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Chapter 1266 - Great Age of Change

Shi Hao had known this entire time that there was an immortal cave underneath Heavenly Deity Institution that hadn’t been opened yet, to the extent where he had seen Great Elder angling here, using holy medicine as bait, wishing to draw out the creature in the underground cave, but he had been unsuccessful for many years.

This cave was extremely mysterious, not even the academy’s Great Elder and others were able to undo the seal, so one could see just how firm it was, how difficult it was to move.

There was definitely an astonishing immortal treasury within, or else it wouldn’t be so difficult to open. Even after endless time had passed, the ancient great formation was still perfectly unharmed, stopping all from approaching.

“Sigh, it really does leave one a bit sullen. This is clearly my Heavenly Deity Institution’s immortal remains, yet it is destined to be taken by the geniuses of the two academies, we likely won’t be able to fish up anything.”

“Who can we blame for being inferior to others? Who could stop those exceptional geniuses, those supreme beings? A single one of them could sweep through all of the disciples in the present Heavenly Deity Institution, their power impossible to contend against!”

A few youngsters from Heavenly Deity Institution discussed among themselves, full of dejectedness. They were definitely stunning geniuses in their respective clans, and that was why they were able to be sent here.

However, after the two academies’ selection, they were the leftovers, not viewed as anyone important by Immortal Academy or Sacred Academy. From a certain perspective, they were failures.

Now, the academy’s underground cave was going to be explored by the three academies together, while they became bystanders, lacking the qualifications to compete over these things. They couldn’t even get close.

It was because this was just how it was, even if nothing was discussed beforehand; the young supreme beings from the two academies were definitely going to be the first ones to enter that cave. When Heavenly Deity Institution’s students went down, there might not be much left over already.

“Heh heh, isn’t this dao brother form the Barbaric Ox Race? Oh, there is also junior brother from the Golden Giant Elephant Race. Seeing you all full of remorse truly makes one feel pity.”

Not far out, someone carrying a faint smile walked over, revealing a mouthful of snow-white teeth, extremely bright. However, his appearance made these individuals who were currently chatting feel extremely uncomfortable.

“You’re from Immortal Academy?” The Barbarous Ox Race’s youth asked. He was quite tall and sturdy, having a head of thick purple hair. Two giant horns grew from his head, pointing directly into the sky.

Even though he was in human form, he still carried some characteristics from his clan. For example, his eyes were especially large, and the voice when he spoke was extremely loud and resonant, as if thunder was rumbling.

The young man who came from Immortal Academy laughed and said, “Actually, it’s not a problem if you all want to enter the immortal cave, you can follow us inside.”

“What are you trying to say?” Another student from Heavenly Deity Institution asked, his skin golden in color, his build even taller and bigger. He was the Golden Giant Elephant Race genius.

“I have long heard that the Barbaric Ox Race and Golden Giant Elephant Race were extremely strong, able to carry mountains and rivers on their backs with no difficulty. When the time comes, you all can help us move a few heavy ancient artifacts in the cave.” The young man laughed.

The Barbaric Ox Race youth was furious, the two horns on his head shining. He really wanted to strike this person’s face with his palm. This really was bullying others intolerably!

They were completely treated as a means to help Immortal Academy’s people carry treasures, not seeing them as competitors at all, looking down on them too much. Did they truly see them as brute force or livestock for carrying goods?

“Dao brother, don’t overthink things or be angry, being able to enter the immortal cave with the first group of people is already not bad. You have to understand that you are helping some young supreme beings carry treasures.” The youngster was still laughing, a rather calm appearance on his face.

The Barbaric Ox Race youth had a naturally explosive temperament, white air shooting out from his nose. The Golden Giant Elephant Race youngster grabbed him, and then said to that person, “You all have spatial magical artifacts, so why would you need us for? Don’t tell me you want us to serve as cannon fodder?”

“You’re overthinking things. With so many people watching, Heavenly Deity Institution’s elders outside, who would dare do this? It is just because the things in the immortal cave might not be things we can just bring away however we wish, some ancient artifacts have to be physically transported.”

“Bully others too far!” The Barbarous Ox Race youth released a low roar.

“Up to you, if you aren’t willing, then forget it. However, with great changes soon arriving to this heaven and earth, the three academies merging, I feel like it is still better if you have more pleasant interactions with Immortal Academy’s experts.” That person spoke indifferently, and then he left.

Heavenly Deity Institution’s people felt inwardly sullen, truly angered badly, yet they felt somewhat helpless. What could they do? With things like this, Heavenly Deity Institution now not having a single well-known expert, there was no way of competing against the two academies at all.

The most powerful geniuses all entered Immortal and Sacred Academy, now, Heavenly Deity Institution only had ordinary disciples, not stunning experts. The disciples of the two academies had never put them in their eyes.

This was a corner of the current situation, but it was enough to speak about the general state of affairs.

Shi Hao passed by this place, not saying anything, not expressing anything, passing right by them, because he attached no importance to these personal disputes.

Who was the powerful enemy? When were the true great changes going to begin? Just how bitter and severe will the future great battle be? These were the things that he paid close attention to.

“Say, who do you all think is number one? Who would have thought that this generation would have so many heaven warping figures? They all remained quiet before, but now, they merged with perfect seeds one after another in these past two years, succeeding one after the other, it really is something that shakes up past and present!”

There was someone who sighed. When the glory of the past two years was mentioned, their minds began to stir with passion.

