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Chapter 1246 - Cruel Transformation

The Evil Warding Divine Bamboo’s sparkling white liquid was absorbed by the bone fragments, merging with the golden bone marrow, releasing an astonishing aura of life!

An exuberant aura of life was being nurtured, growing, and then strengthening. This was a type of astonishing transformation.

Meanwhile, the lightning in the sky was extremely strange, as if it was the radiance of the earth’s magnetic field, brilliantly colored and warped. It poured down in torrents here, gushing outwards, magnificent and of all different appearances!

It was also becoming stronger. This was an extremely terrifying signal of danger!

It was absolutely frightening, its power great to the extreme. When each streak slammed into Shi Hao’s body, there would always be a bloody hole that was connected from front to back, producing large amounts of blood.

Shi Hao was, without a doubt, in serious danger. The bones in his body released ga ga sounds from time to time, blasted broken by the lightning!

If not for the bamboo liquid’s replenishment, restoring his body, he would have definitely long been blasted until his body was in tatters, ruined beyond recognition.

The powerful lightning and oppressive thunder, whenever it covered the sky, it would be blinding, as if all types of brilliantly colored suns exploded, exceeding the past. It was simply unimaginable!

This type of heavenly punishment didn’t give others any hope, wishing to completely erase one’s existence, definitely not something a heavenly deity could resist. Terrifying heaven and earth irregular scenes appeared, as if the heavens were furious and wanted to destroy all things.

Shi Hao had long reawoken from his dao comprehension state. He endured the intense pain, every inch of his body rupturing open. Blood gushed out, many of his injuries were great cracks that connected from one side to the other, his body almost breaking down.

It was painful. Even someone with as tenacious of a will as him felt everything before his eyes darken, almost fainting here.


Another streak of lightning descended, piercing his body, impossible to block. Even after he used all types of precious techniques, carrying out the most powerful resistance, it was still not enough, the lightning still about to kill him.

The world was ruthless. Right now, it was as if he was abandoned by the world, about to be wiped out. The lightning that crashed down possessed unprecedented power!

Was it all because he was comprehending the dao, that he wanted to establish a different method?

Based on what was recorded in the bone text, regardless of whether it was the past or future, all variables that could affect the balance of the world would inevitably suffer heavenly tribulation and be struck by heavenly punishment.

Some of this could already be seen from the lightning disturbance when exceptional cultivators were about to break through, blasting those individuals. This was because the world felt fear, thus delivering judgment.

Now, Shi Hao had felt out the entrance to another road of cultivation, so it was clearly even more severe!


Shi Hao released a muffled groan, because a scarlet streak of lightning descended, shattering his shoulder. His shoulder blade cracked, and then fell off, golden bone marrow leaking outwards.

This wasn’t a normal type of pain. It was as if he was accompanied by the footsteps of death, and it was getting closer and closer. If this continued, then Shi Hao would undoubtedly die! 

Hua hua sounded, the snow-white Evil Warding Divine Bamboo swaying. Pure white bamboo leaves shone, leaves rustling about, the sounds clear as if a small brook was flowing past.

Chaotic energy and all types of auspicious multicolored light were everywhere. It was resisting the lightning as well, because the lightning tribulation descended from the heavens, the bamboo also within its range of attack.

However, this water jar thick ancient bamboo was clearly often struck by lightning, having resistance to electricity. At the very least, Shi Hao had seen it encounter lightning when he first saw it.

Now, with it resisting the lightning, it helped Shi Hao out greatly. Otherwise, he would have already fallen apart.

The lightning was ferocious, descending endlessly streak after streak. All types of brilliant colors surged, as if a geomagnetism storm was wreaking havoc. Even though it was dazzling, it was absolutely destructive.


Shi Hao’s chest was hacked apart, chest bones snapped one after another, an absolutely appalling scene. He was suffering the most difficult trial of his entire life right now, body and soul might be erased at any turn.

Eventually, the snow-white bamboo couldn’t resist the lightning for him any longer, because this world was ruthless. The lightning changed its trajectory, surging over from all directions, not only from above.

Blazing light and bright red blood blossomed at the same time. Shi Hao’s flesh was scorched black and withered, his bones shattered, golden bone marrow even about to dry up.

The divine bamboo liquid was struck by the lightning from time to time, moreover splashing out. Surprisingly, this liquid didn’t evaporate, a reflection of its powerful divine characteristics.

