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Chapter 1236 - Competing Over Geniuses

Five great experts from Sacred Academy were defeated, not a match for Shi Hao. All of them were beaten until their blood dyed the the heavens, the battles ending miserably for them.

In the sky, the people on the white bone gourd were silent. Who else could even go up now? There was actually no one at the Heavenly Deity Realm who could contend against that heroic youth!

Wang Xi’s beautiful hair hung down to her waist, her beautiful eyes deep, sensing how deep and immeasurable Shi Hao was once again. Even the powerful Sacred Academy didn’t have anyone who could suppress him!

She sensed a bit of pressure. Huang still hadn’t truly grown up yet, not reaching the peak of his life, yet he was already like this, so what about in the future?

She felt a bit of worry for her family for the first time. Now that they provoked this type of youngster, what would it be like in the future? Will the day come when he becomes a threat to Wang Family’s giants?

Immortal Academy’s people were similarly speechless. Yu Wudi was defeated, not a match even after he turned into his original Nine Netherworlds Ao form. Now, there was already no one who could stand on the stage!

Unless someone like Little Sky King who exceeded the Heavenly Deity Realm took action, that black-haired youth would continue to stand alone on the arena, no one his equal.

Number one in Heavenly Deity Realm? Everyone silently thought this. Today’s battle really did set off Huang! He really did vaguely seem to have this type of might!

Giving him this title didn’t seem to be that excessive either, after all, his accomplishments were laid out before them, right now no one from the two academies able to keep him in check!

“Truly never expected Huang to be this valiant, his fighting strength incomparable!” Princess Yao Yue said with a sigh.

On the arch bridge, Immortal Academy’s people really didn’t want to hear this. Many of them opened their mouths, wishing to retort, but they felt like there was nothing to say. After all, everyone saw the results of the great battles just now.

After a short period of silence, this part of Heavenly Deity Institution erupted with noise. Huang defeated the cultivators from both academies, truly shaking up this place!

Even though the students from this academy knew Huang possessed extremely frightening combat strength, they still didn’t think that he could win. After all, the two academies were just too strong.

Who would have thought that the winner in the end was Huang, the youth from Heavenly Deity Institution!

Was this the number one person in the Heavenly Deity Realm? Many people felt complex emotions, somewhat reluctant to admit that someone from a different academy could seize the number one title.

Everyone’s respect for Shi Hao rose, feeling deeply shocked. At the same time, many people were a bit confused when they looked at the two academies, lacking a bit of their original adoraton.

A youth established a legend! Heavenly Deity Institution fought the strong as the weak, surpassing both academies!

“Haha, what do you all think? What is so special about Immortal Academy? What were you all saying, some Nine Netherworlds Ao being number one in the Heavenly Deity Realm, that he was going to subdue Huang, no one able to match him? Didn’t he still lose to Huang? Immortal Academy, don’t you all feel embarrassed? Haha, Huang is my brother!”

The little fatty Cao Yusheng was extremely brash, mocking Immortal Academy’s people.

“Aiyaya, truly regretful, why did you let that Nine Netherworlds Ao go? I really wanted to have a taste, I definitely think he’ll be tasty if we cooked him. That is but one of the vicious ten’s descendents! Just how many of them are there in this world?” The little rabbit sighed with regret.

Everyone didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Qing Yi, Gu Jianyun and the others were all smiling.

Immortal Academy’s faces were ashen, truly angered badly. What kind of words were these? They were purposely scattering salt on their wounds, leaving them incredibly resentful.

Sacred Academy’s people wanted to laugh, but when they thought about how they lost too, their mouths twitched, those smiles even uglier than crying. It was because their five great experts were all beaten until they vomited blood.

Perhaps only Heavenly Deity Institution’s disciples could laugh.

“Are there any others who wish to come up?” Shi Hao asked.

Everyone was silent, no one going up.

Immortal Academy’s people felt extremely embarrassed. Not long ago, their words were incredibly arrogant, threatening to suppress Shi Hao, but now, no one dared face him.

In the distance, a pair of eyes flickered about, carrying deep hostility. Shi Hao sensed it, suddenly turning around.

