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Chapter 1277 - The Body Precisely the Seed

Rocks collapsed the clouds, energy surging like an ocean, raging waves beating against the shore!

Shi Hao weaved about below the heavens, exceptionally powerful, contending intensely against three great supreme beings, the battle extremely terrifying. Divine techniques unfolded, continuously erupting, brilliant and intimidating.

This place erupted with activity, powerful experts contending for supremacy, supreme beings fighting a decisive battle, fighting from the skies above down to the earth below, and then back from the ground into the heavens!

“Ah…” Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch released a great roar, blood flowing out from his neck, hair disheveled, wrapped around by purple energy, looking like a demonic god. His neck was almost snapped by the golden branches.

At this moment, the battle between these people reached its climax, fighting until they were going crazy, risking life and limb. At the very least, Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch was staking it all, because he was angry.

He was suppressed by Shi Hao again and again and again. For his proud and arrogant self who could overlook the younger generation, this was a type of humiliation.

Great Mist Purple Energy Seed, known to be an unmatched seed, in the ancient past, all those who obtained this seed were legends, all of them having world-shaking pasts.

Meanwhile, he had just emerged from seclusion, yet he already faced a setback, how could he be willing to accept this?

If he was completely defeated today, then that would help Huang establish an unmatched reputation. When the Great Mist Purple Energy Seed was mentioned, what everyone would think of would be Huang’s power!

For his unmatched seed to set off the other party’s accomplishments, just how tragic was this? At the same time, the other party would look incredibly dominant and powerful, able to overlook all of his peers under the sky!


Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch took action, a purple seed forming before him, ancient and peaceful, carrying auspicious energy. It was as if a world was rising and falling, crushing down on everyone’s minds.

Everyone was shocked. Was this seed finally going to truly form?

“No, it is still lacking a portion. Even though the heavenly monarch is strong, he has only begun to merge with it, unable to freely control it. It was too rushed, which is why on a portion of the Great Mist Energy was used!” Someone said quietly, seeing through the truth.

However, this was still extremely frightening!

As soon as this seed formed, appearing between heaven and earth, wind and thunder would ensue, crazy gales roaring, the world immediately losing color, as if the end of the world was descending.


A giant streak of lightning brandished about, as if a True Dragon emerged from Immortal Ancient, splitting the entire universe in half, making this world collapse.

All types of cracks extended in the void, incredibly large and densely packed, as if a piece of chinaware shattered.

At this moment, both Great Xu Tuo and Lan Xian were shocked, quickly backing up out of fear of being caught up in this attack, temporarily giving up their offense, leaving that area.


Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch’s right hand formed a magical imprint, fiercely brandishing it. That seed trembled; even though it only shook once, the world was thrown into chaos, as if the most terrifying earthquake had erupted.

The heavens swayed and earth moved, the ancient divine mountains inside the academy all fissuring, about to be destroyed.

Fortunately, at the crucial moment, an elder stopped everything. There were sect protecting formations that activated, protecting everything, stabilizing everything.

The sky, however, wasn’t that lucky. It was being destroyed, exploding to pieces.

Tremendous power swept out like an unstoppable ocean wave, surging towards where Shi Hao was.

That seed had lightning coiling about it, dazzling and sinister. Purple multicolored light erupted, extremely intimidating, making one tremble. They couldn’t help but feel an urge to bow down before it.

“Huang, you will definitely die in battle!”

Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch released a great roar, his long hair dancing about chaotically, eyes releasing two streaks of electrical radiance that were more than ten li long, his entire being appearing mysterious and terrifying within the mist.

The purple seed could be said to be activated by him at this moment. This represented the will of heaven and earth, the acknowledgement of the heavens.

Many natural laws descended from outer space, pouring down from the heavens like a waterfall, turning into tangible matter that entered the purple seed.

Receiving the doting of the heavens, protection from above!

Great Mist Purple Energy Seed was currently being cleansed by dao laws, full of the power of this heaven and earth, suppressing all who dared rebel. This was the power of the great dao!

