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Chapter 1265 - Heaven’s Pride Coming Forth In Large Numbers

Clear winds brushed the ground, the mountains and rivers below clear, incredibly magnificent.

Shi Hao moved like the wind, crossing over a boundless sea, passing endless golden deserts, traveling through lush and verdant great mountains.

Immeasurable Heaven was quite well-known among the Nine Heavens. It was extremely vast, limitless.

Up ahead, the scarlet mountain peaks were like sparkling coral in the ocean, red and bright, sparkling and translucent, extremely strange. This was clearly an area of divine earth.

The mountain was sparkling and translucent, almost transparent, but there were still many plants growing on it, all spiritual stalks. There were also many medicinal herbs that grew between the cracks of the mountain.

In addition, there were waves of smoke that rose, revealing a faint redness. This place was like an immortal realm, and together with the mountains, it produced an extremely gorgeous scene, a place that attracted much attention.

When Shi Hao arrived here, he stopped temporarily.

There were quite a few cultivators here, everyone coming and going, bustling with activity. There were a few old cultivators reading the future through the clouds, investigating underground spiritual roots. They were clearly preparing for a great project, building a school.

Shi Hao descended in the mountain range, asking some people for guidance. What exactly was going on, and why was there a need to do all of this?

“Did you not hear? Now, Immortal Academy has flourished greatly, Sacred Academy at its peak, both of them producing formidable figures. These are their people, here to find immortal caves.” Someone replied.

Shi Hao was shocked. Immortal Academy and Sacred Academy were both pure lands, aloof from worldly affairs, places that had the richest spiritual essence under the heavens. Was there a need to come search for immortal caves?

Soon afterwards, he learned more about the situation. There were many people who came, and there were some who explained it to him.

“Right now, Immortal Academy and Sacred Academy are at their peak, flourishing with glory, but the two academies aren’t satisfied, considering the matter of merging, combining together, promoting interaction between the disciples so that they can better face the great disaster together, prepare against the great changes of heaven and earth.”

Shi Hao stared blankly for a moment. This wasn’t that surprising, because when the two academies came to Heavenly Deity Institution to choose disciples, they had already said that the three academies would merge in the future.

At that time, the three academies’ underground mountain range ancestral roots would be uprooted and shifted to one place, to the extent where the academies’ immortal caves would also be moved.

When that time came, the heaven and earth spiritual essence would definitely be so thick it wouldn’t scatter, becoming the most astonishing cultivation holy land in the nine heavens above.

“Did they choose this place?” Shi Hao further asked.

“This is just one of the possible places, they still haven’t decided. There are several destinations, all of them scattered throughout the Nine Heavens. Right now, they are currently carrying out the final filtering and confirmation.”

Immortal Academy and Sacred Academy were selecting a suitable site, so they will definitely dig out the most astonishing immortal traces, definitely become extremely astonishing. In reality, there had long been rumors leaked that those old monsters were searching for the few legendary immortal dao residences!

After an endless search, they roughly knew the locations, now truly about to choose a location. They were definitely going to build it on top of an immortal dao ancient land.

“Wu, if they really do end up finding the secret territory of an immortal king, that would be unimaginable! They would obtain the ultimate inheritance of an immortal king level figure!”

“Shush, don’t speak randomly. This hasn’t been publicly announced yet, be careful or else the academies’ elders might punish you!” Someone cut that person off.

This left even Shi Hao shocked. The legendary ancient lands the old monsters were searching for were actually immortal king secret realms? This was too shocking!

From past until now, just how many immortal kings were there in existence?

Shi Hao sucked in a cold breath of air. One had to know that now, there were no more true immortals, they were no longer seen. Moreover, even in Immortal Ancient times, long life beings were extremely rare, could be counted.

However now, they wanted to unearth an immortal king secret realm, how could this not be shocking?!

Without a doubt, this was one of the greatest events in the Nine Heavens Ten Earths!

Not far out, purple energy rose from the east, large amounts of auspicious energy poured down from the sky like a waterfall, dyeing the mountain range until it even turned purple.

Shi Hao was shocked, who was this person? He really knew how to make a grand appearance, arriving on an auspicious cloud just like that. However, his cultivation should be quite unordinary.

“That should be… Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch’s attendant, here to choose an immortal cave.” Someone said quietly, seemingly feeling quite the restraining fear.

