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Chapter 1235 - Destroying All Opponents

Immortal Academy’s people all cried out in alarm, their arms moving about, shouting for him to stop. They were all extremely worried, scared that Shi Hao would directly trample the Nine Netherworlds Ao to death. If that happened, the losses would be just too great.

No one expected the battle to end like this. The terrifying Nine Netherworlds Ao, a beast whose viciousness was renowned, was now like a little puppy, only a foot long.

Its entire body was contorting, continuously barking out, wishing to struggle free, but after being struck by Shi Hao’s most powerful strike, it changed back to its childhood form.

It possessed exceptional divine abilities, yet now, it couldn’t display them at full force at all. No creatures were that strong when they were young, but streak after streak of marks were scratched on the arena floor.

This scene left many people shaken up. Even the young Nine Netherworlds Ao was this formidable? One had to know that that arena was covered in protection patterns!

Even with its current state, it could still tear apart a vicious beast with a single claw!

“Ao…” The Nine Netherworlds Ao roared angrily, unwilling to accept this result. Someone who was as powerful as him, holding the title of number one in the Heavenly Deity Realm within Immortal Academy, ended up suffering a huge loss here, being stepped on under the foot of another. What kind of humiliation was this?

Shi Hao lowered his head to look at this vicious beast. His attitude changed slightly, relaxing a bit. This battle really had been extremely difficult, the injuries he was left with not light!

Shi Hao exerted force beneath his feet. The Nine Netherworlds Ao’s entire body immediately shook, wounds continuously splitting open, blood splashing out, suffering extremely serious damage.

Shi Hao definitely didn’t want to fight another great battle with this vicious abnormal beast after the reincarnation force scattered. Right now, he directly stripped it of its greatest combat strength.

“Stop!” The faces of many people from Immortal Academy paled, crying out several times, but Huang didn’t pay them any attention, still taking action, making them feel waves of panic.

The Nine Netherworlds Ao was a key figure of Immortal Academy, the Great Elder’s second disciple, as well as his last, his strength exceptional, one of the key forces in the future battle. He was extremely powerful and couldn’t be lost.

However now, help definitely wouldn’t arrive in time. If anyone rushed over, they might very well end up making Huang act out, directly trample the Nine Netherworlds Ao to death.

Shi Hao didn’t deal the killing blow, because the old monsters were all watching. Meanwhile, Heavenly Deity Institution’s elders even more so transmitted sound to warn him not to kill this creature, or else there would be great trouble.

Shi Hao naturally complied. Even though they stood on different sides, sparking conflict, even fighting while covered in blood, in the end, they were still both from the Nine Heavens Ten Earths. They had to fight a common enemy in the future.

He raised his foot, lifted the puppy-like vicious beast, then forcefully pinched its vital points with his large hand to prevent it from suddenly recovering and acting out.

“Wu…” The Nine Netherworlds Ao howled, the noise not much different from that of a wolf’s, baring its snow-white sharp fangs and glaring viciously at Shi Hao.

Only now did Immortal Academy’s people release a breath. They knew that Shi Hao’s killing intent was withdrawn, that he wouldn’t act murderously.

How did it end up like this? The Nine Netherworlds Ao was actually left in this type of sorry state. Before they fought, no one thought that this would be the result. This made everyone from Immortal Academy feel an extremely bitter feeling inside!

When they saw that foot long ‘pup’ struggling about in Shi Hao’s hands, everyone felt as if they were seeing things, feeling sad for the Nine Netherworlds Ao.

Immortal Academy’s people were the most disappointed. They were previously full of confidence, waiting for the Nine Netherworlds Ao to beat Shi Hao up, yet now, it was this type of result, embarrassment not enough to describe their moods, their faces all turning green and red.

Sacred Academy’s people revealed grave expressions. Regardless of whether it was the Nine Netherworlds Ao or Shi Hao, they were both exceptional rivals in their eyes, individuals worthy of respect. They had to be faced seriously.

“Huang was actually this strong!” There were some among them who sighed softly, continuously frowning.

As for Heavenly Deity Institution, everyone was alarmed. This result was completely unexpected for many of them. In the hearts of many, they felt that Immortal Academy was too high to reach, their disciples unmatched.

