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Chapter 1264 - Fire Cave

“Remember your promise!” A voice sounded. That woman got up, and then sat back down on the stone slab. Her style was exceptional, dazzling light wrapping around her exquisite and wonderful body. At this time, the natural law of the heavens surged once more, surrounding her, making her look like an exceptional fairy.

Shi Hao nodded, understanding what she was saying. He was still full of gratitude towards this woman. If she had taken action against him, then he wouldn’t have this great reward, likely just dying inside. Before coming in, he never expected to find a creature within.

“Please do not worry!” He only spoke these words. At the same time, he looked at this woman, his eyes carrying gratefulness, expressing his gratitude.

This strange seed was opened, a crack opened. The light of the outside world poured in, powerful spiritual energy of the great earth also poured over.

Shi Hao was stunned. The Great Elder found this type of place, this location’s essence energy actually not much less than the seed itself, incredibly powerful, rippling like water.

With a shua sound, he arrived in the outside world.

What followed was scorching heat, extremely unpleasant to the eyes. A wave of flames poured over, about to set him aflame. There was an intense pain that transmitted into his body.

He was actually inside of fiery light, great yang essence everywhere, fiery light overflowing into the heavens. Shi Hao even suspected that he might be inside of a sun itself.

What kind of place was this?

He remembered Great Elder previously saying that the first place was going to be a land of earth attribute, burying him deep into the earth to nurture the seed. Why did he now end up in a fire cave?

Blistering heat poured over, Shi Hao’s hair about to go on fire, his skin feeling like it was going to split apart. This was too shocking! Now, he was already a sect level individual, yet he was injured by the flames of fiery light.

Soon afterwards, he knew where he was. This was an ancient cave, one that was extremely massive and also extremely deep. The  cave was full of incomparably resplendent fiery light.

Shi Hao definitely didn’t doubt that if he was still in the Heavenly Deity Realm, he would have definitely been burnt into ashes, nothing remaining. Right now, he could only barely hold on.

This really was shocking. If an ordinary sect master came in, they would undoubtedly die, be burned into ashes without any suspense.

Within Shi Hao’s body, a seed shone, releasing clear light that spread to his four limbs’ bones. This was his body’s gates releasing power, the inner dao displaying might.

A wave of refreshing feeling spread throughout his body. Shi Hao’s flesh and bones shook at the same time, releasing keng qiang sounds. He no longer felt pain, now completely resisting the fiery light.

The ancient cave was deep, fiery light jumping about.

Upon closer inspection, one would discover that the terrain was complex. Not too far out, there were many forks in the road, extending outwards like a spiderweb. This was an underground palace.

It was an ancient cave, within it another world.

“Great Elder!”

Shi Hao called out, a bit anxious. It was because he promised the woman in the heaven and earth placenta, so he couldn’t let her down.

“Over here.” Within the depths of the ancient cave, someone responded.

A blurry figure on a praying mat opened his eyes. In the fiery light, it was still penetrating like lightning, forcing back all of the flames. It was precisely Great Elder.

“Child… you… succeeded?!”

The normally calm and steady Great Elder who wouldn’t blink even if a great mountain collapsed now looked like he was staring at a ghost. He immediately grabbed Shi Hao’s arm.

His voice was shaking, incomparably excited. His mind was trembling, wanting to roar straight into the heavens!

“I succeeded!” Shi Hao declared loudly. He didn’t hold back his joy, sharing it with Great Elder.

“Haha…” Great Elder roared with laughter, his voice rumbling through the entire ancient cave, making it seem like it was going to collapse. Many giant rocks tumbled down.

At the same time, fiery light overflowed, becoming even more dazzling, burning the stone walls until they were entirely red, about to melt into liquid.

Shi Hao was shocked. He recognized this stone material, it was a heaven and earth wondrous stone that was difficult to refine, known to not even be damaged when tossed into the sun. This was a rarely seen type of divine material!

No wonder it didn’t suffer much damage even after enduring such great flames, still remaining as an intact cave.

