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Chapter 1263 - Deceiving the Heavens

The seed was already complete!

There were many gates in Shi Hao’s body, emerging one after another, all of them not fully closing, leaving behind a crack. They all released a strand of clear light, these lights converging into a seed.

This looked extremely magical. There were many gates, but right now, they weren’t all that real, but this made them seem more mysterious.

These gates were like dao scriptures, as if they were connected to an imperishable ancient land, releasing unmatched energy. Shi Hao really had an urge to reach out his hand and open one of these gates, see what exactly was behind them.

Only, this was impossible for him right now.

“The power of the flesh.” In the distance, that woman said to herself. She really was shocked greatly. He succeeded just like that?

She saw a miracle, someone stepping on a path that was completely different right in front of her. It was extremely unique and mysterious, the process full of suspense. He almost died, but in the end, he still succeeded.

In the short moment of peacefulness, it was as if there was a streak of lightning  that cut through her mind. With a honglong noise, her soul shook in response. She knew that this was a huge matter!

A path that didn’t exist before had now been walked by someone!

Shi Hao didn’t feel happiness or worry. He closed his eyes, silently experiencing it all. The experience just now really was dangerous. It looked like it went smoothly, but a single mishap would result in his very existence going up in flames.

Moreover, even now, he still couldn’t calm down, feeling a sense of uneasiness, his skin involuntarily trembling.

Why was it like this?

He wanted to fully comprehend this seed. His dao had now started to form, body as the seed truly taking form. A single seed suspended within the depths of his body, releasing a clear light, merging with his flesh and spirit, no distinction between the two. There was a rich and full sensation.

With an urge from Shi Hao’s consciousness, the seed shone, gates of self transfering over power. He felt the inside of his body surge with power, filled with clear light, as if he could cut down all gods and devils!

This type of feeling was extremely wonderful. He felt a strong urge to raise his head towards the sky and roar out! His flesh and spirit were both powerful to the extreme, as if he could pick stars and seize the moon from the sky with a raise of his hand.

However, his mind still felt a bit uneasy, unable to fully relax. Shi Hao opened his eyes, light swirling within them. He wanted to make himself even stronger.

Using his body as the seed had succeeded without a doubt. If he used it together with his own precious techniques and heavenly art, operating them together, they would become even more astonishing, completely stand out from the masses.

“Where should I start from?”

Shi Hao hesitated. Should he start from raising his attack power, or his defense?

Soon afterwards, he made his decision. He relied on a type of intuition, choosing Willow Deity’s method first. He always felt like he had to ensure self-preservation first.

It was because his skin felt incredibly taut, making him feel more and more uneasy.

This type of experience was too strange. Was this a warning from his body itself? Shi Hao was shocked and frightened. By opening up the gates within, his flesh shell also became more mysterious.

Willow Deity’s method attached importance to the cultivation of life essence energy, the end point was precisely long life.

In that instant, tens of millions of divine chains shot out from Shi Hao’s body. That seed was also shining, and when it made contact with those divine chains, they resonated with each other.

When he examined these golden chains, Shi Hao’s eyes became incredibly deep, as if he could see through every manifestation of nature, the source of all. He was breaking down this method.

In that instant, he began to braid those chains with the clear light released from the seed. They were still golden, but they became a bit different, changes happening to the patterns.

This was breaking a code, carrying out a reorganization, and then using one’s own dao patterns to explain, restore Willow Deity’s method. He was comprehending this method from the most fundamental level.

This was, without a doubt, a grand project!

Shi Hao now truly broke it down. If he used his inner dao’s patterns to reconstruct this method, it really would be extremely astonishing, to the extent where it could be said to be world-shaking!

Right now, he immersed himself in a type of wonderful state. His entire body released clear light, deducing Willow Deity’s great life method. In a daze, everything became blurry, disappearing.

