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Chapter 1242 - As If Walking On Level Ground

The path was like a bridge that connected to these hills, leading into Immortal Mound region.

White mists rose strand after strand. A small golden waterfall flowed down the mountain body, everything in this place shockingly beautiful, carrying a type of immortal dao aura. The area wasn’t small, at the very least, one couldn’t see the other end. The most important thing was that this place was suspended in the sky, far from the ground surface, so this type of holy and pure mound region was naturally extremely mysterious.

Only, no matter where one stood on the ground, this place couldn’t be seen.

“Ah…” Along the way, there were many people who howled as they clutched their heads, some who even rolled all over the ground, in great suffering. The students from the two academies lost themselves here.

“Haha… I obtained Immortal Ancient’s number one scripture, an unmatched great method! I am destined to become unmatched under the heavens!” Someone roared with laughter, going crazy there, tears about to come out while laughing.

In the void, from time to time, light flowed across. Those were the imprints left behind by heroic spirits, these imprints greatly affecting everyone, invading their primordial spirits.

However, as time went on, those heroic spirit imprints would leave, not truly destroying these people. This was the reason why the two academy’s elders dared to let the disciples come here.

There were some that would wake up again, recover, but if the next heroic spirit imprint attached to them, if they still couldn’t hold on, then they would go crazy again.

There were some who obtained benefits from this as well. Heroic spirit fragments were leftover consciousness, the spiritual imprints left behind by ancient unmatched experts, so there might be world-shaking methods carried within them. If one’s luck was good enough, able to obtain the acknowledgement of a heroic spirit’s ruined soul, then they might obtain a world shocking inheritance.

Of course, these types of lucky individuals were extremely rare, because the heroic spirit fragments were too badly damaged, long losing independent will, and few would actually take the initiative to complete another.

“You… are Huang!” There were some on the path who became clear-headed. They saw that Shi Hao wasn’t affected as he walked on this path, all of them greatly shocked. Just how powerful was this person’s willpower?

Shi Hao continued going forward. Even though there were heroic spirits who threw themselves over from time to time, they were all blasted aside by his powerful blood energy. He was like a True Dragon that was moving around this world!

His bones were split open, golden blood marrow flowing through his body, releasing an incomparably frightening aura, unable to conceal it even if he tried. This actually pushed back the heroic spirits!

Of course, there were still some heroic spirits who threw themselves over, all of them incredibly powerful, simply about to produce tangible bodies, their auras devouring the sun, moon, mountains, and rivers.

It was precisely because of Shi Hao’s golden bone marrow that they were drawn over, as if their past memories were stirred. They were previously unmatched creatures, having this type of blood energy.


Shi Hao pulled out the Everlasting Immortal Sword. It was extremely strange and miraculous, flickering with ascension light, each slash cutting down an extremely powerful heroic spirit. They no longer dared approach again.

Shi Hao was long aware how strange this sword was, but he still couldn’t help but feel moved. It could actually display might here, forcing back this type of heroic spirit! 


Right at this moment, a heroic spirit suddenly turned into a divine sword, similarly resplendent, erupting with five-colored brilliance. It hacked at Shi Hao, directly aiming for the space between his brows.

As a result, blood flowed from Shi Hao’s forehead, his skull about to split open. If nothing was done, he would definitely be captured, his body invaded by the heroic spirit, forced to fight against him.

A single mistake and he would be like the others, lost for a very long time!

However, the Everlasting Immortal Sword brandished about, carrying hazzy radiance, making that heroic spirit scream out, “This sword… how could it be… still in this world?!”

It actually released a great shout, a divine will that Shi Hao could clearly sense, leaving him greatly shaken up!

“A heroic spirit with spiritual awareness, as well as its past thoughts?” His fine hairs stood on end. Then, hot blood surged within him, his arms grabbing at that heroic spirit.

Unfortunately, it fled. Moreover, at the final moment, that sword body turned into a creature, the expression in its eyes went stiff once more, no longer showing any vitality.

That was a humanoid creature, of course, it was extremely damaged, less than a third of its body left, long left in ruins a long time ago.

Finally, those who became clear-headed became a bit more numerous, all of them without a doubt powerful individuals, all the finest of talents!

“It’s… Shi Hao!”

