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Chapter 1274 - Return of the King

At the center of the mud pool, a single person stood at the center of the battlefield, looking down on everyone. His long clothes fluttered about, moving with the wind!

The four supreme experts were stunned. What was going on? It was just Huang, someone without a perfect ancient seed, so how could he be powerful to this extent? He was opposing the supreme beings, exceptional and tyrannical!

They didn’t believe what they were seeing. This was Huang? This didn’t make any sense! His fighting strength was completely different from what they had originally thought, there was no reason why this should be the case!

Outside the battlefield, everyone erupted into commotion. Everyone was stunned by Shi Hao’s methods, noisy chatter shaking up the heavens.

Forget about the attendant, Wu Tai, and others from from Immortal Academy who bore hostility against Shi Hao, even those that had favorable opinions, those who understood him a bit felt that this was inconceivable.

“I feel a bit dizzy, didn’t see too clearly. Huang, why is this fella so ridiculously strong? Did he attack three great supreme beings at the same time just now?” The Lunar Jade Rabbit forcefully rubbed her large ruby-like eyes, looking like she saw a ghost.

It really was too hard to believe. Previously, they were still a bit dejected, feeling that Shi Hao was going to suffer greatly, yet there was nothing to do. However, who would have expected the situation to reverse like this, wind and clouds suddenly changed?

These people were naturally happy, every one of them cheering. Cao Yusheng even more so patted his chest, shouting at those around him loudly that Huang was his brother.

He even went so far as to hook his arm around the shoulders of an important figure from Immortal Academy, chattering away and saying, “Do you see? Huang and I are sworn brothers, beating up a group of supreme beings from Immortal Academy isn’t a problem at all.”

That genius of Immortal Academy was an older cousin of Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch, from a long life family. Right now, his expression was as unpleasant as it could get, really wanting to slap Cao Yusheng to death.

“This fella has always turned the impossible into the possible, rising up again and again when everyone thought that he couldn’t hold on any further.” The witch’s eyes swirled about, a smile able to topple cities, her graceful figure wonderful as she looked at the distant Shi Hao.

Her impression was deep, because she had already known Shi Hao for a long time. In the lower realm, they had already worked together, having too many dealings. The two of them could be said to understand each other down to the roots.

“Formidable, truly unimaginable. Brother Shi was actually powerful to this step!” Chang Gongyan released a sigh of astonishment. The people who came from the three thousand provinces were all crying out.

Shi Hao being powerful made them feel extremely excited, all of them happy. When the strength of those coming from the same place they came from was great, it made them feel glory as well.

Once a young supreme emerged from any one of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, those who came from that place would be viewed in a much more favorable light.

“Haha, this really is a great feeling! Huang was actually this strong, able to reach this step even without an ancient seed!” Heavenly Deity Institution’s people were the most excited, many of them laughing loudly.

It was to the extent where a few people’s eyes became sparkling, becoming quite moist, tears almost flowing out.

It was because during this period of time, the students who were still in Heavenly Deity Institution felt suffocated, even feeling a type of humiliation. They were bullied by others to an intolerable degree, yet they were powerless to retaliate.

This was their academy, yet when their immortal cave was opening, they were chased away, forced out, unable to approach this place.

For them, what kind of shame and humiliation was this? To be forced out of their own homes, being humiliated to this extent, this was also a type of rarely seen thing!

However, what could they do? They had no supreme beings among them, none of them able to stand up to the two academies’ geniuses, had no way of contending against the other side, those who tried all suffered ruthless suppression.

Now, Huang returned, the battle absolutely shocking, leaving them stunned. A great joy filled their minds, everyone feeling like they finally vented out a bit of resentment.

At first, they were still worried, feeling that Shi Hao might be humiliated, suspecting if he really had that type of ability.

In the end, after this battle, they were all filled with pleasant surprise!

“Huang, despite not obtaining an ancient seed, he could still be the very best, able to contend against all so-called supreme beings. Who dares compete against him?!” Heavenly Deity Academy’s people shouted.

Shi Hao’s glory was also their glory!

Now, they had even more hopes and expectations towards Huang’s appearance, wishing that after this battle, he would suppress opponents in all direction. It would be even better if he could suppress those young supreme beings until they couldn’t breathe.

Immortal Academy’s cultivators were the most at a loss. The events now exceeded all of their predictions, full of strangeness. How could Huang be this powerful? They felt a greater headache the more they thought about it.

“Truly incomprehensible!” Someone said with a sigh.

Everyone in this world knew that if one wished to walk the ancient method path, one had to merge with a dao seed, that was a crucial hoop that had to be passed. However, they also all knew that Huang didn’t obtain a suitable seed.

