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Chapter 1271 - Still the Same Huang.

A purple sun suspended in the air, divine flames surging, purple energy released by the thousands and tens of thousands of streaks, covering the void.

“Heavenly monarch is unmatched, shattering all legends!” Many people shouted out. They looked towards that purple heavenly sun.

Among these people, many were young women, no lack of pearls from great clans. They shouted loudly for Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch, extremely excited.

There were also some men, for example, Wu Tai, who had a sneer at the corner of his lips. He was full of expectation, really wanting to see the scene of Huang’s defeat.

He suffered a great defeat in Realm Tomb, having the azure armor seized, nursing hatred until now, constantly thinking about revenge and how to erase his humiliation.

The attendant also shouted with a shrill voice, “Master, you definitely have to suppress him! What Huang, what undefeated legend? What does this all count as? Once master steps out, he will inevitably die!”

Jin Jiaoxi widened his eyes, his golden pupils releasing deep divine light. He was quite stirred up. If Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch suppressed Shi Hao, then he would be completely at ease. He also released a low roar.

At this moment, this place became noisy, becoming incredibly lively. Many experts hurried over.

The great purple sun moved slowly. When it was not that far from Shi Hao, only then did it stop moving. The indistinct figure within released matchless divine might!

Great Mist Purple Energy Seed, known to be unmatched through Immortal Ancient!

All those who have merged with this seed in history were the strongest in the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, absolutely stunning. There were too many legends related to it!

Right now, all eyes were staring at that great purple sun in the air, all of their heads raised, feeling great respect and reverence.

Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch became the focal point, standing in the air, his blurry figure like an unrivaled immortal, matchless under the sky, overlooking the masses. The great purple sun around him released terrifying flames of light that flourished with increasing brilliance.

A few people were trembling, couldn’t help but bow down in worship.

It was because the radiance that great purple sun released formed ripples that undulated out, making many powerful individuals tremble with fear, their souls even pounding.

Meanwhile, on the other side, Shi Hao stood there calmly, the corners of his clothes fluttering in the wind, somewhat weak looking, a bit cold and cheerless. It was as if there was an aloof aura to him, but he just looked like he was missing some domineeringess.

Right now, everyone’s eyes were concentrated on the large purple sun, staring at that heavenly monarch. Aside from Cao Yusheng, Chang Gongyan, little rabbit and others, there weren’t many who were paying attention to Shi Hao.

It was because the crowd already reached the final conclusion that Huang was definitely going to be defeated today. Even if he used to be glorious and unmatched, he would soon become a stepping stone for Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch. 

A few people sighed, feeling regret for him. Huang’s legendary reputation might be completely destroyed today.

There were some whose lips curled into a sneer, waiting for the moment when he was humiliated and defeated to arrive, for example, Wu Tai, the attendant, Jin Jiaoxi, and others.

“Come then, a battle at the Heavenly Deity Realm. Huang, let me see just how strong you were before, if you deserved your reputation!” Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch’s voice was cold, ruthless, making one feel a wave of pressure.

“Shi Hao!” From behind him, the Lunar Jade Rabbit, Cao Yusheng, Feng Wu, and the others all revealed looks of worry. Even if it was a confrontation at the heavenly deity level, it was still difficult to say what would happen.

It was because after the other party merged with a perfect seed, his body underwent a comprehensive evolution, crushing the heavenly deity realm. Meanwhile, the inner quality of his body remained the same.

“Don’t worry.” Shi Hao laughed towards them. He began to move forward, facing that great purple sun.

Finally, it was about to start. Everyone felt extremely nervous, a few eyes starting to look towards Shi Hao.

“He actually dares to face the enemy head-on?” On Immortal Academy’s side, a few people said, the words quite stinging.

“Heh heh, I mean this is Huang we are talking about, someone who used to be the young supreme being of a generation, so how could he feel no shame and just withdraw? He has to fight to the end no matter what?” Wu Tai said, taking delight in his disaster. He finally waited until this moment, really wishing to see the scene of Shi Hao’s miserable defeat. 

