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Chapter 1261 - Inner Dao

The great dao of heaven and earth was vast and extensive!

It was formless and without substance, no concrete scope, let alone a true body. It was unmatched, too high to reach.

Then, a streak of powerful fluctuations crushed down, making the world tremble, shaking up Shi Hao’s biological core, his soul even about to collapse. If not for the stone slab below protecting him, he would have definitely been blasted to scattered ashes.

He wiped away the blood from the corners of his mouth, gazing into the void. He experienced that vastness, even though he couldn’t see a definite ‘great dao’, there was a great rain of light, and there was that formless loftiness that was enough to leave one terrified.

Grand power, great dao!

Shi Hao closed his eyes, retracting all of his attention from his research of the fine factors, temporarily stopping his analysis of those granules’ basic composition, instead focusing on the most simple ‘dao’.

This so-called grand power, so-called dao, was something completely abstract. It wasn’t like the divine chains of order, needing to be constructed.

If one really was going to try and create it, then it would be the intersection of endless divine chains or order, these chains affecting each other, numerous and close together, producing an invisible domain in this world.

Meanwhile, this type of dao, how was one supposed to go and develop it, how were they supposed to interpret this? It was almost impossible to understand, it was full of countless changes!

If one wanted to imitate it, or even directly copy it, it was simply impossible to complete.

The so-called dao comprehension, grasping the dao laws, these were actually all concrete small regulations. There was no way any of them could become the ultimate profound mysteries of the great dao.

Perhaps it could be said that creatures acquired a corner of the world’s great dao. They obtained fragments, comprehended a piece, not fully grasping it.

If one understood all of the great dao, then they would truly transcend above. Not only would they achieve immortality, they would likely soar even above the heavens.

Shi Hao suspected that not even true immortals necessarily fully comprehended the dao, understanding everything.

“The so-called heavens’ dao should be referring to the boundless great dao, countless types of great dao, right? If that is so, how will I be able to fully comprehend everything?” Shi Hao said to himself.

In the distance, that beautiful and perfect woman had a head of purple hair, sparkling and shining, brilliant multicolored light flashing past her eyes. She was extremely shocked; this was just a young man, his cultivation realm couldn’t be considered that high, yet he was already about to step foot into this type of domain?

Soon afterwards, Shi Hao shook his head. He immediately understood something. The so-called heavens’ dao was too definite, this was a type of misconception.

Dao, there was only one, just dao. There was no need to divide it into all different types, breaking it down, this was wrong.

He understood that higher realm cultivators should all know that the great dao was formless, there was no fixed description. It wasn’t something that could be grasped, aloof and remote.

Only, from past until now, when everyone comprehended the dao, they would occasionally remove a small piece of dao law fragment. They would then feel as if they comprehended a type of dao, understanding a type of reasoning.

That was why the so called partitioning appeared. What three thousand dao, what heavens’ ten thousand dao, what ten great holy dao, they were all defined under these types of situations.

All things start from nothing, and then from something back to nothing.

The dao was formless, without a body. The dao couldn’t be described definitely, it was grand and everywhere, unfathomable.

Shi Hao understood. The so-called three thousand great dao, so-called heavens’ ten thousand dao, they were all laws, couldn’t be called the dao. They were just things that past generations meticulously divided up, a portion of ‘dao’s’ imprints.

Perhaps only by piecing all of the laws together could one have a chance at describing the true ‘dao’.

In the past, Shi Hao had also talked about the heavens’ ten thousand dao, hoping to rise up above, wishing to fully comprehend it, from this transcend.

“Should I also grasp several thousand laws first just like those before me, and then piece them together to produce a vague appearance of the great dao?” Shi Hao said to himself.

The reason he entered this seed was precisely to come into contact with the laws of the heavens, and then study them definitively, fully understand them, bring himself close to the true single dao.

Shi Hao reached out his hand, allowing the order, laws, and other things descending from above to wind around his fingertips. His eyes flickered about, staring at them. How was he going to piece together the simple and most primitive single dao?

Time went on. One day, two days, three days...

