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Chapter 1240 - Destination

Dao Harmonizing Flower, this plant was just that miraculous, possessing heaven-defying strength, able to help one directly harmonize with the dao!

This type of thing was effective even for a clan’s great emperor or true immortal, so one could see just how precious it was. However, from the ancient times until now, there was only that single stalk, something that couldn’t be sought.

This type of thing was only recorded in the books, no one from past until present seeing it before. If not for a True Immortal from the last great era speaking about the wonders of this flower, the rest of the world wouldn’t even know about it.

“Are there no clues about its whereabouts at all?” Shi Hao asked. He wasn’t really entrusting his hopes on this flower, just that he was curious, wishing to understand a bit more.

Shi Hao felt that if he wanted to transcend above, it was still best for him to rely on his own strength.

Only by letting the true self have true experiences can one break through, understand that type of miraculous state. Otherwise, it would just be like getting charity, difficult for him to achieve supreme enlightenment.

“In the past, there were great emperors who have tried to find it, dying true immortals seeking it, but none of them found anything. It was rumored that only two or three creatures since the beginning of time had the fortune of eating this flower.” The Great Elder said.

They all knew that it was heaven-defying, even more precious than long life medicines, but no one was able to obtain it, only able to gaze at it from afar. It existed in an elapsed immortal dao legend.

However, it wasn’t that the Great Elder didn’t have any harvest. After excavating all types of remains, he discovered some clues from an Immortal Ancient stone engraving.

“Halfway along the path of immortality, in the nine layers of the underworld, its trail exists.” This was the ruined recording the Great Elder obtained.

This was an extremely contradictory suggestion. Halfway to immortality should be sacred, so how could it involve the nine layers of the underworld? The latter should be something extremely frightening!

There was one thing that he was certain of, which was that this place most likely couldn’t be approached, definitely having extremely dangerous things, or else those of the past would have already picked it, not letting any clues go!

The two of them didn’t continue this topic, because they knew that this wasn’t realistic. It was pretty much impossible to find a Dao Harmonizing Flower.

“Remember this well!” The Great Elder passed a method onto him. There were many tadpole like characters, bone texts interwoven and densely packed, sparkling and brilliant.

“Bone Hammering Method!” Shi Hao was astonished. This was a method that tempered the bones, able to make him more powerful from inside out, make his bones tougher and open up his inner treasury.

“Do not show contempt for this method, this is the introductory piece from the body cultivators’ highest profound mysteries.” The Great Elder said seriously.

“Ah, this is only the guidance piece?” Shi Hao curled his lips, starting to look down on it. He himself could already be considered a body cultivator, so did he still need an introduction to guide him?

The Great Elder warned, “You merely have a constitution that is good enough, forcefully breaking to this point, but you didn’t actually undergo a systematic training. With this method, it will allow your body to become even stronger!”

In addition, the Great Elder told him that this so-called introductory piece corresponded to the Heavenly Deity Realm, not something small cultivators could cultivate!

This time, Shi Hao was moved. The introductory piece was already like this, so how astonishing would the later pieces be?

“When you break through the extreme, you can look for the complete piece from Sacred Academy. This is something only those that are sect master level or higher can cultivate!” The Great Elder said.

This time, Shi Hao focused on the Immortal Ancient methods, not placing that much emphasis on Sacred Academy and others’ methods. Tempering his bones now was just to make his body strong enough to cross the upcoming life and death trial.

Shi Hao studied it for two days, remembering it well in his heart, moreover obtaining deeper insights.

Then, the Great Elder passed down something else. It was a golden bone, on it also a method, something carved with Immortal Ancient Great Era’s words.

“Mind Forging Method!” Shi Hao was overjoyed. This was a method that spoke about how to forge the primordial spirit, an extremely rare and good item, not easy to find in the present world.

“Not only does one’s flesh need to be powerful enough, the primordial spirit needs to be even stronger. Otherwise, when you encounter the life and death trial, you will likely lose yourself, and then ultimately fall!” The Great Elder warned.

This method wasn’t complete, but for the Heavenly Deity Realm, it was enough.

Moreover, the Great Elder clearly told him that once he emerged from seclusion, he could seek the latter portion from Immortal Academy.

Ten days later, Shi Hao got up, heading to a secret place alone. He was going to look for the Evil Warding Divine Bamboo and Yellow Springs Fruit, the Great Elder not accompanying or escorting him.

Shi Hao knew that this was likely a type of trial. If he couldn’t even obtain divine medicines that were clearly designated, then what dao comprehension was there to talk about?

Immeasurable Heaven, a place that was vast and boundless!

Heavenly Deity Institution was in Immeasurable Heaven, while that secret realm was similarly here. If he had to go to other places in the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, then that really would be too far.

Immortal Mound, this was the location the Great Elder pointed out for Shi Hao. It was who knew how many li from the academy, too far away, definitely an astronomical number.

Shi Hao left the academy. This was the first trip that was slightly more relaxed in Immeasurable Heaven. He passed giant cities one after another, borrowing the formations to travel through the void.

The Great Elder didn’t let him use the academy’s altar, instead having him personally walk around, have him familiarize himself with Immeasurable Heaven.

“There is a great battle coming, so if I don’t familiarize myself with the mountains and rivers now, understand the landforms, it will definitely cost me dearly.” Shi Hao said to himself.

Along the way, he practiced the Bone Hammering Method, carefully cultivated the Mind Forging Technique, not in all that much of a hurry to get to his destination. Only by properly digesting these two methods could they display their greatest uses.

“Five elements lamb kebabs, great mending good!”

“Flood dragon meat stuffed buns, incredibly delicious, good price!”

