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Chapter 1260 - Comprehending the Dao in the Seed

It really was strange. When he arrived in this central position, everything became different, scriptures like waves, like ripples, spreading here, covering everything!

The noise was so loud even the deaf could hear, completely waking one up!

In that instant, Shi Hao was about to comprehend the dao, drowned out by heavenly natural laws. While immersed in this sea of great dao, his mind gained limitless realizations.

In this place, he was like a stalk of withered plant that obtained the nourishment of rain, receiving the illumination of sunlight, about to revive and grow vigorously.

This was what he needed, replenishment for the soul, transcending on a biological level, a sublimation of the self.

The path of cultivation was precisely to evolve, carry out an advancement on the biological level, and thus break through all shackles, shine with the sun and moon, coexist with heaven and earth, truly undying.

This was the ultimate path for many people, the final destination for cultivators.

“I want to obtain long life, to continue living, but not to coexist with heaven and earth, shine with the sun and moon, because in this world, the day would come when everything becomes gloomy and bleak.”

When Shi Hao was comprehending the dao, he wasn’t completely engrossed, but was rather moved inwardly, continuously gaining enlightenment.

It was because he knew that his own path was different, that he had to exceed all those before him, that he had to open up a miraculous path.

It was clear that obtaining a perfect seed, obtaining the great world’s recognition, coexisting with this world wasn’t his path, because he didn’t have that kind of ancient seed.

He never obtained the opportunity, couldn’t be considered to be doted on by the heavens, and as such, he had no choice but to step on this path researched by the Great Elder and himself!


A curtain descended from the sky, crashing down, just too shocking.

Streak after streak of divine chains fell like a great waterfall, pouring down from beyond the sky. This type of majestic scene was something he wouldn’t forget for the rest of his life.

This was the beginning of his transformation. He wasn’t blindly imitating and carving down ten thousand dao symbols, but rather seriously studying, comparing it to the world within his body, verifying the two. He wanted to be right beside the great world, or even surpass it..

“A speck of dust could fill a sea, a stalk of grass able to hack down the sun, moon, and stars…”

Shi Hao said to himself. This was his deepest and most fundamental realization. This wasn’t a sigh with sorrow, but rather truly a type of experience.

Even though he was insignificant, like dust compared to the stars, negligible when compared to the star system, nothing when compared to the great cosmos, all individuals were perfect, all having ‘realm treasuries’ waiting to be opened, or perhaps they could be called immortal gates.

The more commonplace meaning was that there were treasuries within the human body, and they could be continuously opened!

The human body was like a speck of dust, even though it was insignificant, once the ‘realm treasury’ within one’s body was opened, then he would become boundless, vast, unmatched!

This was on the premise that one was able to open these, comprehensively and endlessly open them!

Shi Hao was tangled by endless divine chains of order, as if he was bound here, turning into an immortal inscribed stele, not moving at all. He sat on the stone slab, receiving this baptism.

This was like borrowing as a reference, even more so a comprehension by analogy.

If one wanted to be alongside the great world, they couldn’t blindly imitate. Only when the light of enlightenment truly flickered, one obtaining their own dao and opening up the immortal gates in their bodies would there be meaning.

The chains of order were extremely beautiful, extending out along the void like the tail feathers of a phoenix, divine light within its brilliance, so dazzling one couldn’t open their eyes.

Shi Hao gently caressed them with his hand. They were gentle, not explosive and wild, but rather gentle, everything because of the stone slab he was sitting on.

This was the embodiment of him receiving approval, treating him like the creature that was being nurtured. It was because right now, he was the ‘immortal core’ nurtured by the heaven and earth placenta.

The most basic order, the simplest and most ancient natural laws were fully displayed without any restraint before Shi Hao, not really any secrets left.

His eyes were clear, gradually becoming brilliant, hunger for knowledge as he observed these most fundamental ‘chains’. Normally, how could he obtain these things so easily?

