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Chapter 1257 - Wind and Clouds Stirring Up the Nine Heavens

Six months of torment. From the flesh to primordial spirit, Shi Hao underwent severe tempering. This was already no longer a seclusion at the heavenly deity level, simply training on the sect master level.

The Great Elder was incomparably harsh, different form his usual amiable bearing. He didn’t let a single thing go, if there was a bit of dissatisfaction, he would immediately restart the process.


The deep blue soul weapon carried biting cold killing intent, hacking down from the front, striking at Shi Hao’s primordial spirit.

If there were any outsiders here, their expressions would definitely change greatly. It was just too easy for those fluctuations to kill heavenly deities.

A blue war spear flew out, releasing brilliance that illuminated mountains and rivers, streaking across the sky. How could normal heavenly deities resist this? Even sect masters’ faces would turn pale!

They definitely wouldn’t think of this as a type of sharpening, but simply slaughter! If someone in the Heavenly Deity Realm faced this type of attack, they would undoubtedly die!

Right at this time, before the space between Shi Hao’s brows, that fist height little figure rushed into the sky, taking the initiative to face it. The immortal mists and brilliant multicolored radiance it released were unexpectedly restrained, becoming a bit simple and unadorned, becoming dim.

He formed a first imprint, and the moment he shifted sideways, the fist imprint smashed into the blue war spear’s shaft, releasing a clear dang sound. Fiery light rushed into the heavens, dazzling to the extreme.

This little figure looked plain and without decorations, just like a secluded daoist. However, at the crucial moment, it displayed its abilities. This strike was world-shaking, he unexpectedly bare-handedly resisted a soul weapon!

Shi Hao had already remained in seclusion for a long time, enduring a hell-like torment. It was now already the later stages, a verification of his abilities.

With a weng sound, the blue war spear was too resplendent, struck flying by that fist imprint!

“Not bad!” The Great Elder nodded.

It was far from just not bad. If it was anyone else, forget about sending a blue spear flying, even if they slightly touched a soul weapon, they would be blasted into scattered ashes, unable to face it head-on.

It was because this type of thing was made specially for killing primordial spirits.

“Go!” The Great Elder released a light shout. After he spoke, a sparkling long blade hacked over, erupting with brilliance that even made the heavenly sun grow dim. It streaked across the sky, hacking down on heaven and earth.

It was another soul weapon. A sparkling long blade hacked apart the void, trying to cut down the mind, descending with an unsurpassed stance!

Shi Hao’s primordial spirit was as fast as lightning. It turned into a divine sword, still without any radiance, but it was terrifyingly sturdy. It directly rushed forward, unexpectedly about to face it head-on!

Right now, even the Great Elder felt a bit nervous. This was too risky! A single mishap and Shi Hao’s primordial spirit would be completely wiped out!


A sharp and clear noise sounded in the air. The sword and blade clashed, sparks flying in all directions. Then, the two competed intensely, continuously hacking at each other.

“Good, very good, excellent!” Even the Great Elder who had remained serious this entire time praised him three times in succession, happy and excited. After cultivating bitterly for so many days, they now received great results.


In the end, the purple and sparkling long blade tore through the sky, no longer continuing. That divine sword turned into a fist-sized little figure, sturdy and astonishing. Not even a soul weapon could cut through it!

This level of primordial spirit was rarely seen in this world. It was too sturdy!

With a shua sound, Shi Hao’s primordial spirit returned to his flesh. He also felt a bit of regret that he wasn’t able to obtain the perfect Chaos Calming Art, the damaged art only enough to train his primordial spirit, unable to truly release a powerful and unmatched attack.

Shi Hao’s body was well-proportioned, tall and slender. Even though he didn’t look all that robust, he was healthy and handsome, a physique that was sturdy and powerful, already basically a human shaped divine weapon.

It was because his current body could already directly destroy heavenly deity magical artifacts, able to face sect master level precious treasures, powerful and astonishing!

Apart from this, his forehead bone shone, primordial spirit light receding. This was the embodiment of his vital energy flourishing to the extreme. It long exceeded the power that a heavenly deity ought to have!

