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Chapter 1250 - Underworld

The Yellow Springs flowed on, the underworld endless.

Shi Hao began to think to himself; was this a dream, or was he forcefully brought to this strange place?

There were millions and millions of skeletons scattered on this boundless great earth, seemingly endless. As a light breeze blew over, bone powder flew everywhere like dust, the scene terrifying to the extreme!

This was a land of extinction, no creatures here, no thriving life force, only death and decline.

Shi Hao pinched himself, trying to see if this was real or fake. There was a sharp pain. He widened his eyes, feeling that this was inconceivable, his face full of shock.

He… was right next to hell?

Shi Hao was truly stunned, all of this outrageous. Not long ago, everything was still pure and holy, but now, it was so desolate, full of death energy.

He lightly kicked at the ground, the bones on the ground flying out, exploding in the air, unable to resist his forceful blow. Snow-white bone powder scattered down.

Shi Hao was confused. Why was it like this? Did the Yellow Springs Fruit have this type of power, able to bring him to a different world?

He walked forward, deciding to investigate this place to its end. Kun Peng wings moved, and he activated lightning as well. Shi Hao’s figure cut across the sky, overlooking this world covered in thick death energy, as if he was a divine being patrolling the skies.

At the ends of the earth rested tall and massive cliffs, boundless and endless. The massive volcanic crater below devoured everything like an abyss.


Shi Hao was shocked. He felt a wave of devouring power that was going to suck him in, the power surging, incomparable, unexpectedly a bit difficult to resist.

He hurriedly withdrew backwards, not wishing to be in this type of defensive state. Then, when Shi Hao was far enough away, he used his heavenly eyes to examine the volcanic crater.

Waves of ferocious cries sounded from that direction. One could vaguely see gods and devils covered in shackles, their bodies dripping with blood, roaring and struggling.

There were also malicious spirits that appeared one after another, their bodies made of deep white bones, pieces of rotting flesh sticking to them, their appearances incredibly sinister, shrieking and screaming out as if they suffered unforgivable injustices.

Moreover, there was magma that surged, evil spirits falling inside from time to time, turning into strands of clear smoke, burned until there was nothing left.

That wasn’t a normal type of rock, actually carrying a bloody odor, the odor could be smelled even from far away. This was an endlessly gloomy and frightening underworld after all.

Shi Hao sucked in a cold breath of air, continuously taking steps backwards. He still didn’t really understand one thing; just how did he end up here?

Suddenly, the massive crater erupted, the underworld erupting, what was sprayed out not magma, but white bones and malicious spirits, the sky filled with yin mists, phantoms howling, the scenes world-shaking. White bones covered everything in this world!

“Heavens!” Shi Hao couldn’t help but cry out. There were white bones everywhere, death energy flooding into the heavens, malicious spirits countless, rushing forth between heaven and earth.

He developed an ominous feeling. Then, he felt as if the entire world was shaking intensely, heaven and earth about to capsize, universe about to overturn, everything becoming different.


From the hell within the volcanic crater below, wuwu sounds were released, yin energy rushing into the heavens. Then, blood energy surged, black mists scattering in the end.


Shi Hao released a strange cry. Even though he was resisting, fleeing towards the distance, it was completely useless. The entire world of death was trembling, his body was pulled on by a wave of great power, dragged into that volcanic crater.

On the endless great earth, even though tall mountains were rare, not that many, every single one of them was majestic, towering into the clouds. However, right now, an astonishing change took place, these mountains began to move towards the volcanic crater’s underworld like dust.

Apart from this, the other skeletal remains, boulders, and other things also surged, sucked into the volcanic crater’s underworld!

This left everyone stunned. The great world was incredibly vast and endless, scenery endless, yet right now, everything was concentrated on one point, falling into the volcanic crater’s abyss.

This didn’t seem to make sense. At the very least, there were a few great peaks that appeared to be even more majestic than the volcanic crater, yet right now, they were similarly sucked in.

That was like a black hole, swallowing everything!

Shi Hao didn’t avoid it, unable to break free, also swallowed up, entering the dark underworld.


He followed the rocks, white bones, giant mountains, and everything else down. Many things directly smashed against his body, the force extremely great. If it was a normal person, they would have long been turned into a bloody paste.

Shi Hao’s entire body shone. He supported the heavenly passage, protecting himself, not allowing those things to strike his body. However, things continuously smashed down from above, all of the giant mountains crashing down, as if meteorites were blasting down.

This made him feel a great pressure. Even though he was a heavenly deity, he could still feel exhausted.

Fortunately, Shi Hao was strong enough, able to completely resist it all. Even though tens of thousands of mountain boulders continuously smashed down, he was still impervious to all methods, symbols flickering around his body, crushing mountain peaks into fine poweder one after another!

At the same time, there were many other mountains that fell from the distance, directly smashing into the scarlet red magma, some turning into ashes on the spot, some falling into the great sea, only producing a bit of magma spray. 

Shi Hao shivered inwardly. What kind of place was this? There was magma everywhere that could devour all tangible matter, destroy everything.

He even saw a few demonic gods, and after being smashed by the giant rocks and other things that fell, they also fell into the magma, these creatures immediately releasing miserable screams, turning into smoke.

It finally became a bit more peaceful, everything on the ground devoured, nothing else falling, the underground world thus also truly appearing before Shi Hao’s eyes.

This place was vast and boundless, islands formed from white bones floating to the magma’s surface one after another, ancient black palaces appearing one after another, creatures coming in and out from them, among them including demonic gods, malicious spirits and other things.

Apart from this, there were also a few continents that floated above the magma, pitch-black like ink, on their surface many holes, these holes rock caves. There were devils and other creatures coming in and out, this place simply the nether world. Every so often, there would be a few white bone islands that would sink, a few black continents also breaking apart, falling into the red magma, breaking apart into fine powder.

