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Chapter 1276 - One Breath, Ten Thousand Spirits

Nine types of secret techniques, nine great divine abilities, all of them able to subdue the enemies of this world, destroy everything in their path!

Lan Xian was someone who was a stunning talent, proficient in nine great precious techniques at her age, truly extraordinary and holy, strength unmatched!

She stood there, around her nine-colored brilliance. A gorgeous ring of light surrounded her like a divine halo, wrapping her within, pure and untainted.


The heavens collapsed and earth split apart, nine great divine abilities smashing apart the sky, blossoming around her, about to wipe him out.

One had to understand that a single one of these divine abilities was already world shaking. At their level, which one of their precious techniques was ordinary? She came from a long life family, and was now cultivating in Immortal Academy, so what she lacked the least were world shaking divine abilities.

Many people trembled inwardly, because that type of power made them feel extremely insignificant. The void exploded, the blast waves making everyone tremble inwardly. They couldn’t resist this type of power at all.


One person vomited blood, unable to move out of the way in time when some of the blast waves rushed over. They blasted his body, breaking his bones and severing his tendons, almost tearing him to pieces.

“How could this be? Just how powerful are these divine abilities?!” An expert in the Void Dao Realm was stunned. At the same time, he felt his back turning cold, becoming a bit frightened.

They were both in the Void Dao Realm, yet the difference was this large? Compared to the supreme beings of the younger generation, he was just too lacking, the difference too great!

On the other side of him, there were a few heavenly deities who were in even more miserable states. They also refused to believe in the supernatural, not dodging promptly, and as a result, were swept through by some of the light. Their bodies were blasted through, blood flying everywhere, body and dao almost dying.

In a flash, there was only scattered ashes and dispersed smoke!

In that instant, this was the type of feeling these people developed. If a young supreme being wanted to deal with them ruthlessly, then it was just too easy. Their strength was just too great, able to directly crush them!

However, when they saw the scene before them, they all trembled, their souls shaking, inwardly shocked. That was Huang who was taking action, too powerful, impossible to surmise.

He opened his mouth, releasing a stellar stream. Not only did he block those nine divine abilities, those bone texts were changing, turning into ten thousand spirits, filling the sky and covering the earth.

At this moment, not only them, even the others, including the older generation were stunned, a bit petrified. That type of scene was too shocking.

Thousands to over ten thousand creatures covered everything, appearing everywhere. There was a Golden Mammoth that stood on the ground, roaring into the sky, a mountainous White Gold Lion with a mane that was like waterfalls, incredibly fierce, its roar splitting the void. There was a Sky Swallowing Sparrow that loomed above like a dark cloud, casting a great shadow on the earth, its eyes large and scarlet like blood moons. There was a Taotie that stood in the void, incomparably sinister, incredibly large, about to devour the stars beyond. There was also a frightening Peng bird, its wings like the clouds of the sky as it soared up, wishing to strike down great stars!...

Everyone felt as if they had traveled back to Immortal Ancient. All creatures appeared, competing with the heavens, fighting a great battle against terrifying foreign cultivators. All of them were rising up powerfully.

All of the most powerful creatures of this world that one could imagine had pretty much appeared, displaying their bodies, spreading their wings to tear apart the world, roaring through the great earth; it was as if their roars were going to make the moon fall!

There were figures everywhere, and they were all incredibly large. They were practically covering the great earth, hiding the endless starry sky. All of them were the most powerful creatures.

All of this was produced by the dao stream of stars Shi Hao released from his mouth. A single breath turned into ten thousand creatures, manifesting into the greatest methods!

These divine birds and vicious beasts moved about, crying out, the great earth collapsing beneath their feet, space rupturing. This force was incomparable, not much able to stop it.

At this instant, Lan Xian’s nine great divine abilities immediately became dim.

At first, Huang released a stellar stream merely to stop the nine great divine abilities, not wishing to suppress the other party’s attacks, but it was still done to withstand the other party’s attacks. However now, everything changed. The nine great divine abilities were destroyed, breaking apart, turning into nothingness.