No one thought that things were going to end well for Shi Hao. Regardless of whether it was Immortal Academy’s people who were hostile towards him, or those who were unrelated, they all felt that after Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch merged with the dao seed, he was unmatched regardless of what cultivation realm he was in!

“Truly is a pity. He had his time of glory before as well, but he is going to quietly fall just like this!” Even the somewhat timid Jin Jiaoxi began to speak up, feeling extremely excited.

“There’s nothing to worry about at all, now that master is taking action, no one can stop him. From here on out, Huang is definitely going to be knocked down from his pedestal!” The attendant sneered.


Right at this time, a loud noise sounded. Everyone closed their mouths, because a wave of great dao energy flowed about, leaving everyone greatly alarmed. They all felt uneasy inside.

The large purple sun slowly moved about, as if it had existed for an endless amount of time, as if it slowly moved over from the depths of the cosmos’ stellar stream, descending into the world of mortals.

This was produced by Great Mist Purple Energy. It was incredible ancient to begin with, the years impossible to measure!

At this moment, it wrapped around Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch, carrying mysterious dao laws. It rumbled down, crushing down towards Shi Hao.

This time, auspicious energy overflowed, purple energy released in ten thousand streaks. It was as if the mountains and rivers were roaring, the sounds world-shaking. The scene here was shocking to the extreme.

Was this even power at the heavenly deity level?

Everyone’s minds trembled, this power even more frightening than some sect masters. How was one supposed to face this? It was simply like the roar of an undying being!


Right at this time, Shi Hao moved, slowly pushing into the void. The purple energy that covered heaven and earth began to surge within his palm, releasing the sounds of wind and thunder.

The purple energy that swept towards him scattered, unable to approach his body!

Everyone’s eyes narrowed. In the Heavenly Deity Realm, Huang had unmatched style after all. Was not even the current Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch able to deal with him?

“If nothing unexpected happened, the two of us would not have crossed each other, no chance of clashing, but I always wanted to have a look at you in your most glorious time, what you really were like!” Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch said.

His meaning was clear. If nothing unexpected happened, then in the sect master level, he felt that it was beneath him to cross hands with Shi Hao. it was because the other party lost the qualifications to become his opponent.

Right now, his hands and feet were bound. Only by restricting his cultivation to the Heavenly Deity Realm could the two barely be a match.

“You are too self-confident!” Shi Hao said with an ordinary tone. He only had this sentence, not refuting anything.

Huang, you should just do your best. I hope you don’t disappoint me!” Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch shouted, his voice like thunder in summer, deafening. Then, he dove down.

In that instant, the sun and moon lost luster, the mountains and rivers losing color. This world began to rumble about, the void rupturing open!

The large sun created by the Great Mist Purple Energy surrounded him. He quickly swooped down, as if the stars from outer space were smashing downwards, bringing a type of incomparable might and pressure.


Purple light covered the sky, the world was submerged within!

Terrifying energy surged like a sea. This was a type of unmatched great power that couldn’t be changed, able to suppress all!

Everyone was stunned. Was this the true strength of Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch? He was just about unmatched in the Heavenly Deity Realm, if he wasn’t suppressed, just how astonishing would he be?

The powerful all saw that the figure below was drowned in purple energy, almost no longer visible. That was Huang, he looked extremely frail, extremely delicate, making others sympathize with him.

Was it going to end just like this? It was because Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch’s might was too strong, several times more frightening than the Nine Netherworlds Ao Shi Hao faced in the past!

In Cao Yusheng’s eyes, this simply left one in despair. The Lunar Jade Rabbit, Feng Wu, and the others’ faces were pale. They were already extremely worried before, but now, they felt even more like Shi Hao was most likely finished, that there was danger to his life.

“I just knew that Huang was not good enough now, he isn’t worth anything. He’ll be captured by master soon!” The attendant laughed loudly.