It is precisely because of this type of shining liquid that Shi Hao was able to live. He was surrounded in rich life force, and only because of this could he make it through.

“I need to change, I cannot die!” Even though Shi Hao was blasted until his body almost dried up, his will was firm, still remaining clear-headed.

He used the Lightning Emperor Precious Technique to conduct the lightning, and then the Kun Peng method to weaken it, using Reincarnation Divine Ability to influence time, neutralizing the terrifying electrical arcs. All different types of methods were used.

However, he was constantly enveloped within the shadow of death!

The lightning struck his bones, piercing his flesh.

Zi zi sounds rang out continuously, electrical arcs wandering about in his body. That type of sound was extremely ear-piercing, as well as extremely frightening. The electricity released all types of sounds in his body, charring his flesh and bones black.

The death energy increased, life force waning. The torment was hard to endure, difficult to imagine. He might lose his life at any time.

Shi Hao examined his abdomen. The single heavenly passage concentrated together, turning into an extreme point, and then it erupted, death energy and life energy coexisting, yin and yang energies swirling about.

He was greatly moved inwardly. He tried to guide the divine bamboo’s life essence energy into his body, at the same time allowing the lightning to hack viciously at him, produce death energy. All of it was absorbed into his abdomen.

He was taking a risk. A single mistake and his flesh would be blown apart!

This was but lightning tribulation, an unimaginable heavenly punishment. He took the initiative to guide it, using it to blast his own body, these actions practically suicide.


An opposition of life and death, yin and yang, the two energies swirled about, forming a disk in his stomach. In the end, a yin yang diagram was formed, the embodiment of the dao.

Lightning hacked about unendingly. Shi Hao’s entire body contorted, many of his bones shattered. He guided the lightning into his body, merging it into the yin yang diagram.

Shi Hao wanted to defy the heavens, neutralize the lightning, transform the death energy into life, reverse life and death!

Blazing radiance was erupting, world-shaking noises sounding continuously. Streak after streak of lightning radiance completely gathered towards Shi Hao’s abdomen. One could see the partition line between life and death energy the lightning ultimately formed!

The lightning drew out a graceful arc, separately entering the yin or yang regions.

Yin and yang energies could be reversed here, death energy and life opportunity coexisting, able to transform into each other, merge into the other side.

He began to devour the lightning, transforming it here. His body and other areas became a passage, guiding the lightning into his body, undergoing an astonishing change here.

A life and death disk shone in his body, appearing radiant and resplendent!

“Actually succeeded?” Shi Hao’s eyes flickered about. 

However, it was still dangerous. This was only the preliminary experience, still far from leaving the shadow of death. On the contrary, the situation became even more grim, because right now, a single mistake would make his flesh explode!


Sure enough, yin and yang lost balance. This was the power of heaven and earth, absolutely ruthless, so there was no way it could be extensively controlled and exploited by another. The dividing line formed by lightning was broken.

In that instant, Shi Hao’s abdomen ruptured, that yin yang dao diagram almost exploding!

This was extremely frightening. Once that area exploded, Shi Hao’s single heavenly passage might be destroyed as well, and then his entire being would be half crippled.

He quickly suppressed and neutralized this power, and then used his flesh to endure the endless lightning radiance. He faced the heavenly tribulation head-on once again, suffering serious damage.

He had no choice but to stick it through!

Shi Hao already had no other choice. Just now, he made a daring move, taking heaven decisive action, exploiting the lightning tribulation, taking advantage of heavenly punishment to complete himself. 

It was clearly extremely risky, as if he had angered the heavens and it now wanted him dead.

Shi Hao went all out, his body soon full of holes, in tatters. A few bone pieces that were blasted off fell into the pool, but he still held on.

He couldn’t give up. As long as he still had a breath of air left, still alive in this world, then he was going to persist to the end.

The yin yang equilibrium dao just now definitely wouldn’t work, and forcefully resisting like this right now wouldn’t last much longer either. If this continued, he was definitely going to die.

The single heavenly passage enlarged, protecting him, but soon afterwards, it was blasted by the lightning radiance until it caved in. Then, it was subdued, this method still not enough!

He thought back to Willow Deity, how it had been drowned in endless lightning, blasted until it was charred black, only half a tree trunk left. In that instant, Willow Deity’s technique erupted to the extreme.

“Am I going to end up like the Willow Deity, having my body broken apart?” Shi Hao felt bitter. At this time, he didn’t have any roots, so he might just directly die.”