“There really was someone who succeeded! This day is worth recording in the annals of history!” Great Elder’s chest was rising and falling intensely, an unnatural flush of redness appearing on his face, finding his intense emotions difficult to express.

Back then, he was also an incredibly talented individual, but in the end, for the sake of walking this path, he became half crippled, almost dying. If not for a few great opportunities later on, his entire existence would have been finished.

Meanwhile, before him, and after him, there were also many examples of outstanding individuals, but they fell one after the next, pretty much all dying out.

This path was too rough, too difficult, leaving one in despair, almost as if it was there to swallow up exceptional heroes. The higher the talent of people that were without an immortal seed, the more unwilling they were to accept their fate. In the end, they could only nurse a grievance, their bodies and dao ultimately erased.

Now, when this path was mentioned, everyone’s expressions would be overcast, viewing it like vipers and vicious beasts, not daring to take it.

Even a place as powerful as Immortal Academy had long given up on it, seeing it as a path of death. They took strict precautions, not allowing the disciples to send themselves to death pointlessly. However now, the one Great Elder chose succeeded.


He released a great roar, his head of hair wriggling about like snakes, releasing dazzling light, tearing through the void. Then, he laughed loudly, laughing until his waist was about to bend backwards, his eyes carrying tears.

“Good, good, good!” He said the word good three times in succession. Shi Hao had now achieved the dream of his youth.

“Senior, I must ask for your assistance!” Shi Hao was also happy and moved, but time was pressing. He didn’t dare tarry on.

“What is it, are there any issues with your cultivation?” Great Elder was alarmed, because this path was too difficult, with a chance of dying at any turn, or having oneself crippled.

“That is not it, I need Heaven Mending Medicine, to close the damage on this seed!” Shi Hao quickly said.

The Great Elder was stunned, and then he was startled, wishing to peer inside.

“Don’t!” Shi Hao stopped him. He directly asked if there was any more heaven mending substance.

Great Elder felt inwardly sore. This type of thing was too precious, able to stand side by side with long life medicines, rarely seen in this world. It was difficult to exchange for even with heaven and earth precious scriptures, for creatures of his level, it could save them even when hovering between life and death.

“There is a creature inside!” Shi Hao directly replied.

“What?!” Great Elder was alarmed. This was completely beyond his expectations, just like when he first saw Shi Hao.

“This truly is…” Great Elder didn’t know what to say, remaining petrified.

Gu long!

Suddenly, a strange sound rang out from the depths of the ancient cave, an unendurable blistering heat swept out from within, even melting the rock walls. Even the wondrous stone that was most resistant to melting couldn’t hold on any longer.

The bright red magma flowed here, a weak bird cry sound rang out from the depths of the ancient cave.

Great Elder’s expression changed! He even abandoned Shi Hao, unable to tend to his body as a seed success right now, unexpectedly rushing inside. One could see just how serious the situation was.

“Great Elder!” Shi Hao cried out.

“Take it!” Great Elder tossed over a jade bottle, within it Heaven Mending Medicine, a hazy light released from within.

He previously still felt inwardly sore, but he couldn’t be bothered to worry about this now, only wishing to go inside the cave and see what was going on.

Moreover, he didn’t even have the time to ask about the matter of this seed having a creature, so one could see how frightening the cave was, to make even Great Elder lose himself.

With a shua sound, Great Elder disappeared, vanishing from this place.

Shi Hao didn’t hesitate, quickly removing a portion of the heaven mending substance. It was sparkling like jade. He smeared it over the cut, and then that seed quickly closed.

He succeeded just like that!

One had to bear in mind that this was a heaven and earth placenta, once it was opened, it meant that the creature within had fully matured, thus emerging into the world. Meanwhile, the seed membrane and other things would be destroyed, no way of restoring it to its original form.

However now, it had fully recovered, Heaven Mending Medicine able to reverse everything!

Then, Shi Hao put away this strange seed. He had previously promised that he would bury this seed in a place no one knew about, so that the woman could reappear in this world in the next great era.


In the depths of the ancient cave, a great howl that made one’s scalp go numb sounded. Did it come from Great Elder or another creature? Shi Hao’s fine hairs all stood on end.

