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Chapter 1258 - Spring Is When Seeds Are Planted

A great era descended. Even though they might have reached the end stage of a great era, to the extent where it could be called the final days, they had also reached the most brilliant era!

A World Tree Sapling merged with someone. Just how heaven shocking was this?

Then, the Great Mist Purple Energy Seed also appeared. This was an unmatched seed. Purple energy rose from the east, sweeping out thirty thousand li. This was the reflection of incomparable divine might.

That day, in the nine heavens above, all great clans trembled, the true meaning of young supreme beings appearing one after the other, rising up in this chaotic world, leaving everyone’s minds shaken.

“It’s actually that type of ancient seed! One has to understand that even if it was in the era where true immortals existed, that is still a perfect seed! It would leave even long life beings in shock!”

Regardless of whether it was ordinary dao inheritances or undying families, many experts were discussing.

Everyone had a feeling that his was just the start, that there would be world-shocking young geniuses who would appear. Perhaps the best ancient seeds were going to gather in this world!

It wasn’t for any other sake, only for true glory, to alter the regrets of the past, for the sake of defeating the foreign powerful enemies!

“The perfect ancient seeds have all appeared, who is number one under heaven, who is truly unmatched and will display their prowess in this generation? Back then, there were a few seeds that withered away without the chance to even mature, I believe in this world, they should be able to display great brilliance!”

Everyone was looking forward to this clash at the peak between young supreme beings.

Of course, the people of this world still didn’t wish for everyone to massacre one another, but rather to go head to head for the sake of resisting the foreign enemies.

“I hope to see great stars rise up one after another, move through the sky like great suns, produce dazzling sparks when they clash, but when doomsday truly arrives, for everyone to aim everything against the enemy in unity!”

There were people who were looking forward to this, wishing to see a glorious era.

There was no one who wanted to see a great era ultimately wither away, become a dilapidated world filled with death and coldness.

The Nine Heavens Ten Earths suffered an extremely heavy loss in the previous war, the entire great world left in ruins, turned into nine heavens and ten ancient earths. Now, they were all hoping they could change the situation.

Even though everyone knew that that was extremely difficult, feeling that this was impossible to accomplish, they still carried hope!

“Who is the overlord? Who is number one under the sky? Which ancient seed is the most powerful? Everything is going to be revealed soon!”

This was what many people were thinking. Revering the strong was an instinctive and innate tendency. Even the big names and ancient figures wanted to know which seed exactly was worthy of being known as an unmatched seed.

Regardless of whether it was an ordinary mountain gate or long life families that towered for endless years, they were all waiting to see the most dazzling radiance erupt in this great world.


As the outside world was clamoring about, sighing with astonishment towards the unmatched ancient seeds, Heavenly Deity Institution was still quiet.

In reality, Shi Hao was already no longer here, silently brought away by the Great Elder.

“Spring is when seeds are planted, fall is when they are harvested.” This was the Great Elder’s voice. In addition, this really was what he did.

He buried Shi Hao, covering him in earth, and then didn’t bother with him any longer.

This wasn’t Heavenly Deity Institution. The heavy earth energy was like liquid, tangling together strand after strand, and then forming a paste-like state.

However, this place didn’t irritate the nose that bad, not true dust, but a type of energy, a type of earth energy formed from heaven and earth essence.

This place already didn’t belong to Immeasurable Heaven, but another heaven in the nine heavens called Clear Profound Heaven.

This was an ancient land, nothing else visible, only earth energy filling everything, creating a yellow expanse. It was as if endless beasts were moving about, sending yellow sand into the sky.

In reality, this ancient land was originally like this, earth energy resplendent like smoke and light, extremely thick. This was a type of innate essence energy.

Now, the Great Elder brought Shi Hao here, burying him here precisely to have him nourished by this type of innate essence energy, helping the seed nurture the divine core within easier.

Shi Hao really was like a seed, planted underground. They were actually waiting for him to sprout roots and germinate.

Right now this place wasn’t peaceful. That strange seed was being nurtured, releasing a type of sound, perfectly merging into one.

