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Chapter 1224 - All Dao Tree

“I still must ask for your guidance.” Dugu Yun wanted to understand the details, but that daoist figure took a step out, his figure about to return into the great dao pitcher.

Who was the heavenly seed prepared for, for someone to nurture it like this? It really was a bit terrifying!

The group of geniuses all felt great desire. All types of unexpected things happened today, leaving them extremely shocked, the information they obtained too astonishing, making their minds rise and fall greatly.

“This heavenly seed, why is it that we cannot obtain it?” Lu Tuo asked.

There were too many people who shared this thought. Yao Yue, Wang Xi, and Immortal Academy’s experts’ eyes were all burning with passion, even Ten Crown King who had the World Tree Sapling found it difficult to calm down.

Shi Hao even more so opened his heavenly eyes, staring towards the great dao precious pitcher. 

A cold snort sounded. That daoist figure was extremely hazy. He turned around, gave them one last look, and in an incredibly cold tone, said, “Cease your delusional thinking, this isn’t a seed you all can hope to attain with your capabilities. You all should just know how to stay within your own bounds and live out your days in this world of mortals properly.”

He was extremely indifferent as he swept his eyes over everyone, this type of apathetic stance making the geniuses all feel grievance and dissatisfaction.

Exiled Immortal, Shi Hao, and the other geniuses, which one of them weren’t giants among men? Their natural talents were world-shaking, yet this person didn’t care in the slightest, his tone indifferent, not attaching any importance with them.

His intentions were clear, these people weren’t worthy of having the heavenly seed!

Was it because their talent wasn’t enough, or was it that their statuses were lacking? Everyone felt extremely uncomfortable inside, wishing to know just what kind of stunning genius was worthy of obtaining it.

“All of you, just back off!” That person said coldly. These were words of banishment, telling them to give up. After speaking, he entered the great dao pitcher, turning into an indistinct carving.

Moreover, he likely wouldn’t be able to come out ever again. The imprint’s damage was severe, only the last bit of traces left behind.

On the great dao precious pitcher, that mother root burned, completely turning into ashes, not the slightest bit remaining.

“Truly can’t accept this! Why should we give up on fighting over it? We already searched all the way here, looking forward to getting the heavenly seed, yet we are told that this was prepared for someone else! He even showed us such contempt and disdain!” An expert from Immortal Academy spoke in resentment.

“Do you have any way of obtaining it?” Another person said with a sigh.

Quite a few people became quiet. The great dao precious pitcher was frightening, sealed inside was a foreign land emperor clan, so they were unable to forcefully seize it, or else it would produce a great disaster.

“Forget it, that seed was prepared for someone else, already experienced the nurturing of countless years. That person’s plans really were grand! If there really is that type of family and power, it isn’t something we can provoke.” Another person spoke, reassuring himself.

“Really don’t know whose family’s young master it is, don’t tell me it’s some bean sprout grown in a greenhouse, or else I really hope the day comes when we run into each other!” Someone said with a sneer.

Many people shook their heads, feeling like this type of power wasn’t something they could provoke.

It was because that human shaped creature had said that this was a place untainted by the mortal world, immeasurable, suspected to be the same place the protectors came from.

Dugu Yun stared blankly, staring at the great dao precious pitcher, not saying a word. 

“Red hair, you get over here!” Shi Hao shouted, aiming his heavenly eyes at that red-haired creature.

The red-haired creature was a foreign land emperor clan’s outstanding talent. When he heard this, he was so furious his eyes stood up, revealing a vicious look. If not for the fact that he previously suffered serious injuries, he would have charged at him a long time ago.

“I am going to devour your soul!” He said hatefully through clenched teeth.

“Just die!” Shi Hao already attacked even from far away, displaying the Lightning Emperor’s method. He himself didn’t move, but he transferred over a dark cloud that carried a sea of lightning, attacking viciously.


Electrical arcs split the void, hacking downwards, forming a boundless expanse.

“Damn it all! If I don’t die this time, I will find you sooner or later!” The red-haired creature roared in fury. He then turned around and jumped, entering the great dao precious pitcher.

It was because he didn’t have any way out already, too many young geniuses here. Earlier, he took action viciously, so there was no way to reconcile with them.


A streak of bloody light rushed out from the great dao pitcher, surrounding him. His body thus vanished.

“Trying to commit suicide? You’ll instantly be refined into scattered ashes and dispersed smoke!” Someone sneered.

Escaping out from the great dao precious vase was not easy at all. Right now, he was walking right into the trap, this really seemed like courting death.

This place became peaceful again, the ground a mess, the ashes of plants scattered everywhere. The great dao precious pitcher turned into stone mountains, looking rather lonesome as it towered there.

Dugu Yun became silent, standing there for a long time without moving.

The others were also quiet, feeling quite dejected. After slaughtering their way here, there was actually nothing to harvest, unable to obtain the heavenly seed. None of them wanted to accept this.

“That Dugu Yun colluded with the foreign creature!” A long time later, someone spoke like this, cold light released from his eyes.

Someone stopped him, saying, “Just let it go, he is the protectors’ descendant, so if he really is killed, that really will stir up great trouble. Just report what he did to the elders, have them deal with him.”

Soon afterwards, the group of people all withdrew, leaving the stone wall through the same path they came from.

Then, they began to search about this area again, catching divine medicines, picking heaven and earth spiritual things. Even though they obtained some harvest, it wasn’t that great, because the remaining few stalks of divine medicine had escaped a long time ago.

