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Chapter 1234 - Nine Netherworlds Ao

One of the vicious ten, the Nine Netherworlds Ao!  

It had a wolf head, between its brows a vertical eye that released vicious light. Enormous gray bull horns rested on its head, its entire body covered in golden scales and red fur, nine strange tails behind it as well.


It released a roar, the killing intent leaving everyone terrified. Then it leapt into the air, throwing itself at Shi Hao, its speed too fast.

Shi Hao’s five fingers unfolded, metal wood water fire earth, five elements divine lightning erupted, concentrating towards this absolutely frightening strange beast, attacking at full force, lightning blazing brilliantly.


This was a frightening Nine Netherworlds Ao, the half foot long red hair on its body all standing on end, unexpectedly blasting aside all of the electrical currents, scattering the lightning.

This was too shocking! Lightning was what the heavens used as divine punishment, normally the most difficult to deal with, many powerful creatures forced to directly resist it, yet this creature easily neutralized it.

It really was worthy of being a Nine Netherworlds Ao, one of the most famous vicious tens!

“Hou…” It released a great roar, mountains and rivers trembling, the arena even shaking, about to drop from the sky.

This ancient beast was too ferocious, as if nothing could stop it. When its mouth opened, the snow-white fangs flickered with deep and cold radiance, as if daggers appeared one after another. In addition, a green ripple was fired from its wolf mouth, the power unstoppable, shattering space.

Everyone was horrified. This type of roar was even more powerful than a lion roar or barbaric bull cry, even causing blood to flow out of the ears of those who were outside the arena, shaking them up to the point where they almost went unconscious.

This was still the result after passing through the arena’s protective symbols, or else the consequences would be too horrible to contemplate, definitely many people blasted apart by the sound wave!


Shi Hao also released a light shout, the Lightning Emperor Secret Technique’s incantations. His mouth released lightning radiance, the sound of thunder, silver ripples spreading, smashing into the ao roar, a great explosion erupting between the two of them.

The sound waves collided, persisting for an extremely long time. Heaven and earth rumbled with noise!

In that instant, Shi Hao rose up, like a True Dragon as he moved through the sky, passing the area of chaos. He produced a Kun Peng fist imprint, and then smashed it at the Nine Netherworlds Ao, taking the initiative to attack.

Those fists were like two small suns, releasing the most brilliant multicolored light. They smashed down murderously, the wind produced by the fists already tearing open space!

The Nine Netherworlds Ao roared, all of the red hair covering its body standing up like needles, the pair of enormous gray bull horns on its head releasing a hazy radiance. It leapt out, charging at Shi Hao.


Shi Hao’s fist smashed into that bull horn, the sound splitting heaven and earth, absolutely deafening. Sparks flew in all directions, as if shooting stars flew across the sky one after another.

At this moment, Shi Hao felt a stinging pain from his fingers. These bull horns were too tough, blood flowing out from his fist. This was the first time his fists had ever suffered damage from a frontal clash!

The Nine Netherworlds Ao roared, its body shaken up. However, its bull horns were still unharmed, because that was the toughest part of its body. Its body still moved backwards, there was no way it wouldn’t suffer any damage after being struck by a Kun Peng Fist.


Blood flowed in reverse, the wound on Shi Hao’s fist healing. It was just a flesh wound, not injuring his bones.

The Nine Netherworlds Ao’s eyes widened. When it saw that it wasn’t able to shatter Shi Hao’s hand bones, it became even more fierce, roaring towards the sky, the sound making one feel like they were going to explode. Its two horns were like heavenly blades, leaping out towards Shi Hao once more.


Golden feathers floated around Shi Hao, filling the sky. They turned into divine swords one after another, hacking at the Nine Netherworlds Ao. Moreover, two golden vortices appeared, one on each fist, the Golden Vortex Ripple Technique from the Kun Peng Method, trying to devour and crush those two horns.


Sparks flew in all directions. The Nine Netherworlds Ao’s black scales flickered about, defensive force astonishing, creating a black-colored barrier of light, stopping those golden feather swords.


Moreover, at this time, behind it, nine tails stabbed over at the same time, as if they were scorpion tails, fast and vicious. These tails were far more frightening than scorpion tails, because every single tail had a dragon head, malicious and frightening.

At this moment, the nine dragon heads all opened their mouths, revealing sharp teeth that flickered with cold light, biting at Shi Hao.

They were too fast, with so little distance between the two of them, there was simply no way to evade!

Shi Hao released a grunt, supporting his single heavenly passage. Under peng peng sounds, the nine tails’ heads all bit down on that brilliant heavenly passage light screen.

