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Chapter 1262 - Seed Complete

The damaged cocoon gradually peeled off, the scene strange and astonishing.

The cocoon formed from dao laws was damaged. It looked like it was burned through, gradually breaking apart, revealing the person within. His skin was dim, within the dao laws actually carrying a type of simple and unadorned energy, not like a biological body but instead like an artifact.


The scorched black cocoon suddenly became brilliant, blazing viciously. Those were regulations, order that flourished to the peak, submerging Shi Hao within.

It wasn’t even this blinding when the cocoon was burned by that fist-sized mysterious fiery light before. Right now, it actually burned to its greatest state, brilliant to the extreme.

At the same time, this was also terrifying. It signified the collision and destruction of heavens’ laws, so how was Shi Hao within supposed to deal with this?

Not far out, that beautiful woman released a cry of alarm. When she thought that Shi Hao might have succeeded, there was actually this type of transformation that happened, truly unexpected.

Shi Hao was definitely in huge trouble!

His dull-colored skin was immediately set aflame, brilliant to the peak, because he was turned into a torch, surrounded by all types of regulations, burning together with that cocoon.

This was dao flame, flames produced by the heavens’ ten thousand dao, the most terrifying type!

It could burn anything, able to turn anything into ashes.

Dao, there was only one in the great heaven and earth. However, it could be divided into over ten thousand natural laws, and right now, this was precisely a flame produced by them, a flame that could wipe out everything.

Shi Hao’s body was full of holes, instantly blasted beyond recognition. However, there was no blood, only wounds everywhere, his body incredibly dark.

He was like a piece of damaged charcoal, a piece that was then smashed by a giant rock until it became ragged.

Right now, he was already standing at the edge of destruction, his body and soul about to be extinguished at any moment.

Shi Hao sighed. He just knew that there was no way things could go so smoothly. If he really succeeded just that easily, there would have been someone who accomplished this way before him, why would it wait until today? Until now, no one has successfully completed this path!

At the same time, not far out, that fist-sized mysterious ball of fire continued to jump about. It was surrounded by immortal energy and chaotic light, incredibly misty and mysterious.

Shi Hao had previously suspected that this fire might be an immortal flame, chaotic flame, a type of flame from the Nine Heavens Ten Earths.

However now, he began to doubt himself, hard to say just what kind of thing this was exactly. It could turn into a mirror, illuminate the most profound great dao, and could even become a flame, burn all things.

Just now, it completely burned through the cocoon formed from natural laws!

And now, it was no longer moving, watching without lifting a finger, only observing, as if it was quietly waiting for a result.

Shi Hao was in danger, his life might very well be lost at any moment. He was burned until he was like a lamp without fuel, his skin dried-up, bones about to break. Grease was released from his scorched body, releasing zi zi sounds, this scene truly making one’s scalp go numb.

At the very least, the female creature not far out even felt a bit terrified, having the urge to stop and assist him. However, she didn’t know if there was a need or not.

It was because Shi Hao was still alive, still resisting, still pursuing the dao.

She now began to feel that this young man might be crazy!

Shi Hao was indeed in a state of dao comprehension. It was as if he thought of many things at once, to the extent where when his divine consciousness was perplexed, he still thought of many things, the events of the past emerging in his head one after another.

This type of impasse, he had experienced this before. When he cultivated immortal energy in the past, he had been burned by great dao flames, could be considered nine deaths one life, almost completely destroyed.

Now, he was cooked through by ten thousand streaks of dao flames, seeing the most fundamental symbol essence, peering into the essential fundamentals of the great universe, observing its constituents.

On one hand, he was greedily studying everything, comparing it to himself, using it to activate his ‘inner dao’, compare and verify the two, but on the other hand, he also had misgivings towards his own life. If he ended up directly dying here, then everything would be lost.

Shi Hao’s body was almost burned rotten, his flesh almost completely gone, only having a dried-up skeleton wrapped in a layer of skin left.