The appearance of the Nine Netherworlds Ao raised even greater of a commotion. When Heavenly Deity Institution’s people saw the descendant of one of the Vicious Ten appear, they all felt that no one could match him.

However, this was the result!

Everyone felt extremely conflicted, because Huang used his battle accomplishments to speak of his own strength once again. He was powerful enough! Even if it was someone from Immortal Academy, he would still come out undefeated!

“Heh heh, my Heavenly Deity Institution’s disciple came out on top.”

In the distance, an elder was all smiles, currently chatting with Immortal Academy’s old monsters.

“Immortal Academy’s backing is deep. Mysterious techniques, divine medicines, precious artifacts, all of these things are shockingly abundant, able to create incredible experts, so why did you all suffer such a great defeat today?” An old man from Sacred Academy said with a smile.

“If you all have the skill, then have someone from Sacred Academy come up and give it a try.” Immortal Academy’s old monsters were angered until they glared out.

“Sect master level figures are not allowed to enter!” An elder from Heavenly Deity Institution hurriedly added.

“My academy’s most stunning individuals have naturally all became sect master level cultivators.” That old man said.

“My Immortal Academy’s Little Sky King and others have already reached that level. Why don’t our academies have an exchange?” Immortal Academy’s old monster said with a chuckle.

Shi Hao flung out his arm, throwing the Nine Netherworlds Ao out of the arena. Meanwhile, at this time, the Reincarnations Divine Ability lost its effects, that foot long little wolf enlarged, becoming a terrifying vicious beast once more.

It howled into the sky, its voice mournful, the sound making everyone’s blood run cold. It was as if a wounded beast king was roaring angrily at the sky, about to completely go mad.

Everyone’s minds were shaken, feeling incredibly worried. That was the descendant of a vicious ten, its bloodline astonishing. If it truly went crazy, then many of the young disciples would be in great danger.

Fortunately, it quickly calmed down again, looking at Shi Hao with an ice-cold gaze. Then, its body became blurry, turning back into a male, becoming Yu Wudi.

He turned around and left, activating that leaf boat to rush towards that stone celestial body.

Sigh! Immortal Academy’s people sighed, all of them feeling disappointed, feeling regret for Yu Wudi. He clearly had unmatched talent, pretty much known as number one in Heavenly Deity Realm, yet he ended up suffering a defeat in Heavenly Deity Institution, definitely dealt quite the serious mental blow.

On the arch bridge formed from divine rainbows, Immortal Academy’s heroic talents were quiet. After a long time had passed, they all looked towards Little Sky King.

Little Sky King’s temperament was exceptional, peaceful like a solitary immortal, carrying an otherworldly aura that made this place seem like an immortal realm. Brilliant flower petals fluttered about.

“Yu Wudi was defeated. I am one who keeps my promises, so the azure armor will temporarily be left with you. When you have successfully merged with a dao seed, becoming a sect master level figure, I will come for it.” Little Sky King said, his gaze peaceful.

At his side, Princess Yao Yue’s eyes swirled about, revealing a surprised expression. She looked towards Little Sky King, and then towards Shi Hao.

On the arena, Shi Hao laughed loudly, not saying anything in response. 

“Is there anyone else who is going to enter the arena? The title of number one in Heavenly Deity Realm is about to be snatched by Huang.” Someone secretly said, harboring malicious intentions.

These words were spoken to incite Immortal Academy’s people, and also adding enemies for Shi Hao, even more so trying to drag Sacred Academy’s people into the mix, have them participate.

Everyone looked towards the arena, looking at that tall and slender figure.

Shi Hao behaved as if there wasn’t anyone around, sitting down to operate his inner techniques. Bone texts extended strand after strand, surrounding his entire body, absorbing the essence of heaven and earth. He began to quickly recover.

“I will fight you!”

Someone from the enormous white bone gourd shouted from above.

“I’m going, I want to see who’s better between me and him!”

“Forget it, I should go!”

Several individuals began to dispute with each other, all wishing to take action themselves and fight Shi Hao. They were people from Sacred Academy.

Everyone raised their eyebrows. Shi Hao was this powerful, yet there were people who dared contest him?

