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Chapter 1248 - Yellow Springs

The golden fruits were extremely brilliant, their shape like plums, but right now, they were brilliant like little suns, releasing blazing light, extremely dazzling.

The fragrance wafted out, making one’s mind and spirit distracted, feeling an urge to become drunk under this type of aroma. If there were ordinary people here, the temptation of these fruits would be fatal.

Shi Hao’s hand touched the golden branch, about to remove a golden fruit. A brilliant rain of light already scattered down onto his arms.

Suddenly, a type of extreme chilliness instantly made his skin go taut, his fine hairs stand on end. He quickly backed up, and all types of symbols appeared on his arm, producing a screen of light!

It was originally peaceful, holy, this place extremely secluded, fragrance wafting about, everything wonderful, but at this moment, Shi Hao detected a terrifying danger.

It was as if he was in a land of dreams, and then a viper suddenly approached, opened its mouth, revealing sharp venomous fangs, about to devour him, drag him down from heaven to hell, turning the dream into a nightmare.

Shi Hao’s speed was fast, but there were still bits of golden light that tore open the void, rushing to his arm, directly tearing at his body.


The metallic striking sounds made one’s eardrums feel extreme pain; the extremely brief encounter actually resulted in a dangerous collision. Several golden bugs that were extremely sinister began to chew at Shi Hao’s body, clashing with the symbols, sparks flying in all directions.

The screen of symbol light formed from precious techniques was actually chewed through by them, gradually shattering, extremely frightening. Which one of the techniques Shi Hao now used didn’t shake the world?

Eve though all of the symbols were bitten through, this still slowed them down. Shi Hao moved out of the way, supported his heavenly passage, standing ten zhang out, carefully examining the situation.

There were four bugs, all of them half a foot in length, entirely yellow. When they didn’t move, they looked the same as the Yellow Springs Fruit plant’s branches. They were extremely similar, and just now, there was no life aura, only erupting with vicious energy when there was activity.

As he left the Yellow Springs Fruit medicinal tree, the four bugs spread their transparent wings, revealing snow-white teeth like the fangs of vipers, si si sounds released.


They were too fast, their transparent wings able to easily cut apart the void. They rushed forward, immediately firing a blast of golden light mist at Shi Hao.

This type of mist corroded space. Meanwhile, their teeth were even more sharp, releasing ka ka sounds, able to bite through the bones of heavenly deities, to the extent where they can injure the bodies of sect masters.

The four bugs had all different ways to attack. They turned into four streaks of light, attacking from above and below, in an instant already attacking him several hundred times.

Shi Hao’s expression changed. These bugs were extremely vicious! All types of precious techniques appeared, each time they bit down, the void would always shatter, even making his single heavenly passage start to distort.

He was certain that if other heavenly deities came here, they wouldn’t be able to stop even one of these bugs, but would instead be instantly killed without any suspense!

Sure enough, creatures from extraordinary places were extraordinary themselves, powerful and fierce. These were clearly just a few bugs!

Of course, if there were more knowledgeable individuals here, they wouldn’t think this. This was the legendary Yellow Springs Bug, normally birthed in lands of nine underworlds, one of the ten great bugs since ancient times!

This type of thing had endless growth potential, able to become a bug immortal.

These bugs weren’t born in a place of terror, but rather appeared near divine medicine, so they could be considered a variant species. Even though there were corpses here, they were all immortal corpses, possessing auspicious life aura, which was why these bugs were also a bit different, if they remained on the medicinal tree without moving, there would also be a holy aura around them.


Four golden lines shot over again. They screamed out, shrieking with shrill sounds, difficult for one to imagine that this came from four bugs, more like the crying and howling of malicious spirits, making one’s scalp turn numb.

When Shi Hao took action, willow branches flew out one after another. They were formed from bone texts, becoming the embodiment of order, interweaving to kill these four bugs.

The Yellow Springs Bugs moved their wings, resonating with space here, making the void collapse.


A sphere of divine light erupted here, a great intense explosion sounded. This was divine force that was surging, the space being annihilated, extremely terrifying and frightening.