When these people saw him, their expressions immediately changed. Right now, Shi Hao was clear-headed, no longer that person seated before the ancient shrine. If conflict sparked between them, who wouldn’t feel fear?

These were all cultivators from the two academies, none of them forgetting the great divine might Shi Hao displayed in Heavenly Deity Institution.

“He’s actually completely unaffected, one sword each, sending all of the heroic spirits flying!” Someone said with a gasp.

Along the way, Shi Hao saw a few old acquaintances, but he didn’t disturb them. It was because they were seated on the path, struggling against the heroic spirits.

This wouldn’t put their lives in danger, and it might be an instance of natural luck.

Meanwhile, when he saw those who previously bore hostility against him, he felt disinclined to give them a second look. He didn’t stop his steps, continuing forward.

Finally, he arrived before the mountain gate, about to enter the Immortal Mound depths. A mysterious door rested here.

Two stone mountains stretched out horizontally, guarding this place like two great doors.

Green jade bamboos surrounded him, all of them extremely brilliant, releasing sparkling radiance, as if they were carved from the most beautiful divine stone.

Unfortunately, these weren’t Evil Warding Divine Bamboo.

In this world, Evil Warding Divine Bamboo were just too rare, incomparably precious, their value astonishing. It could ward off evil spirits, defend against curses, poisonous substances, and could nourish the human body, prevent all methods from invading.

A group of people stood at the mountain gate, all of them drenched in sweat, wishing to enter through the mountain gate, yet couldn’t.

There were no lack of young supreme beings with three strands of immortal energy among them, the most powerful young cultivators from the two academies lined up here!

When these people saw Shi Hao, they were naturally alarmed. Some of them had provoked him not too long ago, a few even taking action.

“Make way please.” Shi Hao walked over, speaking calmly.

He could feel that the domain field here was extremely astonishing, stopping everyone from advancing, making them feel as if they had entered a swamp, difficult for them to proceed.

When these people heard what he said, they were all stumped. Then, their faces turned red, he didn’t place them in his eyes at all, feeling like they were standing in his way!

Only, they only made it here with great difficulty, all of them entering this ‘swamp’, difficult for them to move at all. The slightest careless movement might result in them being sent flying by the domain.

Shi Hao frowned, now also feeling the tremendous domain force. That space was distorted, about to tear him apart. This was especially the case when his bones were currently shattered, right now even more so releasing ka ka sounds.

However, he held on. Blood energy surged, protecting his body. In addition, he supported the single heavenly passage, forcefully pressing ahead into this place.

“Move to the side!” Shi Hao spoke again. It was because the space between the two mountains was just too narrow, like a thread linking the heavens. Those people all blocked the path.

Someone vomited blood, almost ripped apart by the domain.

Shi Hao avoided this, moving around him. In the end, those people looked on helplessly as Shi Hao calmly walked forward, all of them alarmed and ashamed. He was just too powerful, actually not being affected!

Later on, Shi Hao saw a familiar person, Wang Xi whose clothes were purer than snow. Her thighs were trembling, her body crushed by the domain until she was about to fall.

She was walking at the front. Right now, she sensed an aura behind her that was extremely familiar. Then, she realized that this was Shi Hao who caught up.

At this moment, she became nervous, fearing an ambush, scared of a battle happening here. Now, Wang Xi already understood that Shi Hao couldn’t be fought head-on. Unless the most powerful young supreme beings from Immortal and Sacred Academy took action, like Little Sky King, no one else in the same generation could defeat him.

The road was extremely narrow. There was no way Shi Hao would remain unaffected here. His breathing was rushed, the air he released from his mouth like that of a True Dragon’s, roiling with heat.

At this moment, the fine hairs on Wang Xi’s back stood up. It was because she felt a surging heat that made her entire body uncomfortable and unnatural. This was just too awkward, actually encountering Shi Hao in this type of situation.

Shi Hao stopped. He gave the beautiful rear figure less than three foot away a look, not saying anything, only silently watching her.

He didn’t take action, because there were old monsters outside. If something really did happen, he wouldn’t be able to get away either.

Moreover, right now, he really didn’t have any desire to take action. All he wanted was to find the Evil Warding Divine Bamboo and start his cultivation, allow himself to soar into the heavens.

Wang Xi was incredibly nervous, her entire body shining, her body taut, ready to erupt with strength at any time.

“Are you going to walk or not?” Shi Hao said softly, making her body shake greatly.

