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Chapter 1272 - Frivolous

No one expected Shi Hao to win, defeating Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch!

“Still not going to come?” Shi Hao looked towards the Golden Horned Rhinoceros with disdain, his voice not loud, just like how it was not too long ago. However, in everyone’s ears, it was completely different.

Huang achieved a great victory!

Right now, even though he still looked calm and carefree, he gave others an extremely oppressive feeling. No one dared ignore his words, all of them paying close attention.

Jin Jiaoxi’s entire body turned cold, his scalp numb, fine hairs standing on end. That calm voice crashed down on his ears like lightning, leaving him so shaken he almost fell onto the ground.

How could it be like this? Huang won, Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch was defeated, this result left everyone stupefied, never expecting things would end like this.

“Do you want me to say it a third time?” Shi Hao turned around, his eyes releasing sharp electrical light, his pupils deep, his entire being looking incredibly ferocious.

This place immediately became quiet, the quiet gossip and muttering disappearing. Everyone’s minds were jumping, quite a few people were staring at Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch who was not too far out; will he interfere?

One had to understand that Huang was but someone who ‘did things his way’, disregarding any opponents, not caring about what anyone thought. He did whatever he wanted. This was a type of low-profile might.

“Huang great one, please forgive my rudeness, I do not dare act like this ever again!” Jin Jiaoxi was scared, bracing himself and walking forward, his legs shaking, trembling uncontrollably. He lowered his head towards Shi Hao, using a humble voice to plead for forgiveness.

Right now, he felt incomparable regret, as if he had his own mouth slapped a few times. Not long ago, why didn’t he obediently wait for the result? He just had to add a few lines, mocking and ridiculing Huang.

Now, it was time for retribution. Huang won, completely different from what he had thought!

Now, Huang said that he wanted to have a taste of him, for him, this was just too horrifying. The glorious genius of a generation who had risen up to sect master level was actually treated like food.

This was especially the case when he recalled the various rumors he heard about Huang. He couldn’t help but picture himself propped up on an open fire and roasted until his flesh was golden, almost making Jin Jiaoxi fall on the spot.

He became more and more fearful, because Huang was but a ‘habitual criminal’, eating non-human enemies more than once. For the Golden Horned Rhinoceros, this was simply a frightening great demon king.

“Just now, you were taking joy in the disaster of others, hoping that I would be killed immediately. Now that you are asking for forgiveness, isn’t this change of attitude just a bit too fast?” Shi Hao swept out a glance.

“Great one, please forgive me. I don’t dare do such a think again!” Jin Jiaoxi’s legs and stomach were trembling, continuously shaking. It was because he discovered that the situation was extremely bad. Huang was so cold, clearly wishing to eat him.

“Take it all off, take it off! I mean, eat, eat, eat everything!” Right at this time, the Lunar Jade Rabbit shouted.

She looked pure, her long silver hair sparkling, in her teens, her large eyes red like gemstones, looking like she was carved from jade, like a porcelain doll, extremely beautiful.

However, when she cried out noisily like this right now, she was like a little fiend, directly frightening Jin Jiaoxi until he sat down on the ground, his entire body cold, truly frightened badly.

“Do you think that after mocking and provoking Huang, just a simple apology would fix everything? No matter what, we have to let us get a taste, right?” Cao Yusheng ands the others were also smiling, speaking up one after the other.

“Great one, save me!” Jin Jiaoxi looked towards Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch, as if he was grabbing towards the last straw.

“Dao brother, where it is possible, one should let others off. It is nothing more than a bit of offense, is there a need to be so overbearing?” Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch finally spoke up.

Everyone had been paying attention the entire time, waiting for him to step out, see how he would act. After all, Huang first crippled his attendant, then suppressed Wu Tai and Jin Jiaoxi  before his face, not giving him any face.

In that instant, the atmosphere was grave. Everyone held their breaths, quietly watching from the sidelines, seeing how things were going to develop.

“The way you speak really is light and easy, but if it was others who continuously buzzed around you, scolding you, wishing you were dead, wouldn’t you just slap them to death with a single palm?” Shi Hao calmly responded. He then continued, “I am quite benevolent, not willing to take lives, just wanting a bit of rhinoceros meat to taste.”