If there were others here who didn’t recognize the Yellow Springs Bug, they would definitely be stupefied, finding this hard to believe. These were clearly just a few bugs, yet they were so domineering.

Golden branches of order shot over, quickly extending outwards, continuously clashing with the bugs. The four bugs screamed, the previous auspicious auras completely swept clean, now carrying an aura of hell as they continuously attacked murderously.


The divine chains of order from Willow Deity’s great technique thrashed a bug flying. With a pu tong sound, it landed in that golden river, producing great waves, a mist of light surging.

The other three screamed out, their wings fluttering about, now becoming even more vicious.


Shi Hao displayed the Kun Peng Technique. As he formed imprints, divine birds appeared one after another, tearing apart the void, throwing themselves murderously at those three bugs. This made the three bugs become frenetic.

After several precious techniques were displayed, Shi Hao discovered that it was actually the Kun Peng Technique that was most suitable for suppressing the Yellow Springs bug! Sure enough, there was a type of innate species suppression birds had over bugs.

The bugs released brilliant light, and then their bodies inflated in size. In the end, they all opened their mouths, unexpectedly releasing strands of white silk like spiders, trying to bind Shi Hao.

They produced a web, surrounding the Kun Peng divine bird that appeared in the void, even more so trying to refine Shi Hao. Bug screeching sounds continuously rang out.


Shi Hao grabbed the web in one move, fiercely tearing at it, but discovered that it was exceptionally sturdy, difficult to tear through. He released a great shout, ripping at it, but only broke two strands.


Streak after streak of lightning interweaved. He displayed the Lightning Emperor Technique, blasting the three bugs fiercely.

In addition, the Kun Peng Technique was continuously displayed. After the Kun Peng divine birds were suppressed one after another, he gave up on them, continuing to stir on other bones texts to attack the three Yellow Springs Bugs.

Shi Hao really was surprised. He had already done so much in the battle against these three bugs, yet they still weren’t killed.

Of course, if others knew about this, they would definitely suck in cold breaths of air, feeling waves of chilliness. Just the appearance of a single one of these bugs would produce devastating results.

As long as they could grow up, they would devour creatures, chewing through flesh and soul, impossible to defend effectively against. Just these bugs alone were enough to sweep through heavenly deity level experts, unstoppable.


Suddenly, not far out, within that golden river, a streak of golden light rushed out, ambushing Shi Hao, charging at his abdomen. That was the bug Shi Hao had previously sent flying!

Shi Hao’s eyes became cold. He quickly contracted the heavenly passage to his abdomen, allowing that bug to charge over. Then, he suddenly made the heavenly passage explode!

When he was comprehending the dao, he previously discovered that the explosion of the extreme point would release unimaginably terrifying power, simply enough to tear through all obstructions.

Sure enough, as soon as this bug rushed over, it perfectly ran into the explosion of the extreme point. Yin and yang energies collided, life and death energies exploded apart, placing the bug right in the middle of the storm’s maelstrom.


This bug shattered, an expanse of blood and flesh splashed out. This was the first Yellow Springs Bug that was killed.

This produced a wave of panic, the other three bugs greatly alarmed.

They quickly recovered their composure, releasing shrill screams, incredibly malicious as they rushed at Shi Hao together. They used their webs as defense to stop Shi Hao’s precious techniques, trying to break through with physical force, charging forward, wishing to dig into Shi Hao’s body.

At the center of Shi Hao’s brows, an immortal sword shot out, quickly enlarging, stabbing straight into a bug that was charging at his forehead, immediately slicing it in half.

This was the Everlasting Immortal Sword, its power unstoppable. At the very least, Shi Hao still hadn’t seen anything that was sharper than it, sturdier than it. He previously moved this sword to that area, now perfectly using it to face this bug, directly killing it.

The other two Yellow Springs Bugs were horrified. When they saw two of their companions killed one after the other, one of them felt some hesitation, its attacks starting to slow down.

The other one shot straight forward, attacking at Shi Hao’s heart, turning into a streak of light, instantly arriving. Meanwhile, the Everlasting Immortal Sword that had just cut down a bug, was still brandishing about out of fear that it would recover. It was already too late to even rescue it.