Void Dao Realm, this was interacting with the true greatest profound mysteries, the embodiment of being intimate with the great dao.

The Great Mist Purple Energy Seed raised the power of this cultivation realm to the limit, representing the judgment of heaven and earth, the adjudication of the heavens!

Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch was, without a doubt terrifying, bold, and intimidating, standing high up above, both hands forming imprints. The seed before him overflowed with purple light, a thick mist pervading the air.

It gradually merged with the great dao, erupting with the most terrifying power.

Meanwhile, Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch was like a child of heaven right now, supporting the power of heaven and earth, able to sweep through everything before him!

There was no one who didn’t feel fear. Right now, he was connected to the great dao, able to destroy everything in his path, unstoppable, nothing he couldn’t break through!

Huang was in danger! This was how everyone felt, vividly feeling that type of unmatched power.

Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch’s essence energy rose to the peak, no holes in his power, able to overlook all things. His confidence swelled, divine force unrivaled, overlooking all of his peers.


After storing up power for a long time, Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch’s voice shook the mountains and rivers, his head of hair standing on end, eyes widened, his eyes like a blazing sun, all of his pores surging with essence energy.


He was connected to the great dao, harmonizing with heaven and earth. This type of terrifying strike was released, Great Mist Purple Energy appearing, wishing to kill Huang!

All life trembled, everyone frightened, feeling a type of fear from deep within their bones. This was a seed produced by this heaven and earth!

Their minds all trembled, some of them falling weak on the ground with a pu tong sound, unable to hold out any longer. This was a reverence and servitude they felt towards the dao.

This wasn’t something that they wanted to do, but was rather uncontrollable, a type of instinct!

Everyone felt like Shi Hao was in big trouble. Unless he also released the seed hidden within him, he was definitely in big trouble, perhaps even falling!


At this moment, a streak of brilliant immortal light blossomed.

Shi Hao’s limbs stretched out, brandishing fist imprints, his body surging with clear light. His body was sparkling and full of luster.

Using the body as the seed, right now, his body was precisely the great dao seed!

Within his body, there were mysterious ‘gates’. Under the outside world’s pressure, the cracks that were opened in them became wider, releasing a potential that came from his very source, tremendous and sky shocking.

Streak after streaks of divine chains of order winded about, appearing around Shi Hao’s body. Then, he displayed his own greatest power just like that, blasting at the Great Mist Purple Energy Seed!

“Not good!” Heavenly Deity Institution’s disciples cried out in alarm, the expressions on their faces becoming deathly pale.

“This is bad, how can he just face it head-on?” Cao Yusheng and the others also couldn’t help but cry out, feeling like things were turning really bad. However, they could only feel worry, unable to help the situation.

Right when everyone felt that Shi Hao was in danger, something that left everyone stunned and shocked happened.

The grand, extremely frightening Great Mist Purple Energy Seed’s speed slowed down. When it landed, it seemed to have encountered some great hindrance.


Then, a light sound followed. A fist carrying light golden radiance directly passed through that unmatched seed, piercing through!


Everyone became stunned. How could it be like this? The massive unmatched ancient seed was broken through just like that?

This was just too unbelievable, almost making their eyeballs fall out. It was completely different from what they had predicted!

Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch’s unmatched great might, that type of bold and domineering stance, all of it froze at this moment, and then quickly declined. He had gathered power to the extreme, yet in the end, it was all directly popped like a big balloon.

“How…” Even he forgot to feel anger. Right now, he had a perplexed expression on his face, searching for a reason.

“Impossible!” Then, he roared out.

At first, everyone was extremely quiet, but then they began to discuss passionately. What exactly was going on?

“For this type of situation to appear, there is only one possibility. This is a suppression between seeds! Huang’s seed is even more perfect than Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch’s Great Mist Purple Energy Seed, containing more dao laws, the profound mysteries more world shocking!” An elder from Heavenly Deity Institution said.

However, how could this be? The Great Mist Purple Energy Seed was already unmatched, was there anything more formidable than it?