Of course, this wasn’t some precious technique, wasn’t an omnipotent great divine ability, all the most basic and simple natural laws. However, it was precisely because of these chains’ existence, that they could continuously combine together, becoming the most complex profound mysteries.

Shi Hao was intoxicated. Right now, he gained some insights. This was a bit similar to the True Primordial Record, containing the most basic things!

Shi Hao was a bit stupefied. Then, he was inwardly shocked, what was the reason for this? Each time, he felt like he completely comprehended the True Primordial Record, but when he looked back, he would find that there were new discoveries, different understandings.

Correct, he was now comprehending the dao, once again gaining enlightenment through the True Primordial Record.

In that instant, his primordial spirit shone. Previously, the symbols formed from the True Primordial Record were engraved in his primordial spirit. It was as if a layer of armor covered him, and right now, it was resonating.

Immediately afterwards, the natural laws of the heavens and endless chains descended, resplendent like divine rainbows, dazzling like divine swords, merging with his primordial spirit, making their way towards the True Primordial Record’s symbols.

Light continuously flickered about between the two. In the end, they actually mutually verified each other, interweaving and shining upon each other.


Shi Hao couldn’t help but cry out, greatly stirred up. This was what he needed. He wanted to understand the primitive profound mysteries of the world, figure out the ultimate nature of the great heaven and earth.

Without a doubt, right now, the True Primordial Record was resonating with the most simple natural laws, allowing him to see even more clearly, much more deeply.

Then, his primordial spirit shone. The True Primordial Record’s scriptures covering it surface became incomparably brilliant, characters flickering one after another, resonating with heaven and earth.

Then, the laws of the heavens and divine chains of order pouring down seemed to crumble apart.

Shi Hao reached out his hand, carefully sensing this, touching these soft natural laws and order, and then he tried to truly break them down, turn them into the most basic particles.

He succeeded. Divine chains of order appeared one after another, turned into golden granules, these granules like miniature suns.

Shi Hao’s mind was greatly shaken. He was seizing the factors of the natural laws, trying to make contact with the intrinsic nature of this world and observe it from this close of a distance.

In the distance, in a corner, that woman who was beautiful like an illusion was quietly observing. At first, she still remained calm, but eventually, she revealed a look of astonishment, all the way until she became fearful.

She never expected that such a young man would make contact with the essence of the world so quickly, the starting point terrifyingly high, able to research the greatest wisdoms of martial dao.

Even though Shi Hao was completely infatuated, he didn’t lose himself, remaining extremely clear-headed. He lingered around these natural law factors, researching them, the divine chains of order broken down into sun like granules one after the other, glistening and bright.

Shi Hao took action, using his divine will to control these granules, trying to piece them together once more. However, due to a bit of inattentiveness, they smashed together, immediately producing frightening consequences. The void collapsed, and then it was destroyed!

Not far out, that woman was alarmed. If this place was destroyed, then her path of illumination would also come to an end.

However, disaster didn’t descend, because the stone slab beneath Shi Hao shone, simple and ancient patterns spreading out, stopping everything, calming the explosions of natural laws.

This stone slab could calm everything, because it was the center of the heaven and earth placenta, the product of heaven and earth’s intersection. It didn’t receive any punishment, and it could obtain protection.

“There was no backlash, nor was there any wrath of heaven.” Shi Hao said to himself inwardly. That creature didn’t attack him, and when the danger first appeared, it was easily neutralized by the stone slab.

This really was going smoothly, but at the same time, it also made him feel uneasy.

It was because this was stealing the mysteries of heaven, there was no way the great dao would tolerate this. He was going to incur punishment.

This wasn’t like Ten Crown King or the others who obtained a perfect seed, obtaining the acknowledgement of the heavens. When one had those types of seeds, it was equivalent to being in agreement with the great world, obtaining its protection. There wouldn’t be any more dangers.

