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Chapter 1227 - Violent Attitude

Outstanding heroes gathered, the elites of both academies were here, coming to Heavenly Deity Institution. This was precisely for the so-called exchange!

Of course, this was also something both academies had to do to choose Heavenly Deity Institution’s outstanding talents, bring away the most powerful, those with the most potential, choosing the talented disciples with the most potential.

“The two academies arrived so quickly, this really is a bit nerve-racking. If they came this time precisely to choose disciples, then we have to properly show them what we got!”

“I hope I can smoothly pass and enter Immortal Academy!”

Heavenly Deity Institution was in an uproar. A few students were incredibly excited, all discussing spiritedly, all of them knowing their opportunity had arrived.

The elders had long told them that the best among them would enter the two academies, further pursue their studies there, become the successors of a group of old monsters.

Even though Heavenly Deity Institution was a good place, compared to the two academies, it was still a bit lacking.

Immortal Academy excelled in cultivating immortal dao ancient methods, collecting world shocking texts and even had a matchless precious seed. They even more so had an environment identical to that of Immortal Ancient, the most suitable for cultivating immortal energy.

Sacred Academy gathered the heavenly talents of different eras, at the very limit of present world methods, moreover taking a step further, transcending above, creating unmatched methods.

“It seems we managed to come in time. Those disciples haven’t merged with seeds yet, right?” An old monster from Immortal Academy was all smiles as he interacted with the elders in Heavenly Deity Institution’s main hall.

Immortal Academy’s people left Realm Tomb a bit later than Heavenly Deity Institution’s. When they returned and learned that Heavenly Deity Institution already left previously, they immediately set out for this place.

“Not too late, the most powerful people haven’t merged with dao seeds, all waiting for the final opportunity.” Second Elder replied while laughing.

It was precisely as he suspected. Immortal Academy most likely preserved supreme ancient seeds, truly a great opportunity. For Shi Hao, Lu Tuo, and others, this was a chance!

“Then that is good, or else if there was good food but it couldn’t be tasted, missing out on the immortal seed, that truly would be too regretful.” Immortal Academy’s old monster said with a smile.

“How many of the most powerful seeds are there?” An elder from Heavenly Deity Institution asked. This was what they were most concerned with, and it would also allow them to understand Immortal Academy’s strength a step further.

“Won’t leave all of you disappointed. There was more than one dug up from the last great era’s immortal cave, only, it needs to be restored.” An old monster spoke, the hair on his head white, but it flickered with faint golden light. Even though he was old, his blood energy was flourishing, divine eyes like lightning.

“En?” Second Elder was a bit surprised. He lowered the cup in his hand, feeling that things weren’t that simple.

“Needs restoration?” Another elder from Heavenly Deity Institution asked.

“It needs to soak in some precious blood for nourishment, and only then can the most powerful precious seed recover its former brilliance, become the most perfect seed of this world!” That old monster sid.

Everyone was stunned. Things were not simple after all! Immortal Academy’s people didn’t only come to gift the most powerful seed, but rather carried other aims.

All of them knew that the so-called blood definitely pointed at the bloodlines the most powerful geniuses from various clans inherited. Explaining a step further, it was likely the blood of those who cultivated three strands of immortal energy.

The atmosphere in the main hall became a bit heavy. The elders from Heavenly Deity Institution put away their smiles, their expressions becoming serious. Were they here to help Heavenly Deity Institution’s disciples or to exploit them?

“I just knew this was how things were going to turn out. Immortal Academy has a great number of competent individuals, producing several great seeds, one of them even titled Little Sky King, so how could they be willing to gift out an supreme ancient seed? It only makes sense for you all to save it for Immortal Academy’s outstanding talents.” An elder from Heavenly Deity Institution said coldly. 

This made them all develop bad feelings inside. The other party didn’t come with pure intentions, here for exceptional precious blood. It was unknown who the final ‘ancient seed’ would be gifted to.