Jin Jiaoxi was both scared and speechless. Did Huang really see him as a moving piece of meat? He was a demon king after all!

When the others looked at Huang, the expressions in their eyes were strange, feeling like they couldn’t provoke him. Otherwise, they would become living fresh food.

“Dao brother, please do not be unreasonable. Could you not forgive him?” Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch said with a cold tone, purple light emerging from his skin, sparkling and translucent. There were strand after strand of purple energy that wrapped around his body, hazy and brilliant.

“You make it sound so easy, why didn’t I see you stop him when he was being so rude towards me? Now, you want to display some noble and unquestionable integrity?” Shi Hao mocked, saying, “You already lost. If I were you, I would choose to back up, not say a single thing. As a loser, you should just obediently stay off to the side.”

When he spoke up to here, Shi Hao took steps forward, his large eyes bright, his appearance delicate and handsome, temperament otherworldly. He arrived at the center of this place, calmly sweeping his eyes around him.

This type of stance completely disregarded Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch!

The words were too direct, not tactful at all. Together with his indifferent appearance, it was as if there was a type of powerful and unfettered aura within his peacefulness.

Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch’s face flushed with waves of green and red, there had never been someone who looked down on him like this, actually not placing him in their eyes at all, calling him a loser in front of everyone’s faces.

What kind of humiliation was this? He felt like his face was becoming heated, finding himself in an awkward situation.

In the past, he had never thought that he would be defeated by another. He never expected to be berated by another like this, ridiculed directly as a loser.

Huang really was too direct!

“Are you forcing me to take action, to fight another battle?!” Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch’s voice was hoarse, a wave of anger surging within him. In his eyes, this was challenging his dignity, stepping on his bottom line.


Shi Hao seemed to not be affected by the severity of the situation at all, instead giving off a wave of pressure, making everyone become even more quiet, no one daring to rashly say anything out of fear that he would misunderstand. It was because a great storm might erupt at any time.

Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch’s mind was surging with anger, his intent was extremely clear. If the other party wasn’t tactful enough, he would use power at an even higher cultivation realm.

This was a type of threat, even more so a type of warning!

However, the other party didn’t seem to have heard him at all, continuing to look down on him with the stance of a victor, carrying a hint of indifference and contempt.

Correct, it was precisely contempt, arrogance, and self-confidence. The other party’s head was raised high, looking down on him, facing him with this type of high stance.

Great waves surged within Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch’s mind, purple energy divine light surging, finding this a bit intolerable. How could there be anyone who dared look down on him? This was too crazy!

The others were also a bit speechless. Did Huang really not understand his intentions?

Of course, there were some who were shocked. Was Huang not scared? He was extremely direct, incomparably powerful, facing Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch head-on. Was this challenging him head-on?

Could it be that Huang really dared to fight another round? Was he bluffing, purposely looking powerful, or did he have that type of strength?

“You are forcing me to take action!” Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch said coldly, his voice not loud, but it had a type of terrifying forcefulness.

“Do you think you are anything special? If you want to take action, then come at me. After losing to me once, I don’t mind defeating you once more. In the Heavenly Deity Realm, you are far too lacking. Wu, for people like you who are sore losers, I feel like defeating you a few more times will make you gradually understand.” Shi Hao said absent-mindedly.

The more he spoke like this, the more Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch’s face fell. Fortunately, his skin was covered in purple multicolored light, so others couldn’t see this.

Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch really began to suspect whether Shi Hao understood his intent, or if this fella was just bluffing, purposely looking down on him.

Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch’s face completely sunk. Regardless, he wanted to teach Shi Hao a lesson. However, at this time, when he inadvertently turned around, he saw Lan Xian, Qi Gu, and the others.

They were at the same level as him, all known as supreme beings. Right now, their expressions were all different, a bit strange.

In that instant, Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch calmed down, but he still felt great anger inside. It was because those people were inwardly mocking him. This type of great defeat could be considered a great shame.

Moreover, he really did seem to look like someone who couldn’t take a loss, wishing to fight again. If news of this got out, it definitely wouldn’t sound good, instead tarnish his name!

He was someone who cared about his face. In the end, he endured his rage and coldly said, “Fine, consider it my defeat this time. Unfortunately, it will be difficult for us to ever cross hands again, or else I will let you understand the might of the Great Mist Purple Energy Seed!”