This was just the beginning, yet Shi Hao already shifted from defense to offense, breaking through the limit, about to subdue Lan Xian.

Of course, the main part of what everyone paid attention to wasn’t this, victory or defeat here actually not the most crucial point.

Everyone, including those old monsters, were looking at those creatures. How could there be so many? What kind of precious techniques were these, to be able to summon ten thousand creatures with a single will?


In the sky, it was as if a mountain sea erupted, an endless flood of vicious beasts rushing out. Everyone’s expressions changed, those living fossil level figures’ eyes erupting with light, a pensive expression appearing on their faces.

“This is a portion of the True Primordial Record, the method recorded in the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram that had disappeared from the Divine Guidance segment!” Someone realized something, saying this out loud.

Everyone was stunned, and then they were shocked. It was actually this technique! Everyone was stupefied. Weren’t those primordial bone texts that transformed the decaying into the miraculous? How could it contain a secret method?

“It was rumored that when one comprehends it to a profound realm, even normal techniques can display heaven shocking might. I don’t know Huang did it, actually producing ten thousand spirits, countless creatures, it truly is extraordinary!” An elder from Immortal Academy said quietly.

This was too shocking. Huang was not ordinary after all, comprehending the True Primordial Record to this extent, rarely seen in this world. Such a thing had never been heard of before.

Lan Xian entered a passive state. She was surrounded by all types of ancient beasts, in a dangerous situation. A few ferocious beasts even swooped over, wanting to tear her apart.

The corners of her clothes were even ripped, torn by a Golden Luan’s beak, almost making her jade-like arm turn into a blast of bloody mist. It wasn’t that her divine abilities weren’t strong, but rather that the other party’s methods were too astonishing.

Lan Xian’s nine great divine abilities were incredibly frightening, killing many divine birds, wiping out several hundred to over a thousand terrifying ancient beasts. This was definitely astonishing.

However, there were just too many creatures, every one of them legendary war beasts, aggressive species, powerful creatures. Being able to kill a few would already be impressive, let alone how many she killed!

However, she still couldn’t hold out in the end. The endless creatures charged over, wings striking the skies, turning this place into a land of ruin, nothing left behind.

Right now, forget about other people, even Shi Hao himself was stupefied.

This technique was actually this frightening! The innate origin essence energy he sprayed out urged on everything he had comprehended about the True Primordial Record after undergoing seclusion cultivation several times. There was actually this type of power, such tremendous might!

This exceeded Shi Hao’s own imagination. He never expected the True Primordial Record’s ordinary bone texts to completely display themselves, actually being like this when he fully exhibited them!

However, this transformation also exhausted an unimaginable amount of his divine force. Ten thousand spirits appeared, every single one of them like a mountain peak. There was one that was like a Purple-Gold True Hou that wanted to devour the sun and moon, a Peng that even more so shot into outer space to strike down stars, just what kind of domineeringness was this? However the consumption was too great!

Even someone as powerful as Shi Hao felt a bit weak at this moment. After this stellar stream rushed out, transforming into ten thousand spirits, it was as if a black hole continuously ate at his vitality.

“One breath, ten thousand spirits, how powerful! However, it is also extremely dangerous!” Shi Hao said to himself.

If it was anyone else, they would have likely shriveled up, completely sucked dry, unable to support the ten thousand spirits’ consumption.


In the end, he opened his mouth and inhaled. All of the creatures turned into specks of light, gathering together. Like a river of stars, they entered his body.

Everyone was completely stupefied, all of them feeling a wave of horror.

“An, ma, ba, hong…” Right at this time, a grand scripture sounded, as if it could suppress the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, immediately somewhat disturbing the balance of the world.

These scriptures made everyone quickly snap back to reality. Then, they were horrified, all of them turning around towards Great Xu Tuo. He was already sitting in the void, mouth chanting sutras.

