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Chapter 1243 - Breaking Through

That bamboo was pure white like jade, almost transparent, multicolored light released in endless amounts, auspicious brilliance rushing into the heavens, lightning radiance swirling about, chaotic energy surging, miraculous and shocking!

Shi Hao had never thought that a bamboo could actually be like this, like the creation of heaven and earth. That person couldn’t be approached, divine light flying about, holy multicolored light rising.

“It doesn’t look far, but it is unknown if you will be able to approach it. I do not dare walk the path ahead.” The old farmer said. While speaking, he turned into a shadow, drifting backwards. In the end, he entered a stone wall, becoming a stone engraving.

Shi Hao paused briefly, and then he walked forward resolutely. He came precisely for the Evil Warding Divine Bamboo, and he even saw it before him, so how could he give up on it?


A war spear that was dripping with blood pierced through the void, flying at Shi Hao. That type of force, that type of murderous energy truly made one shiver inwardly, their souls about to become rigid.

Even the powerful Shi Hao was alarmed. He lost control of his body, corroded by the murderous energy, difficult for him to even budge. He was about to fall apart here!


Shi Hao released a great roar. The space between his brows shone, his primordial spirit as if ignited, continuously surging with power, eventually, it was as if a golden sea was boiling!

This was a struggling of the soul! It was burning, in chaos!

He broke free from the restrictions. After taking a deep breath, he hacked out with the Everlasting Immortal Sword.


The sword core and that war spear collided, multicolored light rushing into the heavens between the two weapons. It was as if a star exploded, blowing up here!

At the same time, Shi Hao’s body trembled, feeling this war spear’s power steeply declining. Otherwise, the power would be simply enough to cut down stars, but right now, it was trembling.

Following a muffled sound, the bleeding war spear turned into a bat, flying backwards. This was a heroic spirit, one that was extremely powerful and dared to attack him.

Shi Hao understood what was happening. It originally possessed world shocking power, but it was restrained by the sword core in his hand.

One had to understand that many creatures along the way retreated after seeing the Everlasting Immortal Sword, not daring to approach.

Yet this bat dared to attack him.

The bat was scarlet red like blood, its eyes golden. At this time, it suddenly swelled in size, and then terrifying sound waves were fired out, rippling towards Shi Hao.


The Everlasting Immortal Sword shone, a rain of light scattering down. Bright multicolored light pervaded the air, blocking those ripples. A humanoid figure appeared on the sword core, as if it was going to ascend in the brilliance.


Finally, an expanse of brilliant light erupted. That bat released a shrill cry, and then fled, not appearing again.

This place became calm once more. Shi Hao breathed heavily, his chest rising and falling. There was a small crack in the space between his brows, blood flowing out from it. Just now, his entire body went cold, feeling as if he was going to die.

This place was extremely dangerous!

What he felt just now wasn’t an illusion. That heroic spirit was different from the ones outside! It was powerful and merciless, murderous energy released from its body as it arrived. If not for the Everlasting Immortal Sword suppressing it, Shi Hao would undoubtedly be in danger!

It was because that type of power was on a completely different level, too frightening. It might have even took over his body, occupying his head, replacing his primordial spirit.

Just how many years have passed now? How could the heroic spirits still be like this? Could it be that they recovered some of their past memories?

Shi Hao found it difficult to calm down, to the extent where he began to shiver inwardly. It was because even though the situation just now looked simple, it was actually extremely dangerous. That bat was ridiculously powerful.

“There were some who came here in the past. If they were also heavenly deities, how would they have escaped these life or death situations?” Shi Hao said to himself.

He lightly stroked the sword core. If he didn’t have this thing, the result would be completely different. He believed that if there were other heavenly deities that came here, they definitely had to have secret treasures and other things they relied on.

“That old thing had previously said that the more powerful the one who enters, the greater the pressure they faced.” Shi Hao’s eyes flickered with radiance.

He quickly advanced along the path.

“En? Why is it this far?” Shi Hao was confused. He clearly saw the white bamboo, but the distance didn’t get that much shorter. He was still on the path.