Time was drawn-out, heaven and earth boundless. He felt like he himself had turned into a willow catkin, carrying a seed as he fluttered about, eventually landing in the earth.

At first, this place was extremely dry, lacking water, broiled by the sun for a long time. As the years went on, this seed, which was also himself, was on the verge of death.

Finally, a bit of rain mist appeared. It frantically absorbed it, and then it displayed shocking life force, starting to produce roots and germinate, struggling free from its withering state.

“What a tremendous power!”

While in this type of wonderful state, Shi Hao’s true body also couldn’t help but cry out. It was because a small seed planted itself into the soil, and over the years, the world above it had long been sealed by giant rocks. However, after the seed germinated, it instead forced open the boulder, even making its way out from between the cracks, ultimately breaking that rock itself!

This was the power of life. It looked tender and weak when it was born, but it contained the most vigorous energy.

Shi Hao was greatly moved. In the past, he had also seen streets and pavements that were completely sealed, yet there were plants that produced soft shoots, forcibly tearing apart the solid stone ground.

Now, while in a state of dao comprehension, his viewpoint became even more profound.

The newborn aura was rich and boundless!

Then, he turned into a young sprout, growing strong and healthily. He received the baptism of wind and rain, gradually becoming stronger.

Finally, the day came when it flourished too exuberantly, reaching into the heavens, towering on the earth. Lightning was drawn down, hacking the treetop apart, the entire tree covered in fiery light.

However, it still lived. Afterwards, it experienced endless suffering.

The tree developed spirituality. It was because this was a plant, representing life to begin with. Meanwhile, its experience was even more so different from the others, drawing the punishment of heaven and earth.

Lightning tribulation crashed down from the nine heavens above, turning it into ashes, only leaving behind a broken root. After who knew how many years had passed, it revived again, germinating once more.

Then, it became stronger and stronger, surging with life essence energy.

Were these the Willow Deity’s experiences? It actually existed in the source of its precious technique!

Then, Shi Hao went even deeper. He already lost track of the number of times the willow tree was destroyed by lightning, eventually rising to the point where it faced the execution of immortal blades and other things.

Moreover, in the later stages, it had the power of a guardian spirit, immortal dao aura, and other things.

Profound, difficult, this was a long life path of nine deaths one life, as well as the extreme path of life.

“I want to see what Willow Deity experienced in Immortal Ancient, and I also want to understand why it descended into Stone Village back then.”

Unfortunately, the life imprint was too complex. Even though he was able to break through the precious technique’s original qualities, there were some things there was no way he could truly see clearly.

After who knew how much time had passed, Shi Hao immersed himself in a sea of life aura, wrapped within rich green radiance, enveloped in golden light, the two colors interweaving.

One was a nascent energy, the other created through the endless baptisms and accumulation of strength.

Shi Hao finally fully woke up. He used the patterns of his inner dao to interpret Willow Deity’s great life technique, infer what laid in its core. As for just how deep it reached, right now, there was no way he could know.

“You should leave. There is a seed within you, so you can gain realization no matter where you are, no need for you to continue and remain in my seat.” The woman not too far out said.

Shi Hao nodded. He stood up. With a beng sound, the bit of broken cocoon on him fell off, fully disappearing, revealing his strong and fine skin.

It wasn’t brilliant with luster, but it was quite flexible, carrying a luster of vitality, returning to the natural state!

“I should go out. Has a few months passed, or has it been a few years?!” Shi Hao really didn’t know. While cultivating, he had no sense of time, forgetting everything else.


Shi Hao was horrified. At this moment, his fine hairs all stood on end. The instant he stood up, he felt like doomsday arrived. The uneasiness and alarm he previously felt became real.


A streak of sword light hacked over, descending from above, about to cut open his skull!

Where did this attack come from? It was definitely not that woman, because she was also in shock, currently seated not too far away.


Shi Hao opened his mouth, releasing an expanse of clear light. This was released by the seed within him, the radiance condensing into a sword just now, smashing into that brilliance, sparks flying in all directions.