Yuan Qing!

It was actually Yuan Qing! He came, standing right by an old monster’s side, his attitude respectful. However, when he looked at Shi Hao, his gaze was not kind.

A layer of goosebumps covered Shi Hao’s skin, feeling as if he was targeted by a viper, his skin extremely cold, fine hairs all standing up.

Shi Hao really wanted to hack this person down with a single blow, but he knew that he wasn’t his match. The other party was already a half supreme being.

Yuan Qing revealed a faint smile, revealing snow-white teeth, nodding towards him. Right now, he looked extremely friendly, like warm sunlight.

At the very least, the feeling that everyone got was that he was admiring Shi Hao’s strength, carrying an attitude of appreciation, currently observing an extremely outstanding descendant.

Yuan Qing didn’t stay here for a long time. He turned around and left, seemingly having some misgivings. He only came to exchange a few lines with Immortal Academy’s old monster and an elder from Sacred Academy, and then respectfully withdrew.

Shi Hao had previously heard that Yuan Qing had entered both academies to cultivate. Even though his own talent wasn’t high enough, he knew quite a few upper level figures. Now, it seemed like the rumors weren’t fake.

This made Shi Hao frown. If he really did enter the two academies, would the schemes Yuan Qing set in place end up affecting him? He had to seriously take this into consideration.

Cultivation wasn’t easy, Shi Hao reached where he was today more so because he passed through many life and death trials. He did not wish to bring disaster onto himself because of the schemes of another, dying along the path of cultivation.

Shi Hao watched as Yuan Qing left, a pensive look appearing on his face. What was the purpose of this person’s visit, purposely coming to strut around, was this a type of contempt towards him, or was it a type of warning?

“Haha… you all were easy on us, letting my Heavenly Deity Institution win.” An elder from Heavenly Deity Institution laughed.

The elders of the other two academies smiled insincerely, starting to speak up one after another.

“Heavenly Deity Institution isn’t bad, producing a few good saplings. When these types of excellent individuals enter my academy, they will definitely be able to shine.”

“Wu, this kind of youth is most suitable for my academy’s growth, become even more brilliant in the future, become the pride of my academy.”

The old fellas from the two academies laughed joyfully as they went on and on.

Heavenly Deity Institution’s elders immediately couldn’t laugh anymore. This was basically treating Heavenly Deity Institution like a nursery, the good saplings fished out, transplanted into someone else’s garden.

This was like making the marriage clothes for another, really being happy for nothing.

“Little Jin, what kind of expression is that? You all should understand that it is more optimal for good saplings to be nurtured in my Immortal Academy, as we have the suitable soil for their growth.” Another old monster was all smiles as he spoke, patting the shoulder of one of Heavenly Deity Institution’s elders. Only someone like him dared to call an elder ‘Little Jin’.

“And why should they go to Immortal Academy? My Sacred Academy is the correct path, the present world methods destined to surpass the ancient methods!” Sacred Academy’s old monster shook his head, speaking with a deadly earnest expression.

“What are you talking about? Could it be that you wish to have a competition against my Immortal Academy?” Immortal Academy’s old monster laughed, but his presence was still quite domineering.

“Why wouldn’t we dare?”

Even though the two academies’ old monsters didn’t quarrel with each other, behind their smiling expressions was a hint of competitiveness, about to fight over Heavenly Deity Institution’s disciples.

Through Shi Hao’s display, they realized that Heavenly Deity Institution wasn’t simple, having some good saplings!

Then, someone came to give a secret report, speaking quietly by the old monsters’ ears, informing them of some details.

“Yi, there are others at the same level as Huang?”

“Correcct, they had previously fought against him in the three thousand provinces, but back then, there was no victory or defeat decided. After entering Heavenly Deity Institution, they did not fight any decisive battles.” Someone reported, mentioning Ten Crown King and Exiled Immortal.

Moreover, one person informed the old monsters that there was one who had a World Tree Sapling, immediately drawing the old monsters’ attention.

Not long afterwards, there was even someone who reported that there was someone who grasped a perfect Yin Yang Seed!

“There is another who is the descendant of the protectors, someone who is confident in being unmatched!”

