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Chapter 1228 - Ambushing the Monster

They were targeting Huang!

This was clear and easy to see!

On the great golden path the stone celestial body produced, there were more than ten people standing side by side, berating Shi Hao there, as if they were looking down at a small soldier, criticizing him as they pleased.

Meanwhile, the so-called Little Sky King didn’t appear, still remaining in the stone celestial body, perhaps due to the pride he felt towards his own status, perhaps because he didn’t really care.

The atmosphere here became a bit tense, even more so extremely nervous. Right now, Huang wasn’t a normal person, long proving how extraordinary he was, yet now, he was coldly berated, not being placed in the other party’s eyes at all.

“Huang, did you hear us or not? You still aren’t hurrying over and confessing your crimes? Could it be that you really are waiting for us to uncover you? You better offer up the azure armor quickly!”

There were more than ten people in the sky in total, sparkling radiance currently released. Every single one of them were extraordinary experts, immortal energy swirling around their bodies.

Shi Hao’s expression was cold. He stood there, not saying anything.

Qing Yi walked over, standing together with him, feeling extremely worried. Immortal Academy’s experts came in such an aggressive manner, there was definitely no way for them to act friendly with each other. This was definitely going to be a competition between giants, and right now, Shi Hao really looked like he was on his own.

Cao Yusheng, Gu Jianyun, witch, and the others he knew, because they chose present world methods, were separated, just like how those who chose the ancient method went to Realm Tomb, they were currently searching for their own opportunities, still haven’t returned yet.

Right now, inside Heavenly Deity Institution, Shi Hao didn’t have much help, his old friends pretty much all choosing present world methods.

Mo Dao quietly walked over. He was a foreign realm expert Shi Hao subdued, someone who cultivated three strands of immortal energy. He kept his promise the entire time, not going back on his word, now also standing at Shi Hao’s side.

Everyone was shocked. Right now, Shi Hao was definitely plagued with troubles, but there were still people who dared stand with him? One had to understand that this affected whether or not one would be able to enter Immortal Academy!

Standing at Shi Hao’s side meant offending Immortal Academy’s disciples, be on opposing sides. If they wanted to enter Immortal Academy, these actions would definitely affect their chances.

High up in the sky, Immortal Academy’s people naturally long recognized Shi Hao.

“There really are some people who don’t know the consequences of their actions, not understanding respect, lacking an open-minded heart! You all who are standing together with him, do you not want to enter Immortal Academy anymore?!” A woman’s criticizing voice sounded in midair. She had a head of silver long hair, her face fine.

“The two of you are extremely foolish. You stand together with him, yet you still have delusions of entering Immortal Academy. Standing together with him, do you all not wish to enter Immortal Academy to pursue your studies? Just give up already, all of your qualifications have already been stripped away!” Another male’s voice sounded, his purple hair falling down onto his shoulders, his temperament unordinary.

They were too direct, not speaking about any ‘face’, completely undisguised.

Shi Hao’s face completely sunk. These people were just too overbearing. Did they truly think of themselves as Immortal Academy’s old monsters? Deciding the paths of others however they pleased?!

“You all really think too highly of yourselves.” Shi Hao finally spoke, his expression calm as he looked at these people.

He didn’t say too much, but there was a type of powerful presence. He was extremely quiet and calm, at the same time carrying a wave of chilliness, not caring too much about these individuals’ warnings.

“Huang, are you challenging our dignity? You aren’t coming to admit your wrongs, walking up to admit your crimes, don’t tell me you want to resist?” The silver-haired woman carried a smile of mockery.

“What dignity do you have, are you all anything special? Telling me to admit my wrongs and accept my punishment, absolutely ridiculous!” Shi Hao said coldly. He didn’t shout out, nor did he scold the other party, yet it made their minds jump, fully displaying his unyielding and powerful stance.

Being denounced like this made that silver-haired woman’s face flush with redness. She was angered, saying, “Not knowing the difference between being dead or alive!”

