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Chapter 1259 - Meet In the Next Great Era

There was actually a woman inside of the seed, one who was gorgeous and astonishing!

Shi Hao really was surprised, he never would have thought that he would find a living creature in the so-called heaven and earth wondrous seed, let alone one who was this beautiful.

It was precisely her who was releasing the killing intent, wishing to destroy him!

Waves of spiritual essence wafted out, that area becoming more and more clear, no longer blurry. That woman displayed her true body from within the mist.

She sat in the void, her eyes like lightning!

This woman was different from all of the women Shi Hao had met in his life, not carrying a type of otherworldly, fairy-like aura. Her beautiful eyes were extremely large, moreover incredibly sharp. Even though they were extremely pretty, they weren’t gentle, the two eyes like immortal pools that contained sword radiance!

This type of deep divine light would make even the giants of an area lower their heads, not willing to face it head-on. Under its radiance, one would feel like they were far too inferior.

Meanwhile, her brows were extremely beautiful, slender and long, but they were about to reach her temples, giving off a rather unique feeling.

This was an extremely beautiful woman who was full of essence energy and imposing might.

Her forehead was wide, snow-white like jade, her beautiful eyes releasing essence energy, fine nose straight and tall. She truly had cherry lips that were moist and bright, her teeth like jade.

Even though she was sitting, her body was definitely tall and slender, her curves astonishing. If she stood up, she would be half a head taller than ordinary men.

At this moment, she had already gotten up, standing in the void, surrounded by chaotic energy, using it like clothes, white mists blocking a few of her crucial areas.

However, this type of hazy beauty only made her appear even more astonishing, full of irresistible temptation.

It had to be said that this woman was different from everyone else. If one only looked at her exterior appearance, she really was too outstanding.

She had a head of purple hair that scattered down to her waist, some in front of her chest, blocking her tall chest. Her waist was small, a pair of slender beautiful legs pure white like jade, astonishingly long.

Even Shi Hao who had seen many astonishing beauties couldn’t help but reveal a shocked appearance now. This woman was beautiful to the point of being a bit unreal, could be considered perfect, moreover carrying a unique style.

“A person like you needs to be punished!” She transmitted divine consciousness fluctuations, not speaking. It was because she had never appeared in the outside world, not knowing the language of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths.

However, she had her own thoughts and spirit, able to completely express her own mood. This was extremely astonishing, having wisdom at birth. This really was divine, grasping everything even without learning.

Shi Hao got over his initial shock, now becoming much more calm.

What did he even do? He entered a seed, discovered a living creature! This really was inconceivable, world-shocking news.

Even though he had heard of similar rumors, they were just rumors after all. Not many had personally seen it happen.

Now, he really did experience it!

An immortal core that was being nurtured by heaven and earth had now been seen by him by accident!

Moreover, he already violated it, could even be said to have completely harmed this woman! By rashly barging into the world that nurtured her, it was the same as seizing her everything.

There was no way they could remain on friendly terms, this matter wouldn’t end until one side’s death. The other party wouldn’t let him go.

“I’m sorry.” The first thing Shi Hao did after he calmed down wasn’t to throw himself over murderously to settle this problem, but rather apologize from deep down.

Thinking from another perspective, if they switched sides, he would be even more angry. Someone was trying to seize her everything, destroying the process in which one achieved immortality, this would definitely incur the greatest hatred.

“Do you think that everything will be fine just by you speaking these words?” That woman spoke, her voice pleasant to listen to, as if the words she spoke were sounds of nature.

Shi Hao was immediately shocked. This time, the other party didn’t use divine will fluctuations, but rather directly released sound, using the words of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths to interact with him.

“Born under the heavens, nurtured by the earth, the moment you entered, I sensed too much information about the world, from this learning all of this.” The woman said incredibly coldly, her eyes bright like lightning.

“I did not know that you were cultivating in seclusion here. I thought that this was only a heaven and earth wondrous seed that contains Immortal Gold and other things.” Shi Hao said. However, he felt like no amount of explaining would do much.

However, even though he felt like he wronged this creature, that didn’t mean that he would let the other party kill him. He had to protect himself, he wouldn’t just sit and wait for his death.

“You are even going to take the initiative to attack me?” That woman’s brows jumped slightly, her phoenix eyes flickering with brilliant purple light. More primal chaos surged in front of her.

“I will not be the first to attack you, but I won’t wait helplessly for death either.” Shi Hao said.

Soon afterwards, Shi Hao verified that her cultivation was higher than his, but as for just how much higher exactly it was, it wasn’t something he could measure.

Purely in terms of cultivation, this was definitely an extremely frightening woman!

It was just like the legends, a spirit nurtured by heaven and earth, immortal core born from the earth, every single one unimaginably powerful, exceeding supreme beings, destined to become immortals!

Why did they call them immortal cores? It was because as soon as they were born, they would directly ascend to immortality soon afterwards!

There were people who previously said that they were children of heaven, that these creatures would only make a trip around the mortal world, their starting point destined to be higher than everyone else’s, and more powerful than everyone.

Only, this type of immortal core was rarely seen since ancient times, not many from the past until now. Once they appeared, great winds would stir, the world lose color, these individuals difficult to stop.

Of course, their process of birth was also extremely slow, several millions of years at every turn, perhaps even longer!

There were previously people who recorded in Immortal Ancient times an immortal core that took ten million years to be born. This creature achieved immortality the moment it emerged in this world, and its cultivation only began to rise.

However, these creatures had one weakness, which was that once someone disturbed them while they were being born, they would stop, unable to continue their ascent.

