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Chapter 1245 - Comprehending the Dao in the Divine Bamboo Pool

Shi Hao was immersed in a magical state, his train of thought surging, observing that disk within his body. Hovering between life and death squeezed out the potential hidden deep within him, allowing him to instantly comprehend the dao.

He wandered about unhurriedly in this brand new world, his mind exploring the great emptiness, comprehending endless profound mysteries. He was momentarily petrified, starting to think and contemplate to himself.

However, his footsteps didn’t stop, continuing towards the the pure white Evil Warding Divine Bamboo. He smelled a strong fragrance that penetrated his heart and refreshed his mind, making him feel like he was going to become intoxicated.

Right now, he was suppressing the single heavenly passage, returning it to his abdomen once more. A divine disk was formed there, flickering with the profound mysteries of life and death!

The life and death disk formed a resplendent sun. It was restrained inside his body, the embodiment of the heavenly passage being contracted!

Not far out, the human form Darkness Immortal Gold that was covered in cracks and fell on the ground stood up. Those injuries were healing, dark light flickering about, sinister and powerful.

Its eyes were cold, not carrying the slightest bit of human emotions. This was the first time it was seriously injured, but it wasn’t completely defeated yet. It threw itself over once more.

This was the critical moment. If he was disturbed, Shi Hao’s enlightenment might be cut short!

The ice-cold Darkness Immortal Gold puppet was a ruthless creation, loyally guarding the Evil Warding Divine Bamboo. It lacked human emotions, walking directly over, murderous energy roiling.


It took action again. Its pitch-black fist carried foreign power, displaying exceptional divine abilities smashed towards Shi Hao, cruel and terrifying.

Shi Hao sensed something. All of his bone texts interweaved, especially the brilliant divine disk within his abdomen region, even more so releasing endless dazzling streaks of light. He didn’t withdraw from this type of state, still immersed within.

This was a type of instinctive movement. Just like before, the single heavenly passage was contracted to the extreme, becoming even more brilliant!

Then, that disk released a life and death great explosion!

In addition, Shi Hao released a deep roar, his body charging over as well. With a hong sound, his entire body rammed into the human form Darkness Immortal Gold being, sending it flying out.

This was an instantaneous enlightenment. He opened the treasury of his human body, pouring out endless power. It was terrifying to the extreme!

Shi Hao was immersed in a state of dao comprehension, just that he didn’t know if he could completely grasp all of the spiritual light. Now, he was just taking action muddle-headedly, the power erupting completely instinctively while in this type of state.

If he grasped these instincts, allowing him to unleash them at any time, just how frightening would that be?!

Meanwhile, if he could open up a completely new path from this, then it would be even more unimaginable. A path suitable for himself was the most powerful great dao!

The Darkness Immortal Gold being was flung out, covered in cracks once more. This time, it didn’t come over to release another attack. Radiance flickered about its body, and then it disappeared from this place.

Shi Hao was thinking bitterly, immersed in this type of state, not completely recovering yet. He continuously thought to himself, grasping at the mysterious path’s trajectory.

Just now, he experienced a brand new path with endless prospects. It made his heart full of hope!

This was extremely strange. Just now, he was still fighting a life and death great battle, fighting bloodily against the Immortal Gold being, almost about to die in the process.

Yet now, he was starting to understand everything, as if he was enlightened with perfect wisdom there, entering a mysterious state. He felt like he had achieved supreme enlightenment; he was comprehending the dao!

It was a difference of heaven and earth, everything was just that sudden!

While lingering between life and death, these two opposite extremes, two types of profound mysteries were tangling about, evolving and taking form in Shi Hao’s body. They began to rotate about, forming a life and death roulette.

He compressed his single heavenly passage again, condensing it to the extreme.

The heavenly passage surrounding his body became smaller, entering his abdomen. Then, it gradually became a single point, a speck of seed, looking like a golden immortal pill, shining with waves of brilliance there.

He engraved all types of bone texts and precious techniques’ natural laws onto it, illuminating the world within himself. Endless strands of light were released from his stomach!