“So strong!”

Shi Hao shivered inwardly. It was because that sword light was too sharp, could definitely easily remove the heads of a group of heavenly deities, ridiculously powerful.


Then, great bell sounds rang out, long and drawn-out. Several of them sounded at the same time, dropping from the sky, forming divine bells of order. Ripples of sound were released, about to blast him to pieces.

This was too frightening, simply as if it could wipe out groups of gods and devils, eradicate all living things, impossible to resist!

What was this? It left one stupefied!

“World’s punishment!”

At this moment, Shi Hao knew what it was, immediately understanding what was going on. His uneasiness and restlessness actually originated from this.

When he entered the dao seed, sat on the heaven and earth placenta, he didn’t receive backlash. That woman was easy to deal with, so he originally thought that things were going smoothly.

However, who would have thought that the true danger was waiting at the very end?!

Chi la!

Large expanses of blade radiance hacked over, snow-white and blinding, directly connecting heaven with earth, too grand and astonishing!

Great bell sounds echoed, divine pagodas emerging one after another. All types of weapons appeared, descending from above, all of them suppressing towards Shi Hao!

This was a disaster that had never happened before, terrifyingly shocking, more serious than anything Shi Hao had suffered so far. It was trying to wipe him out!

In the distance, that woman was stupefied, light swirling within her eyes. Not even she had foresaw this type of conclusion. She had tried to infer what would happen, but she didn’t see this scene.

This was a broken path!

There wasn’t even a bit of hope left behind, because right now, all types of light rushed over, all types of weapons, any one of them able to destroy powerful sect master level figures.

It was a cruel eradication, one that wished to wipe out all traces!

This was the punishment of heaven and earth. It was because Shi Hao occupied the nest of another, seizing natural luck, and now, the most severe response was given, wishing to completely eradicate him.

His path was going against the world to begin with, going against the will of heaven. The reason why using the body as a seed all resulted in failure was precisely because of this, these individuals would all be wiped out by heaven.

The others found perfect seeds, merging them into themselves, so they obtained acknowledgment, received protection. It was because they received orders from the will of the world, displaying the power of heaven and earth.

Meanwhile, using the body as a seed was completely different. He was trying to gradually strengthen himself, eventually be neck to neck with the great universe, ultimately even exceed it and transcend above!

Even though it was only a seed right now, the first signs had already appeared, which was why he now faced this ruthless obliteration!


Divine weapons and sharp blades were everywhere. They were too many, too concentrated, all of them striking over, smashing into Shi Hao’s body. Now, that stone slab withdrew on its own, no longer offering him protection.

It was because it already couldn’t endure anymore. If it helped Shi Hao withstand anymore, help hide him any longer, even it would be dragged in and destroyed.

Even as a heaven and earth placenta, it was still not enough. There were some things that were insurmountable, it couldn’t get involved too deeply!

Divine pagodas, great bells, heavenly blades, immortal swords, they were everywhere, covering Shi Hao beneath. There was no way to avoid them, nor was there any way to withdraw. He could only face them head-on, receive everything.

Lightning radiance appeared streak after streak, electrical arcs like a sea!

That woman was stunned. This was like the anger of the heavens, about to destroy her heaven and earth placenta as well! If this happened, then her path would also be cut short! In that instant, her face became as pale as snow.


Shi Hao was powerful to this extent, but he was instantly blasted until his flesh flew everywhere, bright red divine blood dyeing the void. This scene was incomparably bleak and bitter.

The only fortunate thing was that his strength had long erupted, now no longer suppressing himself. He broke through the Heavenly Deity Realm, becoming a sect master level powerful figure.

This was a great life and death confrontation, the wrath of heaven. This was Shi Hao’s struggle, power reaching a higher cultivation realm, yet he still couldn’t resist it.

