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Chapter 1249 - Fully Comprehending

This little figure wasn’t that large. It sat in front of his frontal bone, its appearance dignified, looking identical to Shi Hao, but it was far more solemn and divine than him.

He was like a primal chaos ancient deity, also like a true immortal, calm and unmoving. Scriptures were chanted from its mouth, strand after strand of light were released, chaotic energy accompanying it as well.

Then, three strands of immortal energy swirled about, winding about the fist-sized little figure’s body, making him look increasingly dignified and inviolable.

Shi Hao entered a type of wondrous state. The Mind Tempering Method was displayed, operating on its own, forging his primordial spirit, guiding the power of the Yellow Springs Fruit to refine his spiritual power.

The scriptures were mysterious, starting from the True Primordial Record to the Six Dao Reincarnations and other things, they moved past one after another, continuously appearing. They then slowly formed characters, all of them engraving themselves on the little figure’s body.

This was a type of magical change. Shi Hao felt like he was comprehending, immersing himself in the dao. All types of profound mysteries flowed past his mind, penetrating deeper, his understanding now even more profound than before.

Many things that he thought he had grasped, he now discovered that he could actually go even further. Right now, his primordial spirit was evolving, making his comprehension advance, his dao skills more advanced.

It could actually be like this!

This was a type of unimaginable natural luck! It was just a single Yellow Springs Fruit, yet it strengthened Shi Hao’s primordial spirit, from this producing a shocking transformation.

That fist height little figure floated in the void, seated before Shi Hao’s frontal bone. His primordial spirit left the body, comprehending natural reasoning and laws in this heaven and earth.

In that instant, the Mind Forging Method unexpectedly stopped, only that little figure chanting based on its own instincts, deriving profound mysteries from the heavens!

Shi Hao didn’t move at all, only that primordial spirit that turned into a fist height little figure sat there. In reality, this was precisely him, currently chanting all types of scriptures.

Divine light flickered. He entered a strange and indescribable state, as if he was experiencing reincarnation, going through an ancient rebirth. Another him was currently walking over from the illusory, about to live in this world!

The various essential meanings of the True Primordial Record appeared, becoming unprecedentedly clear. In the past, he studied it bitterly, and only when his cultivation realm became more profound could he understand it. However, right now, everything was linking up, merging, becoming more profound and deep than what he had even originally thought!

In the past, he thought that he had already mastered it, but now, it looked like he was still lacking, far from mastery. Only now did he fully comprehend this set of scriptures, completely understand it!

The True Primordial Record was not a precious technique, nor was it a heavenly art, but rather the most simple and ancient method of this world, the primordial principles. When one grasped it, one would get closer to the very essence of the universe.

It simplified all of the complex, leaving no profound mysteries hidden, making the secrets of the heavens commonplace.

Turning the complex into the simple, the great dao becoming uncomplicated!

This wasn’t an issue of seeing its meanings or reasonings, but rather a true comprehension on the level of life itself, not the so-called literal understanding!

The moment his understanding penetrated deeper, it was as if Shi Hao suddenly saw the light, as if his head was anointed with perfect wisdom, everything becoming just that clear. When he turned around to look at everything he had learned thus far, everything seemed a bit different.

“The most precious scriptures, the most precious things have always been right at my side, just that I didn’t fully comprehend everything yet.” His mind gained new insights.

Perhaps he wasn’t the only one, no one in this world grasping the True Primordial Record’s innate true meanings. It could allow one to look upon the world, comprehend the heavens’ profound mysteries in a different light than before.

Change the rotten to magical! In the past, Shi Hao had previously grasped a bit, but compared to what he realized now, that was extremely superficial!

Now, he truly understood what was called the turning the decaying into the miraculous, even the most simple bone texts able to produce mysterious divine abilities, ordinary precious techniques also having the day when they blossomed with brilliance.

There were no useless symbols, no weak precious techniques, it was just that the day when they were truly dazzling had yet to arrive. In the end, there were only individuals who weren’t strong enough.

