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Chapter 1270 - Heavenly Monarch

It was just a single finger. The attendant flew out, withering like a dried yellow leaf, falling onto the ground, his mouth full of bloody suds, the floor dyed red.

One could see that his entire body was twisted irregularly, as if a meteor smashed into him, his body caving in.

This was a heavy blow!

When Shi Hao’s finger enlarged just now, it was like the ‘monk’ type of ancient immortal from the last great era, palm transforming the world, ruler of all.

A single finger was like a pillar that supported the heavens, casually descending, seriously injuring the powerful attendant. He laid on the ground, unable to crawl back up, already half ruined. 

The attendant’s body was contorting, his limbs twitching, shaking involuntarily. After suffering this type of terrifying strike, he lost all ability to move.

It was precisely like how Cao Yusheng, little rabbit, witch, and the others were shouting: a single finger was enough to cripple him. It was as if they were prophesying, this truly the result.

This place became dead silent, everyone as if fallen under a magical spell. When they saw this scene, they found it difficult to speak.

Was this Huang? Just how strong was he now? A single finger was enough to ruin the attendant, make him lose the ability to fight! It was just too shocking.

One had to know that this attendant named Zi Tong wasn’t an ordinary person. After following Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch, he was allowed to organize and study the scriptures that the heavenly monarch normally cultivated, the benefits he obtained unimaginable.

It could be said that in the present Immortal Academy and Sacred Academy, the attendant was also a formidable individual, could be said to be a heroic expert.

It was precisely under these circumstances that he was still suppressed by a single finger of another, seemingly crippled. Just how frightening was this? It made everyone shiver with fear.

When they recalled that this person was Huang, everyone felt like the situation was now grave. A past young king, someone who bore an unmatched attitude, someone who everyone thought declined, ended up returning like this!

In that instant, the atmosphere in this place became a bit stifling. Many people didn’t believe that he didn’t obtain a perfect seed. He definitely encountered some heaven-shocking opportunity!

At the same time, there were quite a few people who looked towards that great purple-colored sun, towards the young heavenly monarch. They all wanted to see his reaction.

This place was dead silent, the atmosphere a bit suffocating. It was because a battle between young supreme beings might break out soon!

Now, even though everyone didn’t understand, they wouldn’t doubt Shi Hao’s strength. This was a terrifying king figure, just that they didn’t know if he could rank within the supreme beings.

“Wu, impressive methods, using the True Primordial Record to break through the methods, transform the decaying into the miraculous. Only those who have read and re-read these scriptures, truly understanding, could they have this type of achievements.” Lan Xian spoke.

Everyone was stunned, from her words learning what kind of wondrous methods Shi Hao used. It was actually the ancient scripture True Primordial Record!

Towards this ancient method, the upper piece was named Divine Guidance, this portion existing in the treasuries of a few top level ancient great sects, so the successors of the clan had the opportunity to read through them. This was why it wasn’t an absolute secret.

However, the upper piece Divine Guidance’s Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram wasn’t something that everyone had seen.

Back then, Shi Hao had obtained it from a mysterious altar full of divine bones from the lower realm’s western tomb’s burial ground, on that place consecrated a golden arm bone, a crystal skull, and a piece of sparkling white bone -- Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram.

Shi Hao not only cultivated Divine Guidance’s characters, he also achieved enlightenment through this diagram.

Meanwhile, at his age, those who had access to True Primordial Record’s Divine Guidance found it difficult to fully comprehend. Only a few old monsters were able to research a bit deeper.

Shi Hao’s several instances of dao comprehension all touched upon the True Primordial Record, already understanding this bone extremely well, his knowledge far deeper than others, reaching an unimaginable level.

Right now, he didn’t show any expression in response, nor did he say anything. 

In the sky, that great purple sun finally calmed down a bit. Even though the young heavenly monarch’s voice was still calm, it felt even more distant, as if it came from beyond the heavens, giving everyone a chilly and inferior feeling.