“This isn’t going to work! How am I supposed to make it past this tribulation?” Shi Hao felt helpless. He really couldn’t think of any methods.

His spiritual essence was becoming weak, his will wavering. He felt powerless to reverse the situation.

“I have to make it through!” In the end, his eyes erupted with divine radiance, completely going for broke. He released an angry roar, the sound released suppressing the rumbling of thunder.

He felt like he had always been on the defensive, believing that there was no way he could make it past this lightning, always wishing to avoid it, neutralize it, and as a result, he lost his mindset of forging ahead.

“There is no lightning that cannot be dealt with! It can similarly be defeated!”

He roared out, strengthening his conviction.

In the end, he went crazy, his weakened bearing immediately erupted, as if he returned to his peak state. His vitality resonated, reaching the most powerful state.

Shi Hao was completely focused on one thing: he had to defeat this heavenly punishment. He wasn’t going to passively endure it, now viewing this lightning tribulation as nothing special.

It was just like when he cultivated immortal energy back then. When he crossed the heavenly tribulation, he carried a heart of victory, feeling like he could prevail.

Right now, he was still like this. When facing this immeasurable terrifying lightning tribulation, he began to firm up his resolution. Since this was created for living beings, then this situation could definitely be overcome.

Even though Shi Hao’s body was in tatters, his will was still incredibly strong. Blood began to surge within his dried-up body again.

One could vaguely see a type of symbol shining brilliantly, interweaving with the scorched black flesh and bones, increasing his life force. There was a type of blood that became brilliant as well.

This was supreme being blood that was flowing, as well as the appearance of his third type of innate supreme being symbols.

As his vitality was drastically increased, the power that was displayed when he took action increased as well. That blood carried a type of mysterious power, as if it could allow one to break through a cocoon and emerge as a butterfly.

Even though it was only effective for an extremely short amount of time, this was definitely heaven-defying.

That was why his change in aura was no longer just a mental issue, his tattered body also underwent some true changes, instantly becoming stronger, exceeding the norm.

His vital energy and other things completely exceeded his normal state!

Shi Hao resisted the lightning radiance, moreover guiding it into his ruined body. He was using the Bone Hammering Method, reforging the bones, condensing his body.

The bone pieces that flew out all flew back, trembling along with Shi Hao, releasing a strange noise.

In the end, when his shattered bones were all pieced together, lightning radiance covered his body, resonating there.

Bone Hammering Method!

It truly was a cruel experience. The bone pieces were all shattered, and were then nourished by the Evil Warding Divine Bamboo, recovering here.

This was a painful process, as if he was breathing in hell.

His bones were shattered, and then reconstructed. Golden bone marrow wiggled about, reconstructing divine bones. Golden multicolored light flew in ten thousand streaks, auspicious lights released in endless strands, incredibly divine.

Even though this place was extremely frightening, lightning radiance attacking over, bloody light splashing out, flesh rupturing, there was a rich life force that was making up for his body’s deficiencies as well.

“Thunder and lightning, you are nothing more than normal fire for refining my body!” Shi Hao roared, forcefully resisting it.

Eventually, Shi Hao’s tattered body continuously recovered, its speed faster than the destruction brought by the lightning radiance, using lightning to refine the body.

Shi Hao was surrounded by lightning. He took a deep breath, unexpectedly directly devouring an expanse of concentrated lightning. He guided all of it into the bones all over his body, using the Bone Hammering Method to refine them.

He stuck it through, now seeing a new dawn.

Eventually, his bone marrow began to change from gold to red, full of rich life force, his bones gradually becoming sparkling white as well! His bones then went through numerous revisions, all of the cracks closing, starting to recover. In addition, there were particles that came off, eliminated from his body.

In the end, the liquid released by the Evil Warding Divine Bamboo couldn’t satisfy Shi Hao anymore. He produced the Everlasting Immortal Sword, opening up another small hole on the thickest bamboo joint.

Liquid poured down, merging with Shi Hao’s flesh, forging his body.

Shi Hao’s constitution became stronger, his bones becoming a large amount tougher than before!

Finally, the electricity weakened, lightning tribulation about to disappear. He opened his mouth, starting to frantically swallow the electricity, not wishing to let any of it go.

It was because he discovered later on that the destructive electrical radiance carried wisps of astonishing life force, extremely heaven-defying. It displayed its effects with the Evil Warding Divine Bamboo, the effects becoming even greater.

After who knew how much time had passed, the thunder radiance already disappeared, this place becoming peaceful once more.

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