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Chapter 1247 - Exuberant Life

This place was extremely quiet, the pure white divine pool about to dry up. Shi Hao stood there for a long time without moving at all.

An instance of heavenly punishment, incomparable lightning tribulation, ended just like that.

His skin was regenerated, snow-white like jade. Because of the Evil Warding Divine Bamboo’s nourishment, his skin became even more sparkling and moist, accompanied by a wave of holy aura.

The greatest gain was naturally the transformation that happened to his bones. He was like a butterfly that emerged from a cocoon, an upgrade in his level of life. The strength of his body increased substantially, and even though he didn’t fully study to be a body refiner, he was even stronger.

Shi Hao sat there quietly thinking about his experiences. He was quite moved, just that close to dying this time. Just now, it was just too dangerous, all of the bones in his body exploding.

He had never encountered a situation this dangerous, the will of heaven hard to fathom, lightning punishment difficult to resist, however, he still made it through in the end.

Shi Hao stood up. He was accompanied by flourishing vital force, feeling a type of new life feeling. He felt like he had the skin of a baby, as well as exceptional vitality.

“It was actually this type of aura…” 

Shi Hao was stunned. He really was different, this wasn’t a misconception. It was as if his body underwent a reincarnation, being reborn here.

The aura of the beginning of all life, the most precious vital force!

It was because when all things were first born, they were accompanied by the most basic life vital force. As long as this was collected, then it would be extremely beneficial to the human body.

For example, many cultivators welcomed the multicolored light of sunrise, collecting the first strand of morning light, absorbing the multicolored brilliance to cultivate the dao, through this achieve long life, it was precisely for this reason.

When creatures were first born, first came into this world, they possessed all types of innate secret power. As they grew in the world of mortals, it would gradually flow away until it completely disappeared.

Meanwhile, the current Shi Hao had rich new life force, as pure as a newborn baby’s. For him, this was extremely precious.

Shi Hao stood in the pool, extending out his limbs, brandishing his fists, stirring up thunderous noises that rumbled about. He didn’t even use divine force, yet it was already like this!

Hundred streaks of lightning refined his body, the electricity striking him, and then the Evil Warding Divine Bamboo’s juice permeated his body. Shi Hao’s constitution was strengthened to a shocking degree; if he released a fist out now, it would be enough to instantly kill a heavenly deity.

“En, my body now has a special type of aura, a type of power that is difficult to understand, yet truly exists!”

Two streaks of light shot out from Shi Hao’s eyes. He examined his own body, feeling this type of aura from every part of his flesh. It merged with him, the force pure and holy.

At first, he had only thought that his skin had been reborn, and that was why there was this otherworldly aura. However, now, this was a true purity, the flesh, bones, and marrow were now full of pure energy that transcended the world of mortals.

Shi Hao momentarily couldn’t figure out its use. He wanted to try and move it, but he discovered that it was like his body, a part of him, inseparable.

“A mysterious aura, could this be the inauspicious force that cannot be resisted?” Shi Hao suddenly understood with a flash, coming to this type of conclusion.

Those from the other side had came to this place before, the reason they looked for the Evil Warding Divine Bamboo most likely precisely to find this type of secret force, or perhaps it should be said that they were looking for the divine bamboo’s medicinal effects.

Now, it seemed like there weren’t that many uses, but Shi Hao definitely didn’t look down on it. He felt that in the future, it might display tremendous effects.

After undergoing the Evil Warding Divine Bamboo’s baptism, his flesh should already be a bit different. When facing different types of curse power, he might have an immunity towards them, directly resist it.

Shi Hao produced a jade cauldron, starting to gather the leftover liquid in the pool. Then, he produced a jade pitcher, directly filling it with the white juices that came out from the Evil Warding Divine Bamboo’s hole.

This fragrant liquid was priceless, just a single drop would make other people’s eyes go red, an incredibly precious material for refining medicine.

Meanwhile, just now, Shi Hao actually squandered away half a pool of this divine liquid, soaking in it, truly making one’s hair stand up in anger. If others learned about this, they would definitely start raining curses on this wastrel.

The ancient bamboo shook back and forth, taking root in the mountain, snow-white and sparkling.

Shi Hao was puzzled. After all these years had passed, could it be that this bamboo still didn’t develop spirituality? This didn’t make any sense.

However, he didn’t think too much about it, no longer stopping, instead walking into the distance. He wanted to pick Yellow Springs Fruit. That was his objective this time!

Hills rose and fell in a place far from where the divine bamboo was located. White mists were hazy, as if it was an immortal’s homeland; the name Immortal Mound was still rather fitting for this place.

The so-called Yellow Springs Fruit sounded frightening, as if it it grew beside the yellow springs of the underworld. However, Shi Hao didn’t really sense any gloomy aura on his way here.

On the contrary, this path carried immortal energy, the water had divine light, auspicious and peaceful, completely different from what he imagined.

He saw a small river on the way here, golden radiance gentle, leaving him deeply moved. Was this the yellow springs?

Shi Hao followed it, because according to what the Great Elder said, this Yellow Springs Fruit was precisely at the end of the river, only in this place could it mature, produce full fruits.

The divine aura became increasingly thick. In a daze, it felt as if he had arrived at the time when heaven and earth first opened. There was spiritual essence everywhere, every blade of grass, every tree, even the ordinary mountain rocks seemed to carry spirituality.

There were a few plants that released auspicious multicolored light. There were a few mounds that swirled with brilliant colors.

This was especially the case up ahead where large amounts of flames surged, that area the most brilliant. When one looked closely, that wasn’t fire, but instead light, but because it was incredibly thick, if one didn’t look closely, it would seem as if flames were raging.