Even if they were of equal level, there weren’t that many that could be found already. There was no way anything could surpass it!

“It is because the Great Mist Purple Energy Seed wasn’t perfectly displayed, still a portion lacking. It was too rushed, Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch not waiting until that moment, which is why it is still a bit flawed. If it is faced with the comprehensive suppression of a same level seed, then it would suffer a huge loss!” An elder from Immortal Academy also produced this explanation.

“You lied to me, you also had a perfect seed! You actually tricked me!” Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch shouted, feeling like he was deceived, feeling humiliated, defeated unjustly.

“If that is how you want to feel, it can’t be considered wrong. I am a perfect seed myself!” Shi Hao shouted.

The gates within his body cracked open, many mysterious gates that had existed within the body for a long time were opened simultaneously, the clear light released from the cracks gathering together, raising Shi Hao’s power to the peak!

Right now, he stood at the highest point of his life, unprecedented, reaching his most powerful state.


Shi Hao didn’t hold back in the slightest, the first time using such great power. He charged at Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch, attacking with full power!


Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch was alarmed, greatly shaken. He quickly condensed the Great Mist Purple Energy, making the unmatched seed merge with himself and block this strike.

Only, right now, he was in an extremely disadvantageous state. That seed had just been penetrated by Shi Hao, unable to effectively and quickly completely return after scattering, leaving him in an extremely passive state.


This was a world shaking strike. Shi Hao’s fist shook up Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch until he coughed out large mouthfuls of blood, his body sent flying out.

Then, the world seemed to be caving in. Shi Hao was like a war immortal, moving about with an unmatched stance, as if he was going to eradicate all enemies, every strike from his fist collapsing heaven and earth.

Dong! Dong! Dong!

This type of power was too frightening. In that instant, as Shi Hao brandished his fist, the world surged. Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch did his best to defend himself, but every single fist made him cough out a large mouthful of blood.

His arms also twisted, becoming bloody and badly mangled.

Everyone became stupefied, unable to believe everything they were seeing. Shi Hao’s aura devoured mountains and rivers, his black hair scattering down, eyes terrifyingly cold, one step, one fist, every movement grand. There were no tricks or feints, smashing them into his opponent just like that!

Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch took steps back again and again, coughing blood with each step, his body about to break apart, unable to endure that type of unimaginable pressure. Heavenly Deity Institution was shaken up.

Was this Huang’s true strength?

At the same time, everyone recalled his words. He said that he was a perfect seed himself, not mentioning the use of an unmatched ancient seed between heaven and earth.

“How could that be possible?” Immortal Academy’s ancient fossil-like figures revealed looks of shock at this moment, their wrinkled faces full of disbelief.

People like them would remain unfazed even if Mount Tai collapsed before their eyes, yet right now, their faces were full of shock.

“Don’t tell me he really… made it through that path?!” Right now, these people all recalled that path no one succeeded on before -- using the body as a seed!

That road was too difficult, unknown just how many matchless heroes died, all of them unable to succeed!

Yet today, Huang seemed to have done it!

Those living fossils were all stumped for words, momentarily unable to say anything. This youth had been abandoned by them, not even willing to grant him an ancient seed. In the end, he actually took that step none of those of the past were able to succeed with!

This was world shocking news, absolutely earth-shattering!


Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch was sent flying, seriously injured. He was struck horizontally by Shi Hao, about to collapse, fighting strength weakening. If this continued, he was going to be crippled!

Great Xu Tuo and Lan Xian took action, moving forward together, but they were still unable to stop Huang’s great power. He entered a type of unmatched state, with only him reigning supreme, terrifying to the extreme!

“Blocking my path, kill!” Shi Hao released a shout. He stared at Great Xu Tuo and Lan Xian, pressing forward boldly. His methods were sky-reaching, impossible to contest!

“Did he walk through that ancient path, using the body as a seed… none before him succeeding?!” At this moment, the other cultivators also heard the truth from the old cultivators. They couldn’t help but tremble.

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