Only, there was a hazy death energy that was wrapped around the immortal pill too, lingering about its surroundings. This scaled-down world within him carried both a holy and peaceful feeling, as well as an aura of destruction.

Shi Hao wanted to neutralize the death energy, cut off the inauspicious and only leave behind the divine.

However, he sensed that the profound mysteries were becoming more and more hazy, no longer being as profound and deep.

“Perhaps a bit shallow.” He unconsciously said to himself. Forcefully removing the death energy might not necessarily be a good thing.

Radiance, peace, brilliance, divinity, weren’t these the incarnations there ought to be?

Shi Hao stopped, no longer forcefully removing the death energy, allowing them to wander about as they pleased, pervading and wrapping around that resplendent ‘immortal pill’, letting nature take its course.

Between this heaven and earth, with life, there was death, with black, there would be white, with yin, there would be yang. They would always be opposed to each other, what pureness and absolute righteousness was there to speak of? While in his state of absent-mindedness, in that perplexed state, he developed this type of experience, deciding not to force anything.

The universe was just like this, with yin and yang in opposition. The human body was naturally like this as well.

As a result, when he looked at his body, he viewed it like a heaven and earth, like a human form cosmos, waiting to open his flesh divine treasury.

Following this moment of awakening, Shi Hao allowed the death energy to flow, swirl around that extreme point of gold. That was produced by contracting the single heavenly passage to the extreme until it was like a golden pill medicine.


Death energy invaded his body, entering the single golden pill, clashing with it.


Shi Hao coughed out blood, his body shaking intensely, his stomach almost exploding apart. He was half a step from breaking apart, his body and dao almost extinguished just like that.

His body shook intensely, many cracks appearing in his body, blood dripping everywhere. He was seriously injured.

Shi Hao woke up. He actually almost died?

The moment he opened his eyes, he discovered that he already walked into the pool. The pure white liquid was rich with fragrance, strand after strand of multicolored light rushing into his body.

Within his stomach, those injuries were quickly healing, nurtured by the brilliant divine liquid.

In addition, all of the shattered bones in his body began to move rhythmically, releasing kengqiang sounds. It was as if a war song was chanted, ringing through this place!

It was clear that after entering this brilliant and resplendent divine pond, his body underwent an intense transformation, quickly developing in a good direction. This was a type of evolution of his constitution!

However, Shi Hao couldn’t tend to these things. This was a profound and meaningful transformation in itself that was worth reflecting over, so he was willing to immerse himself in this experience.

However, he made himself ignore all of this, letting his body revive, his bones become tempered, while his thoughts returned to the state of dao comprehension just now.

He wanted to borrow this for realization, wanted to grasp that type of feeling. He didn’t wish to miss this dao comprehension that could affect his entire life.

It had to be said that that type of comprehension was too profound. Shi Hao grasped it, thought through it again, trying to restrict the heavenly passage. That type of feeling returned to him!

It was compressed to the extreme, the heavenly passage becoming the focal point. Then, it erupted again, creating both life and death energies!

“Not cutting off the death energy…”

It was as if he was talking in his sleep, repeatedly testing things out, continuously compressing and releasing it. He understood that having both yin and yang was the right way. He allowed the death energy to wind about this extreme point, letting it move around him.

It was just like a planet moving around a sun, spinning faster and faster. Eventually, terrifying force overflowed into the heavens, filling his body.

However, he was seriously injured once more. The revolving death energy and extreme point’s power were extremely strong, but it was about to tear apart his abdomen. The death energy within him was at an equilibrium with the extreme point, but compared to his flesh, there was definitely not a balance.

The death energy that revolved around the extreme point was like a blade, hacking at his flesh, seriously injuring his abdomen.

Fortunately, he was under the Evil Warding Divine Bamboo, soaked in its precious liquid. Otherwise, he would undoubtedly be in danger.

“Yin and yang have to be at equilibrium, the world inside the body needs to be at peace as well.” Shi Hao said to himself.

He suppressed the death energy, restraining it within the depths of his abdomen. Then, he released that ‘immortal pill’, having it release life energy, using it as a guide for sealing the death energy.