“Not simple, we’ve made an oversight. We really underestimated Heavenly Deity Institution! This is worth attaching great importance to!” Several old monsters sighed.

Shi Hao jumped off the arena. Qing Yi, Cao Yusheng, and the others immediately welcomed him. They were all happy, celebrating Shi Hao’s great victories. Even the witch appeared, not bickering with Qing Yi.

Someone came to look for Shi Hao, privately contacting him, inviting him to join Immortal Academy.

Shi Hao gave the people on the arch bridge a look. Many of them had stupefied expressions, but Little Sky King smiled, nodding towards him.

Princess Yao Yue also nodded in his direction, offering her congratulations.

Shi Hao didn’t immediately express his decision, because he wanted to know what Immortal Academy could provide him with, if they would offer a perfect ancient seed.

Sacred Academy’s people also came, lowering their stance, formally inviting him to join them.

In the distance, Wang Xi’s exceptional appearance revealed a strange look. She never expected Shi Hao to reach this step, actually having one of Sacred Academy’s elders invite him. Right now, she really felt a bit uneasy, should she enter Sacred Academy or Immortal Academy?

Ten Crown King, Exiled Immortal, Lu Tuo, Xuan Kun, and the others were also surrounded, becoming immoral saplings that were fought over by the two academies, both wishing to bring them away.

Even the foreign cultivator Shi Hao subdued, Mo Dao, became a target of the two academies’ scrambling, as they wanted to obtain valuable information from him.

Apart from this, because Qing Yi merged with a green moon, seemingly a reincarnated true immortal, this also produced a huge uproar. Immortal Academy desperately tried to get her in their academy!

Heavenly Deity Institution immediately became extremely lively. Immortal Academy and Sacred Academy started to fight over disciples, their faces flushed with excitement. Neither side was willing to back up as they fought over the geniuses.

Shi Hao was surrounded, pulled away once more, brought to a comparatively remote place. However, there was still a lot of people here, powerful figures from both academies still around him.

At the same time, Second Elder also came, remaining at his side, helping Shi Hao with his future plans.

“I wish to know, if I enter Immortal Academy, what kind of ancient seed will I obtain? Will it be a perfect one?” Shi Hao was extremely direct. This was something that he was greatly concerned with.

“Don’t worry. Little friend, with your natural talent, if it isn’t matched with a perfect precious seed, wouldn’t that be a waste of potential? You will definitely be given the best of conditions, allowing your cultivation to reach its greatest heights!” An elder slapped his own chest as an act of promise.

Cough! Heavenly Deity Institiution’s Second Elder coughed, and then seriously reminded, saying, “Why do I recall that Immortal Academy’s few ancient seeds have long been previously arranged for others?”

This was clearly an act of undermining Immortal Academy’s words, and also for Shi Hao’s sake, wishing to help him acquire a perfect dao seed.

“Old fella from Immortal Academy, you really shouldn’t cheat others. The ancient seeds have long been completely divided up between Little Sky King and the others. If this young man is brought into your academy, yet there isn’t an unmatched precious seed to merge with, wouldn’t that only harm him?” Sacred Academy’s old man said with a sneer, seizing the opportunity to throw stones at them while they were down.

“Nonsense, there are still precious seeds that haven’t been used, one of them guaranteed to Heavenly Deity Institution’s best disciple!” Immortal Academy’s old monster flew into a rage out of humiliation.

“I’ve heard that even though that seed is going to fall into my Heavenly Deity Institution’s hands, wasn’t it already planned to be given to that child from the long life family?” Second Elder interrupted again.

Immortal Academy’s old monster’s complexion fluctuated between green and red. “I will think of a way! I’ll quickly contact Immortal Academy to have them find a perfect seed.”

“In the end, those seeds all have owners chosen, and you cannot make the decision, unable to alter things, even saying that you will find another one! This really is easier said than done, can you be certain that you can find one?!” Sacred Academy’s old man ridiculed, and then looked towards Shi Hao, saying, “Child, this Immortal Academy, it’s not a big deal even if you don’t go there. Many things have long been decided behind closed doors. If you go there, you won’t be able to win over others!”

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