Of course, if the divine abilities were powerful enough, the starting point might be a bit higher.

The True Primordial Method didn’t reject the Kun Peng Technique, Lightning Emperor Method, and other unmatched divine abilities, it would only make these dao methods even stronger, supporting them with the most simple and primitive true meanings.

“I will become strong!”

Shi Hao had a feeling that at this moment, he was moved, gaining deep understanding, as if he woke up from a great dream, immediately comprehending.

Before this, he was proud and arrogant, feeling like he himself was already one of the most powerful individuals from past to present in the Heavenly Deity Realm!

Only now did he understand that back then, he was too arrogant. Only now did he gain true understanding, feel like he was among the most powerful few from past until now.

Moreover, he believed that there were others who comprehended this type of true meaning. Even though it wasn’t through the True Primordial Record, it was possible through other methods as well. The day when they would reach this awakening would arrive one day.

For Shi Hao, the True Primordial Record wasn’t an unmatched canonical text, just a set of scriptures that were the most useful, stirring up the very depths of his mind, allowing him to gain enlightenment.

Everything happened just that abruptly. After eating a Yellow Springs Fruit, as his primordial spirit grew stronger, starting to chant scriptures, he unexpectedly comprehended the true record.

The Yellow Springs Fruit wasn’t the critical thing, it was just the trigger. If he didn’t have this opportunity, sooner or later, there would be other factors that would trigger this.

Only, this time, he coincidentally pushed his comprehension earlier. He had already accumulated enough, only lacking the last glimpse of spiritual light.

Primordial spirit comprehending the dao, scriptures supporting it, more and more symbols were engraved on the fist height little figure’s body, densely packed, making him look more and more holy and solemn.

The Mind Tempering Method was instead rejected, no longer operating now, only Shi Hao’s instincts remaining, chanting true scriptures.

After fully comprehending the True Primordial Record, he began to start the Lightning Emperor Precious Technique, Six Dao Reincarnations, and other techniques. It was like reincarnation, reviewing them over and over.

“Resembling reincarnation…” Eventually, Shi Hao felt a type of misconception, as if he truly was in a reincarnation, every type of powerful precious technique he had previously learned forgotten in a rebirth process, and then now regained once more.

Unknowingly when, the three strands of immortal energy winding around his primordial spirit rose to his head, forming great dao flowers. There was a creature on one of them, seated and chanting scriptures, endless time fragments moving around it. It didn’t belong to this world, didn’t belong to the future, but was rather located in the endless past.

Of the three great dao flowers constructed by immortal energy, one of them was completely different from others, that one having a creature in it.

That one was like himself, a copy of him that lived in the past, one that had long disappeared endless time ago.

Only, right now, they were connected, linking up with him. He felt a feeling of reincarnation, developing a vague feeling as if he had studied all methods in this world, everything originating from this small figure.

It was to the extent where just now, when he comprehended through the True Primordial Record, it was also this creature that seemed to have lived in the past who displayed great use.

That creature was chanting sutras, wrapped in fragments of time, high above everything, coldly and ruthlessly overlooking his present world self. It opened its eyes.

This made his mind pound, feeling a type of experience that was difficult to describe. There was fear, excitement, and a feeling of novelty, his mind becoming extremely complicated.

“There is no reincarnation in true meaning, only the derivation of life’s intrinsic nature…” Even now, Shi Hao still didn’t really believe in reincarnation. He was using his own understanding to explain what was happening.

He comprehended the dao, gaining a realization on an incredibly deep level!

This was Shi Hao’s greatest gain at this time. The creature on that strange great dao flower resonated with his primordial spirit, continuously experiencing the endless great dao profound mysteries, sensing the great transformations of the world. It was as if thousands of worlds were rotating, just too miraculous.

On Shi Hao’s primordial spirit, all types of scriptures rose and fell, harmonizing with everything there.

However, eventually, only the core piece was left, which was the True Primordial Record. This became the foundation, everything else decorations sprinkled on top.