This meant that once the heaven and earth placenta was broken open, she would stop her growth here, because she was not perfectly nurtured, losing all hope of advancing in the immortal dao.


The woman took action. With a wave of her hand, a magical imprint took form, the void immediately warping, everything changing there.

Shi Hao’s expression immediately changed. Needless to say, this woman was powerful beyond belief, just a randomly produced magical imprint already like this. She didn’t attack with everything she had.

Shi Hao felt like if it wasn’t a true supreme being who came, they would definitely all die!

Sure enough, with a move of her body, everything there became indistinct, and then space split apart.

Soon afterwards, she scattered the magical imprint, extremely careful not to break this seed, because that would completely ruin all of her hopes.

Just now, she was only testing, moreover extremely carefully and simply trying things out. However, it still carried such great power!

Shi Hao couldn’t help but develop suspicions. Could it be that this creature had long been nurtured, about to come into the world? In that case, her true cultivation was simply impossible to measure!


The woman’s eyes were shining, releasing strands of purple multicolored light, making the void tremble. Then, this place was immediately restricted, making everything freeze in place.

Even time seemed to have stopped!

This scene was too frightening. In that instant, it was as if endless years passed.

Shi Hao felt like even if he put up resistance, there was no meaning. Unless the Great Elder was here to join the battle, there was no hope to be seen at all.

However, the Great Elder was outside, unable to know what was happening inside at all. This strange seed was completely secluded from everything else, impossible to see through. Otherwise, he would have been able to see inside a long time ago, not having to go this far.

There was no meaning in competing against an immortal core in the Heavenly Deity Realm.

The void quickly calmed down, all of the natural laws disappearing. The multicolored light in the woman’s eyes restraining, becoming calm.

“What kind of object did you use to make this seed heal?” She asked. This was the issue she had been preoccupied with the whole time.

“It was a heaven mending wondrous object obtained from Heaven Mending Dao, can also be considered a type of long life medicine. Perhaps it might even be a type of wondrous stone, the type of material itself unclear.” Shi Hao replied, inwardly startled.

“Is there more?” The woman asked, her eyes immediately becoming even more brilliant than a sun, piercing into his mind.

“There is.” Shi Hao replied decisively.

“Then fine. I will lend this heaven and earth placenta for you to cultivate. Once you separate and leave, use the Heaven Mending Medicine to reseal this seed. Can you do this?” She didn’t threaten him, but rather spoke in a consulting voice, moreover just this generous.

Shi Hao never expected her to be this easy to deal with, not angering her. She was just this gentle, not matching her imposing bearing.

“I can do this!” He gave a firm response.

The Heaven Mending Medicine actually had this type of miraculous effects! Shi Hao was sure that as long as that medicine reclosed this seed, there wouldn’t be any effects on it, the same as leaving it as good as before!

“While examining the natural laws of heaven and earth, I have long faintly sensed that a calamity was coming. However, I never expected it to arrive this fast.” The woman said to herself. Natural laws interweaved around her, the aura of the heavens and ten thousand realms rushing over.

This was the result of the seed interacting and resonating with the outside world, divine chains of order that linked up the universe’s dao.

Then, she raised her head, her sparkling purple hair scattering about, revealing a perfect face. She gazed into the void. Her entire body shone, space between her brows splitting apart, producing a vertical eye, this eye seemingly able to peer into the everlasting.

All types of symbols interweaved in her surroundings, these characters unchanged since time immemorial. It was because this was the product of the great dao condensing, turning into symbols and wrapping around him. Scripture sounds immediately rang out, as if it was going to shake up the Nine Heavens Ten Earths.

However, in reality, it only sounded in this space, absolutely deafening.

Streak after streak of time fragments fluttered by, strange scenes flowing past one after another, almost as if it was all a dream.

Shi Hao was stunned. This woman was deriving, measuring his future, examining his destiny. These were simply omniscient and unmatched methods!

“I have seen from your body in this world scenes of blood splashing into the heavens, bones piling up into mountains. This world is full of slaughter, the world destroyed, everything too bitter. If I come into the world, I will likely be just like many great figures, falling in the darkest and most chaotic times.”

She muttered to herself, almost as if she was mumbling deliriously.

Shi Hao’s mind trembled. “If you come into the world, you will definitely become an immortal. Would you still die then?”

“Not even immortals are going to be enough. It is just too frightening, the darkest of times in all of history are coming, no one able to stop this great flood.” The woman calmly replied.

Then, the scene beside her disappeared, those symbols also gone.

“This is the will of heaven! You have entered my heaven and earth placenta to cultivate, and when the time comes, you will face the calamity in my place!” The woman directly said.

“If I can take your place, then that is not a problem!” Shi Hao didn’t mind at all.

“I will not appear in this great era. If you can live, then we will meet in the next great era!” The woman said like this.

“Fine, we will meet in the next great era!” Shi Hao nodded, his expression extremely serious. He was shouting inside that he had to continue living. He wouldn’t die, he still had to change the fates of many people!

Then, with a flash, that woman withdrew to the side, giving him the innermost position. There was actually a stone slab there that was extremely smooth and ancient, if one didn’t search carefully, it would be easily overlooked, almost one with this place.

She walked over to a corner, letting Shi Hao sit on it.

When Shi Hao walked over and sat on it, he was immediately shocked. This smooth stone slab was less than three foot in length, but it carried all types of simple and unadorned patterns, mysterious and unfathomable.

This was the essence of this dao seed!

Sure enough, as soon as he sat down, the endless dao of heaven immediately poured down, surging over from all directions, submerging Shi Hao within, mysterious scripture sounds shaking up his mind!

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