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Chapter 1244 - Only Path

Not only the trunk of this water jar width bamboo, even the leaves were snow-white like jade. Divine radiance shone brilliantly. It towered in the sky, not shooting straight up like a normal bamboo, but was actually more like a young horned dragon. The trunk was curved, incredibly bold and strong, leaves luxuriant, fine white radiance dazzling.

It was accompanied with primal chaos energy. There was a pond by its roots, the pure white liquid releasing a great fragrance.

Only, none of these sacred scenes could make Shi Hao infatuated. His body instead became a bit ice-cold. What was that purple and sparkling ancient purple engraving trying to tell him?

The roar that undying being left behind was clearly full of unwillingness, even carrying a type of frustration, and a bit of despair. He was trying to find a way to neutralize the strange and inauspicious? This seemed a bit ridiculous!

It was because according to his roar, he was the source of chaos, the origin of darkness, where all of the terror came from. However, he actually wanted to neutralize this!

As Shi Hao thought more about it, he broke out into a cold shiver, all of his fine hairs standing on end, a chill running down his body from head to toe. In that instant, he thought of many things, recalling too much.


The humanoid Darkness Immortal Gold walked over, its body accompanied by vicious light. Its entire body surged with metallic divine multicolored light, as well as a type of murderous intent that made one tremble!

It was going to take action. It only had one purpose in guarding this location, which was to stop all intruders!

This servant from the foreign land had previously followed an undying expert. Its master rebuked heaven and earth, somewhat exceptionally powerful, so this type of metal person was naturally also incredibly frightening!

Only, it died, cut down here, and was then turned into a puppet!

What kind of place was this? To actually kill such a powerful foreign expert, using it for itself, this was but a humanoid figure made from Immortal Gold!


Shi Hao pulled out the Everlasting Immortal Sword, hacking forward with this incomparable sword core, about to fight a great battle against him.

The other party’s cultivation had been reduced greatly through this place’s natural laws. Its current cultivation realm that was half a level higher than his was still enough to suppress him, but it wasn’t to the point of leaving one in utter despair.

“This is a clash of true bodies. Do not rely on external goods.” That human form Darkness Immortal Gold actually released this type of sound, extremely machine-like and rigid, matching the characteristics of a puppet.

Shi Hao was stunned. Right now, when he didn’t put away the Everlasting Immortal Sword Core, the other party’s cultivation began to rise, becoming extremely dangerous. A streak of divine light rushed out from its skull, tearing through the heavens, about to hack down the sun, moon, and stars!

Shi Hao sucked in a cold breath of air, silently putting away the sword core. Otherwise, the other party’s cultivation would be completely released, thus not leaving him with the slightest bit of hope.

Was this a type of test? Shi Hao sighed inwardly. This really was a barrier that left him helpless.

He was already seriously injured, all of the bones in his body cracked apart, golden bone marrow flowing from his shattered bones, so one could see what kind of state he was in. Would he even be able to fight his opponent like this?

“Come at me then!” Shi Hao released a low roar. His head of long hair fluttered about, his eyes sharp like heavenly blades. He took the initiative to press over.


The heavens shook and earth swayed. It was as if two comets collided! The Darkness Immortal Gold cast metal being also erupted with power, not using any tricks. The two’s fist smashed together.

The scene was too horrifying!

Blood erupted in all directions. Shi Hao’s fist split apart, blood and divine light filled the sky, pieces of bones scattering outwards, his flesh becoming badly mangled. He suffered an extremely terrifying blow.

This was Darkness Divine Gold, known as a rare treasure for refining true immortal weapons. After becoming human formed, when one faced it head-on like this, it would be difficult to find someone with a sturdier physique than this being!

Shi Hao naturally suffered a loss. How could flesh compare to Immortal Gold?

Perhaps if he became an unmatched creature, able to look down on past and present, his flesh reigning supreme under the heavens, then he might be able to face this Darkness Immortal Gold being head-on. Otherwise, he couldn’t face it head-on.

Shi Hao staggered backwards, looking at this humanoid Darkness Immortal Gold.

This type of trial was too strange. Who could pass it?

In terms of physique, Immortal Gold was definitely more powerful than flesh, a fundamental difference in character. Even if he was the most powerful body refinement cultivator, it still wouldn’t be enough in this cultivation realm, not this being’s opponent.