At this moment, Wang Xi felt a type of embarrassment. The other person didn’t care at all, she was all nervous for no reason. Huang didn’t care about these matters right now in the slightest.

She didn't say anything. While biting down on her bright red lips, she moved her feet with difficulty, her exquisite and curvy body sticking to the stone wall beside her, and thus finally moving out of the way. However, she herself almost collapsed, blood flowing out from the corners of her lips.

The domain here was too powerful, too difficult to bear.

Shi Hao’s steps were steady, directly walking forward, not showing the slightest bit of hesitation.

Wang Xi was greatly moved. The other party really was too domineering, not being restricted here.

“Sister-in-law, that person is too frightening! In the future, he might become a competitor for big bro, so we should try our best not to provoke him right now.” Only when Shi Hao departed into the distance did the voice of someone from Sacred Academy transmit over.


Right at this moment, this path shook intensely. Everyone saw Shi Hao brandish his fist, smashing open a layer of golden barrier. He broke through the mountain gate, entering.

At the very front of the path was a golden divine gate blocking the way, one formed from condensed tangible multicolored light.

After a long time had passed and everyone arrived here with difficulty, they tried to strike at it, but they all failed, difficult for them to even move it. There were even more people who spat out blood from their mouths.

“Why is he this powerful? He blasted it open with a single fist?”


“I suspect that his three strands of immortal energy were cultivated by himself, not something bestowed by seniors through special conditions.”

It was as if Shi Hao was walking on level ground! He charged through the mountain gate alone, shocking everyone. Even those who also cultivated three strands of immortal energy felt speechless.

They all knew that Huang might very well really obtain the Evil Warding Divine Bamboo!

After Shi Hao moved through the golden barrier, he stopped, because he felt a mysterious aura. Divine multicolored light surged, entering his body, making him feel comfortably warm, incredibly relaxed and peaceful.

This place definitely had great treasures!

He immediately felt this, feeling both joy and worry.

Then, he went on his way again, continuing into Immortal Mound, starting his search for Evil Warding Divine Bamboo.


Suddenly, on a stone mountain, a strange bird flew over. It was terrifying and powerful, actually releasing a beast roar, throwing itself at Shi Hao’s primordial spirit.

“A heroic spirit that is still relatively complete?”

Shi Hao was shocked. This type of thing was still in such good condition, perhaps it had memories of the past!

He held the Everlasting Immortal Sword in hand, aiming it at this bird.


Crazy winds swept about. This bird stopped in midair, staring at the Everlasting Immortal Sword, not approaching.


Shi Hao moved the sword. As a result, the bird immediately spread its wings, fleeing.

“It really is strange!” Shi Hao said to himself.

Then, an old individual walked out, in his hands a medicine shovel. “Someone else has arrived here… all opportunities must be obtained by yourself.”

“You are…?” Shi Hao was horrified.

There was actually an old farmer who appeared in this place, opening his mouth and speaking. It really was a bit strange.

“I am merely a drawing engraved on the stone wall by someone in the past, developed a bit of spirituality over the years, in charge of protecting this place and guiding later generations.” The old farmer said.

Shi Hao was stupefied, and then he trembled inwardly. Who was the one that engraved this? That person clearly had world shaking power, or else how could a drawing develop life?

“I must consult senior for advice!” Shi Hao spoke respectfully.

“Once you continue forward, every powerful individual will be treated equally, the pressure you face will match your cultivation realm. It will be extremely dangerous. Do you still wish to proceed?”

“I will continue!” Shi Hao spoke without hesitation, moreover asking if there were Evil Warding Divine Bamboo here.

“There are a few, the oldest stalk still never discovered by others.” The old farmer said.

Shi Hao seriously consulted this old farmer, asking a few more questions, and then he advanced forward with great steps.

After continuing for who knew how long, he saw a stone mountain in the distance. There was a snow-white trunk at the top of the mountain, its diameter as wide as a jar’s. Pure white radiance was released from it, this item incredibly holy.


Suddenly, primal chaos lightning erupted, continuously exploding around it.

The scene immediately changed from peaceful to violent. Shi Hao widened his eyes, just what kind of tree was this, actually guiding primal chaos lightning down onto it?!

“Yi, it actually appeared, the most ancient Evil Warding Divine Bamboo!” The old farmer was shocked.

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