“It is actually the True Primordial Record. It was rumored that even if one doesn’t use precious techniques, only studying this method, if one can comprehend it to the greatest level, it can also fuse all methods, defeat all enemies with the most simple and plain bone texts. It seems like this statement has a bit of reasoning behind it.” Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch said.

Everyone’s minds trembled. Was he acknowledging Shi Hao, praising his accomplishments in this method?

Many people had heard that this way wasn’t the hardest to get into, the most frightening only later on. If one truly wanted to delve into it, even a few old monsters felt helpless, just the first piece Divine Guidance already leaving many people stumped.

As for the next piece -- Transcendence, forget about studying it, just finding it was impossible, unknown where it was. From past until now, not many people had seen it.

There were rumors that the Transcendence piece was in Supreme Hall. However, it had already withered away, no longer in existence.

“Brother Shi, I wish to ask you, did you truly not obtain a perfect seed?” Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch asked, his tone serious.

The others even more so wanted to know what kind of seed Shi Hao obtained. They were also listening carefully, wanting to get to the bottom of what was going on.

“Even though Immortal Academy has a precious seed or two left, I heard that they were all prepared for others. I had no chance.” Shi Hao replied, saying candidly that he didn’t obtain an exceptional dao seed.

When they heard these words, many people were stunned. He didn’t have a rare precious seed, yet he still had his present accomplishments, if he did obtain one before, then just how strong would he become?

Many people sighed with sorrow and regret, exclaiming in astonishment, but at the same time felt great pity for him. If he never obtained a perfect ancient seed, then regardless of how strong Shi Hao was now, how stunning, he was still destined to be inferior to those young supreme beings. After merging with a perfect seed that was acknowledged by heaven and earth, one would become like the child of the heavens, becoming powerful beyond imagination. Others wouldn’t be able to compare at all, impossible to surpass!

“Did you obtain the ashes of an ancient immortal, and then merge with them?” Right at this time, Great Xu Tuo suddenly spoke. He didn’t reveal his true body, just a pure gold alms bowl floating in the air, a voice released from within it.

Everyone was stunned. They understood his intentions, because Great Xu Tuo rose up precisely because of this, obtaining the ashes of an ancient monk, and was thus viewed as the successor of an ancient immortal.

Everyone suddenly understood. So it was like this?

“I have not.” Shi Hao replied. This response shattered everyone’s suspicions.

Right now, everyone was sure that he really had no karma with a perfect seed. With things already developing like this, in the eyes of the powerful, no matter how stunning Shi Hao was, he still wouldn’t be able to withstand Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch’s might.

“It truly is a pity. With brother Shi’s heaven warping aptitudes, there was still no perfect dao seed. It is just too unfortunate, missing out on the greatest glory of one’s life.

Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch shook his head, releasing a voice full of regret from that purple sun.

Heavenly Deity Institution’s students now completely lost hope, but at the same time felt extremely resentful, feeling that Immortal Academy was unfair. How could they abandon Shi Hao, giving the extra seeds to others?

“Isn’t it because of your Immortal Academy’s old fellas gave in to selfish desires, disregarding talent, giving the immortal seeds to those long life family’s successors that they have special connections to, abandoning Huang? Truly hateful!”

There were people from Heavenly Deity Institution who protested injustice, speaking these words with anger.

As for who those final ancient seeds were gifted to, even now, no one knew. There was no confirmation, always remaining a mystery.

“Immortal Academy is just and impartial, please watch your mouths.” Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch’s voice was no longer calm, becoming severe and cold.

Everyone shivered inwardly. They knew that this young heavenly monarch came from Immortal Academy, the Great Mist Purple Energy Seed was obtained because of an ancient cave opened by Immortal Academy, so how could he tolerate this academy being spoken badly about?

“It truly is a pity. I originally wished to fight against you to satisfy a desire, but now, it seems like you’ve disappointed me.” Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch looked down on this place.

A few young cultivators sighed. Huang was already powerful enough. Even though he had only taken action simply just now, it shocked many people. 