The fragments of time scattered, one unable to sense it pass by, flowing alone by itself. Meanwhile, the dao seeker was petrified, not moving, as if he had passed on.

Many days, perhaps several weeks, perhaps hundreds of days later, only then did Shi Hao revive. For him, it was as if only an instant passed, not really aware of the passed time.

He began to piece together all types of laws, wishing to express that grand power, reveal the might of the great dao, but he suddenly discovered that these types of portrayals didn’t do much. He displayed a type of great ‘power’, but it was still a portion of the dao. He had indeed fully comprehended it, but it was still a fragment of the simple and ancient great dao’s imprints, only acquiring a small amount.

“We can only explain and name things based on concrete things, things we have experienced, the abstract and things beyond our experience are too difficult to express. None of this can be grasped, everything belonging to the nature of the world, force is useless, one must let things take their own course.”

Shi Hao sighed, feeling a bit helpless.

If he was just trying to become a powerful individual, then he had long accomplished this, it was already enough. It was because when he comprehended the dao from time to time, continuously capturing the mysterious natural law paths, it would also be a type of dao law in its true meaning.

However, that really could only be considered law and order, not a reflection of the single dao.

He thought about many things, because he knew that researching the three thousand dao, or to be more precise, the three thousand natural laws and other things, was not enough. That was merely the form of the dao those before him were trying to figure out.

Meanwhile, how frightening would the enemies be? They were definitely going to be stronger than those predecessors, or else why did they suffer such a great defeat?!

“Surpassing the heavens’ ten thousand dao, is this that crazy of an idea? Perhaps it is a bit reckless, but I have to at least sound somewhat heroic.” Shi Hao said self-mockingly.

He knew that only by rising above all natural laws would one have a chance of fully comprehending the great dao. However, in reality, this didn’t hold that much meaning. More of it was to confront all types of order and natural laws, and not the dao.


Shi Hao sat down, his hands holding the stone slab. His eyes were deep, his insides surging; he thought of a few things. He had already searched greatly externally, doing pretty much all he could, so perhaps now, only by starting from within himself would there be any progress.

“Dao, formless, without a definitive explanation. All things in this world, a single stalk of grass, a single tree, everything is under dao laws, within the encirclement of dao.”

Shi Hao thought out loud. Then, he examined his own body, treating himself as a world.

“I am the body, precisely the world. My spirit, my blood, my inner being, are all dao, all of this internalized. All things start from nothing, and then from something back to nothing. Isn’t this contradicting?”

He was going to make his own body truly stand side by side with the great world!

Shi Hao felt that he really was a bit reckless. However, only by ‘overestimating his own abilities’, viewing his own body like a great world, being equal to the great cosmos would one dare to make this type of comparison.

“My very form and structure is a universe. Even though it is as insignificant as a speck of dust compared to the star domain, my mind is the dao within the body.”

Shi Hao’s black hair scattered about, his eyes burning brilliantly. If one always felt fear, always focused on the heavens’ ten thousand dao, examining the laws of heaven and earth, then it would be difficult for one to feel this type of craziness.

He sought the self, temporarily forgetting about everything external.

“This is the essence of my dao comprehension. I already had these types of thoughts a long time ago, so this is just how I will continue. Guide the heavens’ laws into the body, verify the self with the dao, compare the two, only then will I be able to see and understand the dao of my own body.”

“What I seek is the dao of self!”

He acknowledged that there was a simple and ancient dao that represented the cosmos, but he also knew that there was no way to completely seize that type of grand power, there was no way he could completely portray it.

Then, that meant that he could only truly seek it from within!

All things natural, a speck of dust, a world, and even one’s body, were a universe in itself. It was perfect, completely capable of forming that unmatched unfathomable ‘dao’.

Of course, for the self, it was also the sole dao.


The stone slab shook. Shi Hao really did continue like this, the process extremely dangerous, guiding all types of divine chains of order into his body, transforming them, seeking and comparing them with his own body.

Natural laws shone resplendently like stellar streams, covering his body densely streak after streak. They were endless, simply about to make him explode.