From everyone’s discussions, Shi Hao understood that some of Immortal Academy’s best geniuses all sent out their followers to seize caves in mountain ranges that might become cultivation holy lands in the future.

Once the site really was chosen, the areas with the strongest spiritual essence would definitely be given to those exceptional geniuses.

Was Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch that well-known? Shi Hao shook his head, never heard of this name before. He only knew that Immortal Academy had a Nine Netherworlds Ao, as well as a Little Sky King, everyone else he didn’t know about.

Purple energy was hazy, like a veil as it surrounded the mountains and valleys. There was a mysterious auspicious energy that made everyone’s hearts resonate in response, feeling an urge to bow down in worship.

Was this really an attendant? Shi Hao was a bit shocked. This should already be a sect master level individual, but this person’s way of doing things really was a bit high-profile.

“This attendant really is… mischievous.” Someone wanted to sneer and say something bad, but in the end, he chased his words.

“Dao brother, please speak cautiously and do not offend him. However, he really is quite young. He has already grown accustomed to Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch’s indulgence. Now that he has a rare chance to come out, having this type of display is also pardonable.” An old heavenly deity said.

Shi Hao couldn’t hold himself back anymore, asking who that Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch was. Would even his attendant make one feel this much restraining fear?

A few people immediately looked at him like they were looking at a weirdo. They couldn’t help but give him a few looks, clearly feeling quite strange.

“This dao brother definitely cultivated in seclusion for many years, not coming into the world, which is why you haven’t heard of Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch’s rise and glory.” Someone said with a smile.

Soon afterwards, Shi Hao found out how formidable Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch was. When these people mentioned him, they were all full of reverence.

Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch was born in a long life family, that place named Purple Manor, one of the richest and most powerful ancient lands  in the Nine Heavens Ten Earths!

This clan originated from the last great era, or it could be said to be founded by an imperishable long life being. In the past, it had unmatched prestige, glorious like a heavenly sun in the sky.

Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch wasn’t that old, he was an exceptional heavenly talent. When he was born, the clan’s ancestral land produced all types of irregular scenes, for example, all types of divine beasts and immortal birds cried out.

Apart from this, the most shocking was that a heavenly sun descended from the heavenly dome, massive and endless, illuminating all things in the mountains and rivers, filling the void.

In the end, it actually shrunk, dropping into the delivery room. Soon afterwards, Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch was born.

This legend was full of mystical brilliance. Many people didn’t believe it, but there were some who were convinced, moreover claiming that here was proof, believing that he was a reincarnated immortal daoist.

Meanwhile, ever since he was born, he was sent into Immortal Academy, accepting the old monsters’ guidance and teachings. He obtained the family’s best resources, as well as Immortal Academy old monsters’ various rare medicinal herbs and other things, his flesh baptised in all types of divine medicines. It was rumored that when he was still a child, he already cultivated the Purple Gold Body that was known to be unbreaking!

Then, what was even more brilliant and magnificent was that when Immortal Academy’s old monsters dug up an immortal manor, the young Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch was also there. A purple seed actually flew out from within, entering his body on its own.

“Do you know what kind of seed that is? It is the Great Mist Purple Energy seed, an unmatched precious seed rarely seen in ten thousand ancients, its reputation too great in Immortal Ancient Great Era. Once it is merged with, it could sweep through the Nine Heavens Ten Earth, that is but an unrivaled seed!”

Someone said with a sigh. The others revealed looks of jealousy. Even though they had heard all types of legends regarding Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch, they still felt like this person was too extraordinary, simply a child of heaven, obtaining the heavens’ blessing.

As for his fighting strength, it was even more so incomparable. Right now, he already fully merged with Great Mist Purple Energy, harmonizing perfectly with it. The day he came out of seclusion, purple energy rippled out for thirty thousand li, shocking the heavens above and earth below.

This type of merging and astonishing phenomenon was even deeper than the ancient legends, exceeding those of the past!

“All of you should know of Northern Sea Forest, right? Those who are powerful can leave behind their name, carve it there. When Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch went there, the brilliance that was released from his name on a martial peak lasted for nine whole days!”

When he heard everything up to here, Shi Hao was stunned. This person’s life trajectory was too brilliant, his brilliance difficult to hide even if he wanted to.