“As a person, one needs to have a heart of respect!” Next to her, that purple-haired male also spoke out.

“You all won’t be able to enter Immortal Academy!” The silver-haired woman added, staring at Shi Hao, Qing Yi, and Mo Dao.

“Hilarious. Are you all the ones who control Immortal Academy, feeling like you really can decide everything, grasping the right to admit or refuse new disciples? You all are too opinionated!” Shi Hao said.

In the surroundings, everyone felt their bodies tremble. Huang really was fearless after all, opposing the other party with equal harshness, not showing any sign of taking a step back.

Everyone was silent, not wishing to provoke Immortal Academy’s important disciples. They didn’t want to get caught up in this as well.

“If we wish to enter, you cannot stop us.” Qing Yi said.

Light laughter sounded from above. Not only was it that male and female, the others all laughed as well, extremely brash, not placing Qing Yi in their eyes at all.

Heavenly Deity Institution’s people all understood what was happening. These individuals’ statuses were definitely not ordinary, the last disciples of old monsters, so perhaps they really might be able to affect the disciple selection somewhat.

Shi Hao faced them coldly, not saying anything else.

“What, can’t accept this?!” In the air, that woman laughed lightly, extremely carefree. She moved her head of silver hair and said, “It won’t change anything even if you can’t accept this. Humiliating my Immortal Academy’s disciples, and then delusionally holding onto a precious armor you don’t have the qualifications to hold, Immortal Academy’s doors won’t be opened to you!”

She could still be considered beautiful, her silver hair bright, red phoenix eyes slanted diagonally upwards. Only, her behavior was extremely arrogant, making it extremely difficult for others to develop amiable feelings towards her.

“You think your silence is doing anything for you? Did you hear us or not? We are telling you to come over and confess your sins!” That male shouted, purple hair scattering down. His figure was large and tall, his presence intimidating.

Heavenly Deity Institution immediately became extremely quiet. Many disciples below were paying attention to the course of events. They all knew that Shi Hao was likely going to come out on the losing end.

In this type of situation, no matter what type of reaction he showed, it would be extremely disadvantageous to him.

If he showed weakness, then what kind of face would he have from today forth? But if he continued to oppose them head on, really entering the academy like this, he would be offending his future school for no reason.

“What? You have nothing else to say for yourself?” Up above, that silver-haired woman laughed, her originally resentful expression turning to a complacent smile. When she saw Shi Hao remain silent, she thought that he was scared.

“It’s beneath me to bother with you all!” Shi Hao said. He turned around to leave, not wishing to say too much to them.

“You…” The silver-haired woman was shocked and furious. She couldn’t stand the other party’s stance. Even though he didn’t loudly berate her side, this type of reaction was even more frivolous, not attaching any importance to them.

Shi Hao really didn’t want to say to much to them, because there was no need at all. If these people wanted to use force, then he would just take them on!

“Huang, drag your ass back here!” That silver-haired male shouted. He also felt humiliated, loudly roaring in anger, his voice resounding through the skies.

Down below, everyone had their mouths shut, not uttering a sound. They knew that a battle was unavoidable. With Huang’s nature, he definitely wouldn’t tolerate this, definitely wouldn’t stand being humiliated.

“Do you all only know how to bark? If you want to die, then feel free to come!” Shi Hao suddenly turned around, his words ice-cold, his gaze frigid. He was now angered, killing intent surging.

The word ‘bark’ immediately made the expressions of everyone above change. This was a phrase used for describing the sound of a domesticated animal, Huang actually humiliated them like this!

“Capture him!” The purple-haired male shouted. The golden light path unfolded, sweeping downwards. He stepped on it, starting to take action. Originally, the great golden path was resplendent, looking like it came from the immortal realm, receiving the cultivators below.

However now, it was suffused with murderous energy. The dozen or so individuals above revealed precious pitchers, demonic pestles, or brandished divine parasols, rushing over to suppress Shi Hao together.