“What a powerful aura!” Shi Hao sighed with astonishment, feeling that there was definitely something amazing there, possibly immortal fruits and other things, definitely world-shaking natural luck.

He found it hard to calm down inside, wishing to know what exactly was happening.


In the outside world, a few powerful geniuses were gathered before the mountain gate, only, they couldn’t enter inside, stopped outside by the realm wall, unable to go through. Just now, all of them felt that something special happened inside, heavenly thunder rumbling, divine punishment unending, the powerful energy could be felt even through the realm wall.

Was someone facing tribulation inside? This was the first thought that emerged in their heads.

Who entered? Huang was the only one. Even though they weren’t willing to admit, that person was indeed stronger than them, relying on himself to slaughter his way in.

“Huang… what exactly is he doing? Was it him who incurred heavenly tribulation?” A genius from Sacred Academy said.

The people here became silent, feeling that this was definitely done by Shi Hao, only, they weren’t willing to say it. It was because the two academies’ elites weren’t all that friendly with Shi Hao.

“What great disorder, I reckon that this should have been caused by Huang right?” A white clad beauty gracefully walked over, body elegant and wonderful, beautiful like a fairy. She carried a faint smile as she said, “Yi, didn’t you all come in a long time ago? Why are you all stopping here, not entering, instead letting Huang get ahead of you?”

She looked at Wang Xi, purposely provoking her. She revealed a startled expression, and then changed it to a faint smile, seemingly giggling.

Wang Xi’s face remained calm, only, divine light flashed within her beautiful pupils, revealing that her heart wasn’t all that clear. She gave Princess Yao Yue a look, not saying anything in response.


Right at this time, a loud noise sounded within the mountain gate, making all of the geniuses’ expressions change. What was Huang doing now, actually stirring up some great disrest once more. They really wanted to know, because they were scared that he seized all of the opportunities alone. Those here were envious and jealous.

“Let’s join hands, we have to quickly enter!” One of them spoke up. The ones who could make it here were all geniuses among geniuses, the top of the young experts.

However now, they could only join hands, putting aside any prejudice, or else they couldn’t enter at all.

At this moment, regardless of whether they were inwardly willing or not, they had to admit that Huang was powerful enough to leave others helpless. He was able to enter all by himself! 


In the depths of Immortal Mound, Shi Hao walked over. He saw a stone bridge that was rather old-fashioned and ancient, about to completely collapse under the erosion of wind, the structure in tatters.

This bridge rested over the golden river. Shi Hao followed this bridge to the river shore, because he discovered that the surging resplendent light flame was precisely in a mountain valley up ahead.

In the end, the stone bridge collapsed as soon as he arrived at the other side of the river, falling into the golden river, producing a great splash, the noise quite loud, startling Shi Hao.

One had to understand that this river wasn’t that wide, not all that deep. How could it have created such a disturbance?

It was as if endless divine force was rippling outwards, and that was why an angry wave swept into the sky!

Shi Hao turned around and stared at it, but he didn’t stop here. He quickly hurried forward, arriving at that ravine surrounded by hills, seeing the true scene.

“This is…” He widened his eyes in shock, his body shaking intensely, great waves stirring within him, unable to calm down.

He originally thought that these were immortal fruits or other things, possibly even long life medicine, but in the end, it was completely different from what he had imagined.

This place was extremely peaceful, those light flames all formed from gathered multicolored light, but it was definitely not the irregular scene produced  by heaven and earth medicinal herbs, but rather corpses.

In the valley, five or six bodies rested next to each other, all of them huge, filling up the ravine. Some of them were like stellar giants, some like star devouring beasts, all of them strange, a few of them humanoid.

Some of them were rotten, some dried-up, but there was one common trait, which was that they were holy and peaceful. Even though they were corpses, there wasn’t the slightest bit of gloomy or sinister aura.

Even the ones that were rotting were currently producing a rain of light, not releasing a foul stench, those nearby feeling a wave of pure force from it.

This shouldn’t be a true immortal’s corpse, right? Shi Hao was greatly shocked, because apart from this, was there anything else that made sense? Otherwise, why would there be such brilliant light even after they died?

One had to bear in mind that these might also be foreign undying beings, their corpses here.

Shi Hao was stirred up. He wanted to examine them carefully, but a wave of power pervaded this area, forming flames of light, a barrier of light covering the ravine, completely preventing him from entering!

Shi Hao wanted to try and forcefully barge in, using a secret treasure to test things out, but in the end, as soon as it was released and made contact with that barrier of light, it exploded, breaking into ruined copper and steel.

It was corroded by a divine power, crushed into pieces.

That magical artifact was heavenly deity level, proving that if a heavenly deity rushed straight in, they would likely face the same result!

Even though Shi Hao was extraordinary, far surpassing other heavenly deities, the most powerful individual in his current cultivation realm from past to present, his expression still changed. He knew that he couldn’t charge straight in.

Then, he left, extremely decisive, not wanting to be tempted.

Even though he knew that those corpses might have great treasures, having artifacts left behind by daoists, if he couldn’t obtain them and had to throw his life away too, he definitely wouldn’t do something like that.

At the end of the golden stream, auspicious light surged. There were three plants there, none of them that large, only about the height of a person. They were like a tree yet not a tree, like a flower yet not a flower.

Every single stalk looked like it was cast from gold, the radiance brilliant, flowing with a comforting rain of golden light.

One of them had fruits, these fruits like plums, their sizes also similar. Only, they were golden, brilliant and resplendent.

“These are Yellow Springs Fruits?!” Shi Hao was stunned. Things went unexpectedly smoothly, he directly arrived, facing no obstacles on his way here.

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