In reality, it was extremely peaceful to begin with, harmonizing and sharing a type of unified pulse with the entire world and even stars in the cosmos, resonating with them.

In the ears of cultivators, this was like the sound of immortal dao, as if the most ancient scripture sounds were transmitted from the heavens beyond, so loud even the deaf could hear. It could allow one to comprehend the dao.

This was the most precious aspect of this seed. It was like a heaven and earth placenta, the produce of this heaven and earth’s transferring process, connected to the heavens, harmonizing with the world.

Right now, all different types of natural laws were condensing and gathering here.

A heaven and earth placenta, it naturally intertwined with this world, enjoying the baptism of endless dao!

Strand after strand of natural laws, streak after streak of chains winded about the placenta, including the visible and the invisible, everything linking up together to form a cocoon; this was precisely what made up the outer shell of this seed right now.

This was especially the case when it was buried in this type of place with rich earth energy, which was the so-called origin land, making the effects even more clear.

It was because this made the seed and the world even closer, intertwining together!

Shi Hao wasn’t unfamiliar with this. Back then, Qi Daolin had suggested to him before that he could borrow this seed to cultivate immortal energy, only, at that time, he didn’t end up using it like this.

Shi Hao remained in these dao laws, wrapped around by all types of natural principles. He now truly saw the intrinsic nature of this world, seeing the most primitive and simple natural dao.

He was like an arid desert that greedily absorbed rain, observing, emulating, comprehending everything, and then added his own reflections.

He was close to the great dao, comprehending it, this was what one needed to do when trying to break through the Heavenly Deity Realm!

If there was a chance to merge together with the great dao, instantly becoming one with it, then the achievement would benefit one for the rest of their lives!

This was the main reason why many geniuses wished to find a perfect ancient seed. A perfect dao seed contained too much of this world. If one could instantly merge with it, then it will be as if the cultivator saw many intrinsic qualities of this world, comprehending the real meanings!

One could well imagine the results of this type of achievement!

That was why everyone was searching for a perfect dao seed. It was precisely because they wanted to borrow this to comprehend the truths of heaven and earth.

Moreover, that type of seed was different from normal dao seeds. Once one merged with it, it might just be forever, not like other seeds where it was merely a flash of realization.

Merging forever meant that there would be many chances in one’s life to merge with the world through the seed, able to continuously rise up on the path of cultivation.

Having a perfect seed was equivalent to grasping one’s own fate, these were words of wisdom from the last great era!

Shi Hao didn’t have this type of seed, so he naturally needed a different wondrous path. Now, he saw these natural laws through the heaven and earth placenta, understanding the intrinsic quality of many things.

“Using the body as a seed, I won’t merge with a seed from the outside world, but rather link up to this heaven and earth with myself, thus witness all profound meanings!” Shi Hao said to himself, experiencing everything within the scripture sounds.

It was because according to the theory of using one’s body as the seed, one would hold the most basic dao principles of heaven and earth in his flesh, activate the world within his body by observing heaven and earth.

When one merged with a perfect seed, regardless of how it was, it would rely on this great world, relying on this great cosmos. It was because he was a part of it himself, living within it.

Meanwhile, using the body as a seed, this was to be side by side with it, be at the same level as the cosmos, not residing beneath it.

Correct, using the body as the dao was to place oneself at the same level as the cosmos, making oneself a world as well, a heavenly dome of its own. By examining the world, studying it, one would then activate oneself.

On this path of making the body as the dao, in theory, the creature would not be an insignificant entity on this great world, not a member of those who took up residence within it and absorbed its nourishment, but rather rising far above.

Using the body as the seed, what one developed was oneself. There was no fake external objects, not acquiring what one needed from the great cosmos, but instead having immortal gates within oneself that one could open. Power continuously released his potential, boundless divine might pouring out from within.

When one reached the end of this route, power wouldn’t be compared through how large one’s body was. Even if the human body was less than a speck of dust compared to the star domain, it could similarly tear apart the entire cosmos, transcend above, rise far above!