He already finished his preparations, using up many medicinal pools. The Octadic Treasure Unicorn, Heavenly Deity Tree, Soul Guiding Lotus, Evil Warding Divine Bamboo, Yellow Springs Fruit, and other types of heavenly materials have all been absorbed, raising him to a perfect state.

“In my many years in this world, you are the most powerful heavenly deity I have ever seen!” The Great Elder was generous with his praise, releasing a heartfelt sigh of admiration.

There was a feeling of being gratified, as well as happiness, but also some frustration and bitterness.

It was because he finally nurtured an ideal disciple, just as powerful as he had imagined, reaching the pinnacle of the Heavenly Deity Realm, or to be more precise, exceeding the Heavenly Deity Realm.

At the same time, he also thought back to his past. When he was on this path, it was also incredibly bumpy, also using the body as the seed, but he failed, almost having his body and dao wiped out in the process.

Whether or not he would succeed would all depend on the final step!

“Thank you senior for everything you have done!” Shi Hao spoke from his heart. The Great Elder had invested greatly in him, all types of divine bugs, precious techniques and other things all used up without any consideration for their cost, even more so spending a larger half of a year refining his body and divine senses.

“Your present body has exceeded my past self, unmatched in Heavenly Deity Realm. Your chances of success are greater than mine!” The Great Elder said. He was an exceptional genius in the past, no one able to compare to him when he was in his youth.

He then added, saying, “Also, you have a strange seed that is still growing. Right now, it is like a heaven and earth placenta. If you occupy this, your chances of success will be greatly improved!”

Shi Hao completely all of his preparations, now only lacking the final trial.

Only, how was he going to enter this strange seed and occupy it, becoming the immortal core that was being nurtured?!

The seed was hazy and indistinct, surrounded by mist. Primal chaos surged, the most primitive aura released from it. One could vaguely hear sounds of the heavens’ ten thousand dao.

Back then, nearby Fire Province, Shi Hao seized this strange seed from Celestial Clan’s mine.

This seed was constantly changing in size, no set shape. He had never made use of it, only today did it display the brilliance it ought to have!

“Using the body as the seed, you are destined to succeed!” The Great Elder said, encouraging Shi Hao, and also himself.

This was the only disciple he had fostered with such care, as well as the disciple he had entrusted all of his hopes onto in this life. Back then, he had failed on this path, so all of his hopes were now entrusted onto Shi Hao.

A hazy radiance flickered within the Great Elder’s pupils, his expression serious as he said, “We don’t have an unmatched ancient seed, unable to carry out the so-called perfect merging and transformation. Since that is the case, then the body will be used as the seed, a heaven and earth reformed, transcending above!”

“Understood!” Shi Hao nodded.

“From now on, there is only the issue of you entering this seed. Just focus on your comprehension, transcending above, inspect and verify the body as dao path and technique to its end, do not worry about anything regarding the outside world!” The Great Elder said.


Then, the Great Elder took Shi Hao’s Everlasting Immortal Sword Core, infusing endless divine force into it, making it release radiance that was dazzling to the extreme. The mountains and rivers were immediately illuminated, making the sun and moon grow dim!

He fiercely brandished the sword, hacking it down. Then, a strand of Shi Hao’s heart blood flowed out, and the seed that fluctuated in size split apart. Divine multicolored light overflowed, dao sounds endless. It was as if heavenly gods and devils were chanting!

He drew a bit of heart blood from Shi Hao, and at the same time opened up that seed, letting the blood scatter inside, using it as a blood sacrifice.

That seed was opened up like that, cut through by the Great Elder with the sword core!

Shi Hao didn’t hesitate at all, immediately leaping into the seed, taking its place, becoming the unmatched divine core that was being nurtured within!

The most difficult step had arrived. How was this heaven and earth placenta going to be closed?

In reality, the instant the sword opened it, it was the same as this placental being exposed. It would gradually wither up, and then lose its purpose.