Many people felt that if he insisted on walking down this path, he would definitely gradually decline, lose his past brilliance.

However, what happened today toppled the imaginations of everyone. Not only did Huang not suffer a defeat. He instead advanced boldly, similarly becoming strong, deep and immeasurable!

There were some from Immortal Academy who didn’t get along with Shi Hao, previously provoking him, later on even confronting him, but in the end, a few geniuses were suppressed by him, suffering losses. Now that they saw that he was still just as glorious, their expressions all became extremely complicated.

Meanwhile, those like Wu Tai, who previously had his body blown up and the azure armor seized, were even more alarmed. He had previously declared that he was waiting for Shi Hao in the Void Dao Realm, that he was going to subdue the other party with a superior stance and get revenge!

Now, his declaration, his suspicions were all a joke, he would never have this chance. It was to the extent where when he faced Shi Hao in the future, he had to be extremely careful and tuck his tail between his legs, or else there would be great trouble and suffering to be had.

Princess Yao Yue’s white clothes were purer than snow, slender and elegant, her beautiful hair supple, eyes like limpid autumn waters, bones like divine jade, snow-white skin flowing with sparkling luster. She said softly to herself, “It truly is inconceivable. What happened to Huang? After disappearing for three years, everyone thought that you had declined, that your time was over, yet you actually appeared with this type of stance, teaching everyone an incomparably deep lesson, impossible to see through, mysterious and formidable!”

Sacred Academy’s people also felt a sense of frustration. When they first saw Huang return, they all felt that it would be difficult for him to have any type of display, yet in the end, he was just as powerful as before.

One had to bear in mind that three years ago, precisely in Heavenly Deity Institution, Huang had previously defeated their most stunning figures, no one able to challenge him. Now, he was still just as glorious.

“It seems like in the three years you disappeared for, you obtained a rare twist of fate!” From the mud pool, Lan Xian spoke. The corners of her clothes fluttered about, making her look like a fairy walking on water, her appearance pure and otherworldly.

One of her delicate hands was a bit red and swelled, the intense pain just now making her shiver inwardly, feeling as if her fingers were going to break. Fortunately, she was able to avoid the brunt of Shi Hao’s attack, thus not suffering the most serious consequences.

“Everyone was saying that your three year disappearance was because you were running away, that your era has ended, but now, it seems like all of that were misconceptions.” Right now, the only one who didn’t participate in the battle, the habitually silent Daoist Qi Gu spoke, speaking these words.

Everyone was stirred. In many people’s eyes, Shi Hao’s most brilliant era had ended, these three years representing his decline, three years for the world to forget about him, separate himself from the wind and clouds, even more so distancing from the peak of cultivation.

Now, the truth was revealed. These weren’t three years of decline, but rather a period where he laid dormant, three years of rebirth. Now, he returned, even more brilliant than before!

Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch’s face was completely sunken. Even though his figure was shrouded in purple multicolored light, there was a wave of gloomy energy. He really was shocked and furious. This enemy, this declining person actually had this kind of cultivation!

Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch’s right hand had red bloody traces between his fingers, the result of his clash of physical strength with Shi Hao just now.

In that instant, the pain seeped into his bones, his fist feeling as if it was going to break apart. One had to understand that he had cultivated the Purple-Gold Body in his youth, and after merging with the Great Mist Purple Energy, he became even more extraordinary, exceeding the limit.

Even those body cultivators would find it difficult to compare themselves to him, it could be even be said that he had an unbreaking body. However, just now, he was at a disadvantage when he clashed with Shi Hao, suffering a loss on the physical aspect.

Even though that was only a brief encounter, an instantaneous exchange, not reaching the greatest confrontation, they could all tell that this was a terrifying person, completely different from the rumors!

Right now, Great Xu Tuo sighed. His skin was a wax yellow, as if a layer of gold was applied to his skin. His appearance was ordinary. His hands moved together, immortal monk sutras chanted quietly from his mouth, the expression on his face complex.

On the ground, that alms bowl had cracked into several dozen pieces, directly smashed apart by a single large palm from Shi Hao. This was an ancient artifact, yet it was destroyed just like that.

He found it difficult to calm down. Just how powerful was Huang’s physical body? It was likely comparable to the most outstanding ancient monk from Immortal Ancient, right? Perhaps it could compare to him during his youth!

According to the scripture recordings Great Xu Tuo obtained, a supreme figure among immortal monks, during his youth, he had achieved greatness through buddhism, cultivating the Zhang Six Golden Body, sturdy and unbreaking, unrivalled in power!

“Extremely formidable. If we are only talking about the strength of the flesh, there are few from past to now who can compare.” Great Xu Tuo said.