“Heh heh, Huang, turns out there’s a day when even you will be like this. Do you see now? Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch’s strength is several times greater than yours back then, you’re not good enough!” Wu Tai laughed, feeling extremely carefree.

“This is only the beginning, but is it already going to end?” Someone laughed loudly.

The purple sun released strand after strand of divine multicolored light, tearing through everything below, gradually submerging everything.

At first, that place was still calm, but later on, everyone felt that something wasn’t right. Why was it that after that purple sun descended, it still surrounded that area, couldn’t truly blast it to pieces?

Sure enough, the oppression was broken through. A tall and slender figure produced a fist imprint below the purple sun, and then with tremendous strength, smashed it into that great purple sun.

Then, the auspicious energy and purple energy couldn’t cover that area anymore, completely blasted through!


In the end, a streak of thunder tore through the void, shattering heaven and earth, erupting!


The figure below the purple sun appeared. Shi Hao was still delicate and handsome, looking otherworldly, but when he took action, it was extremely domineering. That fist looked simple and ordinary, not releasing light, but it smashed the great purple sun until it shook, about to fall apart!

Everyone was horrified, this place immediately becoming dead silent, so quiet a falling pindrop could be heard.

What was going on? Just now, they still saw Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch stirring the divine sun, pressuring Shi Hao, but in the blink of an eye, everything changed, that great sun even smashed to pieces!

The ones who were still mocking and speaking coldly all shut their mouths, feeling a wave of chilliness run through their minds. Every single one of them stopped talking.

Even the attendant closed his mouth, watching nervously, Wu Tai even more so looked like a duck with its throat cut, his voice coming to a grunting stop. There were others that shivered inwardly as well.

Huang was even stronger than before!

They were both in the Heavenly Deity Realm, but he was even more formidable than before!

Many people felt great waves stir within them, their thoughts all over the place. When they looked at Shi Hao, none of them knew what to say. This person who used to be a supreme being was too pitiful. Why didn’t he obtain an ancient seed?

Even if the other geniuses were making progress, transforming after obtaining precious seeds, advancing rapidly, Huang still didn’t fall behind, still possessing world-shaking aptitude in the Heavenly Deity Realm.


Another great noise sounded. Shi Hao moved his arms, like a Kun Peng spreading its wings, he released incomparable might, shaking up the entire place!

He blasted that purple great sun until it cracked apart, and then rushed into midair.


The great sun cracked apart, turning into tens of thousands of streaks of purple energy, auspicious energy surging, filling up heaven and earth. They all entered the body of Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch who was standing in midair.

“I said I won’t use the power of a higher cultivation realm, so this purple energy can’t be used, only affecting my battle. I will put it away!” Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch said.

At this moment, all of the purple energy was withdrawn, but his true appearance still couldn't be seen, because it was surrounded by sparkling purple light, even his face indistinct.

However, everyone could already see his body, tall and straight, purple hair scattering down, eyes like cold streaks of lightning. He was extremely handsome and heroic in appearance, possessing a type of peerless domineeringness.

He was different from before when he was talking calmly, his appearance now grand and imposing, domineering and powerful.

“Huang, come and fight. Do not disappoint me!” Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch dove back down.


Immediately afterwards, everyone felt as if lightning tangled about them, thunder rumbling. This place was covered in electrical light, the energy terrifying.

When Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch took action, it was like thunder, fast like lightning, instantly exchanging a thousand blows with Shi Hao. This type of scene was horrifying!


One could see that his entire body was wrapped within purple light, brilliant and world-shocking, as if a comet was flying through the air each time he moved!

Behind him appeared an extremely terrifying purple Qilin, as if it was going to obliterate the world. Its roar ran through heaven and earth, massive body even larger than a mountain peak, towering into the clouds.

That type of aura made it hard for everyone to breath.

Everyone was astonishing. This was the Qilin precious technique!

Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch immediately displayed one of the Vicious Ten precious techniques, one could imagine just how great his family’s background and resources were. His attacks were bold and powerful, the Qilin Fist world shocking!

