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Chapter 1275 - Subduing the World Through the Fist

The purple sun was as large and the sky, vast and boundless, covering everything!

Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch’s blood was boiling, now going completely berserk. It was because this was the first great decisive battle he fought since emerging from seclusion. He felt wronged, as well as great anger, wanting to wash away the humiliation he faced not too long ago.


His body size increased, becoming a zhang tall. His purple body was like metal, flickering with cold radiance.

Right now, his body was strong and powerful, his body taut, as if there were dragons coiling around him. All of his muscles swelled.

This was the Purple-Gold Body, one of his natural forms. It wasn’t too tall or too short, one zhang in height, just right for him!

It was just like the ancient monks of the last great era, the most powerful golden body was six zhang in size, the most suitable for the one who claimed to be buddhist in that younger generation!

In that instant, heaven and earth rumbled, thunderous sounds deafening. Countless strands of auspicious energy descended from the heavens, crashing down, submerging Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch beneath.

That was but the Great Mist Purple Energy Seed. It was now completely activated by him, becoming even more frightening than before, accompanied by great dao sounds, receiving the acknowledgement of heaven and earth, coexisting with the dao.

Right now, everyone was trembling, their souls about to leave their bodies, because under that wave of fluctuations, they all felt that they were insignificant, unable to contend against that purple-gold physique!

“Die!” Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch roared, his voice like a roaring sea, deafening. It tore through the void, one could even see the energy ripples of the sound waves sweep in all directions like ocean waves.


Heaven and earth collapsed. Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch released a great hand imprint, the dark purple palm filling the skies, surrounding the heavens like a great cloud, terrifyingly large.

Purple Sky Palm!

This was a palm technique from the the ‘purple energy from the east’ type of ancient heavenly art, passed down from the last great era. The palm was like a sky, able to restrict the sun and moon, seize stars from the heavens.

When it was cultivated to the very peak, all things in heaven and earth would be within its grasp, difficult to escape from.

Shi Hao remained calm, his body standing in the ruined land, still only raising his right hand. Clear light was drizzling down, as if this was the era of primal chaos and creation, his body standing before history, overlooking the common people.

He silently struck out with this palm. It blasted through the universe, the palm imprint remaining in the void, continuously moving forward, colliding with the cloud-like great hand.

A great quaking shook up everything, breaking the peace. It was extremely resplendent, the multicolored light majestic, as if a great sea suddenly surged. Then, it was as if everything began to burn!

The scene unfolded on a magnificent style, so dazzling it was as if endless magma erupted!

A ferocious lash erupted once again between the two, the results truly world-shaking!

Their movements were grand, extremely fast, too difficult for the spectators to even see clearly. Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch’s hand was in pain, bits of mottled blood traces falling.

He felt a strong sense of humiliation, extremely unwilling to accept this!

He originally believed that after coming out from seclusion, this would be his world, not feeling any fear when facing other supreme beings. He thought that he could travel unhindered through this world, yet this first battle was already so bitter.

At the very least, his Purple-Gold Body that was known to be unbreaking was not a match for Huang’s physical body. After two great clashes, it was always him who suffered losses, his palm flowing with blood.

Could it be that he really was going to taste defeat?

“I am undefeated!” Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch said with a low voice, as if a dragon or tiger was roaring, ringing through everyone’s souls. Many people couldn’t endure it, blood flowing out from their seven apertures.


Immediately afterwards, he released a light grunt, and then roared into the sky.

A shocking scene happened. Heavenly Deity Institution was extremely vast, the amount of land it covered great. The distant beautiful divine mountains directly exploded from the sound waves, turning into rubble, collapsing the clouds.

What kind of domineeringness was this? Just a single roar could make mountains and rivers collapse, blasting divine mountains apart with just sound, smoke and dust reaching into the skies.

The current Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch’s vital energy rose to the extreme, standing at the peak of his life. His head of long hair scattered down like a waterfall, eyes like two small suns.

His hands produced imprints, and like a halberd, fiercely brandished about, hacking towards Shi Hao.


Heaven and earth split apart. A streak of purple lightning flickered, becoming everlasting, illuminating the sky!

Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch’s figure was indistinct, purple energy curling around him, his appearance hazy. However, his body that was a zhang tall was astonishing, a terrifying purple war halberd gradually appearing between his hands.

“Heavens! That’s the seed’s embodiment!”

Someone cried out, absolutely terrified. It was because that type of suffocating pressure affected everyone. There was a wave of world ending aura.

The so-called ‘unmatched seed’ Great Mist Purple Energy Seed now not only displayed power, it even condensed, forming a weapon, becoming a halberd that could cut down gods, wishing to kill Huang.


That Great Mist Halberd crushed down like the sky itself, impossible to defy. It moved through the air, incomparable, simply as if it could slice through the universe and reveal the everlasting!

One could see the void breaking apart inch by inch, the mountains below slowly turning into fine powder. Nothing could stop it, it was impossible to overcome.

Shi Hao’s expression was serious. His hands produced imprints at the same time, his body unfolding, moving forward to face it. He didn’t avoid the purple halberd, instead facing it directly, wishing to resist it head-on.

Did he go mad? This was what everyone was thinking.

Even if only a portion of the Great Mist Purple Energy Seed had taken form, it still couldn’t be faced head-on like this, right? Unless he had a seed at the same level to protect himself, he would undoubtedly be in danger.


The vast great earth trembled. It was as if an imperishable great drum was rumbling, shaking up this world up to the point of destruction.

This was the sound released from Shi Hao’s fist. He struck the great halberd with incomparable strength, withstanding its unstoppable might!