When these words sounded, all sides were shaken. Just how high of an evaluation was this? Huang became increasingly frightening in their minds.

The attendant’s face was pale, shrinking back, his expression complex and speechless. He no longer dared to utter another word out of fear of incurring consequences.

It was because everyone knew that once Huang became ‘carefree and frivolous’, anything could happen. It was rumored that the most powerful inheritor of the long life family, the outstanding hero proficient in the Dark Demon Fist, Crucifix Divine Dao Feng Xingtian died precisely under Huang’s hands.

This was only because the Wind Clan had previously incited Yuan Qing Supreme Being to stand in Shi Hao’s path, confine him for ten years, thus establishing a great grudge.

He even dared to kill the inheritor of the number one inheritor from a long life family, so what didn’t he dare do?!

“Zi Ri, do you still want to fight me? Fatty, you were saying some nonsense about me leaving this place, do you still want to persist with this? Also, baldy, your rice bowl really isn’t all that special!” Shi Hao spoke.

Outside the battlefield, the group of people were petrified, none of them daring to say anything.

It was because these were undisguised provocations, already clashing head-on. Huang was still unwilling to have things end like this, still looking for ways to stir things up. Did he plan to fight three great supreme beings on his own?

A simple and short exchange of attacks didn’t mean that he could fight a prolonged intense battle against three great supreme beings!

What was Huang trying to do? Did he really want to go one versus three, or even one versus four? If this was the case, just how domineering was he? Who could do this in the present world’s younger generation?

There might not be anyone who could call themselves number one, able to suppress all heroes around them, defeat all other young supreme beings!

“Provoking us like this, do you know not the consequences of facing all three of us at the same time? Do you want to die?!” Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch was annoyed, ashamed and resentful, which was why his words were harsh, insulting the other party. It was because there was a wave of resentment in his chest. He wanted to roar towards the sky, vent out his rage.

“Provocation? I only wish to suppress you all!” Shi Hao’s hair scattered down, his eyes full of divine light, his figure imposing.

When this sentence sounded, everyone erupted into commotion!

It really was too frightening. Was Huang going to carry out this type of heroic undertaking? He was going to face many supreme beings alone as soon as he returned!

At this moment, everyone was shocked, moreover releasing exclaims of admiration.

“A king has returned!” This was what many people though. Shi Hao disappeared for three years not because that was the start of his decline, the loss of his glorious era, but rather because he had been lying dormant, waiting to return powerfully.


Right now, there was nothing more to say. Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch was furious. He directly took action, using the most powerful methods to attack the other party’s tall and slender figure, wishing to deal the fatal blow.


At this time, clear light surged from within Shi Hao’s body, like a seed itself, containing endless vitality,. The energy of great dao pervaded the air.

He didn’t take any time to accumulate power, directly raising his hand towards Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch, erupting with majestic energy to suppress the other party!

“You!” Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch was alarmed and furious. The other person was looking down on him too much.

An intense dong sounded. Shi Hao’s casual strike delivered incomparably frightening destructive power, shattering the void. It smashed into Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch’s Great Mist Purple Energy, tearing apart heaven and earth.


Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch took a few steps back. He roared out, domineeringly releasing a barrage of attacks. Streak after streak of Great Mist Purple Energy turned into heavenly swords, all of them hacking down on Shi Hao’s body.

This place was smashed to pieces, turned into ruins. There were spatial cracks everywhere.

However, clear light shone deeply. Shi Hao stood at the center of this dilapidated land, his stance as if impervious to all methods, the sole sovereign under the sky. He was completely unaffected as he stood there.

He raised his hand, large hand imprints hacking out one strike after another, crushing the purple energy heavenly swords, causing them to scatter and disperse into auspicious and dense purple mist.

“He… could bare-handedly withstand a perfect seed?!” Cries of alarm sounded from the distance.

“Fatty, are you going to leave the stage?” At the center of the ruins, Shi Hao stood in the void alone. He looked towards Lan Xian, and then grabbed at her with a single motion.

His hand was like a interweaving bamboo basket, about to wrap around that wonderful body and directly capture her.

“Bastard, you dare?!” Lan Xian was ashamed and humiliated. Her exquisite body moved, releasing streak after streak of blue light, displaying the most powerful supreme being force.


Immediately afterwards, Shi Hao attacked at Great Xu Tuo, truly fighting an intense battle against three people!

“Why? Without a perfect ancient seed, for what reason can he do this? Could it be… that legendary path?” There was someone who was confused, starting to make speculations.

“A king has returned, after disappearing for three years… Huang is rising up once more. Who can contend against him?!” At this moment, the disciples of Heavenly Deity Institution were excited and trembling, almost unable to speak.

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