However, in Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch’s opinion, someone who didn’t obtain a perfect ancient seed lost the qualifications to face him, not worthy of being his opponent!

Even though his tone was calm, this type of arrogance and powerful attitude immediately made many female cultivators’ eyes release brilliant multicolored light, deeply feeling a type of innate domineeringess within him. This was how the strong were.

This was especially the case when the one he faced was Huang, someone who had previously forged an undefeated legend, his battle accomplishments splendid, yet he could still act like this. This type of decisiveness, domineeringness made him seem even more enchanting to some young ladies.

“The heavenly monarch is extraordinary after all, a supreme being of this age!” Someone shouted.

Those who stood against Shi Hao became even more excited now, hoping for Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch to display his power, even better if he could take action, suppress this person that made them feel uneasy.

“If master takes action, all enemies will naturally be suppressed. Huang is definitely not your opponent!” Even that attendant endured the pain, speaking with a placid expression.

As for Jin Jiaoxi behind him, he was extremely nervous, not daring to speak randomly, hiding there.

“The heavenly monarch is the most powerful, incomparable in this generation!” From Immortal Academy, Wu Tai and a few others shouted out, looking at Shi Hao coldly.

“Truly arrogant, what nonsense heavenly monarch? I’ve never heard of such a thing before!” The little rabbit was furious, annoyed at their words.

Cao Yusheng, Feng Wu, and the others also wanted to retort, but they felt like this young heavenly monarch was high up above, indeed having the strength to look down on the world. If they went against him, if he fought a great battle against Shi Hao, would it be a good thing? They were fearful that Shi Hao would be defeated and heavily injured.

“Back then, when Shi Hao was at the very top, how come we didn’t see all of you bad characters? Now, all of you feel like you are unmatched, as if you are all supreme beings, ridiculously arrogant. Truly shameless!” The Lunar Jade Rabbit grinded her teeth, continuing to mock them.


Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch pointed out, a pill flying out, entering the attendant’s mouth. It turned into a wave of heat, rushing towards his limbs and bones, healing his injuries.

This was a divine pill refined from the most precious medicinal ingredients, the main medicine naturally divine medicine that could bring one back from the brink of death. It immediately displayed its effects, the attendant’s body shining, a wave of heat surging, connecting his muscles and bones. Soon afterwards, he stood up.

“Master, please take action! Huang is too arrogant, humiliating me like this is also a type of disrespect towards your distinguished self!” The attendant beseeched. His teeth were clenched when he looked at Shi Hao, now hoping that Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch would suppress this person!

“Shut up and withdraw!” Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch berated.

“Didn’t you want to fight me?” Shi Hao asked.

“In this present cultivation realm, there is no need.” Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch said indifferently, a bit cold. It was as if there was a great distance between them, sounding even more arrogant.

It was because it was just like he said. For those without perfect seeds, he felt that it was beneath him to view them as opponents.

The corners of Shi Hao’s lips curled up, carrying a faint smile. “How will you know without giving it a try?”

“Fine!” Suddenly, Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch responded like this, leaving everyone a bit surprised. Wasn’t it beneath him to fight? Why did he suddenly agree?”

“I know that you are powerful in the Heavenly Deity Realm, then how about the two of us just fight in the Heavenly Deity Realm?!” Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch said.

Everyone was first stupefied. He was not an ordinary person after all, full of confidence. He was actually going to fight Shi Hao like this!

One had to understand that Huang was too splendid in the Heavenly Deity Realm, unstoppable, never suffering a defeat, intimidating the heavenly talents of all clans!

Now, Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch actually wanted to fight him in the Heavenly Deity Realm, just how confident and domineering was this? He wanted to decide victory and defeat in this manner.

Many female cultivators immediately became excited, a few even screaming out. They felt that Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch was decisive and powerful, truly like the monarch of a generation, daring to face an enemy in their most powerful aspect.

“Heavenly monarch will definitely win, difficult for you to face a defeat under the sky!” Several young ladies who had good opinions of him shouted with excitement.

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