Dragon cries resounded, the surrounding space collapsed!

“It truly is a Nine Netherworlds Ao! Heavens! The nine dragon heads on its tails aren’t just for show, able to devour unmatched experts!” Someone released a great shout. They previously had their suspicions, but now, they were sure.

It was rumored that once these nine tails appeared, all giants would be forced back. It was as if there was the power of nine dragons, able to devour the stars, eat unmatched experts, tear through undying beings.

Shi Hao was shocked, the dragon heads on the nine tails were too frightening, almost able to tear apart his single heavenly passage! This was something that had never happened before.

He believed that if it was anyone else, without the protection of the single heavenly passage, if their bodies were bitten at nine different locations, they would definitely be torn to pieces.

This made his expression change. He never expected the Nine Netherworlds Ao to be this powerful, worthy of being a powerful vicious ten being.

However, this was definitely not the vicious ten of the past, but rather a descendant!

Not far out, Lu Tuo, Yao Yue, and the others’ expressions changed, feeling the fatal danger of those nine tails. They most likely possessed the power to tear through young supreme beings with three strands of immortal energy! If one didn’t have anything saved, any other trump cards, it would be extremely difficult to defend against the Nine Netherworlds Ao’s divine ability.

The Nine Netherworlds Ao was too powerful!

“Yu Wudi was actually a Nine Netherworlds Ao, truly never expected this!” Someone said with a sigh.

Shi Hao’s body shook. The single heavenly passage shone, exploding like a sun, temporarily forcing the nine heads back, seizing freedom once more.


Shi Hao used the Kun Peng’s extreme speed, lightning also starting to revolve around his body, breaking through the extreme. He circled around the Nine Netherworlds Ao, attacking it.

In reality, the Nine Netherworlds Ao’s speed wasn’t slow. The two claws struck out, bull horns splitting space. Lightning interweaved, nine tails reached into the skies, great collisions erupting continuously.

They fought at close quarters, blood splashing out from time to time. It was incredibly intense. As time went on, a thousand five hundred moves had already been exchanged in this great battle.

For Shi Hao, this was a bitter battle, very few able to force him to this extent. The other party was too strong, difficult to kill, his life force astonishing.


Shi Hao took an ao claw, meanwhile, his own fist also blasted the Nine Netherworlds Ao’s body, releasing a deafening sound.

During this exchange, under the support of the nine tails, that ao claw finally reached into the single heavenly passage, leaving behind a bloody gash on Shi Hao’s body.

Shi Hao’s fist also struck the other party until his red hair were shed, a few black scales falling.

The scene was extremely astonishing!

Shi Hao really was shocked. The other party’s black scales’ defensive power was too astonishing, actually stopping his fists. If it was anyone else, they would have definitely been blasted through by his fist.

Nine Netherworlds Ao, its scales indistinct, as if cast from Darkness Immortal Gold, difficult to shatter.


The Nine Netherworlds Ao went crazy. Shi Hao’s fist struck down on its head, this time avoiding the bull horns. It was in so much pain it felt as if its head was going to split open. 

Following the sky-splitting roaring sounds, not only did his Ao head charge forward, even the heads on its nine tails were like this, finally breaking through Shi Hao’s heavenly bassage barrier for the first time.


Blood splashed outwards, the nine dragon heads biting down on Shi Hao’s limbs, waist, chest, and other areas, nine places in total, and tore at him viciously, wishing to directly rip him apart and dye the skies in blood.


Many people cried out in alarm. These changes happened too quickly! They widened their eyes in alarm, watching this battle nervously.

Meanwhile, Qing Yi, Cao Yusheng, Gu Jianyun and the others’ expressions changed as well. They clenched their fists tightly, feeling like they were going to suffocate. Shi Hao actually might die here!

Everyone knew how frightening the Nine Netherworlds Ao was. Once one was bitten by the nine heads, they would be torn up almost instantly, immediately dismembered.

“He’s done, Huang’s era has ended, about to be ripped apart by the Nine Netherworlds Ao! He is definitely going to die!”

“The ferocity of a vicious ten truly is unmatched after all!”

Heavenly Deity Institution’s people felt like they couldn’t breathe. Meanwhile, Immortal Academy’s people were pleasantly surprised. With the battle reaching this state, they had long become worried, now, a result that made them satisfied finally appeared. As for Sacred Academy’s people, their expressions were serious, feeling a great pressure. That Nine Netherworlds Ao was simply impossible to defeat.