Meanwhile, if it was in terms of cultivation, the other party was half a realm higher than his, the difference not small!

This was a situation that would leave one feeling extremely bitter. The Evil Warding Divine Bamboo was just up ahead, yet there was this type of person standing in his way. How was he supposed to go over? How was he supposed to make it past this?!

“Kill!” Shi Hao’s eyebrows stood on end, the look in his eyes becoming forceful. He completely erupted with strength, not wishing to die here. He wanted to break through the past, transcend above.

At this moment, all of his spiritual essence surged, his divine senses boiling, flesh becoming brilliant and dazzling, becoming not much different from an Immortal Gold being. He released all of his power, used precious techniques, and then charged murderously at this powerful enemy.


Kun Peng Technique, unique and without equal, the first ‘Vicious Ten precious technique’ he obtained. It released the most dazzling brilliance here.

A divine bird released blinding light, throwing itself at the Immortal Gold person.

Only, the other party also possessed unmatched methods, and even more so a higher cultivation. Together with his incomparable physique, this battle was just too difficult for Shi Hao, not a decisive battle at the same level!

Shi Hao now fully understood why the Great Elder didn’t come, instead having him come alone. This was a trial of life and death, pretty much a path of death.

“Hah, if I can’t even make it past this trial, how can I surpass the ancients, use my body as a seed?!” Shi Hao roared angrily, strengthening his conviction.

He fought intensely against the Darkness Immortal Gold being, continuously colliding. One could see a blood soaked Kun Peng weaving about, striking the nine heavens above, diving down into the nine hells below.

He fought from the sky above to the earth below, then from the ground back to the nine firmaments. Blood splashed all over the skies, the scene incredibly miserable.

The Darkness Immortal Gold being became more and more frightening. At first, he was only half a cultivation realm higher, but eventually, it was simply about to completely transcend above, his cultivation becoming greater and greater, about to become a whole realm higher!

Kun Peng soaked in blood, a battle of despair.

Too many unexpected things happened in the search for medicine this time, everything exceeding Shi Hao’s imaginations. At first, it was the war god marking, and then there was this road of death.

Immortal energy surged from within Shi Hao’s body, wrapping around his fist as he smashed it at that humanoid Darkness Immortal Gold being.


However, in that instant, the human form Immortal Gold’s fist also became brilliant. Streak after streak of immortal light surged, becoming even more astonishing.

What was it? It was Darkness Immortal Gold we were talking about!

This was a weapon refining material used by True Immortals, naturally carrying immortal dao nature. Ascension light surged, immediately bracing the immortal energy, this burning sea about to drown Shi Hao underneath.

This was the most bitter battle. Shi Hao’s fist released ge beng ge beng noises. Blood flew out, his body in incomparable pain. 

In terms of cultivation realms, the other’s was higher than his; in terms of immortal dao aura, the other’s was thicker; as for physique, the other’s was incomparable!

Regardless of how the two were compared, this was not a battle of the same level. There was no fairness to speak of at all.

“Lightning Emperor Secret Technique!” Shi Hao activated lightning, sending endless electricity down on the metal being.

This was quite effective. The other party’s Immortal Gold body seemed as if it was going to melt, already starting to deform, about to turn into a liquid form. The most dazzling radiance flowed from his body, the blazing temperature distorting space.

However, when the lightning finally dissipated, it recombined together, turning into an Immortal Gold being again, not dissolving at all!

“He was injured?”

Shi Hao’s eyes flickered with brilliance, noticing some clues. He continued to release lightning methods until all of the electricity was depleted and he was completely spent. 

“The Immortal Gold being is gradually developing resistance, no longer scared of lightning?” Shi Hao was shocked.

Eventually, the metal liquid that the other party dissolved into was everywhere, but it still fought with him, now even a bit more terrifying.

It was no longer in human form, yet it could still fight!


Shi Hao shouted out. Reincarnation Divine Ability was displayed, his own innate supreme being technique displayed. He fought with this Immortal Gold being until he went completely berserk.

The battle was bitter, Shi Hao fighting endlessly with everything he had. As the battle went on, Shi Hao felt like his body and bones were going to collapse soon.

“A battle to surpass oneself!” An indifferent, emotionless divine will rang through this place. This was a type of natural law, as well as a power that protected this place.