“Dao brother, you are overthinking things. I can promise you that there is at least one ancient seed that will end up in Heavenly Deity Institution’s geniuses hands!” Another old monster from Immortal Academy said.

He had purple hair, even though it was sparse, about to completely fall out, its color still remained the same, purple and sparkling, releasing brilliant radiance, not becoming white.

In addition, his face was rosy, even though his body was a bit aged, it was still surging with life force, his complexion like that of a child’s.

“Senior Zi Ying already spoke like this, then we don’t have to worry about Immortal Academy going back on their word.” Heavenly Deity Institution’s Fourth Elder said, the expression on his face becoming much better.

“Does the most powerful ancient seed need to be restored? Isn’t it difficult for the heavens to eliminate, the earth to bury?” Second Elder asked with a frown.

That type of seed was perfect like the Yin Yang Seed, Nascent Cosmos Seed and others, which one of them didn’t carry the world’s greatest profound mysteries, derived unmatched natural laws?

This type of thing existed with heaven and earth, could evolve. Otherwise, why would they be called the most powerful?

“It can only be blamed on Immortal Ancient’s great war being too bitter, its owner in the last era falling in battle, completely exploding to pieces, suffering unimaginably serious injuries. It is already quite good that it gathered together again after endless years!” The old monster whose white hair carried golden light said.

He was originally a Platinum Ape, strength exceptional, blood energy his forte, which was why even though he was now aged, he was still full of blood energy, exceeding conventional reasoning.

They had inspected many ancient texts, gathered endless heaven and earth spirit essence to nurture this most powerful ancient seed, the effects of these actions outstanding. Now, it only lacked a bit of precious blood.

“If it has dragon blood and phoenix blood, then that is the best. If this doesn’t exist, then the blood of young supreme beings who cultivated three strands of immortal energy isn’t a bad choice either, which is why we came to Heavenly Deity institution for assistance.” The old monster with sparse purple hair named Zi Ying said.

“How many ancient seeds does Immortal Academy have exactly?” Second Elder asked.

“Don’t worry, there is more than one. Heavenly Deity Institution will have its seed!” The Platinum Ape said.

“If there are several, then only giving my academy one, isn’t that too stingy? After all, our academy has but several great immortal dao successors!” Second Elder said a step further.

“It isn’t too few, after all, my Immortal Academy has even more exceptional geniuses!” The old monster Zi Ying said.

Heavenly Deity Institution’s elders gave each other a look, and then they sighed inwardly. Immortal Academy’s geniuses were direct disciples these old monsters personally instructed, so they were extremely partial towards them after all.

“With heaven and earth’s great changes imminent, I must ask seniors to look at the situation from a broader perspective, grant the ancient seeds to the disciples with the greatest potential. Only then will they be able to display their greatest effects in the future.” Heavenly Deity Institution’s Fifth Elder was extremely frank, speaking like this.

“Please do not worry, we definitely wouldn’t hold them back out of greed. We will definitely make our choice with the greatest fighting strength and potential in mind.” The Platinum Ape said.

Heavenly Deity Institution’s elders became silent, not knowing if he was just saying this or if he truly meant it.

After chatting a bit longer, they got up one after another, because Heavenly Deity Institution’s elders had to meet with Sacred Academy’s people as well, discussing the selection arrangements and other things with them as well.

Right now, Heavenly Deity Institution was becoming more and more bustling with activity, all of the disciples coming out of seclusion, looking towards that celestial body in the sky.

“Immortal Academy’s person really is formidable, actually using a celestial body as a magical artifact to traverse space, just too astonishing!” There were many people who really were shocked.

The star was made of stone material, simple and ancient in appearance. It floated above Heavenly Deity Institution, chaotic energy released from its surface, sturdy and unmovable.

In another direction, there was a white bone magical artifact, similarly enormous. It was like a gourd, floating there, wrapped within white mist. This was Sacred Academy’s magical artifact, not smaller than a star, unknown what kind of creature’s bones it was refined from.

Heavenly Deity institution was full of activity. When everyone saw the two magical artifacts, they knew that the moment that would decide their fates was about to arrive.