Only, he didn’t die. There was a type of resistance within him that stopped the corrosion of ten thousand dao’s flames. It was because back then, he had already been burned, previously experiencing something similar. There was fiery light resonating within his body.

“Back then, I already treaded on this path, my past self surviving a miracle in itself. However, that was equivalent to already activating the ‘inner dao’. This is what is stopping, resisting the great cosmos’ dao!”

Shi Hao understood, immediately figuring out many things.


Only, at this time, the flames became even more intense, even more resplendent than the heavens’ ten thousand dao of the past, even more terrifying.

In the past, he only used the ten thousand flames to forge himself, create immortal energy through the burning, only starting to ignite his true self. However now, natural laws filled the sky, pouring down like a waterfall. This was the complete dao, not holding back anything.

This type of power was simply impossible to contend against. He might be turned into ashes at any time!

Even though the stone slab was shining right now, protecting and assisting him with everything it had, the effects were no longer that prominent. There was a chance that Shi Hao might be scorched black and wiped out at any moment.


In the end, a streak of clear light rushed out from Shi Hao’s body. It wasn’t extremely bright, but it was extremely distinct, released from a gate.

He opened his flesh treasury, as if he opened up an immortal gate. The human body might have many gates, and now, he was starting to dig them up, opening this type of thing.

Meanwhile, this was precisely the so-called inner dao, what could stand side by side with the great heaven and earth.

A speck of dust could fill the sea, it was precisely this type of profound meaning. Even though the human body was insignificant, unable to compare to the star system, once the ‘gates’ within one’s body were opened, then one could indeed transcend.


The heavens’ ten thousand flames turned into a strange diagram, and then it smashed downwards. It was no longer in the shape of a flame, but rather wanted to completely crush Shi Hao.

At the same time, his body was also like this. Bundles of clear light appeared one after another, all of them extremely mysterious. They merged together, forming a diagram, resisting the force of the outside world.

“That is…” Not far away, that woman was extremely shocked. The clear light released bundle after bundle, they came from gates one after another!

In that instant, many dao gates appeared from within Shi Hao’s body, all of them opening up a crack, releasing a glimmer of radiance, resisting the pressure of the outside world.

Shi Hao was greatly moved. This was was the inner dao, the power of the human body. It verified the validity of this path!

As expected, the human body itself could stand side by side with the great universe, the inner dao able to contend against the external great dao, neck and neck. The crucial point was how to make it appear!


Outside of his body, the heavens’ ten thousand flames all appeared, pressing downwards. Eventually, the diagram that was formed actually produced a yin fish, crushing Shi Hao’s muscles and bones until they were about to snap, warping into a curved figure.

Meanwhile, inside Shi Hao, clear light was released. It gathered together, forming a yang fish, rushing out, pressing forward from his body’s other direction.

“This is…” That woman’s eyes were wide open, feeling extremely shocked. She was the only one who saw this scene. Could it be that this was precisely this youth’s path?

This left her extremely shocked. That was definitely an interpretation of the dao, an embodiment of the dao!

The great universe’s dao crushed down, combining with a person and his inner dao, thus producing a yin yang symbol.

If someone made this drawing to explain the world’s profound mysteries, then that was one thing, not all that special, but right now, it formed under this type of state!

One had to understand that right now, that youth was currently suffering, about to die at anytime, so there was no way he intentionally produced this type of situation. This was formed completely naturally!

This type of pain and suffering, this type of torment, experience, right now actually formed this kind of unmatched dao diagram!

Right now, everything stopped, all things freezing. Regardless of whether it was space or time, it all seemed to have entered an eternal silence.

Time stopped, completely frozen.

In that instant, Shi Hao seemed to have attained the imperishable. This type of stagnation, this type of halting of time, made him feel a type of deep void, one that was incredibly distant and ancient.

In that instant of concentration, he seemed to have crossed ten thousand generations.

There was a feeling of great changes, heaviness, as well as a type of boundless darkness. It was as if he was experiencing a reincarnation.


