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Chapter 1229 - Little Sky King

Absolute silence. When everyone saw this scene, they were all stunned, all of them sighing that this was Huang after all. Even when his future prospects were at stake, he still acted so powerfully.

Even though these were disciples from Immortal Academy, he beat them down right after he said he would, his intentions not ambiguous in the slightest!

Many people here opened their mouths, yet couldn’t say anything. Even the two that were captured were stupefied; there was actually someone who humiliated them like this.

“Huang, you struck me?!” That silver-haired woman screamed sharply. That palm slapped her in the face, the pain seeping into her bones, her face now completely swollen, even the red phoenix eyes were completely hidden.

Shi Hao walked forward, with a peng sound, he kicked her flying, not holding back in the slightest.

“Ah… Who will kill him in my place?!” The silver-haired woman screamed. She was insulted once more, simply about to lose her mind. She was the descendant of a great figure in Immortal Academy, so when had she ever suffered like this? Right now, she was alarmed and terrified.


A great jolt shook through the void, as if a bass drum was struck by someone. This place trembled continuously, intensely shaking, making everyone’s blood and qi surge, about to go unconscious.

That purple-haired male was taking action. Just now, he was thrown by Shi Hao onto the ground, the bridge of his nose broke with a single step, caving in. When he now heard the woman scream, he secretly took action.

That purple-gold Demonfall Pestle erupted with endless auspicious light, thousands of brilliant colored streams flowed out, the power that was released incomparable. It collapsed the void, smashing towards Shi Hao.

This Demonfall Pestle was, without a doubt, formidable, able to kill heavenly deities. It was a great killing weapon, perhaps it could be called a demon destroying divine weapon!

With it at the center, shocking ripples moved outwards, everything it touched inevitably shattering, the power extremely astonishing.

Not far out, a few people cried out miserably, swept through by the purple-colored ripples. Divine light surged, directly sending them flying out. They coughed out large mouthfuls of blood, almost dying.

However, Shi Hao who was at the center of the battlefield was completely unharmed, standing tall and unmoved in the middle of it all. He was surrounded by divine multicolored light, as if bathing in immortal light.

His appearance was majestic, eyes deep. He suddenly turned around, looking at that male and saying, “Don’t have the brains to learn from mistakes!”

Many people’s minds trembled. Under this type of strike, he was perfectly unharmed, nothing abnormal happening to him, this truly shocking everyone.

“Is it the single heavenly passage?!” Someone couldn’t help but cry out in alarm. Heavenly Deity Institution’s people all knew about his abilities, knowing that he broke through the limit, establishing a unique heavenly passage!

The heavenly passage shone like a scorching sun, incredibly dazzling, protecting Shi Hao at the center, immune to all methods. No matter how that Demonfall Pestle struck out, it couldn’t inflict the slightest injury on him.


Shi Hao’s foot stepped down. That purple-haired male released a loud cry, unable to dodge at all. Just now, he activated the Demonfall Pestle only after barely supporting half his body. Now, he completely collapsed under this foot.


He coughed out large mouthfuls of blood. That foot was like a great mountain as it crushed down, impossible to avoid, the great dao aura it carried making him suffocate!


Then, he felt the bones in his chest break, the intense pain making his face warp. He roared out, “Huang, do you even still want to enter Immortal Academy?!”

He wanted to use this as intimidation to make Shi Hao stop. Otherwise, he felt like his entire body would be trampled through.


Immediately afterwards, he felt his hand loosen, that Demonfall Pestle become dim, the purple multicolored light receding, stepped on by a foot until it deformed, a large amount of the bone texts disappearing.

This left him utterly shocked. Just how terrifying was the flesh and magical force of this youth before him? He destroyed a divine weapon with just a single foot!

The Demonfall Pestle cracked apart, losing the divine might it was supposed to carry.

Following a peng sound, the purple-haired male was sent flying by a kick. The bones in his body released pi pa sounds, who knew how many of them breaking, half his body becoming crippled.

At the same time, Shi Hao walked over, kicking that woman until she flew out, blood shooting out of her mouth and nose, his actions merciless.

All of this happened in an instant, fast to the point where everyone couldn’t react in time.


The silver-haired woman screamed in pain. Finally, she realized that this wasn’t Immortal Academy, that there was no one there to protect her, which was why this young man before her dared to act as he wanted.

She activated that precious pitcher, doing everything she could to defend herself. She glared at Shi Hao furiously, shouting, “Senior brother, hurry and save me!”

Shi Hao didn’t show any mercy. His finger pointed out, wind and lightning raging about. Deafening noises rumbled, the scene extremely shocking.

He was surrounded by a divine sun, looking incredibly pure and holy. At this moment, he pointed out, as if a divine being was descending into this world to exorcise demons and fiends. As he displayed divine might, there was a type of great imposingness, as well as a type of elegance.

This seemed to be a bit contradictory, but right now, it simultaneously appeared on this person’s body.


The precious pitcher exploded. This place was extremely brilliant, fragments flying in all directions.

Many people were petrified. That was but a great sect treasure, a precious pitcher that carried great dao patterns, yet it was blasted apart by a single finger from Huang. It really was a bit horrifying.

That woman screamed miserably, her body covered in injuries, many areas blasted by the precious pitcher’s fragments. Blood splashed everywhere, she couldn’t even move anymore, only able to groan in pain.


On the golden great path, the people who were just sent flying shouted out. They all held magical artifacts, wanting to stop Shi Hao.

Shi Hao turned around, but he didn’t take action again, because he didn’t really want to kill, or else those old monsters definitely wouldn’t agree with his actions. With things like this, he already taught those two a sufficient lesson.