Everyone was shocked. These individuals’ magical images were dignified, as if they were gods and buddhas that descended from the ninth heaven. They all possessed an inviolable aura around them, their souls resonating, becoming stronger.

Meanwhile, the two at the very front were a male female pair. The purple-haired male held a Demonfall Pestle, stirring up sky overflowing purple light, and then sent it smashing down! The void erupted, great dao divine sounds ringing in a deafening manner.

The silver-haired woman’s facial features were quite pretty, but right now, she looked a bit cold. She held a precious pitcher, an expanse of silver radiance flew out, blasting at Shi Hao.

These attacks carried great killing intent. Everyone took action together, all of them trying to bring down this monster!

“Vajra Demon Destroying Formation!” Someone cried out in alarm, immediately recognizing this ancient formation. Everyone was immediately shocked, inwardly sighing at Immortal Academy’s prowess. They had just took action, yet an ancient era’s well-known great formation was already used.

“No wonder you all dared to act in such a brash manner.” Shi Hao said quietly. These people had some skill after all, when taking action together like this, they could indeed suppress a younger generation elite figure.

Only, he didn’t mind too much. He had previously stuck together with the Divine Striking Stone for a long time, more or less understanding a bit about these formations. Together with his unmatched fighting strength, he naturally didn’t fear anything.

However, if he wanted to break through this formation, it would definitely be quite a bit of trouble. After all, these individuals’ cultivations were all quite impressive.

Only, Shi Hao didn’t want to fight a drawn-out battle against them. Even if he won, it wouldn’t make him look that good.


In that instant, Shi Hao’s aura erupted. He was like a True Dragon that woke from within an abyss and then appeared in the world!

Blood energy surged like a sea. Shi Hao used his own supreme being precious techniques, Heaven Calamity Light, Reincarnation, and the third precious technique that hadn’t fully matured yet, three types of precious techniques merged together, three powers becoming one!

He rarely used his innate three supreme being techniques, but today, he directly used them.

One person, three supreme being divine abilities, it was like one into two, two into three, three into all things. The power of three forces merged into one, deriving everything, erupting with exceptional power.


Heaven and earth erupted into chaos, endless, as if submerging everything, the world itself about to collapse from this wave of divine force.

Shi Hao’s attack was enough even when dealing with a young supreme being, because this was immediately an extreme method, able to instantly decide victory or defeat, wiping out all enemies. 

This was an attack that was meant to produce results through a single move!

Shi Hao didn’t fail. Within the hazy light, three types of supreme being divine abilities all appeared, blasting apart the other party’s Vajra Demon Destroying Formation, blasting all of those individuals until their bodies shook violently, blood pouring out of their mouths.


One of them screamed miserably, body flying out.

At the same time, the great golden light path swayed, about to be scattered.


Shi Hao rushed forward, grabbing the male and female pair, lifting them into the air. Then, he left behind a streak of afterimages, quickly returning to his original location.

In the skies, all types of divine force overflowed, surging violently. Great cracks extended outwards, but the ground became calm again soon after.

“Is this the so-called dignity you all speak of?” Shi Hao asked coldly. With a peng sound, he flung the purple-haired male onto the ground, and then stepped on his face.

“You… no!” That male shouted. He was actually humiliated so greatly in front of everyone’s faces, making him feel even worse than if he was killed.

“What are you making so much noise for?!” Shi Hao berated, raising his foot and forcefully stepping down. That face that could be considered handsome immediately distorted, the bridge of his nose sinking in, teeth falling out.

“You… are not allowed to treat us like this!” The silver-haired woman in Shi Hao’s hands screamed.

“I can’t do this?” Shi Hao gave her a cold look, and then brandished his other hand.


An extremely crisp sound rang out. Half of that woman’s face swelled, her bones breaking, her entire body slapped flying out. She fell on the ground, blood flowing out from her mouth and nose.

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