What kind of blasted place was this? Why was it like this? He really found it a bit difficult to calm down. He brought out the Everlasting Immortal Sword, and then rushed into the cave.

The ancient cave was dark and gloomy, raging flames surging.

Scattered on the ground were countless withered bones. This really was a bit horrifying, these creatures’ cultivation levels definitely ridiculously powerful when they were alive, far exceeding the Sect Master Realm, extremely frightening. Right now, their bones were still flickering with radiance.

Not long afterwards, Shi Hao found Great Elder. He was currently digging in a deep crater within the innermost depths, unexpectedly an ancient pit filled with bone ashes.

There were many rotten bones in that place, and even more bone ashes, the scene extremely terrifying.

Occasionally, Great Elder would dig out a few frightening claws, skulls, and other things from the giant bone ash crater. Some of them looked like dragon claws, Qilin head bones, and other things.

Shi Hao was shocked, his entire body going ice-cold, feeling frightened once again. What kind of sinister place was this? It really was shocking.

“This fire cave has powerful fire essence might. The reason why I brought the seed here was to help it replenish energy, fearing that the essence energy would dry up when you cultivated within.” Great Elder said.

Then, his expression became even more serious. “This was previously the residence of an emperor monarch. Too many people died, and true immortals were even destroyed.”

An emperor monarch of fire dao? Shi Hao’s mind was shaken. He had previously heard that only the most powerful expert of a clan had the qualifications to call themselves emperors!

Soon afterwards, Great Elder’s body trembled. He simply couldn’t believed what he dug up from within the bone ashes.

Shi Hao sucked in a cold breath. He couldn’t help but back up. It was just too shocking. How could it be like this?

That was a human shaped creature, skin wrapped around bones, entire body scorched black. Aside from the layer of skin, it was no different from a skeleton.

Aside from this, it also had a pair of wings, carrying a faint golden color. Even though a large part was charred black, there was still a bit of golden light that flowed out.

What kind of creature was this?

Its eyes were sunken. That was pretty much a skeleton, but right now, it opened its mouth, weakly speaking something, releasing gaga sounds.

This was the noise produced by the upper and lower teeth touching, releasing a terrifying sound.

This scene was too frightening. Great Elder actually produced a living creature that was all skin and bones from the giant pile of bone ashes! After all this time, it still possessed life!

“A miracle! This cave still… had living unmatched creatures!” Great Elder said with a trembling voice.

“Senior!” Shi Hao shouted.


That weak creature was extremely shriveled, lacking life energy. However, the wings that were overflowing with golden light moved slightly, unexpectedly making heaven and earth split apart, making this underground ancient cave shake intensely, and then melt, about to destroy it!

Shi Hao was horrified. Just how powerful of a creature was this?

“Could this be that emperor monarch?” He was shocked, making the association.

“Head back to Heavenly Deity Institution as fast as possible, do not worry about the matters here. If you stay behind it will be extremely dangerous, and you won’t be able to do much to help!” Great Elder said. He avoided those wings, feeling great restraining fear.

“Then what about senior?” Shi Hao asked.

“Don’t worry about me, I am not in danger!” Great Elder’s expression was serious. He had Shi Hao here, but told him not to leak out any information about this place.

In addition, he told Shi Hao that this was in Immeasurable Heaven. They already returned to this world, so there was no need to worry about being unable to return.

Shi Hao was helpless. He left this place, departing from this ancient cave.


Great winds roared. Shi Hao soared into the sky, hurrying towards Heavenly Deity Institution.

In the outside world, two and a half years had long passed. During this time, the nine heavens above could be said to be extremely brilliant. It was because geniuses emerged in large numbers, heavenly talents all rising up, many brilliant individuals appearing, this was an era that was brilliant enough to be recorded in the annals of history!

During these these few years, unmatched heroic geniuses continuously merged with perfect seeds, could be called world-shocking. In addition, all of them produced heaven overflowing irregular scenes, shaking up the Nine Heavens Ten Earths!

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