All methods quickly brushed past, only the primordial what was the most real!

Eventually, the True Primordial Record turned into the most complex patterns, separating from his primordial spirit, engraving towards the mysterious creature supported on that flower.

These patterns were going to be engraved on that creature’s body.

Then, the other divine abilities’ natural laws also became resplendent. Not only did they emerge and flow along their surface, they unexpectedly began to engrave themselves on the primordial spirit, ultimately also coming off, engraving themselves on the centermost great dao flower.

“Yi?” Shi Hao was shocked. He regained consciousness.

It was a miraculous evolution, one was the past, was the other the present? The two flowers represented different concepts.

Meanwhile, were those scriptures also being selectively chosen?

Shi Hao felt as if he seemed to have grasped something, but also overlooked something. Unfortunately, he now already fully woke up, everything coming to an end, disappearing without a trace.

It was unknown how long it would be before he could enter that type of state again.

The greatest gain was that he fully comprehended the True Primordial Record. This was the root of everything!

“When will the other two great dao flowers produce creatures? Perhaps at that time, everything will become clear, and then I will achieve success!” Shi Hao said to himself.

This was his intuition, he had that type of premonition.

He felt like the process just now was only a development process, not complete yet, only the True Primordial Record and that creature that seemed to exist in the past seemed to have mutually completed something.

The other methods and two other great dao flowers were not complete yet.

Now, the scripture sounds have stopped, and the Mind Tempering Method began to operate, continuing to strengthen his primordial spirit, absorbing the Yellow Springs Fruit’s divine effects.

It was just like his experience with the Evil Warding Divine Bamboo; Shi Hao’s greatest gains was not only the divine medicine itself, but instead miraculous insights!

When he was by the Evil Warding Bamboo, he comprehended the initial form of his own path, and then here, he fully grasped the True Primordial Record, moreover resonating with the creature on one of his great dao flowers, as if he experienced a reincarnation.

“I’ve become stronger!”

Shi Hao truly sensed the wonders of the True Primordial Record, his grasp of various methods feeling more and more smooth, much more fluent than the past, now able to display immeasurable divine might.

He felt that if he went out now and fought a decisive battle against others in the Heavenly Deity Realm, he would definitely display brilliant power, not be in danger at all. He really wanted to go out and verify his gains.

Only, he still couldn’t go yet.

Then, the Yellow Springs Fruit displayed the effects it ought to have. Shi Hao’s primordial spirit was changing!

It was unknown how much time had passed. His mind was in a daze, muddle-headed, his primordial spirit was strengthened, becoming sturdier. He felt as if he had entered a deep sleep.

However, immediately afterwards, a deep coldness startled him awake, waking him up from the sleepiness.

The moment he opened his eyes, he saw a yellow river that carried death energy, all opportunity for life extinguished, this river flowing towards the limits of a vast and deathly still great earth.

In his surroundings, there were millions and millions of bones, unknown just how many there were, producing a frightening layer of bones over the great earth. They were all dried-up bones, all of them about to crumble into powder already.

This left Shi Hao horrified. What happened? Where was this place?

“Yellow Springs Fruit…”

In that instant, he understood something, immediately realizing why this fruit had this type of name. There was a reason for this!

Yellow Springs Fruit, it previously looked divine, multicolored lights endless, auspicious brilliance released in thousands of streaks. He overlooked the the intrinsic quality of this place, only seeing its resplendent golden light side. Only at this moment did he wake up; this was a Yellow Springs Fruit!

At the ends of this yellow river, there was a vast precipice, below it an incomparably enormous volcano, the crater dark like the abyss of hell.

The river fell inside, and then no auras could be felt.

Was that the underworld? What was there inside? Shi Hao seemed to have vaguely heard endless gods and devils roaring, as well as countless malicious spirits and withered bones struggling.

It was extremely strange. The limits of this river were originally endlessly far, but Shi Hao now saw a cliff, seeing the underworld within that volcanic crater of death.

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