Suddenly, the crowd felt as if something wasn’t quite right. Even though Shi Hao suffered serious injuries, blood flowing in long streaks from his body, flesh about to be torn apart by the nine heads, his condition actually stabilized again.

In addition, a layer of ripples spread out, locking the nine heads down there, about to crush them.

It was the single heavenly passage!

“No, he was baiting his opponent in, purposely scattering the heavenly passage, and then suddenly displayed it again! The Nine Netherworlds Ao is trapped!” Someone cried out in alarm.

It was actually not a situation of inevitable death, but rather because of an ulterior motive!


Shi Hao erupted with full power, precious techniques blasting out streak after streak, from Kun Peng force to lightning, and then to Reincarnation Fist and others, all of it smashing into the Nine Netherworlds Ao.


The Nine Netherworlds Ao cried out, three of the nine imprisoned tails broke, and its ao head took a strike from a fist. It finally broke out after risking everything, blood flying from its entire body.

Shi Hao followed him, fully releasing his trump cards, wishing to end this battle here.

However, the Nine Netherworlds Ao really was extremely strong, actually stabilizing its body. It was incredibly mad, blood-colored hair standing on end, many black scales separating, turning into black flying blades. They flew about everywhere, shattering the void, staking it all in this fight.

This was a miserable struggle. The Nine Netherworlds Ao tried to recover from its disadvantage, slowly recover its vital energy, not being struck down.

It used the phoenix’ rebirth force, trying to regenerate those broken tails. It was still incredibly ferocious.

However, during this process, Shi Hao’s body was bitten in nine areas, also taking serious injuries. It could be said that both sides weren’t having it that easy, blood flowing everywhere from their bodies.

In the blink of an eye, the two individuals reached three thousand moves, leaving everyone shocked. They were evenly matched after all, a battle at the summit, the highest level young supreme being battle.


Golden ripples rose and fell, golden willow branches rising and falling in his surroundings. Then, a myriad of divine chains of order were created, rushing outwards.

Everyone knew that the final moment had arrived. Both sides’ consumption was too severe. The rebirth force looked like it could restore the body, but they still had to pay a great price. Now that they fought to this extent, they were both exhausted, victory and defeat about to be decided soon.


The divine chains created through Willow Deity’s technique wrapped around the Nine Netherworlds Ao to refine it.

“Phoenix’ rebirth from death, endless netherworld flames!” The Nine Netherworlds Ao roared. Black flames overflowed the heavens, burning all of the golden divine chains of order.


A great explosion erupted between them, rumbling noises continuously sounding.

Suddenly, a blinding streak of light shot out. The vertical eye between the Nine Netherworlds Ao’s brows was brilliant, a streak of light flying out and striking Shi Hao, piercing through, its power endless, carrying tremendous death energy.

“En, that is… the Eye of Death!” Someone cried out in alarm.

The Nine Netherworlds Ao was incredibly formidable after all, actually cultivating an Eye of Death, a single look able to end one’s life, killing them imperceptibly.

There was even less of a need to describe this type of light that flew out and directly struck someone!

The others still thought that this was just its Heavenly Eye that was opened, never expecting him to actually have refined an Eye of Death.

This type of great divine ability really was world shocking, but the Nine Netherworlds Ao previously concealed it, only suddenly releasing this strike now when both sides’ strength were exhausted, this move can be said to be a fatal blow.

“Huang… is going to be defeated?” Someone said with a trembling voice.

“He is definitely going to fall!” Someone said coldly.


Within Shi Hao’s flesh, a vortex appeared, unexpectedly wrapping around that streak of light. These were the effects of his Reincarnation Divine Ability. Time fragments flew about, as if making time flow in reverse.

Then, the inside of Shi Hao’s body shone, Reincarnation Force and Willow Deity Technique interweaving, forcing that streak of light out.


Shi Hao shouted. The Reincarnation Method erupted, bone texts concentrated as it rushed out, all of it blasting at the Nine Netherworlds Ao.

This time, his third type of strange divine ability was incredibly active, raising the reincarnation force to an unprecedented level, the power of time world shocking!


The Nine Netherworlds Ao immediately flew out, continuously shouting. It shrunk, in the end turning into a foot in length, looking just like a little puppy.


Shi Hao’s foot descended, crushing it underneath, blood flowing from its mouth and nose. It continuously struggled about.

“We admit our loss, please show mercy!” Many people from Immortal Academy’s side immediately cried out.

This battle was incredibly bitter, actually fighting over three thousand moves, truly too astonishing. Shi Hao had no choice but to treat this battle with the utmost seriousness. There really was no lack of extraordinary talent in the Nine Heavens Ten Earths!

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