Only at this moment did they recall that Huang wasn’t only fighting a single battle, but rather facing three great experts at the same time. Just now, it was just that his battle against Lan Xian was too splendid, which was why everyone forgot about the other two battles.

One of Immortal Ancient’s most powerful heart sutras, precisely established by the cultivators called monks. It was used to form the perfect heart, awaken the truth, seeking heart and dao, this was precisely their method. 

These ancient monks all had astonishing spiritual force, unmatched in this domain!

They could rely on scriptures, purely through reciting them to surpass their opponents, suppress all opponents and enemies, extremely strange and powerful.

During Immortal Ancient, the young supreme being who proclaimed himself to be buddhist in his youth had displayed magnificent feats, his chanting traveling in all directions, in the end neutralizing all enemies, making them follow at his size, becoming his troops. It truly was matchless divine might!

Great Xu Tuo obtained this type of inheritance, and now, he was using powerful spiritual force, activating the Buddha Heart Sutra.

The scripture sounds rang out continuously, producing giant symbols that were like mountains one after another in the void. They flickered with an ice-cold metallic light, all of it flying towards Shi Hao to subdue him.

At this moment, Huang staggered, his body becoming unsteady.

This drew cries of alarm. Everyone looked over, looking towards him.

The main reason was because just now, Shi Hao rashly used the ten thousand spirits profound mystery, expounding the True Primordial Record to the highest level, the consumption of vitality too severe.

This was the reason why he showed a momentary bit of weakness.

Divine flames overflowed into the sky. The area where Shi Hao stood became resplendent again. His body stabilized, the cracks opened in the ‘gates’ within his body seemingly becoming a bit larger, supplying him with unending potential.

Shi Hao released a loud shout. Before the space between his brows, the seated primordial spirit little figure immediately became brilliant, also chanting sutras.

This was a suppression of the spirit, a contest of divine will. Eventually, that primordial spirit figure turned into a sword core that was exceptionally sharp. With a chi sound, it flew out, hacking towards Great Xu Tuo.

Chaos Calming Art!

One of the three most powerful sword arts from past until present, this technique could make the primordial spirit sturdy and imperishable, turn it into a weapon, hack away all restraints of the body and slice through all obstructions in this world!

The others were also shocked, feeling that this was inconceivable.

Why was Huang able to learn this? This was simply impossible? Wang Xi cried out inwardly. Without the true mind technique, there was no way it could be displayed.

Great Xu Tuo was originally incredibly calm, but right now, the corners of his eyes jumped. In the end, he couldn’t remain unflustered anymore. He quickly took action, no longer seated, his hands continuously forming imprints.


Right at this time, Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch also took action. Without waiting for the Great Mist Purple Energy Seed to fully condense, he directly rushed over murderously.

It was because in order for a perfect seed’s effects to be completely displayed, one needed to use a lot of time. After all, he had only begun to merge with it, unable to use it as he pleased, so when he saw this opportunity, he didn’t want to miss out.

However, Huang who was focused on Great Xu Tuo actually released a sneer. He suddenly turned around, his hands forming magical imprints, charging at Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch fiercely.


The most frightening battle erupted between Huang and Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch, flesh flying out with each strike, blood with each palm, this was a direct clash, even more so a bloody struggle.

“En?” In the distance, Great Xu Tuo was shocked. He discovered that he had been tricked!

The primordial spirit sword core was a void image, not real but fake. Meanwhile, when he saw Shi Hao vigorous and lively, fighting intensely against Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch, he immediately knew that his primordial spirit had long returned into his body.


They tore at each other viciously, clashing ferociously; Shi Hao and Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch’s battle reached its climax. Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch released an angry roar, he originally wanted to seize Shi Hao’s flesh shell, but never expected to enter this type of state.

He didn’t try to seize Shi Hao’s body because he was scared, but rather because he wanted to humiliate the other party first. After all, he had suffered a loss not too long ago, suffering shame.

One could now see that he had miscalculated. The other party had never exposed himself to danger.