It could order all of the puppets here, maintain order in this place.

This voice spoke about the truth, only by transcending oneself, rising above all others at his level could he win this battle, defeat the Immortal Gold being.

Was he to defeat the strong as the weak? Shi Hao’s precious techniques surged. He roared out, all of his great methods displayed. Eventually, even the Six Dao Reincarnations had been displayed who knew how many times, but he still couldn’t kill it.

“It is a battle of hope, not a battle of despair. Exceed those before you, surpass supreme beings at this level from past to present, and only then can you leave this place, truly rise up above!”

Shi Hao heard that voice again, its words making his mind pound greatly.

“Immortal Ancient was destroyed, all in despair, not a ray of hope to be seen…” That ancient voice rang through this place, carrying a type of sadness.

It was here to stop those who came later. If this trial couldn’t be crossed, then there was no hope at all, they wouldn’t be able to compare to the creatures on the other side. Only by crossing this trial did one have a chance of stirring up something!

This voice clearly told him that in the end, the Darkness Immortal Gold being would become an unmatched sect master level figure, suppress him with its greater cultivation realm!

This was an enormous disparity, not a step over a small cultivation realm. This was the complete domination of a creature who had immortal dao energy, like an immortal mountain that had towered for ten thousand years, unmovable!

Eventually, Shi Hao went absolutely crazy. All types of precious techniques flew out, it was as if immortal swords flew out from his body one after another, erupting with exceptional brilliance.

If this was in the outside world, if someone saw this, they would definitely be greatly shocked!

At this age, this level, Shi Hao had such world-shaking combat strength. How many people in this great era could compare to him?

Only, in this place, he was on the defensive, ready to fall at any time. He was almost killed by the Immortal Gold person several times, a battle that truly left him feeling helpless!


Shi Hao fought until he went mad. He saw a piece of limestone next to that pond below the Evil Warding Divine Bamboo, on it a line of blurry text written in Immortal Ancient characters.

“This side of the world, the so-called land of hope, one of the hidden powers, is nothing more than this. I was here, and I have acquired the Evil Warding Divine Bamboo’s liquid.”

Then, there was another imprint that was extremely strange and special. This was the symbol of a foreign emperor clan!

The light in Shi Hao’s eyes immediately became brilliant. That was something left behind by a youngster. He saw through the imprints that person left behind, within it fragmented scenes.

There was someone who had previously succeeded, slaughtering his way here, using the liquid from the divine pool to refine his body!

Shi Hao raised his head, looking towards that hole on the divine bamboo. Pure white liquid flowed out from it. This should be the work of that creature.

“A foreign expert from the end stages of the last great era had previously succeeded!” Shi Hao was greatly shocked. There really were people with heaven warping talent! However, they were actually from the enemy’s side.

However, he also saw that the words left behind on the bluestone seemed to not completely mean what it said. The final strokes were extremely careless, clearly lacking strength. The other party should have likely barely avoided death and succeeded.

“I will naturally succeed as well!” Shi Hao roared.

At this moment, his single heavenly passage contracted, all types of precious techniques engraving themselves on it. In the end, it continuously contracted, fully withdrawn into his body.

Eventually, the shining heavenly passage was suppressed to its extreme. It was like a little sun, withdrawn into his belly. It was like a spherical sea, releasing world-shocking light there!


Shi Hao was a bit absent-minded and distracted, there was even more so a type of full comprehension. All of the techniques flowed past his heart. In a daze, he seemed to have seen a different path.

“Hovering between life and death, the partition between the two, I’ve seen hope…” It was as if he was talking deliriously. Then, everything erupted.


The sphere of light that was suppressed immediately exploded, becoming a disk, sending the Immortal Gold person flying, making it break apart.

“My path, my dao, this is the path where it will all start from!” Shi Hao gained a flash of enlightenment, developing a type of new cognition, heart sensing something, mind obtaining insights. The light in his eyes became increasingly brilliant.

That Immortal Gold being dropped on the ground, the cracks frightening!

Shi Hao walked over towards that pool step by step, wishing to enter inside. However, what his mind was thinking about was the eruption that just occurred, as well as his own insights. That was a path!

Shi Hao was absent-minded. He felt like he was comprehending the dao, a dao that belonged to himself!

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