“I think you all should just let me go!”

Someone jumped out from the white bone gourd.

“Come back, let me fight with him!” Another person cried out.

Everyone didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. These people truly were daring, fighting over the right to fight first. Who were they treating Huang as? Was he someone anyone could take on?

Wang Xi revealed a look of worry, her pretty brows deeply furrowed. She saw Shi Hao’s terrifying potential. The behavior of  Sacred Academy’s disciples made her worried.

“You all already saw just now how formidable his methods were. If you take action recklessly, you will only be defeated!” Wang Xi warned.

“Sister-in-law, relax, we also have our methods. Moreover, we already said those words before, so if we don’t fight, wouldn’t we become a laughing stop and be looked down upon?”

They were quite frank, admitting that Huang was strong. However, there was no way out. They had previously ridiculed Huang, so if they backed out now, it really would be shameful.

A streak of scarlet light landed on the arena. An expert from Sacred Academy appeared, brilliant red multicolored light wrapped around him, the radiance extremely dazzling.

“Scarlet Flame Child will fight against you!” The one who came shouted, immediately attacking when he got on the arena, raising his fist and smashing it out, incredibly forceful as he pressed forward.

This was someone who had two strands of immortal energy. However, this wasn’t the key point, because Sacred Academy’s people didn’t focus on immortal energy, their true power rested in breaking through the limits of the present world methods, reforming a peak.

His blood energy was like droplets of liquid, simply as if a vast body of water was moved over. All of it was produced from blood energy, scarlet multicolored light filling the sky, drowning out the arena.

“What terrifying blood energy strength! This person is not simple!” An elder from Heavenly Deity Institution even sighed with praise.

Shi Hao was shocked. This person evolved the Blood Transformation Realm, blood energy extraordinary, too frightening. He had never seen someone with such abundant flesh strength. He was almost not like a living creature, but a sea of blood!

“He is someone among the best of Sacred Academy’s disciples who reforged the Blood Transformation Realm!” in the distance, there were Sacred Academy’s people who said quietly, giving commentary for Scarlet Flame Child.


Blood energy turned into waves of flames, the fire raging, an intense blaze surging, burning the nine heavens. This was a great blood energy method, an unmatched techniques established by Sacred Academy.

Shi Hao didn’t underestimate him. His single heavenly passage was opened up in defense, he himself rushing over, clashing intensely with his opponent.

“Peak body refinement cultivator!” Shi Hao was astonished, encountering this type of person for the first time. This person’s body was like diamond, releasing precious light. Scarlet multicolored brilliance overflowed. When they clashed, dang dang sounds rang out!

“Heavens, he could actually compare to Huang’s body! Worthy of being someone from Sacred Academy!”

There were disciples from Heavenly Deity Institution who sighed with praise, because they knew how freakish Shi Hao’s body was. However now, there was actually someone who could match the strength of his body!

Scarlet Flame Child cocked his leg back, and then with destructive power, smashed against Shi Hao’s arm, the sound that was produced deafening. Then, he leapt up, diving down with ferocious might. His palms continuously smashed down, palm figures everywhere, battering down with mountainous force.


The two individuals’ fists crossed. Blood energy overflowed, an expanse of blood clouds surging here, fluctuating intensely, shattering the skies.


After several hundred moves, Scarlet Flame Child was sent flying, a fist from Shi Hao smashing his chest in, seriously injuring him. He fell off the arena, blood continuously spraying from his mouth, already defeated.

“Let me have a go!”

Someone rushed out from Sacred Academy again. In that instant, formation patterns completely covered his body. Dao bells, divine pagodas, flying sword and war spears all formed, shooting towards Shi Hao.

This was someone who broke through in the Engravement and Formation Arrangement Realms. He displayed great divine abilities, attacking Shi Hao.


Not long after, he was struck by a leg Shi Hao sent out, thrashing against his back like a steel whip, fracturing the bones in his body. His body flew out like a kite with its strings cut. Sacred Academy’s side suffered another great defeat.

Then, another three individuals entered the arena in succession, but in the end, they were powerfully defeated by Shi Hao, beaten up until they vomited blood, bodies in ruins, forced to return in defeat.

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