Right now, Shi Hao’s actions completely went against this. He was forcefully seizing the intrinsic secrets of this heaven and earth without being acknowledged.

The reason why it was so peaceful, the dangers neutralized, was because he seized the nest of another, temporarily deceiving the mysteries of heaven, not discovered yet.

Once it got out, he might be in great danger!

Calling it a hidden destiny was fine, calling it the backlash of the heaven and earth placenta was also acceptable, they were all the same thing.

However, Shi Hao believed in the latter, not believing that there was any hidden predestined fate.

Just like that, time unknowingly elapsed. He couldn’t sense its flow, only sitting there alone, seeking the dao, breaking down the granules of order.

Gradually, Shi Hao immersed himself within, forgetting all other things. All of his thoughts were concentrated in the sea of dao laws.

Rumbling sounds rang unendingly through this place, scripture sounds incessant. These were natural laws, these laws forming light, becoming vast bodies of water that surrounded him, glorious and exceptional!

Shi Hao’s primordial spirit was dazzling to the extreme. The True Primordial Spirit was trembling, releasing sounds on its own, scripture sounds shaking the world.

After the scriptures resonated, the natural laws of the heavens also began to respond. The golden granules seemed to have instantly became larger, becoming clearer, seen through by Shi Hao.

Then, Shi Hao arranged them. These factors began to spin around, unexpectedly truly becoming like a stellar stream, spinning, forming a star system. In that instant, he felt as if his body was shaking as well.


In a daze, he felt like a few immortal gates within him had been opened. Those intrinsic factors then also began to pulse.

Shi Hao recombined them again and again, arranging those factors based on the True Primordial Record’s symbols. Then, he derived the Willow Deity’s technique, not directly displaying the precious technique like in the past, but rather putting his own hands to work, starting from the most fundamental, personally constructing natural laws and forging precious techniques.

As a result, he became engrossed, entering a wonderful state. The most basic things constructed the most complex, the most powerful divine abilities! This process allowed him to understand much more.

Then, the other methods, other precious techniques were also like this, derived again and again.

Eventually, with the True Primordial Record’s resonance, these shining golden granules were actually also broken down, further differentiated. They were like granules, like arcs of light, difficult to capture even with heavenly eyes.

However, when Shi Hao used a dao seeking heart to see it, he covered everything with a single glance, everything appearing in his sea of consciousness.

Shi Hao was immersed within, completely wrapped up in this, long forgetting everything else. Right now, it was as if he was drunk and obsessed, feeling incredibly great.


Suddenly, a golden hammer descended from above, smashing into Shi Hao’s body. He immediately vomited blood, almost blasted to pieces. Fortunately, he didn’t fly out from the stone slab.

He immediately became clear-headed. What was going on? Did the punishment of the world begin?

This didn’t make sense either, because it was made from natural laws. This was… the embodiment of the great dao, producing a tangible weapon that struck his body.

He lowered his head, looking out. The stone slab below him shone, just now condensing a shield to stop a large portion of the golden hammer’s attacks. Otherwise, his body would be in pieces right now.

“I was fully immersed in the analysis of divine chains of order, losing myself in the research of those miniature golden granules, overlooking the greater situation. To be more precise, I overlooked the greatest understanding of the great dao.”

Shi Hao woke up, suddenly seeing the light.

When one was too focused on one corner, it was easy to overlook the entire sky. The massive ‘dao’ was the root of all. Sometimes, when one grasped the grand power, there was no need for specific small methods.

Under the influence of the grand power, everything would be crushed underneath.

Shi Hao gained a flash of insight, further comprehending the dao.

Inside this strange seed, in this heaven and earth placenta, it was as if he was absorbing nutrients, strengthening his indestructible golden body, obtaining the fruits of the dao.

This was a path of transformation. He was becoming stronger, breaking through, on a journey of rebirth that would affect him for the rest of his life!

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