This place first became silent, and then it erupted with noise. What happened here couldn’t remain hidden even if one tried to hide it, no one expecting Shi Hao to be this powerful.

“Immortal Academy’s people are nothing more than this.” Someone said quietly.

These words were no different from pouring oil on a flame, inciting and stirring up conflict. Many people were searching for the source of the sound, but they didn’t find anything.

Quite a few people looked towards the white bone gourd, Sacred Academy’s flight magical artifact. They began to suspect perhaps it was one of them who was taunting the other side.

Regardless, the person who did this in secret succeeded, making Immortal Academy’s people’s faces fall. Even though they knew that this person’s intentions weren’t pure, they still couldn’t help but want to take action.

In reality, even if no one muttered quietly like this, Immortal Academy’s experts still wouldn’t just sit still and watch. There was no way they could keep silent after being forcefully suppressed by Huang like this.

The stone celestial body moved, releasing surging tide sounds, moreover forming a terrifying domain, imprisoning the sky. There were birds that were flying over from the distance, but they immediately stopped moving.

Everyone’s expressions changed. This domain was just too powerful.

A gate appeared on the celestial body, a rainbow bridge flying out. A few people walked out along the divine bridge, standing on the bridge formed from gathered multicolored light.

“You really don’t know the depths of heaven and earth, offending Little Sky King’s prestige again and again. Now that the sky king is personally here, let’s see just what kind of trouble you can stir up!” Someone said coldly.

Many people walked out from the celestial body, all of them young geniuses from Immortal Academy, several dozen of them in number. One could see that Immortal Academy had also thought a bit about this interaction, bringing quite a few experts.

“Little Sky King has appeared!”

Many people below were shocked. The main figure finally appeared, was he going to fight Shi Hao?

It was rumored that this was but an exceptional heavenly talent who surpassed all of his peers, not having any worthy opponents. He was known as a sky king, but because his age wasn’t great, the word little was added.

This title alone was enough was enough to explain everything. This was someone who could overlook all of his peers in the Nine Heavens Ten Earths!

Everyone looked towards the seven-colored rainbow bridge, watching this group of people. They all wanted to see Little Sky King’s true appearance, see just how extraordinary he was.

There were as many as more than forty men and women there, all of them surging with spiritual essence, divine senses like chains, all of their cultivations profound, rarely seen among their generation.

There were more than one or two individuals among them with three strands of immortal energy. Some of them had three great dao flowers fully bloom above them, the scene frightening, deriving divine dao profound mysteries.

At the center of them all was a male with white skin that was like fine jade, carrying a sparkling and translucent luster. Immortal mists scattered from his body, aloof and exceptional.

He had a head of water blue hair that was like silk, glossy and supple. His hand wasn’t all that heroic, but he always carried a smile, looking extremely calm and peaceful.

His eyes were clear without impurities, an azure radiance released from them. They were like perfect sapphires, untainted by the aura of the mortal world.

This person was extremely unordinary. Just a single look alone made one feel a sense of intimacy, because he was close to the dao, far from the vulgarness of the mundane world.

This was simply like a solitary immortal, not like a cultivator of the human world at all, possessing a type of bearing that was difficult for ordinary people to explain, as if he was a reborn immortal.

“Extraordinary like the divine, temperament free from vulgarity, this type of person is rarely seen since ancient times!”

“He really looks like the direct child of a true immortal!”

Someone said with a sigh. This type of aura and style was identical to the immortal dao children recorded in history, too extraordinary. That type of immortal energy nurtured physique was unmistakable.

This type of person’s accomplishments were immeasurable. If nothing unexpected happened, he would definitely become an immortal. After attaining long life, his strength would definitely shock past and present.

“I am not his opponent!” At Shi Hao’s side, Mo Dao quietly said with a sigh.

The aura this person naturally exuded made him feel threatened. Mo Dao felt a familiar feeling, he had previously met a similar person before, someone who he was far from being a match against.

“You are too lacking in confidence.” Shi Hao gave him a look.

Mo Dao shook his head, looking a bit bitter. He opened his mouth, really wanted to tell Shi Hao that he had previously seen this type of person.

“He is still far from achieving immortality, but there are wisps of a true immortal’s aura, the same as that person I know. That is why I know that I am far from being his opponent.” Mo Dao still spoke up in the end.

Shi Hao turned around, looked at him, and then soon afterwards, he guessed who that person was, saying, “Your older sister also has this type of immortal dao style?”

“Correct!” Mo Dao replied. They were a pair of supreme beings, this was a major event that shocked the foreign land, but under his older sister’s brilliance, he, who was also a supreme being, really didn’t seem that remarkable.

Everyone knew that his older sister was a true unmatched individual, and this was precisely why the undying beings cared so much about her, bringing her away to nurture her with those from emperor clans.

“While holding onto my azure armor, did you obtain any gains?” 

Little Sky King spoke from midair, his voice containing a type of charm, making one feel as if they were bathing in autumn winds. Their restless minds began to calm down as well.

“Worthy of being Little Sky King, actually having this type of exceptional style, every action conforming with immortal dao!” There were some young ladies from Heavenly Deity Institution whose eyes flickered with brilliance.

“He really is just like those true children recorded in bone books, style unmatched. This type of person is destined for long life, will not remain long in the world of mortals.” Little Sky King had just appeared, yet everyone already focused their attention on him, giving high evaluations.

“There were some benefits.” Shi Hao replied, looking at this exceptionally good-looking young man.

In the air, Princess Yao Yue was devastatingly beautiful, her white dress fluttering about in the wind. She had friendly relations with those from Immortal Academy, currently standing on that stone arch bridge at Little Sky King’s side.

1. This can mean emperor or god as well, using sky king to avoid term overlap

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