One had to understand that he possessed extreme speed!

Finally, an hour later, after Shi Hao had even lost track of how many li he had crossed, he began to approach the foot of this mountain.

Meanwhile, there was a vacant space here without plants, only scorched earth. Not a single blade of grass grew. This barren area rested between Shi Hao and that mountain.


Immediately afterwards, something that made his scalp go numb happened. When Shi Hao had just stepped foot into this place, countless heroic spirits appeared. It was as if over ten thousand malicious spirits were howling and wailing, covering heaven and earth, numerous and close together as they threw themselves towards Shi Hao.

All types of light surged together. Dragon sparrows, demonic apes, spiders, bats, and all different types of powerful creatures emerged at the same time, throwing themselves at Shi Hao. They were all damaged and incomplete heroic spirits.


At this moment, the Everlasting Immortal Sword rumbled, releasing endless streaks of sword light, shining with incomparable brilliance. He fought intensely here.

Shi Hao’s skull had long been fractured to who knew how many pieces, but his primordial spirit didn’t leave his body. However, countless heroic spirits were rushing at that location, wishing to occupy his body.


The Everlasting Immortal Sword pierced into those heroic spirits’ bodies. Some cried out miserably, running away, others turned into scattered ashes. There were some who didn’t fear death at all, still rushing at him, wishing to enter his body.

Honglong! Shi Hao put on the tattered armor, rust covering its surface. This was suspected to be left behind by the Lightning Emperor, the armor itself full of holes. Right now, it fully erupted, lightning released in millions and millions of streaks.

However, despite all of this, he was still drowned under the heroic spirits. This place boiled with activity, ghosts wept, deities howled, all life screaming miserably!

It was unknown just what exactly happened in the past. There were countless heroic spirits here, too many souls of creatures killed in battle, their remnant souls left behind here, carrying resentment, wishing to tear apart everything.

Those heroic spirits were completely different from the ones outside the mountain gate, all of them extremely dangerous!


Blood scattered out like rain. Shi Hao’s flesh almost burst apart, bone exposed. Those creatures flocked over, wanting to enter his body, smash into his bones.


Shi Hao hacked backwards. The Everlasting Immortal Sword’s radiance covered his surroundings, the sword edge even entering his own body, this battle incredibly bitter.

He truly never expected picking the Evil Warding Divine Bamboo would be this difficult, everything that happened completely unexpected.

After fighting in a muddle-headed state for who knew how long, Shi Hao discovered that those creatures had ran. This sword core began to tremble, also looking like it was vibrating, and then everything became calm.

Shi Hao’s body was in tatters, blood covering his entire body. His head felt a bit blank, to the extent where he couldn’t recall everything that happened just now.

“Is it over?”

He got up, and then continued forward.


Beneath his feet, a boulder burst, an almost transparent person walking out. Then, the sunlight shone down on him, the radiance magnificent, multicolored light overflowing into the heavens.

“Diamond Race!”

Shi Hao was shocked. This was a creature made of diamond, extremely rare, but exceptionally sturdy. Only, it had long been turned into a puppet by another.

In that split second, this diamond being erupted with heaven-overflowing natural law force. It was as if this entire world was going to be extinguished!

However, another type of natural law immediately appeared in this place, suppressing the diamond being. The natural laws were restrained, and then it began to decline, finally only becoming half a cultivation realm stronger than the Heavenly Deity Realm.

“Suppress!” Shi Hao said to himself. He thought of the old farmer’s words, that this place would definitely suppress intruders, but that there was still hope. The diamond being’s cultivation realm was higher than the heavenly deity realm, but it wasn’t to the point of making one feel utter despair.


This was a great battle, one that was world-shaking. The Diamond Race’s physiques were powerful to the extreme, this barbarous collision making Shi Hao feel like he was going to break apart.

This was fatal damage, because right now, all the bones in Shi Hao’s body were broken. By that golden ancient shrine, he was hammered by the war god markings, these injuries still haven’t healed.