Previously, Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch had always remained in seclusion, which was why not many people knew about him. After he came out from seclusion, everyone under the sky all asked about him.

Now, Shi Hao knew why Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch’s attendant acted so boldly. It was because Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch normally enjoyed reading all types of scriptures, and the one who accompanied him was precisely this attendant, the attendant also comprehending the dao, his cultivation advancing greatly, exceeding the outstanding talents of various clans.


Not far out, intense collision sounds could be heard, making even the scarlet mountain peak tremble.

There was someone who clashed with Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch’s attendant. Scarlet red color swirled, as if the red sun of morning exploded, also as if endless magma flowed in the void, the expanse of red light brilliant and astonishing.

“Yi, who is that person, actually daring to clash with Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch’s attendant? Is he actually trying to suppress him?”

Everyone became shocked. One had to understand that the current Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch already rose up like a sun into the heavens, illuminating the world of mortals. Many old monsters placed their hopes on him, few people daring to provoke him.

“There’s someone who dares touch Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch’s people? Who is that?”

“That blood red radiance seems to be a great hand imprint.” Someone said with astonishment. Then, his eyes widened, releasing great brilliance. “I understand now, no wonder he dares to take action against the attendant!”

“That is Great Xutuo’s follower, so he naturally doesn’t fear Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch’s people. It is because it is difficult to say who is higher and who is lower to begin with.”

Shi Hao was quiet. It seemed like during this period of seclusion, a few formidable figures appeared, and he had never heard of them before.

Needless to say, that Great Xutuo was definitely extremely astonishing, or else how could he be compared to Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch?

He was naturally going to ask those beside him for guidance.

“Great Xutuo, that really is a heaven-defying individual, his accomplishments in the future frightening beyond imagination. He will definitely become an immortal in the future!” Someone sighed in prase.

There was this type of thing? Shi Hao really didn’t believe this much. There were already no long life beings in this world, just how many claimed that they would definitely become an immortal?!

“Do you know the ‘monk’ type of cultivator?” That person said quietly.

“I do!” Shi Hao was naturally aware. These types of cultivators had existed in Immortal Ancient, and they were extremely powerful, and also extremely mysterious, a type of ancient immortal.

Only, this type of ancient immortal had already been wiped out. They couldn’t be found anymore in the present world.

“Great Xutuo isn’t like others, merging with a perfect seed. He is quite special, discovering the ashes of an ancient monk within an area of historical remains. The two of them actually combined together!”

According to the rumors that spread in Immortal Academy, that ancient monk’s ashes were world-shaking, containing power that was terrifying beyond imagination, rumored to be the condensed essence of an ancient immortal’s life.

The ashes of a true immortal level ancient monk completely merged with Great Xutuo, this naturally produced all types of irregular scenes. He obtained the inheritance of an ancient immortal monk, his strength deep and immeasurable.

Those ashes’ effects weren’t inferior to that of a perfect seed, there were some who suspected that the ancient monk who died in meditation might have truly astonishing origins.

With a sigh, carrying a bit of surprise, Shi Hao went on his way, heading towards Heavenly Deity Institution. He didn’t expect the outside world to have changed so much, this type of astonishing geniuses appearing in succession.

Not long afterwards, he returned to Heavenly Deity Institution. He discovered that this place was even more active, many people coming, all of them from Immortal and Sacred Academy.

These people were discussing passionately, all of them comparing which of those were the most powerful, the one that could become the supreme figure of the younger generation.

Why was it this lively? Shi Hao was a bit confused.

Then, he understood from the discussions of others that there was an immortal cave underneath Heavenly Deity Institution that had never been opened. Now that the three academies were going to merge, this cave was naturally about to see the light of day as well.

That was why the geniuses of the two academies appeared one after the other, coming here to divide up the natural luck, seize opportunities.

“Sigh, what a pity. This is my Heavenly Deity Institution’s ancient cave, yet there are no geniuses who could compete with those two academies’ people. In the end, we are just making the marriage clothes for another! This really is hard to accept!” There was someone who spoke in dejection.

It was because now, the so-called geniuses of Heavenly Deity Institution had declined, the truly formidable individuals had all been taken away by the two academies. The ones who remained were only mediocre in comparison.

1. A southern buddhism cultivation level, the first of four monk stages

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