Inside an enormous city, Shi Hao felt the liveliness of the secular world, leaving him in a bit of a daze. He had already separated himself from this type of world for too long. Ever since he entered the nine heavens above, he had always remained in the academy or historical remains.

He stopped here for several days, preparing himself to enter that secret realm located just a few thousand li out in the great wilderness.

This place with mountains, rivers, and great ponds was quite vast, stretching as far as the eye could see. It was said to be a few thousand li from the city, but this was merely to its outer areas. When he really went inside, Shi Hao felt like a leaf that landed in a great sea.

He produced a jade tile. It began to shine, showing a path leading in a certain direction.

This was a jade tile the Great Elder gave him. Without it showing the way, there was no way to find that place. It was rumored that only a few old monsters knew about this place.

By following the guidance, he finally found the destination. A tall peak directly reached into the clouds, who knew how endlessly tall it was. It was grand and majestic, on it engraved two characters: Immortal Mound.

This mountain was extremely eye-catching, precisely what Shi Hao was looking for.

However, if he threw away the jade tile, this mountain wouldn’t even appear before his eyes. He would pass straight through it without even knowing it was there.

This left Shi Hao extremely shocked. Was this mountain a tangible object or was it illusory? Why could he only touch it when holding the jade tile?

“A great mountain hidden in the void, only by holding the jade tile with mysterious formations engraved on it can one approach it…” Shi Hao thought pensively to himself.

It was rumored that there was a hilly area around this great peak, but he only saw unending mountains, as well this king of mountains.

“When one ascends this mountain, those with karma will see the suspended shrine, and only then can Immortal Mound be entered.” Shi Hao repeated the advice the Great Elder gave him quietly.

He began to ascend the mountain. As soon a he began to approach, everything before his eyes began to sway back and forth. He felt a type of great pressure, as if stars smashed down one after another, slamming into his body.

Shi Hao immediately felt like he was going to vomit blood, difficult for him to budge an inch. His entire body was restricted, as if an invisible immortal dao mountain crushed down on him, making it difficult to even breathe.

He took steps forward with great difficulty, feeling as if he was about to suffocate!

The mountain path had steps, every single step a zhang tall, as if it was prepared for giants. Shi Hao climbed them one by one, but after only climbing several dozen of them, he was already crushed by a wave of pressure until blood flowed out from the corners of his lips.

Eventually, he opened his single heavenly passage, released three strands of immortal energy, going all out, and only then did he make progress with difficulty, ascending the mountain bit by bit.

Shi Hao didn’t stop for a single day, walking for half a month of time. He silently counted, now already completing more than ninety thousand nine hundred steps.

“Ten thousand zhang tall!” He released a powerless sigh. This was just too tall! As he continued to climb, now almost reaching the peak, he felt as if his bones were about to snap.

Correct, after using up half a month to climb this mountain, an endless amount of pressure crushing down on his body, many of Shi Hao’s bones even began to reveal cracks, as if they were going to shatter!

“Bone Tempering Method, heh!” Shi Hao seemed to have realized something. His bones were going to be shattered! Did he have to take some time to recover at the mountain peak?

He finally reached the summit. It was ten thousand zhang tall as expected, not more, not less!

The moment he reached the summit, Shi Hao felt golden light pour down. A great sun rose from the east; upon closer inspection, it was a Golden Crow’s corpse that moved through the sky, surging with the utmost yang energy, thick smoke rising.

He perfectly caught the sun rising from the east. An enormous heavenly sun seemed to be rising precisely from this mountaintop!

In a daze, everything below the mountains seemed to be a sea surface, this great sun rising into the air from the sea, the scenery magnificent, incredibly beautiful. 


A yellow bell rang, long and drawn-out, so loud even the deaf could hear.

This great bell sound was transmitted from within the world-covering golden sunrise clouds, making one feel as if they were enlightened with perfect wisdom, have a sudden urge to verify the dao here.

There was an ancient temple up ahead, made entirely of golden bricks. It was extremely divine and auspicious, bathed in sunrise multicolored light, enveloped within the golden radiance.

Shi Hao felt a type of carefree feeling from his body down to his mind. It was as if after being weary for many days, continuing without sleep or rest, he suddenly relaxed. The surrounding golden light scattered down, bell sounds accompanying the radiance, making him feel as if he was going to sprout wings and ascend to immortality.

This was a suspended shrine, the tiles all golden, extremely peaceful and auspicious.

In the sunrise multicolored clouds, it floated there. There were many people seated on the brick floor in front of this shrine, silently comprehending, earnestly meditating, these people all comprehending the dao.

Shi Hao was shocked. There were actually this many people here!

There were people young and old here, all of them completely still. There were some who had bone hairpins inserted in their hair buns, wearing beast skin clothes, their upper bodies exposed, looking quite primitive. There were some who wore battle clothes made of Immortal Gold, the armor flowing with immortal light, making them look incredibly holy.

This was not a group of ordinary people, every one of them having a type of aura that made one feel great respect, as if they should kneel and bow down when facing them.

Shi Hao sucked in a cold breath of air, this scene making even him feel greatly alarmed, as if his status wasn’t great enough to be here. Just what kind of creatures were these?

He noticed that regardless of whether it was the middle-aged individuals or the youth, great changes could be seen from within the depths of their eyes. All of them should have already grown to adulthood, none of them young.

These individuals either had giants bows behind them or ancient war spears and other powerful weapons in hand, every single one of them like unmatched war gods!

These people looked like fossils, not moving at all, as if they had existed throughout millions and millions of years of time.

It was too strange!

A divine disk emerged from behind Shi Hao. An ancient flame carrying immortal mists and surging with chaotic energy silently appeared, starting to illuminate these individuals, engraving all types of great dao imprints.

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