During the past two, three years, geniuses from Immortal Academy successfully merged with dao seeds one after the other, all of them unmatched ancient seeds from Immortal Ancient Great Era, shocking everyone.

Who would have thought that unmatched ancient seeds that already had great reputations in the last great era would be passed onto this era, appearing one after the next, moreover perfectly inherited?

From this, one could see just how great of a price Immortal Academy paid. Otherwise, why would they have been able to receive so many of these seeds?

Previously, there were some who believed that this era was inferior to Immortal Ancient, that this world was destined to have its skies dyed in blood, a dark ending, but now that they saw a few exceptional geniuses appear, many people felt a newborn passion, some old monsters even full of expectations.

“I feel that Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch might be able to rule over the world. Of course, it might be Little Sky King who is number one under the sky.” Someone said.

Someone retorted, saying, “The ones you all are bringing up are all people from Immortal Academy, I don’t think this way at all. Daoist Qi Gu might be the one who is unmatched, he continuously broke through the extreme, transforming to an unmatched level, already unmatched in present world methods.”

“Daoist Qi Gu, the one who likes to wear gray clothes, the expression on his face always serious, never smiling? I heard that he is quite strong, ridiculously powerful, but I don’t think he is number one under the sky. At the very least, in Sacred Academy alone, there are others who can only be above, not below him.” There was someone who stood out from the side, saying this.

“Don’t tell me you are talking about that person? The one who was equally famous as Little Sky King even back then, that Little Saint who had remained in seclusion all this time?”

“Correct, it is precisely him. He was already called Little Saint ten years ago, let alone now.”

“Wu, I’ve also heard of this person, he has maintained quite the low profile during these past few years. However, I don’t think he is necessarily stronger than the present Daoist Qi Gu. Daoist Qi Gu has now broken through many great cultivation realms’ limits, undergoing many rebirths like a phoenix, becoming stronger and stronger each time, long becoming unimaginable!”

A few people were discussing amongst themselves, speaking the names of several geniuses, however, Shi Hao didn’t recognize a single one of them. He couldn’t help but sigh, the changes really were too great.

At the same time, he also knew that he already left for two years, now almost reaching the third year. This was definitely not a short amount of time, the outside world already greatly changed.

“Wu, I heard that a terrifying figure might emerge, also someone from Sacred Academy, also the pride of heaven from this generation, incomparable, likely able to oppress the masses.”


“You all should know about the long life family’s heavenly talent Wang Xi, right? She has a fiance who is precisely in Sacred Academy named Jin Zhan. I believe some of you should have heard of him before.”

There were immediately some who were confused, but a few individuals sucked in cold air.

“Jin Zhan, this person is still alive? Are you sure?!” Someone cried out in alarm.

“Of course he’s alive, or else why would Fairy Wang Xi’s clansmen speak about marriage? He is definitely alive.” Someone spoke extremely confidently.

“I thought it was someone else for a bit, that it was Little Saint! Turns out her fiance was Jin Zhan! If that person is still alive, in the future, who would dare offend the Wang Family, who would dare provoke Fairy Wang Xi?” There were people who were greatly shocked, their expressions nervous but also inspired.

No one thought that someone who was rumored to be dead was still in this world.

Jin Zhan, this was a legendary hero from Sacred Academy, unknown what race he was, only known that his appearance was human. He was unimaginably powerful, known to be the pride of heaven in this generation.

He had previously broken through the limits of two great cultivation realms within half a year, advancing a step beyond the highest level of enlightenment, restoring the very pinnacle.

Later on, it was rumored that he wanted to break through two more extremes within half a year, seemingly wishing to merge ten heavenly passages into one, also wishing to carve an unmatched innate killing formation within his body, but in the end, there were problems.

A flame appeared, burning his body, making him die a violent death.

It could be said that this person was too frightening, all because the requirements he had for himself were too high, anxious for quick results, thus leading to his body and dao being extinguished.

Now that they heard that he was the one being mentioned, still alive in this world, how could they not feel shocked? Everyone felt waves of fear. They knew that it was now really going to be hard to say who was number one under heaven.

Shi Hao was shocked. There was actually this type of rumors going around! Listening to everyone’s discussions, he felt like the two academies really had geniuses emerging in large numbers, hiding a few monsters.

“Wu, since Jin Zhan was mentioned, Wang Xi also brought up, I’ve thought of another person!”



When this name was mentioned, everyone was first stunned. It had been too long, few people mentioning this name, almost three years. It wasn’t that long, but it wasn’t short either.

However, in this great era of rising winds and scudding clouds, great generation where heroes emerged in large numbers, it really was easy for powerful individuals to be forgotten.

After all, Huang was a special. As soon as he was brought up, many rumors related to him emerged again in these people’s minds. They immediately felt a bit baffled.

“This person… it truly is a pity. This is also the hero of a generation, only, things change with the passage of time, he has already become a thing of the past.” There was someone who shook his head with regret.

“Say, back then, if Huang entered Immortal Academy and obtained a perfect seed, what kind of level would he be at now? How great of a status would he have?”

“I believe… he should be strong, extremely strong. There would be a place for him within the young supreme beings. Only, it really is a pity.”

Shi Hao’s past power and astonishing battle successes were difficult for others to forget. Even with almost three years passing by, when he was mentioned again, they still couldn’t help but feel complicated emotions.

“Heh heh, I feel like if he really did go to Immortal Academy and obtained a perfect seed, perfectly merging with it and emerging, he would likely be facing great trouble now, unable to escape this generation’s pride of heaven Jin Zhan’s suppression!” Someone brought up this opinion.

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