He tested things out again and again. The extreme point continuously exploded, yin and yang energies surging, life and death power tangling together.

Shi Hao was extremely cold, and also extremely silent. It was as if all of his emotions were frozen, not a single word uttered as he silently observed the changes of the world within his body. Right now, he was extremely serious, even more emotionless, examining his own body.

He lost track of time, unable to sense its circulation, completely casting it aside.

Time seemed to have come to a standstill, but it was also as if a millenium went by. For him, it was meaningless, because his mind already went on a journey into the world within his body.

He was calm, no emotions fluctuating, no joys or worries as he observed the various changes taking place in his abdomen.

In the end, that place became quiet. Yin and yang energies swirled, life and death at an equilibrium, forming a yin yang diagram.

Then, they scattered apart again, not displaying the true divine diagram.

“Tangible dao, intangible dao, there is no yin yang diagram to be seen in this world.” He said to himself. Those types of diagram traces couldn’t be seen, this was merely an abstract interpretation of the dao.

Shi Hao woke up, scattering this dao. The death energy formed an ocean that was pitch-black and without life force, while the life energy formed a spring of life that gushed outwards, intertwining with the sea of death.


However, with just a single thought, life and death would tangle together, forming a tangible yin yang diagram. That was the concrete appearance of the dao.

Heaven and earth rumbled, thunder clapped. Endless streaks of lightning descended from the sky, all of it hacking down on the earth, striking down on Shi Hao’s body.

He was startled awake. That type of method, that type of dao, there was now a embryonic form. He managed to feel out a true path. This left him shocked and happy. When the day came that he fully completed it, he had a feeling that there would definitely be great brilliance released. It might be a type of completely new system!

Of course, this was only the beginning, he only managed to figure out one part of the body. There were still many other treasuries waiting to be opened, the flesh containing the greatest truth of heaven and earth.

Only, he didn’t have time to think about it now. He was completely startled awake, pulled out from that dao comprehension state.

It was because of the streak of lightning that suddenly emerged, vast and boundless, all of it hacking down on him. The lightning had never been this terrifying before, about to hack him to death!

This was heavenly punishment that suddenly erupted, appearing mysteriously, the electricity endless and concentrated. Even with the Evil Warding Divine Bamboo to endure it, stopping many streaks, he was still struck through.

Shi Hao widened their eyes, in complete disbelief. Even when he was cultivating immortal energy and facing heavenly tribulation, it wasn’t as bad as this lightning tribulation.

One had to know that this was just the beginning, there was still endless lightning ahead, these latter streaks likely increasingly terrifying, simply about to blast him to ashes!

“Is it because I had just gained a flash of enlightenment and wish to tread on that path that it incurred heavenly judgment?” Shi Hao was alarmed!

Even though there was life and death danger, his eyes instead became increasingly brilliant. A great lightning tribulation descended in this world, trying to stop Shi Hao, this meant that his realizations just now were extraordinary!

This might be even more significant than when he cultivated immortal energy, or else it definitely wouldn’t be like this!

“My path!” Shi Hao said excitedly, roaring with laughter. Even though he would be blasted until his flesh was badly mangled in the next instant, sending his blood splashing everywhere, he still couldn’t help but feel great joy.

His bones were originally closed, starting to be reconstructed, but under the interweaving lightning, accompanied by the chaotic energy’s lightning, all of his bones were shattered once more.

It was to the extent where when his flesh was penetrated by streak after streak of lightning radiance, the holes went from one side of his body to the other!

Life and death were interdependent. At this time, Shi Hao didn’t feel any fear, not feeling despair. It was because he found that as his body was pierced by the lightning, the amount of pure white liquid that flowed out from the Evil Warding Divine Bamboo was even more numerous, the pearl-like pure white drops of liquid slid down from the bamboo trunk, far more gentle than if it landed on his skin.

His body was transformed once more!

The white liquid that flowed from the hole in the bamboo joint entered Shi Hao’s crushed bones, helping them fuse and heal, transforming and becoming even stronger.

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