Shi Hao’s hands merged, moving fast like lightning, grabbing this bug, steady and precise. Qiang qiang sounds rang out, sparks flying in all directions.

This bug screamed out, frantically digging at Shi Hao’s flesh. It was shockingly sturdy, this type of bug originally living in the underworld, the most frightening type of existence.

Shi Hao’s palm dripped with blood, ge zhi ge zhi sounds produced. That was the grinding of the bug against his bones, the scene terrifying.

When the other bug saw this, it was pleasantly surprised, quickly rushing over, also wishing to bear into Shi Hao’s body and kill him with poison.


Following a light sound, it was as if something shattered. Shi Hao turned his palm, and then a puddle of mud dropped out. It was precisely the bug that bore its way into his palm, crushed by him.

Just now, when this bug entered his flesh, it was stopped by his bones, unable to move, forcibly crushed into a bloody paste.

Not long ago, Shi Hao used the Evil Warding Divine Bamboo to cleanse his body, refine all of his bones. His bone material was now tough to an unimaginable level! If not for this, there really might have been something unexpected that happened.

Moreover, the extreme poison the Yellow Springs Bug carried was also ineffective against him!

The Evil Warding Divine Bamboo could remove all types of strange and sinister things, including curses, corpse poison, and other things, possessing wondrous effects.

Shi Hao’s palm was also damaged, his skin pierced through, blood flowing out, carrying sparkling and brilliant radiance. In the end, when this type of scent wafted out a bit, the last bug began to tremble.

The Evil Warding Divine Bamboo’s aura! It began to panic!

Shi Hao quickly took action, grabbing it, holding it before his eyes. He carefully examined it; this was a type of divine bug.

“I wonder if the Emperor Butterfly can order this bug around after it wakes up…” Shi Hao felt some hesitation, but in the end, he didn’t spare it, forcefully squeezing it until its body warped, its body releasing gazhi gazhi sounds, and then broke in the end.


He even more so raised the Everlasting Immortal Sword, hacking it down, slicing it to pieces, chopping it up into bloody paste to prevent it from recovering.

This place finally became calm again. Shi Hao carefully examined this place, now sure that there were no more Yellow Springs Bugs, only three golden bananlike plants remained. They were sparkling and brilliant, a rain of light swirling around them.

The first plant didn’t have any fruits on it, only stems, clearly eaten by the Yellow Springs Bugs.

The second stalk had three fruits, the third having five fruits, all of them shining brilliantly with golden light, extremely dazzling. Their fragrance could make one’s mind fall into an intoxicated and peaceful state.

Shi Hao carefully searched his surroundings. After making sure that there were no dangers, he removed a golden fruit. After inspecting it, he then prepared to eat it.

“Is this related to the Yellow Springs?”

Shi Hao couldn’t help but sigh with amazement. This fruit was too holy, making his mind relax, become completely intoxicated by it. It was almost impossible to associate it with anything negative. Auspicious energy surged, multicolored light shining brilliantly.

This was definitely a perfect thing, not having any relationship with the underworld, Yellow Springs, and other things.

Comparatively speaking, it was much more peaceful than where the Evil Warding Divine Bamboo was, and there wasn’t anything especially dangerous that happened.

Shi Hao calmed down, starting to eat this fruit. The moment it entered his mouth, a sweet fragrance entered every inch of his flesh, fragrance surged into the sky as soon as the skin was broken. His entire being released an exotic sweet smell, giving off a wonderful scent.

Moreover, strand after strand of divine light erupted, swirling within his flesh. Then, all of it concentrated towards the space between his brows.

In that instant, Shi Hao was shocked. Countless strands of light interweaved, converging in the depths of his frontal bone, gathering towards his sea of consciousness. His primordial spirit was strengthened!

He quickly displayed the Mind Tempering Method, he definitely couldn’t let this opportunity go.

The Yellow Springs Fruit had wondrous effects on his primordial spirit, able to stimulate spiritual force, allowing it to grow. One could see a resplendent little figure appear in front of the space before his brows, sitting there. It chanted scriptures from its mouth, supporting its body, becoming stronger!

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