Shi Hao’s entire body shone, becoming resplendent for the first time, as if he was turning into a Kun Peng. He similarly confronted his opponent with a Vicious Ten precious technique.


A Peng bird spread its wings at the skies, tearing apart the heavens, its cry making mountains collapse and seas roar, incomparable, dominating all!

Right now, Shi Hao was like a demon lord. His body covered the sky, possessing a type of unequalled great might.

Everyone finally became frightened. This Huang was even more terrifying than what they had imagined, truly immeasurable, the aura he released could simply directly face Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch’s power!


The Qilin released a long roar, its body even larger than a mountain peak, towering between heaven and earth. Purple light rushed in all directions, the Qilin’s massive body filling up this entire world, sinister and terrifying.


The Qilin’s great claw slapped towards the Kun Peng, the void in that area directly exploding, many large black cracks covering that area, the heavens shattering.

The Kun Peng released a long cry, shooting straight up, as if it was going to break into outer space, instantly traveling who knew how many li.

Shi Hao didn’t cower back, instead attacking head-on, facing the opponent just like that.


The two clashed together, Qilin Claw facing Kun Peng Claw, space itself shattering.

The mountainous purple Qilin roared, scattering the cloud layer that filled the sky, lightning hacking down. Its enormous body towered there, expression incredibly cold and ruthless.

Then, it dove at the Kun Peng, wishing to fight him to the death.

In that instant, the Kun Peng’s wings struck out, black and gold colors swirling, yin and yang emerging. When they made contact, primal chaos light erupted.


The Qilin was seriously injured, blood flowing out from the corners of its mouth, flying out.

Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch was also injured as a result, greatly shaken up, his body also blown back.

Shi Hao moved his arms, turning into a Kun Peng, immediately diving over. The two began to fight a life and death struggle.


A roar sounded from the void. The Purple Qilin tore viciously at the Kun Peng, tangling together, blood immediately splashing out, collapsing the void.

They were fighting a great intense battle, instantly reaching its climax.

Moreover, the two individuals’ speeds were too fast, instantly exchanging over a hundred blows. That was why even though not much time had passed, the rate at which they clashed was shockingly frightening.


The Qilin released a mournful wail, blood surging. One of its horns was forcibly broken by a Kun Peng claw, falling together with large amounts of blood.

Even though these were produced by precious techniques, they would still affect the user’s body. Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch’s body was shaken up greatly, blood flowing from the space between his brows. He suffered an extremely terrifying backlash.

He staggered backwards. How could it be like this?

He was actually injured by Huang!

Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch’s expression suddenly changed greatly. He actually lost! For someone who believed himself to be unmatched, without equal, number one in the younger generation under the sky, this was unacceptable!

The others were also petrified. No one expected this to be the result! The space between Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch’s brows was dyed with blood; he was already injured.


A world-shaking great roar sounded. Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch’s body expanded, turning into a divine bird. Purple-colored feathers shone magnificently, plume feathers even longer than a mountain range.

This was a purple phoenix, incredibly large, every feather as grand and magnificent as a mountain ridge. Its entire body was swirling with luster, purple multicolored light resplendent, extremely dazzling.

Everyone was moved, incomparably shocked.

“True Phoenix Precious Technique!”

Someone shouted in alarm. When this type of formidable divine ability was displayed, who could contend against it?

In everyone’s heart, the True Dragon and True Phoenix were world-shaking, impossible to win against; there was reasoning behind this.


Now that the purple-colored True Phoenix appeared, heaven and earth lost color, wind and clouds changing, exceptionally frightening. Rumbling thunder suddenly appeared, descending on its own.

Shi Hao was still a human-shaped Kun Peng, resisting the other overlord of the vicious birds, Kun Peng confronting True Phoenix!


The two individuals turned into streaks of lightning, clashing with extreme speed. In that instant, brilliant divine light erupted, engulfing the heavens above and the earth below, impossible to stare straight at.

Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled, crazy winds howled about. The world overflowed with waves of blood, feathers falling from time to time, sticky with blood. The two immortal bird overlords were tearing at each other intensely, competing ferociously.

This was a great intense battle, one that was incomparably bitter.


It was clearly a purple phoenix, but it released the roar of a beast from its mouth, leaving everyone shaken to the point where their qi and blood were surging, some even coughing out large mouthfuls of blood.

This purple phoenix quickly enlarged, instantly towering in the heavens, as if it was going to enter outer space. It was giant beyond belief, and then it opened its mouth, directly swallowing the Kun Peng.

One had to bear in mind that the Kun Peng was who knew how many times larger than a mountain peak, but it was still swallowed in one mouthful right now.

This was the power of the phoenix bird, matchless and domineering. It was going to devour and refine its opponent!

Everyone’s hearts were pounding as they watched this, all of them stupefied.

However, before the attendant released a cheer, right at that time, the purple phoenix’ stomach swelled, and then a thunderous noise sounded. In the end, it exploded!

Light shone resplendently there, extremely blinding. A human shape Kun Peng emerged. Shi Hao formed a fist imprint, the power unstoppable. Regardless of whether it was the phoenix feathers or phoenix bone texts, nothing could stop him!


He tore open the True Phoenix’ stomach with an unmatched fist imprint, breaking free. Even though this wasn’t Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch’s real stomach, it still inflicted serious damage. The phoenix bird shrunk in size, revealing his true body. Then, he flew outwards!


Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch was struck flying, coughing out large mouthfuls of blood, falling headfirst in the distance.

This was a world-shaking great battle. No one was able to count just how many moves were exchanged, because their speeds were too fast. Was it going to end just like this?

Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch stood up, his face cold, wishing to keep fighting. However, he clenched his teeth, not continuing in the end.

Those people who originally planned to cheer were all silent, all of them dumbstruck and at a loss for words. There was actually this type of result!

“Still want to fight?” Shi Hao asked.

When this sentence sounded, Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch’s brows stood up vertically, his fists tightly clenched.

As for the others, they didn’t know what to say. The ones who were speaking against Shi Hao all had their mouths tightly shut, finding it difficult to open them.

“Heh heh… haha…” The little rabbit was the first one to laugh, moreover an extremely unbridled great laughter.

Then, Cao Yusheng and the others all began to laugh one after another, this laughter extremely ear-piercing in the ears of everyone from Immortal Academy.

“Haha, we won, Huang has achieved a great victory! Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch is not a match for my Heavenly Deity Institution’s Huang!” Heavenly Deity Institution’s disciples shouted loudly, feeling incredibly excited.

“You all should act less complacent. What can this battle count as?!” The attendant cried out. He found this result extremely hard to accept.

“What is there to laugh about?!” Wu Tai was also annoyed, expressing his annoyance, roaring loudly.


Shi Hao took action, still a finger, quickly enlarging, crushing down on the attendant’s body, snapping his bones and tearing apart his muscles. He flew outwards, half crippled once more.

“You…” The attendant was shocked and furious, large mouthfuls of blood coughed out from his mouth. He glared out angrily, but Shi Hao felt that it was beneath him to pay this person any more attention, directly sending him flying with another kick.

He took action like this in front of Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch’s face, not showing any mercy, making the attendant’s muscles and arteries snap, leaving everyone shocked.

“Noisy!” Shi Hao only had this word to say.


Then, Shi Hao formed a fist imprint. With a single strike, Wu Tai was blasted until his bones broke inch by inch. He flew outwards, almost turning into a bloody paste. He couldn’t avoid this strike at all.

“Also you, come over, let me have a taste of Golden Horned Rhinoceros.” Shi Hao chased after the distant Jin Jiaoxi, leaving it absolutely terrified.

Everyone was stupefied. Huang didn’t feel any misgivings, acting so unrestrained right in front of Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch’s face, not caring about his presence at all!

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