There were naturally many who wanted to enter the two academies, become their disciples and strengthen their own cultivations a step further, obtain the two academies’ powerful support and resources.

“Quite a few of the two academies’ elite disciples have come, so why didn’t they come out, still remaining inside the magical artifacts?”

“Wu, I have to seize this chance, cannot miss it! The opportunity to change from a fish to a dragon is right before me!”

A few people were discussing among themselves, all of them paying close attention to the sky above.

Meanwhile, at this time, even Lu Tuo, Wang Xi, and the others also came out from seclusion. Princess Yao Yue and a few others even more so flew into heavenly space, wanting to pay the experts from the two academies a visit.

For Yao Yue, Wang Xi, and the others, it wasn’t all that unexpected if they did enter the two great magical artifacts. After all, they were from long life families, their clans previously had people who entered these two academies.

As expected, immortal music sounded, multicolored light surged. The stone material celestial body shone, producing an opening, forming a gate. In addition, a path unfolded outwards, accepting the visitors.

Yao Yue was allowed to enter!

Meanwhile, on the other side, the bone material magical artifact surged with immortal light, sacred sounds rumbling. A passage appeared from the mouth of the gourd, Wang Xi also invited in.

Many people knew that the Wang Family had connections with a certain long life family, while this clan produced an exceptional heavenly talent, this person precisely in Sacred Academy, right now currently in that gourd!

“Since dao brothers came, please come out and meet us, let us properly receive you as hosts.” Below, someone spoke.

Quite a few people spoke similar things, all of them wishing to develop good relationships with the two academies’ elites.

Shi Hao also came. He didn’t say anything, instead silently watching. A few disciples from the academies looked towards him, all of them revealing strange looks. It was because all of them knew that in Realm Tomb, Shi Hao had previously defeated Immortal Academy’s experts, establishing a name for himself.

Apart from this, Huang and Wang Xi also had gratitudes and grudges. Now, her fiance might have arrived, someone who the old monsters praised as a peerless heavenly talent!

“Huang is in trouble, Yuan Qing will most likely stop him from entering the two academies!” There was someone who muttered this quietly.

Many people knew about the resentment between Yuan Qing and Shi Hao. The former wanted to suppress the latter for ten years, sending him to Origin Ancient Mine, and then Shi Hao acted out, killing Yuan Qing’s descendant, chased away Yuan Qing’s son, the conflict impossible to dissolve.

Meanwhile, Yuan Qing came from these two academies, familiar with some great figures. If he began to slander Shi Hao, insisting on cutting off Shi Hao’s path, then it really might display some uses.


Right at this time, that stone material celestial body was the first to open up. A golden path was displayed, creatures appearing, walking out from this magical artifact.

“Is there one named Huang from Heavenly Deity Institution?” Someone on the great golden light path shouted.

Trouble came as expected. Everyone’s minds trembled, not expecting Immortal Academy’s people to be this direct, wishing to act out against Shi Hao so quickly!

A few figures appeared on that great golden path, overlooking everything below, examining Heavenly Deity Institution’s geniuses.

Shi Hao didn’t pay them any attention, only calmly watching from the side.

“Truly not knowing the depth of heaven and earth. In Realm Grave, there was someone named Huang who dared take action against my Immortal Academy’s cultivators, even more so humiliating Wu Tai, seizing his azure armor. Is this person here or not?!” The berating voice sounded once more on the great golden dao path.

“You’ll have to face the master if you beat the dogs, you should have known that the azure armor belongs to Little Sky King, something he lent out, so by what qualifications do you dare seize it? This Huang better quickly offer up the armor and confess his sins!” This harsh criticizing was incredibly severe, carrying tremendous might.

“Hurry up and confess your sins!” The others also roared out, the voices rumbling through the skies like thunder.

In that instant, within Heavenly Deity Institution, many geniuses’ eyes cast over towards Shi Hao!

1. Zi = Purple, Ying = Hero/Excellent

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