Kun Peng First; Shi Hao’s right hand displayed the Kun Peng’s profound mysteries, displaying the majestic manner of the Kun Peng soaring ninety thousand li. His fist was like the sky, suppressing all creatures of this world, commanding all under the sky!

This fist displayed the quintessence of the Kun Peng method, its greatest profound meanings fully displayed without restraint at this time.

He used precisely his right hand fist to strike that great halberd. With a dang sound, the noise resounded through the world, everyone’s ears ringing. There were even more people who couldn’t handle this power, coughing out a large mouthful of blood with a wa sound.

What was going on? Everyone was in shock. They just couldn’t believe that someone was facing the weapon formed from Great Mist Purple Energy head-on!

Kun Peng against the heavenly art!

That halberd was struck by a Kun Peng, shaking endlessly.

Shi Hao’s body shone, clear splendor moving towards his fist, offering inexhaustible power, shattering the void.


Immediately afterwards, the imprint formed by his left hand also arrived. With the body as a seed, those ‘gates’ within his body that all had a crack opened supplied him with sacred force.

Wind and lightning stirred about his left hand, lightning flashing and thunder roaring, full of domineering yang force. This was the Lightning Emperor Imprint!

His right hand a Kun Peng Fist, left hand Lightning Emperor Imprint, his body as the seed, offering a sea of power, right now, Shi Hao’s divine appearance was unmatched, overlooking everything under the sky!

Dang! The great purple halberd was struck until it cracked, about to return to being purple energy, the thick and heavy halberd disappearing.

Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch’s face was pale, breathing heavily in and out, never had he experienced such a great pressure before. How could a single person’s body be this powerful, blasting apart the great mist weapon?!


Finally, when the Lightning Emperor Imprint and Kun Peng Fist resonated with each other, heaven and earth were overturned, the great halberd broken. The Great Mist Dao Seed released scripture sounds, blood flowing out from the corners of Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch’s lips.

“Ah…” His hair flew about randomly. He couldn’t help but roar angrily. This was just too depressing, how could a perfect seed be at a disadvantage against another?

“Great Mist Purple Energy, just fully appear! Condense into a seed, fully transform into a true body, suppress all enemies!” Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch shouted.

At this moment, his head of messy hair scattered about like a demonic god. He was surrounded by a great purple sun, this sun continuously enlarging, terrifying beyond compare, becoming as tall as the sky.

However, at this moment, Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch saw the scene beside him, immediately leaving him shaken, the resentment he felt even stronger.

It was because Shi Hao still had other battlefields, also exchanging moves with the others!

Great Xu Tuo sat in the void, chanting sutras from his mouth, the scriptures like characters cast from metal, jumping about and appearing in the air, suppressing towards Shi Hao.

However, Shi Hao still remained fearless. When he was fighting intensely against Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch, the space between his brows shone, his primordial spirit leaving his flesh shell. A resplendent little figure sat in front of his frontal bone, chanting true scriptures.

He began to carry out a contest of the spirit against Great Xu Tuo.

Shi Hao’s spiritual reading was like demonic sounds, ever-present, shaking through this heaven and earth, suppressing Great Xu Tuo’s chanting!

The chanting of a demonic sovereign was facing off against buddhist scriptures!

Meanwhile, Lan Xian’s long sleeves fluttered about, her beautiful hair dancing in the air, eyes clear like water. She was like a fairy walking on water, flying over, beautiful without compare, above the mortal world, but her fighting power was unmatched.

Brilliant blue light poured down like endless streaks of lightning.

Those were precious techniques. At this moment, Lan Xian displayed at least nine types of great divine abilities at the same time, all of them aimed at Shi Hao.

When faced with this situation, Shi Hao opened his mouth and roared, an expanse of clear light fired out, as if it came from the primal chaos of heaven and earth’s creation, dazzling and astonishing.

That was a stellar river, stars filling the sky, gathering together. It was beautiful and dazzling, extremely moving.

Everyone was stupefied as they watched this. What kind of method was this? A stellar stream rushed out when he opened his mouth, who else among his peers could face him?

This really was bold and magnificent, too frightening, making it hard for the spectators to even breathe!

Upon closer inspection, they saw that those were symbols, scripture meanings. They were merged together by Shi Hao, surging vigorously as it suppressed towards Lan Xian’s nine world shocking divine abilities.

This was Shi Hao’s understanding of the dao. Using the body as a seed, the gates within his body were opened, supplying him with endless power, and then he combined the True Primordial Record’s bone texts, sending all of this out.

Turning the decaying into the miraculous!

A type of true scriptures were suppressing Lan Xian’s nine great divine abilities!

One could see clear light everywhere, breaking through the mist, illuminating the everlasting and eternal, stopping the powerful might of that solitary fairy. 

Right now, everyone was truly stunned. Huang was facing three people at the same time, competing against three young supreme beings alone, truly accomplishing all of this by himself!

At the very least, he wasn’t defeated yet, displaying powerful might, his aura vigorous and imposing. He stopped three great young kings by himself, shocking everyone in Heavenly Deity Institution!

This was already completely a legend about him, an undefeated legend currently playing out!

Forget about the young men and women being shocked, even the older generation figures’ eyes contracted, not predicting this result.

Immortal Academy’s living fossils personally descended, the three old monsters all becoming silent when they saw this scene. In the past, Immortal Academy had discussed among themselves secretly, decisively choosing not to give Shi Hao an ancient seed, abandoning him.

However, after remaining dormant for three years, silent and without any news, this youth returned, displaying this scene!

Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch and the others who were raised by Immortal Academy’s old monsters couldn’t stop that youth. Huang was currently fighting here with exceptional methods, displaying the most glorious and astonishing battle of his life!

He was using this type of method to declare that his hibernation had ended, that he would no longer remain quiet. He had returned!

His two fists were subduing this world!

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