The Diamond Race puppet was unequalled in boldness and power, a body cultivator type struggle was carried out between Shi Hao and itself!

Blood splashed out, pieces of bone flew out. Shi Hao suffered serious injuries, he truly never thought that the picking of medicine this time would be so dangerous, as if he fell straight into hell.


After thousands of strikes and collisions, Shi Hao’s body was almost in pieces, the ground soaked in blood and bone fragments that fell out, but he finally smashed apart the diamond being!

“I won?” His breathing was rushed, injuries covering his entire body. The bone pieces on the ground flew over piece by piece, returning to his body once more, starting to piece himself back together.

He had never fought a battle this bitter before. He didn’t fight against renowned geniuses, but rather a puppet that had was left from Immortal Ancient, making him feel extremely conflicting emotions inside.

Then, Shi Hao ascended the mountain, wishing to approach the most ancient stalk of Evil Warding Divine Bamboo.

The instant he turned around, he saw the diamond puppet reassemble, becoming as good as before. It then gradually merged into a giant rock, thus disappearing.

He sucked in a cold breath of air!

Shi Hao arrived at the mountain top. Most of the lightning had disappeared, now only having primal chaos left. It wrapped around the Evil Warding Divine Bamboo that was entirely white, even its leaves pure white like snow.

This bamboo towered into the heavens, as thick as a water jar. It really was too brilliant, a divine aura spreading from it, making one feel ashamed of their own inferiority. It was as if he was facing the most noble plant in this world.

It could subdue curses, shatter all things nefarious.

“Reverse the universe.” There were only these words here. Was this used to describe this stalk of bamboo?

Shi Hao was completely silent. He recalled all types of inauspicious things; could this bamboo neutralize all of those things?


There was still one last trial awaiting him. A pitch-black metal person walked over, appearing abruptly. Its entire body flickered with great dao traces, sturdy and imperishable, making one feel intimidated from the first glance.

“Darkness Immortal Gold?!” Shi Hao was shocked. There was a metal being here, its body not having any bit of impurity, completely made of Darkness Immortal Gold.

This was just too extravagant! Who was it that forged this?

Soon afterwards, he understood. This was previously a powerful creature who had unmatched strength, but it was then subdued by another, had its life ended, and then forcefully refined into a puppet.

It was still a puppet!


The human form Darkness Immortal Gold being sent a fist smashing towards the sky, actually blasting through the heavens! Great stars exploded in outer space, the star fragments directly crashing down!

Shi Hao’s entire body went cold. What kind of power was this? How was he supposed to resist against this?

However, there was still a mysterious restriction that activated here, forcefully suppressing this being, making the humanoid Darkness Immortal Gold’s strength decline sharply. In the end, it became only a bit stronger than a heavenly deity.

“It ended up like this again!” Shi Hao’s mind trembled.

“I came from the other side of the world, following an undying being here in the past, but ended up dying here” The Darkness Immortal Gold being actually released this bit of divine will fragment.

Shi Hao was stunned. This was a foreign creature, one who previously slaughtered his way here behind an undying being. What was the story behind this?

Next to the Evil Warding Divine Bamboo was a shining purple boulder. A line of markings appeared. That was a creature, one who was endlessly frightening, as if it could cross over time and arrive, able to sever time itself.

It sat there, unknown if it was feeling joy or sorrow. “How laughable, I had already achieved the undying, yet I actually came here to search for the so-called Evil Warding Divine Bamboo to break the inauspicious. It truly is absurd! If others found out, would they treat this story with ridicule or indifference?”

“I am precisely the strange and inauspicious, so what was there to even break?!” Eventually, he went crazy, starting to roar out. His body then gradually scattered.

Shi Hao was shocked, staring blankly at that sparkling purple stone wall, not saying a single word. What happened back then? He seemed to have vaguely seized bits of something.

There was a hole on a certain bamboo joint, pure white liquid continuously dripping out from within, scattering down. These droplets collected into a pool of divine liquid that flourished with divine light by the bamboo’s roots.

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