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Chapter 1241 - War God Marking

Shi Hao’s spiritual awareness was sharp, senses extraordinary, immediately realizing that the divine disk appeared behind him, currently reflecting those mysterious people.

They all represented great dao, unmatched imprints, resonating with this place, chanting and singing in front of the temple. Endless years ago, there was a group of people like this who comprehended the dao, residing here long-term!

Shi Hao sensed something, obtaining some type of insight. He walked forward step by step, enduring the mountainous pressure. The more than two hundred bones within his body shook, releasing ka ka sounds, as if he might break apart at any time.

However, he didn’t stop, walking over slowly and steadily. He arrived before the ancient temple whose tiles and walls were all entirely made of gold, approaching this group of people.

Then, Shi Hao sat down, sitting behind this group of people. Even though there was still a bit of distance, this was already his limit.

This left him horrified. Just what type of creatures were these? The engravings they left behind were already this powerful, to the point where even someone as strong as him, reaching the so-called number one in Heavenly Deity Realm, couldn’t enter and be with them.


The moment Shi Hao sat down, his right leg snapped. As he began his meditation, he heard the chanting of natural gods and devils. His bones felt as if they were being struck, releasing dang dang sounds.

Pain! Intense and unendurable pain!


A great impact sounded. Shi Hao was shaking, his entire body jerking and contorting!

He seemed to have been dealt the heaviest blow, his entire body starting to distort. His bones weren’t enough to support him, his body about to lay paralyzed on the ground, bizarre and terrifying. 

Shi Hao’s joints were starting to come apart!

At this moment, all of the bones in his body were cracking, and then they snapped. Afterwards, even more numerous and fine cracks appeared, the bone material completely breaking apart.

This was the most terrifying unexpected development, simply making one feel despair.

However, Shi Hao forcefully supported his body, making his flesh recover. The shattered bones didn’t drift apart, instead forcefully piecing them together, continuing to endure this pressure.

He was suffering, but even more so exceeding his past self. It was because he immediately knew the moment he sat down, aware of this result. Even though the pain was unbearable, he was still inwardly content.

It was because he was enduring a tempering and refinement!

Those chanting sounds, the sutras of natural gods and devils were comprehended by him, allowing him to hear a type of supreme divine sound. His bones were blasted apart, as if they were being refined a hundred times over.

He knew that the Great Elder had deeper reasoning behind his choice to make him come here. It was not only because of the Evil Warding Divine Bamboo and Yellow Springs Fruit, there was also this type of frightening and cruel baptism.

He saw that group of ancient people there, these individuals like war gods. They were researching the dao, comprehending scriptures, polishing their bodies. Meanwhile, he broke in, blending in, his body thus starting to pulse and vibrate!

When a normal person entered, their bodies would be torn and bones crushed, bodies and spirits extinguished.

However, with Shi Hao’s natural talent that allowed him to cultivate three strands of immortal energy, he could endure it, able to gain enlightenment here, allowing himself to naturally integrate into this group.


Sounds of bones shattering could be heard one after another. If there was someone else here, they would definitely be alarmed, their bodies shaking.

Shi Hao’s physical body was jerking about, the pain incredibly strong. His willpower could hold on, but his body’s instincts were still there, reacting strongly. His head was covered in sweat.

Right now, all of the golden ancient shrine’s bricks and tiles were shining, becoming increasingly divine and holy, now dazzling and brilliant.

Meanwhile, the men and women, young and old seated here were even more solemn, dignified and sacred. Even though they were markings left from millions and millions of years ago, right now, they looked like they were real. A rich great dao aura pervaded the air.

Golden energy poured out like water ripples towards Shi Hao, submerging him underneath, making him a part of this entire place. He was no longer like a foreigner.

Meanwhile, the pain he felt became more and more intense. Great dao chains interweaved here one after another like sawblades, hacking at Shi Hao’s bones, breaking all of his bones.

All of the bones in his body were becoming more and more shattered!

Golden bone marrow even flowed out, flickering with luster there, fully displaying their divine nature.

However, when the pain reached an extreme, Shi Hao’s body suddenly stopped trembling, his warped face starting to calm down. He became holy and peaceful.

This continued until he finally fully relaxed. It was because his will surpassed his flesh, starting to examine himself.

He felt more and more natural in this place, as if he became one with this group of people, no distinction between them, supported by the scriptures, surrounded by the meditation chants, shining together with them.

Shattering divine bones, and then reconstructing them!

The ‘Bone Hammering Technique’ Shi Hao learned from the Great Elder began to automatically operate. It was as if fine steel was being tempered a hundred times, thousand hammer strikes descending, ten thousand strikes smashing down, reforging his bones.


A loud noise sounded. A large ship slowly drove over, arriving at the summit from the foot of the mountain to the very top of the ten thousand zhang giant mountain, stopping here.

“Yi, we truly are lucky, the ancient markings reappeared, resonating. You all should silently study them, it will bring you great natural luck!”

On the warship, there was someone who cried out in pleasant surprise. It was an old and gray-haired elder.

There were many young men and women on the ship, all of them with unordinary temperaments.

However, only a few people got off the ship. When the others tried, blood flowed out from all over their body, unable to endure this type of pressure.

“Yi, only the youngsters who cultivated three strands of immortal energy can stand on the mountain while relying only on themselves.” An elder said with a light sigh.

With a swing of his sleeve, everyone obtained a spotlessly white bone symbol. The pressure was immediately weakened, allowing them to descend the ship.

With a hu la sound, everyone surrounded this place, watching the golden ancient shrine and the several dozen war god like indistinct figures, starting to observe and study them.