This was arrogance, as well as a threat, also a type of anger. He was using these to seek consolation.

“After losing, you still know some sense of propriety, knowing how to act.” Shi Hao said while walking forward. He stood at the center of this place, as if he was looking down on everything under the sky.

This was an undisguised disdain, even more so a type of frivolousness. Did Huang understand Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch’s words or not? He actually had this type of response, reacting like this.

“You still aren’t stepping down?!” Shi Hao shouted, berating Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch in front of everyone’s faces. He stood with his head raised high, standing at the center of everyone, becoming the focal point of attention.

Everyone was stupefied, remaining silent. It was because right now, the situation was completely turned on its head.

“Jin Jiaoxi, come with me!” Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch was furious. He decided that he was going to take action regardless of the price, randomly using Jin Jiaoxi as the reason.

However, Jin Jiaoxi’s reaction exceeded his expectations, directly lowering his head towards Shi Hao and saying with a trembling voice, “As long as you leave me with my life, I am willing to receive my punishment.”

“Wu.” Shi Hao nodded.

Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch’s hair stood on end, his teeth almost shattering from being grinded. This thing was just too disappointing, actually completely giving in at this crucial point.

“En, alright, move to the side for now.” Shi Hao nodded. Then, he looked towards Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch, saying, “Do you still need something else? If not, just leave.”

Everyone was stunned. This result… what could they even say?

Only, Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch’s face turned green and red, almost erupting into violence. He truly felt an unendurable humiliation.

“Huang, what are you acting all arrogant for? You merely won over my master in the Heavenly Deity Realm, if it was a higher cultivation realm, you are nothing! The Great Mist Purple Energy Seed will crush you to death, there is no hope for you in this life!”

In the distance, the attendant stood up with difficulty, half his body in tatters, unknown just how many of his bones were broken.

“You really are of the same sort as roaches, vitality quite strong.” Shi Hao’s face fell. With a light kick, a hong sound rang out, the ground starting to shake. The attendant was shaken up, coughing out large mouthfuls of blood, his entire body bloody, about to explode.

At the crucial moment, Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch protected him, or else he would have definitely turned into bloody mist.

“What is the meaning of this? You took action in front of me again and again, do you really think I am someone who is that patient? If you want to be crippled, you can take action and see what happens!” Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch said coldly, becoming completely different from before.

“You aren’t worth shit, we can fight in any cultivation realm you want. If I can defeat you once, then I can defeat you ten, a hundred times!” Shi Hao replied with a loud voice.

Suddenly, the mud pool shone, faint multicolored brilliance pervading the air, divine to the extreme, making everyone feel as if they were bathing in autumn winds. It was extremely comfortable.


Lan Xian, Qi Gu, and Great Xu Tuo all landed there, appearing in the mud pool. Even Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch’s body flashed, rushing forward. They wanted to fight over the immortal treasury.

At this moment, Shi Hao also moved, his figure like a phantom, like an illusion, leaving behind afterimages, directly appearing at the center of the mud pool.

“You also dare come?”

The four great experts stared at him. Qi Gu, Great Xu Tuo, Lan Xian, and Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch each occupied a side, while Shi Hao stood at the very center.

“You are extremely strong, defeating even Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch in the Heavenly Deity Realm. However, if you want to fight at a higher level, you are still a bit lacking. This isn’t a place you can come to!” Someone said coldly.

It was clear that the four great experts didn’t see him as someone who could compete against them over the immortal treasury.

Shi Hao laughed loudly and said, “Today, I am precisely going to enter this immortal cave, wishing to take a look. What are you all going to do about it?!”

His voice rumbled like thunder, shaking up all directions, making many people’s blood surge chaotically, almost falling on the ground.

Right now, there was a great wave of power to Shi Hao’s presence, as well as a type of contempt. He didn’t fear the four great supreme beings, not minding it at all even if he was surrounded at the center.

“You… really are quite bold. There is no place for you here!” Someone shouted.

“What do you count as? I want to see who dares stop me!” Shi Hao shouted, his voice cold and intimidating!

The strong were all stunned. Previously, Huang was facing Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch alone, but now, he immediately faced four great supreme beings at the same time!

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