Without a doubt, for a dao seeker, someone who had just risen up, this was a serious mental blow. He was going to be destroyed after he believed himself to be the most powerful.

All of the weapons were produced from lightning, no exceptions to this, no matter how realistic they looked. Otherwise, how could these weapons appear within the seed?

Eventually, the lightning exceeded what those at the peak of the sect master level could endure, reaching an even greater cultivation realm, fully suppressing down, impossible to resist.

In the distance, that woman sighed. This youth was finished. From past until now, no one could contend against lightning that was an entire great cultivation realm higher.

It was to the extent where the might of the lightning might not be just a single great cultivation realm higher.

It was because the heavens were angry, the great universe revealing murderous intent, wishing to wipe out the life of this individual who seized heaven and earth natural laws and had no respect for its restrictions.


After experiencing an extremely terrifying confrontation, Shi Hao was blasted apart by unimaginable heavenly might. His body was erased, this scene extremely cruel, and also extremely regretful, leaving the woman in the distance horrified.

Was he still destroyed in the end?

Even though that youth confronted everything bitterly, unyielding to the end, his figure still disappeared. There were only ashes and bloody mist that remained.

However, the heaven and earth tribulation didn’t stop here, instead continuously hacking down, pouring onto this place like a silver stream. It was as if a boundless sea crashed down, surrounding this place.

It continuously crushed down, continuously exploding.

That woman was alarmed. After the world dealt the final blow, it still didn’t let up, the universe ruthless. Was it going to destroy her land of illumination as well?

The woman was originally a pure spirit raised by heaven and earth, receiving its protection. Was she going to be abandoned now? This left her frightened.

She wanted to resist it, but she was also scared of incurring even greater lightning tribulation, and this greater tribulation would blast her to ashes, not leaving anything behind.

After who knew how much time had passed, the lightning finally disappeared, this place becoming peaceful once more. The heaven and earth placenta was preserved, not destroyed. That woman released a deep sigh.

“Yi?” Suddenly, her eyes focused on those ashes, staring at the space next to the stone slab.

In the ashes of destruction, within the ruined scorched bones, a sphere of clear light emerged. That was a seed! It slowly rose, wrapping around a lump of essence blood and a primordial spirit.

Deceived the heavens!

The woman’s breathing became rushed. This was fooling the heavens! He made it through, bluffed through!

That seed seemed to sprout roots and germinate, slowly changing, reborn in the ashes, gaining new life from death. Shi Hao’s primordial spirit struggled out, that lump of blood squirming and wriggling about, his body continuously being regenerated.

One could already regrow limbs in the Heavenly Deity Realm, so it was naturally not an issue at even higher cultivation realms.

This was especially the case when Shi Hao saw through and deciphered the Willow Deity’s great life technique at the critical moment, using his own inner dao to infer its meaning, his understanding incomparably deep, and that was why he was able to survive under lightning that far exceeded his cultivation realm.

This was a miracle, something that couldn’t be duplicated.

There had never been someone who made it through heaven’s wrath that was a whole great cultivation realm higher.

Shi Hao released a light sigh. Back then when Willow Deity landed in Stone Village, it likely had to do this as well, right? After suffering a great disaster, it was reborn from despair, gaining life once more.

He now experienced a similar situation. He couldn’t contend against the punishment of heaven, but he still ultimately revived. A nascent aura pervaded the air, all things growing. Right now, an exuberant life aura scattered out from him.

His body was regenerated, primordial spirit deep, gaze calm. The seed merged together with the flesh and primordial spirit.

Using the body as the seed, its terrifying nature was now starting to show itself. He could live even from this type of situation.

“Thank you!” Shi Hao expressed a heartfelt and sincere gratitude towards that woman.

Then, he left. He opened this heaven and earth placenta, about to leave.

He didn’t know how long he had remained in seclusion for, what had happened in the outside world. Perhaps the geniuses of the outside world had long risen up, right? He already didn’t show himself for too long, it was time to go out.

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