, their faces all turned red, unable to move this cauldron.

“Let me try.” 

At this time, Great Xu Tuo spoke. He slowly walked up, grabbing this cauldron. Then, he chanted sutras, the chanting ringing into the horizon.

Golden resplendent light appeared on his body, his skin as if cast from gold, his body like a golden unbreakable body.


Right at this time, the Origin Source Cauldron released a trembling sound, actually making a noise.

Everyone was shocked. Great Xu Tuo was formidable after all. Was he going to raise it?

However, this was all he managed to accomplish. Great Xu Tuo lowered his arms, not trying any further.

“What a pity, why didn’t you continue? You even made it release a sound, about to move it, so why did you give up?” Many people felt regret.

“I failed.” Great Xu Tuo shook his head, not saying too much.

Then, Qi Gu took action. This individual from Sacred Academy, a man of few words, the young daoist who was rather inflexible directly walked up, facing this cauldron.


The great cauldron rumbled, releasing a noise, rumbling here like thunder.

Everyone was shocked. This quiet daoist really was strong, actually able to go this far, not weaker than Great Xu Tuo.

Only, even though the cauldron released deafening noises, it still didn’t move, unable to be lifted.

Daoist Qi Gu sighed. He also walked to the side, admitting defeat.

Then, there were two more young supreme beings who walked up, but they both failed, no one able to raise the cauldron.

The scene became a bit cold, everyone silent. Was there no one in the present world generation who could compare to the Heavenly Horned Ant during its youth?

Didn’t this mean that the present world was inferior to Immortal Ancient, that they were destined to be wiped out even sooner?

Forget about others, just those young supreme beings were silent, extremely quiet.

“There is no need to feel downcast, strength doesn’t mean everything, let alone the fact that the dao of strength is where the Heavenly Horned Ant is at its best. Just because this is its forte doesn’t mean that it is where you all are strongest, and it cannot serve as a standard for weighing whether one is strong or weak. For example, the True Dragon, when it was young, its strength similarly couldn’t compare to the Heavenly Horned Ant, but did this represent its fighting prowess? It is definitely among the very best among the Vicious Ten!” An old soldier said.

When everyone heard this, their moods became much better. This was indeed the case. The powerful True Dragon couldn’t even compare to the Heavenly Horned Ant in strength, so there was no need for them to feel a sense of defeat.

“This is destined to be a weapon only I can use, no one else can move it!” That little golden ant stuck out its chest, looking down on everyone.

Unfortunately, everyone had to lower their heads to look at it.

“Is there anyone else who wishes to give it a try?” The old soldier asked one last time.

At this moment, many people’s eyes looked at Shi Hao. Perhaps only he still had a chance.

“You did not merge with a perfect seed, but… you are also quite strong. How could this be?” One of the old soldiers was extremely curious, frowning, extremely confused.

“I’ll give it a go.” Shi Hao chose to try. Even if he failed, he had to give it a try, weigh how great of a difference there was between himself and the Heavenly Horned Ant during its youth.

All eyes gathered on his body.

“Strange, you indeed don’t have a perfect seed, so why are you still so strong?” The old soldier leader carried puzzlement, carefully examining him.


A clear metal sound was transmitted. The Origin Source Cauldron was grabbed by Shi Hao, and then he fiercely exerted strength.


He released a loud roar, using his physical body’s greatest strength, exceeding the past, truly displaying how strong his body was after its endless tempering!

His body was slender, but it was extremely sturdy, his entire body erupting with heaven-overflowing blood energy!

At this moment, everyone involuntarily stepped back. How could one’s physical strength be that great, forming a domain of its own, affecting the surrounding time and space!

Everyone was stupefied!


The Origin Source Cauldron left the ground and rose up, pulled from the ground!

“How could this be, could it be… there is someone who finished that path in this great era?” An old soldier said with a trembling voice.

“My weapon, how could it have been lifted by someone else?!” The little golden Heavenly Horned Ant cried out. It was given a fright, feeling like it was seeing things.

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