There were many demonic gods that howled in grief, countless malicious spirits roaring, struggling. Many white bone hands reached out from the magma, but they melted away soon afterwards again.

This couldn’t be anything other than hell!

Within the magma, giant stone pillars appeared one after another, towering into the clouds, the surface on them full of natural gods and devils being tormented, some being burned by flames, others hacked at by divine swords.

There were a few who had their tongues removed, some their entire heads cut off, but they still didn’t die, still struggling. 

All types of frightening things were happening. Shi Hao felt as if his scalp was turning numb, starting to doubt his own eyes. Was all of this real? There was actually this type of strange place, it truly was a bit too miserable!


Suddenly, in the depths of the magma sea, a golden palace rose, releasing blazing heat and immortal dao aura. There was a creature shrouded in immortal mist there, his body tied down by shackles, locked down by five iron chains, his four limbs and head bound, imprisoning him in the air.

At this moment, Shi Hao could clearly sense an immortal dao power!

However, the following scene left him shocked. Those five metal chains turned into Five-Colored Immortal Gold, their colors all different, pulled perfectly straight, starting to pull at that person.

“Ah…” That creature howled miserably, immortal mists surging, power that was divine and powerful beyond imagination surging; it wanted to break free!

As a result, with a few light pu sounds, bloody light rushed into the heavens, the five chains pulled until they were extremely taut, tearing off all four of his limbs and his head apart, the scene bloody, too horrible to endure.

“Is that an immortal?” Shi Hao was alarmed. He clearly sensed a powerful immortal dao aura, but that creature still had his body torn apart.

Following a world-shaking roar, that creature, together with the golden palace and Five-Colored Immortal Gold, fell into the magma.

At this moment, a bloody smell poured over, extremely pungent.

He roared angrily, screaming out, but he was powerless to change anything. He entered the sea of magma, his body slowly eaten away, his shining body becoming pitch-black, immortal energy becoming weak, death energy rising.

Eventually, he was completely submerged, only bubbles surging. A black mist overflowed into the heavens soon after.

Its life was ended just like that? When Shi Hao saw this scene, he felt his body go ice-cold, becoming extremely chilly.

Why did he end up seeing this type of scene? Everything happened too suddenly, terrifying to the point where one shivered all over in fear. Shi Hao didn’t dare believe what he was seeing was real.

“I don’t believe this is real!” He shouted out.

Following a hong sound, an isle made of white bones surfaced from the magma. The red magma flowed about, several chains rising from the isle, immediately locking him down.

Shi Hao struggled intensely, but he actually couldn’t avoid it, unable to break free! He became just like the immortal dao creature, bound here, as if five horses were pulling on his limbs and head!

Shi Hao’s four limbs and neck were bound by ice-cold chains, tightly locking down his flesh. His body was pulled until it was completely taut, unable to budge even the slightest inch.

Was life really just this brittle? He was actually going to get his body divided up here!

Not long ago, Shi Hao was still high-spirited, because he comprehended his own path, even obtaining tremendous opportunities, now able to look down on all of his peers, yet now, he was in such a sorry state, about to die in this hell.

At first, he didn’t believe that this was real, but now, the ice-cold chains winded about his neck, about to snap it, everything just that real.

“Adjudication of hell!” in a daze, he heard a cold and ruthless voice from the depths of the magma sea. Then, the iron chains were pulled taut until they were like divine swords, starting to tear apart his body.


Following a light shout, Shi Hao felt a bone penetrating pain that was difficult to endure. He couldn’t help but cry out, blood splashing high into the air before him.

In the end, he saw his own head torn off, and his four limbs even fracturing, torn apart into several pieces.

This was a type of indescribable pain, making him feel a wave of humiliation. How could he die just like this?

Who was treating him like this? Shi Hao couldn’t accept this, feeling a type of fury. He couldn’t help but roar into the heavens, unable to endure this. This type of end was just too pitiable.

Only, what could he change? Even that true immortal creature was torn apart, let alone him.

“I can’t accept this!” Shi Hao roared out like a mad demon.

His four limbs and head dropped into the magma together with the white bone island, a blazing heat attacking over, burning at his body, his flesh similarly becoming dried-up. This magma could destroy deities!

Soon afterwards, Shi Hao’s flesh disappeared, only white bones remaining.

“Heh, haha…”

At this moment, Shi Hao didn’t feel grieved, nor did he feel anger, unexpectedly revealing a gentle smile, and then he laughed loudly.

“I refuse to believe this is real! Even though it is quite vivid, making it difficult for one to tell if it is real or fake, I believe that everything is a play on the mind, existing in my own consciousness.” Shi Hao said calmly, immediately calming down.

“What other types of torment are there? Just come at me!” He shouted out.

Then, an immortal sword flew over, resplendent light released. It immediately pierced the space between his brows, nailing his primordial spirit in place, making everything before his eyes go black. He completely entered darkness, as if body and dao were being wiped out.

“Yellow Springs Fruit was not simple after all, worthy of its reputation, making me have the illusion that I really am by the Yellow Springs, the underworld, about to die.” In the darkness, he continued to speak to himself.

“Correct, only the greatest pain and torment, the greatest suffering can forge a sturdy primordial spirit, strengthen the will. Is this the so-called Yellow Springs Fruit? Just come at me!”

Shi Hao shouted. He firmly believed that what he was facing was not real, even if it was difficult to tell real from fake right now.

Heavenly Deity Institution’s Great Elder didn’t tell him the various effects of the Yellow Springs Fruit, only telling him that it could strengthen the primordial spirit. Now, he gained some realization in his suffering, believing that all of these experiences weren’t real, just a type of self-tempering.

“I want to become strong. Just come at me, hell!” He roared out.

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