Some words from the Great Elder rang by his ears, carrying dejectedness, as well as hiding many regrets.

“We were defeated in the last great era all because there were a few unmatched ancient seeds that were powerful beyond limit on our side, but when they entered the undying beings’ side, they couldn’t adapt as well, thus being at a disadvantage…”

Using the body as the seed, the reason why there were people who began researching this from the last great era was because of this extremely serious backdrop.

At first, even though they still weren’t a match when facing the foreign side, there wasn’t too great of a disparity. The main reason for this was because the creatures of the other side had the undying realm gates opened. The original energy of that realm was released, two realms merging together, causing the powerful individuals of this world to feel uncomfortable.

There were some extremely powerful creatures whose dao became unstable. After heaven and earth changed, they were unable to adapt. 

It was because they were used to merging with the original heaven and earth, becoming one, harmonizing heaven with man, merging dao and self, as well as even further derivations of this path.

“Even though that type of situation could be overcomed, methods developed later on, it was still clear that having a perfect seed didn’t mean that it was without flaws. That was why some wanted to walk the path of self as seed.” The Great Elder’s words sounded in Shi Hao’s mind, making him feel extremely cautious!

Observing the regulations of the heavens, witnessing the intrinsic qualities of the universe, comprehending the true self, opening up immortal gates within one’s body one after another, this was what Shi Hao needed to do.

Only, this seemed like a path that could be taken, but it contained tremendous dangers, to the extent where it could be said every step was a crisis.

First, without a perfect seed to merge with, prying into the world’s innate profound mysteries like this was a type of taboo, it would suffer the wrath of heaven.

This was not something that received the approval of the heavens!

The perfect ancient seeds were opportunities the great world left for the creatures of the world, these were what was acknowledged. These were the opportunities for examining many of the world’s innate qualities.

Meanwhile, when one did what Shi Hao did, hiding within a heaven and earth placenta, it was as if he was stealing the mysteries of heaven, already considered a taboo! Everyone’s understanding was different; this could be considered as angering the heavens, natural laws will descend to punish him, and this could also be considered as a turtledove occupying a magpie nest, seizing the opportunities the heaven and earth placenta was originally going to bestow upon immortal treasures, and so there was going to be a retaliation.

Shi Hao was more inclined towards the latter, he definitely wasn’t one who believed in any so-called punishment of heaven, but instead felt like he was retrieving lost ground!

Correct, when this path had just been opened, he already encountered great danger!

While residing within the placenta, there was a mysterious wave of power that winded about various natural laws of heaven and earth, this power currently targeting him!

“What is this?” Shi Hao was shocked, feeling extreme danger.

This strange seed changed between large and small, forming and heaven and earth placenta. When it was large, it still wasn’t bigger than a zhang in length.

Only, no one would have expected the inside to be so empty, as if it was an expansive void. It would be fine for even several dozen or over a hundred people to sit in.

Immortal mists spread, the holy aura here becoming more and more rich. All types of heaven and earth order interweaved. Shi Hao was in the middle of it all, discovering with shock that there was a creatures’ aura, and it wanted to kill him!

Previously, when he was in the Three Thousand Dao Provinces, Qi Daolin had believed that this seed contained a type of Immortal Gold, just that it still hadn’t formed, not being designed. He told him that it would be conveniently forged into an unmatched immortal weapon after Shi Hao borrowed this for his rebirth.

Meanwhile, in the nine heavens above, the Great Elder believed that it was some other type of immortal dao good that was currently maturing.

However, now that Shi Hao was truly inside of it, moreover stabilizing, he discovered with alarm that this was a creature, a powerful living creature!

The retaliation began. Shi Hao wanted to turn the body into the seed, but in the end, he immediately incurred the wrath of heaven!

“That is…” When a streak of immortal light flashed past, an expanse of chaotic energy surged, Shi Hao saw the creature inside.

It was a woman whose long hair scattered over her shoulders, perfect and flawless, beautiful like something out of a dream. She sat in the void, her eyes suddenly opening!

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