Finally, the stillness was broken, everything returning to normal. Shi Hao’s body was in tatters. All of the so-called clear light scattered, entering his body.

At the same time, the ten thousand flames of the heavens were also extinguished, thus disappearing.

“Is that your path?” Not far out, that woman asked with a trembling voice.

“It is not!” Shi Hao denied. That was just a coincidence, a moment on his journey, not the end.

The great universe wasn’t him, and he wasn’t willing to become one with the great cosmos either. Perhaps one day, he might leave it.

What he relied on was only himself, his own flesh, as well as his own spirit. Only by making himself stronger could he face anything that came at him!


Within his body, it was as if heaven fell and earth split apart. Immortal gates were opened one after another, these gates like volcanos, releasing surging potential and power.

He was submerged within this type of light, everything incredibly brilliant.

“If I wanted to, I could produce that type of diagram, countless types of those diagrams.” Shi Hao said.

Then, within his body and outside of his body, it was unknown just how many yin yang divine diagrams appeared. They flowed within his blood, imprinting themselves on his bones.

There were also some that enlarged, appearing outside his body, wrapping him within, distorting his body once more into that graceful and powerful yin yang curve.

However, in the end, they scattered again.

His dao, what he sought, was the inner dao. He didn’t have to use this type of diagram to explain it.

Shi Hao was truly comprehending the dao, seeking great power. Perhaps the word seeking couldn’t be used, because he wouldn’t seek it. This was something that already existed in his body, something that was his to begin with.

This was on the premise that he truly comprehended the true self, understood his own existence.

In that instant not too long ago, the world froze, time stopped. He seemed to have crossed through endless time, millions and millions of years passing by with a single glance back. That instant had left too great of an impact on him, and from this, he gained enlightenment, opening up many ‘gates’ within himself.

“The gates… amount of time they can be opened… is very limited, because you… have yet to reach that step.”

Right at this moment, a voice sounded, broken and interrupted, like a candle flame in the wind. In addition, it was just that ancient, carrying a type of weariness, tiredness, a dying aura.

That was a flame, a fist-sized flame. It was surrounded by immortal energy, wrapped within chaotic light, its existence seeming more and more mysterious.

The fist-sized flame was still that big, not enlarging. However, he clearly saw countless figures fighting, roaring, howling, as well as endless bloody light.

Millions and millions creatures howled, countless soul figures clashing.


In the end, everything before him became peaceful once more. The voice by his ears disappeared, that flame seemingly returning to normal.

“What exactly is this flame?” Shi Hao’s voice was bitter.

Then, Shi Hao examined the inside of his body. Those were gates, one after the other, just that brilliant, displaying the boundless dao laws for him, currently releasing the most profound and mysterious chains.

This was the inner dao, his dao!

Meanwhile, right now, he was only trying to break through a cultivation realm, to become a sect level expert, not standing at the peak of his life. The release was only momentary, he had to truly open up all of the gates in the future.

“Using the body as the seed, it is just like what I had imagined.” Shi Hao said to himself. He was walking his own path, similar to what Great Elder had passed down to him.

Seeking the inner dao, relying on himself, not seeking the great universe’s dao, this was his path.

Using the body as the seed was precisely to open up the gates within his own body, release his own dao. This was the start of his path! Only now was it really like as if a seed had just been planted.

Within his body, the countless gates weren’t really fully opened. They were slowly closing, and then in the end, only a small crack remained, releasing a strand of clear light.

Then, this light interweaved together, forming a seed, condensing within his body, obtaining the recognition of the great world. This was like the seed of heaven.

Meanwhile, this type of seed of heaven would naturally receive the blessing of the great heaven and earth’s various laws, able to display the power of the world, its divine might immeasurable!

Only, this all still relied on this universe.

Shi Hao used the body as a seed, this was completely different.

Right now, the seed he condensed was precisely himself. In the future, what he was going to rely on was also himself!

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