“This is Heaven Mending Medicine, something I obtained from the Heaven Mending Dao, able to seal up this placenta.” The Great Elder said.

When Shi Hao heard this, his body trembled, great waves stirring in his mind.

The lower realm had the Heaven Mending Pavilion, three thousand provinces had Heaven Mending Sect, while the nine heavens above had Heaven Mending Dao, these were what he knew about.

At the same time, there was also a Sky Severing Dao in the nine heavens above!

From pavilion to sect, then to dao, it was just as the names implied!

There was a legend in the nine heavens above that Heaven Mending Dao had a type of long life medicine. Perhaps it couldn’t be called a medicine, perhaps an immortal stone, immortal core, but it could mend the heavens, able to nurture all living things.

Right now, what the Great Elder acquired was precisely a portion of this type of item.

Shi Hao saw some sparkling liquid flow down, making the dao seed that was cut open start to heal, not leaving behind the slightest flaw. Then, he was sealed within.

There were other methods to seal this seed as well, but it definitely would make it lose a set amount of essence. However, this way, it didn’t lose anything, to the point where it was even nurtured.

“From here on out, I am going to a place of natural luck to ‘bury the seed’, wait for you to come out of seclusion!” These were the Great Elder’s final words for him.

Then, Shi Hao couldn’t hear anything. He was about to change and transform above, display a transformation on a biological level, win or lose, everything was going to end here.

It was clear that as Shi Hao went into hibernation, not appearing this whole time, the outside world had long been stirring with commotion.

This was especially the case when he didn’t show himself after half a year passed, things becoming even more noisy.

Eight months passed. There was still no sign of Shi Hao.

Nine months passed, Shi Hao nowhere to be seen.

A year passed. Huang seemed to have disappeared.

A year passed. Heavenly Deity Institution’s Great Elder’s residence was completely overgrown, wild grass everywhere, vines covering this place densely.

“Wu, Ten Crown King Tian Zi used up twelve months of time to merge with the World Tree Sapling and fully rise up. The day he came out of seclusion, a giant tree supported the heavens, towering into the world beyond, irregular scenes astonishing!”

That day, news spread, shocking all under the heavens.

Ten Crown King, his name Tian Zi, remained in seclusion for a long time, news about him now finally appearing. He had undergone the most perfect evolution, his intrinsic life quality increased limitlessly.

That day, all types of irregular scenes all appeared. In Immortal Academy, a divine spring surged from the earth, sweet dew pouring down from the heavens, great dao golden lotuses blooming in the void one after another. True Dragons even appeared, circling his place of seclusion, dao sounds rumbling, resonating with this place.

Word Tree, just how astonishing of a thing was this? Even true immortals would gasp when they saw this, yet he had the luck of merging it into himself. This transformation could be considered perfect without any flaws!

What kind of name did he have? He was previously known as Ten Crown King, his name Tian Zi, literally meaning the child of heaven, his courage and strength exceptional!

The day he came out of seclusion, a dragon fist ruptured the sky!

A few days afterwards, another disturbance was raised.

In Immortal Academy, purple energy rose from the east, large amounts of purple energy rising into the heavens above, seeping into the earth below, broad and powerful as it spread out thirty thousand li!

“Heavens, what kind of astonishing irregular scene is this? Who came out of seclusion? Why is it this grand and vast?”

“I know what it is, this is great mist purple energy, one of the legendary unmatched ancient seeds! It had previously displayed extraordinary prowess in Immortal Ancient Great Era, known as a perfect precious seed! It actually appeared in this world again!”

Everyone knew that someone from Immortal Academy had successfully merged with the Great Mist Purple Seed, carrying out an extreme evolution. Now, this person came out of seclusion!

Another heaven warping genius appeared, moreover clearly a young supreme being in the truest of meanings!

It was rumored that the creatures who could successfully merge with this type of unmatched ancient seed would definitely enjoy endless glory in their life, having the quality to sweep through the Nine Heavens Ten Earths! It was too difficult for others to face them!

A glorious age had arrived, wind and clouds stirring once more!

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