The heavens split and earth ruptured, ghosts and gods weeping and howling. Shi Hao continuously delivered heavy blows, Lightning Emperor Imprints striking down repeatedly, blasting Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch until he coughed out blood. Purple energy and lightning merged together, his body shaking intensely.


Great Xu Tuo hurried over, taking action. He felt like he was made fun of. He no longer used sutras, instead already brandishing a large yellow hand, grabbing out.

“Baldy, your physical body is still too lacking!” Shi Hao shouted. He blasted Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch aside with a palm, causing blood to flow from the corners of his lips, and then his right hand formed a fist, striking towards Great Xu Tuo.


Great Xu Tuo’s Zhang Six Golden Body shone, clashing with Shi Hao head-on, shaking intensely.

Then, Shi Hao opened his mouth, releasing a roar. Clear light flooded out, covering everything, about to restrict Great Xu Tuo.

Lan Xian rushed over, her fine jade hands shining, displaying a type of ancient heavenly art. Blue ripples surged, surrounding this place.


Shi Hao was direct and rough. When faced with this solitary fairy, his fist smashed back Great Xu Tuo, and then he turned around, throwing himself over. His hands formed fist imprints, smashing forward with full strength.


Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch chased after him, joining the battle once more.

Great Xu Tuo’s body staggered, buddha light shining. He also joined back in.

Shi Hao exchanged a blow with each one of them, and then concentrated on Lan Xian, going all-out.


In the end, clothes fluttered about, Lan Xian’s dress was blasted apart. It really did tarnish her solitary fairy image a bit.


Great Xu Tuo shouted, supporting his own power through incantations. He released a world-shaking strike towards Shi Hao.

When faced with this type of method, Shi Hao’s primordial spirit left his flesh shell, turning into a sword core, hacking straight at his head. However, Great Xu Tuo didn’t fall for this again, directly attacking Shi Hao, only slightly defending against the sword core.

Hong! An intense collision broke out between the two. Shi Hao’s fist domineeringly stopped Great Xu Tuo’s full powered strike, preventing this attack from achieving any results.

Meanwhile, at the same time, Great Xu Tuo’s fine hairs stood on end. It was because the primordial spirit sword core actually broke through his defense, flying over, not a void figure!

He quickly took action, doing everything he could to defend himself.

At the crucial moment, that sword core turned into a fist sized resplendent little figure, moving about above his head, not breaking through Great Xu Tuo’s body protecting divine light. However, it displayed some movements.


That little figure’s palm directly struck down on his head, the noise loud and clear. Even though it struck down on his body protecting light, it was still just as resounding as if it landed on his skin.

Everyone was speechless, even Great Xu Tuo stunned.

This was undisguised provocation!

Everyone felt a bit speechless. Huang definitely did this on purpose! Even though he couldn’t injure the other party with a single strike, he still had to give him a scare.

Great Xu Tuo immediately grabbed at the little figure, using a great divine ability, wishing to imprison space, capture that primordial spirit little figure.

In a flash, that little figure turned into a rain of light, quickly scattering and rushing back. That was only a portion of primordial spirit force, now returning into the space between Shi Hao’s brows.


Shi Hao’s flesh shone, competing with Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch in strength. His right hand was resplendent, accompanied by streak after streak of divine chains of order, Willow Deity’s technique attacking, almost wrapping around Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch’s neck.


Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch released a muffled groan, and then blood flew out. A lock of hair also fell. A golden divine chain crushed his neck, removing a section of his purple hair.

Everyone was completely dazzled by this scene, incredibly stirred up.

This was a battle at the very peak, unprecedented, a contest at the highest level between the younger generation!

This was especially the case for Heavenly Deity Institution’s disciples, every single one of them was trembling with excitement, crying out loudly.

There were many others who were also like this, their emotions rising and falling with the figures on the battlefield.

Shi Hao fought three great supreme beings on his own, warping and weaving through heaven and earth, his divine bravery unmatched. He continuously attacked the three individuals, not being at a disadvantage, displaying an unequalled stance here, looking down on all under the sky.

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