When they returned, rejoining the two academies’ elders, telling them about their experiences, those old monsters’ expressions became incredibly downcast.

“There was actually this type of strangeness with this place, all of it just for nurturing a heavenly seed?” An elder frowned, feeling greatly affected.

The elders were all frightened as well. After being nourished for all these years, just how powerful would that heavenly seed become? Just who was it that prepared such a grand thing?

They all felt a bit of fear, starting to lose confidence.

“No harm, the so-called most powerful heavenly seed might not necessarily be able to produce an unmatched being. I I believe that there are some among you who can transcend above, truly become unmatched. If the day comes in the future when you all must fight that person with the heavenly seed, defeating him from a disadvantage, using an imperfect seed to defeat him, then only someone like that can be considered a supreme being!” An elder said loudly. 

This was clearly spoken to console the geniuses, as well as to give them encouragement, but it was indeed effective. A few people’s blood began to burn, a wave of confidence surging.

“Of course, there is still a chance that you all might find a perfect heavenly seed. Currently, there is someone who grasps the World Tree Sapling, and in the future, others might obtain great harvests as well!”

The one who had the World Tree Sapling was naturally Ten Crown King, this fact making everyone feel incredibly envious.


They withdrew from this ancient land, leaving the area the Five Elements Reversal Formation covered.

Immortal Academy and Heavenly Deity Institution’s people separated. In the following days, everyone searched fervently, collecting seeds in this Five Elements Continent.

Shi Hao and Qing Yi walked together, continuously searching. They entered strange lands one after another, surprisingly discovering many seeds, gathering all, metal wood water fire earth, five types of dao seeds.

Of course, this wasn’t saying that by having five different attribute seeds, one could produce the Five Elements Immortal Seed, as that wasn’t realistic at all. However, this was still enough to prove how astonishing their opportunities were.

Several days later, many people became excited. This continent’s five elements essence energy was too strong, apart from obtaining some rare precious seeds, there were people who excavated five elements materials and other things.

Of course, for Lu Tuo, Exiled Immortal, and others, they weren’t all that attractive. They desired a perfect seed.


That day, the great earth shook, golden light covering heaven and earth, a great earthquake happening.

“The Half World Tree is about to leave!” An elder said loudly, informing everyone.

That golden ancient tree moved, the divine sun radiance rushing into the heavens. Every single leaf supported the sun, moon, and stars, releasing astonishing vital power.

It seemed like it could create a world on its own, construct a piece of cosmos!

In its surroundings, the chaotic energy became stronger and stronger. The five elements essence energy made it evolve even further, its transformations heading to that of a true World Tree.

“Let’s go, we will still follow behind it. The places it wants to go to are all mysterious holy lands!” Second Elder said.

Immortal Academy’s warship also left, clearly having the same idea as them.

The golden ancient tree removed its roots, life energy flourishing around it. It tore open the heaven and earth, rushing into the distance. The commotion that resulted really was too great, heavenly space swaying, stars falling one after another.

As expected, the next stop was another wonderful place. This place was divine and peaceful, auspicious clouds filling the skies, everything created by great dao symbols.

When everyone descended, their minds were greatly shaken. This wasn’t a true pure land, but rather one forged by the natural laws of the world!

“Natural Dao Seed!”

Someone cried out in alarm, his mind greatly moved. They saw a tree that had many fruits on it, all of them produced by natural dao!

“What a pity, it isn’t an All Dao Tree. If it was, it would be comparable to the Nascent Cosmos Seed, not inferior to the World Tree Sapling!” Someone said with a sigh.

It was rumored that there was a fruit tree called the All Dao Tree. When it produced fruits, there would be over ten thousand of them, containing all types of great dao, practically the incarnation of all of heaven and earth’s natural laws.

This type of tree, needless to say, once obtained, would be heaven defying!

Unfortunately, the All Dao Tree had always been something of legends, no one seeing one before.

Before their eyes, they saw a tree with several dozen fruits, yet it was already extremely astonishing. Everyone quickly rushed over, picking all of the fruits.

They had already stopped here for more than twenty days. Everyone searched all over the place, vaguely sensing a seemingly endless great dao energy. There were some elders that suspected there truly might be an All Dao Tree!

“Found it, there is a floating island to the far west, on it a tree. From time to time, vague traces could be seen from great void cracks, on it many fruits!”

That day, someone cried out. This was discovered by many people, so there was no way to keep it a secret, news quickly sent back.

This triggered a commotion. Everyone moved, heading to this westmost location.

An island was suspended on many natural laws. Lightning interweaved, great yin energy pervading the air, great yang essence flame emerging, all types of brilliant heaven and earth irregular scenes appearing here!

This left everyone shocked. No one could ascend the dao, all repelled by the heaven and earth natural laws.

Everyone vaguely saw that there was one area at the heart of the island that was extremely unusual, as if there was a tree planted there, hidden within a great void crack, the heaven and earth natural laws unable to contain it.

A tree full of fruits, its form changing!

“It seems to be a tea tree, but it is full of great dao fruits. Don’t tell me this is the All Dao Tree?” Someone exclaimed with astonishment. Even though it was a hurried glance, everyone just felt that there were several thousand fruits on it.

“En?” Suddenly, Second Elder was shocked, because he saw something even more astonishing.

“There is someone there!”

Many geniuses’ minds trembled. Inside that great void crack, not too far away from the All Dao Tree sat an ancient being, his body covered in ancient chains, these chains stabbing through his shoulders, sealing him there!

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