Of course, the stone slab displayed its effects, protecting Shi Hao the entire time, not allowing him to be destroyed.

It was because this was within a seed, a heaven and earth placenta. This was a place that received the protection of the world, receiving the doting of heaven and earth.

Right now, Shi Hao replaced the original host, sitting in this position, so he naturally also enjoyed this treatment.

This was an unimaginable chance, to observe ten thousand dao laws extend and interweave endlessly.

As his flesh broke down, all types of divine chains brilliantly transformed. Then, his flesh began to quickly recover under the stone slab’s effects.

This was extremely frightening, as well as extremely cruel. However, it was incomparably magnificent!

Shi Hao’s blood flowed, resonating with these natural laws, extending towards the bones of his four limbs. These were dao laws that were spreading, making his body’s muscles and vessels shake, continuously shine. Dao fragments were agitated, resonating here.

His bones released keng qiang sounds, the various framework that made up his body’s great dao a part of the main body.

His flesh also moved rhythmically, shaking and releasing hua hua sounds like countless leaves. This was the form of dao, making up all of the deficiencies, perfecting him.

After who knew how much time had passed, Shi Hao woke up. He was almost burned into charred coke under the endless external laws. It was the stone slab that revived him.

“The bones, blood, and flesh in my body, are these the inner dao?” Shi Hao’s face was pale.

This looked a bit absurd. If others heard this, they would think that it was extremely laughable.

“The dao is formless, no set form. It could be anything, yet it could also be nothing.” Shi Hao’s eyes gradually became resplendent, becoming firm and unswerving.

“Correct, the dao in my body, it can be whatever I want it to be. My form is the universe, everything in the body is the dao.” Shi Hao was completely serious.

In the distance, that beautiful woman was shocked. She felt like this youngster might have gone mad, starting to wonder if she should provide assistance.

“I haven’t gone mad! It is precisely this path, seeking the dao within the self! A speck of dust can fill a sea, it can open a great universe! Meanwhile, my body, even though it is insignificant, it can also unveil the dao of the great universe!”

Immediately afterwards, Shi Hao became quiet, no longer moving. The laws of the heavens descended, moving around him. He continued to immerse himself in this, comprehend everything.

To match the great universe through his own form, the dao within his body correspond with the outer world’s unmatched dao.

He first comprehended the components of the divine chains of order, precisely those insignificant granules, and then analyzed the grand great dao. Shi Hao entered the deepest state of nirvana.

Right now, he was like a dead person.

After who knew how much time had passed, those regulations, endless law chains that poured down from the sky all wound around his body, forming a web. Then, they continued to weave about, continuing to wind about him.

Eventually, when all of the laws were tangled about each other, they formed a cocoon. It was extremely simple and unadorned, without any luster, restricting Shi Hao within.

“With my form as heaven and earth, the inside the foundation for dao.”

An extremely quiet voice transmitted from the cocoon, but it made the woman who wasn’t too far out tremble, break into a cold shiver. She felt like something was about to happen.


Immediately afterwards, a blast of flames rushed out. It was fist-sized, first turning into a mirror, illuminating endless profound mysteries, and then turned into immortal flames, releasing chaotic light, starting to burn that cocoon.

He lost track of time, it was as if a thousand generations passed.

That flame burned the cocoon, scripture sounds unending. The ‘silk’ of the cocoon bound Shi Hao’s body tighter and tighter, entering his body, eventually disappearing. Finally, they collapsed and snapped, flying out.

In the end, that place was scorched black, the cocoon destroyed!

“Cocoon of dao?” The only observer, that woman, was horrified.

It was actually a cocoon of dao, wrapped around one self. He sought the internal dao, seeking a transformation, breaking out, wishing to turn into a butterfly.

This woman felt like this young man was a lunatic, absolutely unreasonable, completely mad, actually daring to do this. Was he really going to force out the dao within his flesh?

Soon afterwards, she sucked in a cold breath of air. She saw the portion of his body that was revealed from that scorched black cocoon. It was without luster, but it wasn’t completely burned into ashes. She felt like this youth might have succeeded!

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