Soon afterwards, they entered meditative states, silently experiencing and comprehending the great laws.

However, no one dared rashly approach, because the pressure was too great, nor did they notice Shi Hao, because he was submerged in golden light.

Only after half a day had passed and some individuals with three strands of immortal energy walked forward, enduring the pain, closing in on this war god region, did someone reveal a look of puzzlement. It was because he saw the golden mist shrouded Shi Hao.

“Why did we end up seeing that person from Heavenly Deity Institution?” Someone cried out in alarm.

This drew the others’ attention, as well as startled the elder on the warship. They all looked over. The golden multicolored mist slightly scattered, revealing Shi Hao’s hazy figure.

“He is… Huang who defeated the Nine Netherworlds Ao?!” A few people cried out in alarm.

They were people from Immortal Academy. These people never expected to see Shi Hao here, not even those elders noticing before, because Shi Hao became one with the war god markings, his aura the same.

There were many young disciples who refused to believe this. “There is no way it’s him, how did he make it all the way up to the ancient shrine? Wasn’t this a restricted zone, all those who went in would have their bodies torn and bones crushed?!”

“These are all war gods from millions and millions of years ago, heavens, could it be that Huang is the reincarnation of one of them, reappearing in this world? No wonder he was so powerful!”

These people all believed different things. They really were shocked.

The Immortal Academy elder that led them this time sighed. He focused on Shi Hao, naturally seeing that this really was Shi Hao. He couldn’t help but feel a bit terrified at this youth’s talent.

“Only those few like Little Sky King from my Immortal Academy dare approach.” Someone said.

After less than half a day after everything calmed down, another great ship appeared. Some people from Sacred Academy came as well. When they saw this scene and understood some of the situation, an uproar was raised once more.

“It’s him?” Wang Xi appeared, feeling greatly shaken up.

“Haha, it’s Shi Hao!” Cao Yusheng said happily.

Not everyone who Shi Hao knew from the two academies were here, there were some who were cultivating in seclusion in the two academies. There were even those who had already started to merge with perfect precious seeds.

“Truly never expected this person to come as well. He didn’t enter the two academies, yet was still able to come here.” Some people’s eyes began to flicker.

The current Shi Hao, for many people in the Heavenly Deity Realm, was like a matchless great demon king. Ever since he defeated the Nine Netherworlds Ao, he crushed the others in this cultivation realm to the point where they almost couldn’t breathe.

The disciples of the two academies naturally arrived here because the elders from their respective sides lead the way. Most people couldn’t ascend to the top of the mountain, only able to arrive by relying on the precious ship.

There were opportunities here, there was great natural luck. The elders led them here to see if the disciples could obtain anything.

When everyone saw Shi Hao, their expressions became complicated. Quite a few people carried hostility and unwillingness. During the battle in Heavenly Deity Institution, he was too powerful, the two academies definitely didn’t look that good back then.

Of course, there were some people who admired his talent, and also some who felt fear towards him.

After several days had passed, quite a few people stood up, unable to endure any further. They couldn’t last any longer even with the white bone symbol the elder granted them.

“Alright, all of you should enter Immortal Mound through the void bridge, see if any of you can get some type of harvest. There are tremendous opportunities within!” An elder from Immortal Academy said.

Many people stood up, no longer lingering around here. It was because the war god markings’ tempering was truly unendurable, not something they could resist.

After four days, eighty percent of the people were gone, only a few people continuing to sit here.

That day, Shi Hao opened his eyes. All of his bones were crushed by great dao chains, and then temporarily merged again. Golden light flickered about, the bone material transforming. It then became spotlessly white and shining.

For ten whole days, it was as if he cultivated in hell. Only, later on, his flesh was in hell, but his spirit transcended. There was like a type of equilibrium, allowing him to endure it all.

Shi Hao sensed something, revealing a look of shock. There were some around him who he recognized, moreover not too far out. Princess Yao Yue’s entire body was covered in sweat, bitterly holding on.

“You really are… sturdy, enduring this long!” Princess Yao Yue said through clenched teeth, her face pale. She was one of the few young supreme beings who didn’t immediately merge with a dao seed and came here.

“We meet again!” Shi Hao smiled.

Soon afterwards, he stood up, leaving the ancient shrine, walking forward.

“Young man, you really are formidable.” The two academies’ old monsters spoke in praise.

“Seniors and I have previously met!” Shi Hao displayed an act of courtesy towards them.

“Sigh, Little Sky King and others have previously endured here, refining their flesh, but we already believed that no one else in this world could do this. It seems like we were wrong.” One of them sighed.

“You should go ahead. You’ve struck open your dao bones, so before they’ve closed, it is perfect for finding the Evil Warding Divine Bamboo’s elixir. Who knows, you really might be able to find the most ancient stalk and refine your body.” An elder said.

Shi Hao said his goodbyes, and then left this place.

At the peak of this place, apart from the suspended ancient shrine, there was a small path ahead that winded through the mountains, entering the void.

This was a void divine bridge!

This was a path made from cobblestones, like a small bridge constructed in the void.

However, there were many people who stopped, becoming deranged there, laughing and giggling, some crying and screaming, all of them cultivators from the two academies.

Shi Hao frowned. He felt all types of emotions, fragments of heroes left behind from the ancient era, these fragments actually invading the bodies of the present world’s cultivators, making them go mad.

Shi Hao was unmoved. He wanted to quickly find the Evil Warding Divine Bamboo before his bones healed and use it to refine himself.

The path curved about, entering a secret realm.

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