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Chapter 1225 - End of the Journey

The floating island was guarded by a lightning pool, great yin and great yang energies coexisting!

A tree took root at the center of the void crack, faintly discernible, its branches packed with fruits. There was an immortal sound released, as if they were chanting sounds, but also like the prayers of the ancients.

This scene was extremely strange, difficult to avoid attention even if it didn’t want to. Everyone became extremely excited, their eyes burning like small suns.

“One, two…”

Someone counted the fruits on it while trembling, looking like he really wanted to see if there really were over ten thousand of them.

The tree trunk winded about, as if an old dragon was laying there. The tree bark was cracked, looking like scales, the leaves luxuriant, all produced by natural laws. The colors of the fruits were different, divine chains winding about the entire tree.

“It really does have… over ten thousand fruits!” Someone’s lips trembled, stuttering as he cried out like this.

This was, without a doubt, the All Dao Tree, a perfect Immortal seed. It could be merged with a cultivator, become one, carry out the most perfect evolution!

Only, many people had tried to ascend that island, but they couldn’t get close.

In its surroundings, lightning pools rested one after another, able to easily blast heavenly deities into dregs, not to mention the great yin, great yang, and natural order divine chains.

“The natural laws are still manageable, I just fear that this person might resurrect.” One of Heavenly Deity Institution’s elders said, staring at that person bound in metal chains. He was greatly shaken up.

Who exactly was this person, to be bound not far from an All Life Tree, his body even pierced by rusted chains, now practically growing on his flesh?

Why did they just feel like this person really might resurrect?

Everyone could sense that the pitch-black iron chains had existed for endless years, suspected to have large amounts of Darkness Immortal Gold mixed in. However, it still rusted.

One could see just how ancient they were!

To make Immortal Gold rust, at the very least, it was rarely seen in this great era. He might be a creature from Immortal Ancient Great Era!

It was precisely this that proved this person was extremely terrifying, very likely someone who had lived through an entire great era. Just how horrifying was this?

There was an elder who tried to get closer, moreover activating secret treasures. As a result, those precious artifacts silently turned into metal liquid at the center of the island, directly melted.


At this moment, Immortal Academy’s old monsters emerged, two individuals joining hands to cross the lightning pool, pas this land of natural laws and collect the legendary All Dao Tree.


Right at this moment, the iron chains clanked. That shriveled up, dishevelled creature suddenly raised his head, moreover opening his eyes, coldly sweeping them over everyone.

“The All Dao Tree isn’t something you all can obtain. Just leave!” He coldly said.

“He… is still alive!” Many people felt as if they fell into an icehouse. Even though they had long suspected that he might still possess life, when they saw it with their own eyes, it was still shocking.

Living for endless time, locked here, still not dying, what kind of background does he have?

The most important thing was that he was guarding an All Dao Tree. Who was he guarding it for?

“The fact that we were able to find this place means that there is an opportunity, yet we can’t obtain it. Just who can then?” A cultivator shouted, finding this hard to accept.

“When the heaven defying dao seed matures, there will naturally be someone who will come for it. You all can forget about it!” He spoke in an extremely cold manner.

This type of tone carried a type of contempt, just like the humanoid creature who emerged from the great dao precious pitcher that sealed a foreign emperor clan, extremely arrogant, looking down on everyone.

When they produced this thought, everyone shivered inwardly. A world-shaking expert was in charge of guarding this place?

However, he was locked down by iron chains, looking like a prisoner, as if he was forced to watch over this place!

“Senior, this All Dao Tree is rooted here, yet no one can pick it, can you let us approach it and take a look?” A young cultivator gathered his courage and said. In reality, these were probing words.

“You all don’t have this type of qualification!” That person said coldly. The iron chains on its body were covered in rust. At this moment, they released noises, moving with his words.

These words made them all quite upset, as well as extremely unconvinced. This really was similar to the tone of that humanoid creature from the great dao precious pitcher, all showing this type of contempt for them.

“I still haven’t consulted senior for his great name.” Someone else spoke up, wishing to understand more, as well as testing a step further.

“You all still aren’t withdrawing? If not, then all of you can just die!” The voice of the person sealed under the iron chain was cold, struggling about while speaking. Blood immediately flowed from his flesh, rushing out from the shoulder blade and other parts that were punctured.

Quite a few people’s eyes released light, feeling like perhaps there will be a chance. However, soon afterwards, their expressions turned pale, because the blood that flowed out crushed the void, the scenes terrifying!

Then, he opened his mouth, spitting out a streak of sword radiance, hacking down a great star from the skies, leaving everyone stupefied.

Just a streak of sword radiance released from his mouth was enough to bring down stars, this kind of power made everyone feel restraining fear. This was just too frightening! Many people didn’t dare move anymore, all of them obediently staying within their bounds.

Immortal Academy’s old monsters didn’t withdraw, Heavenly Deity Institution’s Second Elder didn’t wish to give up either, all of them wanting to give it a try. After all, that person was locked down by iron chains.

Then, following a cold snort, that individual restrained under iron chains released a wave of formless might, blasting the floating island until it cracked. The ground where the All Life Tree was rooted in cracked together with the void, revealing a few corpses that were buried within.

“Heavens, even innate gods and devils born in primal chaos were turned into corpses!”

Everyone saw what was in the earth. Even those types of creatures suffered disaster, dying nearby, buried under the great earth, illustrating just how dangerous this place was.

“They all died because of the All Dao Tree!” The creature whose body was imprisoned here said.

“We’re going!” The elders of the two academies immediately decided to leave, because they understood well how frightening those skeletal remains were.

Everyone became silent, all of them understanding the severity of the situation. How could two sky shocking seeds have appeared one after the other in Realm Tomb?

Regardless of whether it was the mysterious heavenly seed or the All Dao Tree, they were both priceless, moreover, both were protected by someone. This was extremely unusual.

When they were far away, someone finally couldn’t hold back, saying, “That is but the All Dao Tree! It has only ever appeared in legends, never obtained by someone. We actually had the fortune of seeing one, yet we couldn’t bring it away!”

“Just what kind of place is Realm Tomb exactly, actually able to have this type of thing!”

The students began to discuss among themselves, while the elders’ faces were downcast, finding it hard to calm down. Two great seeds appeared, there was definitely something wrong.

“That person is about to die, only having a breath left, always remaining asleep through a secret method, only reviving at the critical moment. He can be said to be a living corpse!” An elder from Immortal Academy said.

However, who dared go over there? The so-called about to die would still likely last some time. If they really did take action and fight a decisive battle, it would still give Immortal Academy’s elders a headache. They didn’t dare fight head-on.

Shi Hao sighed, feeling incredibly regretful. This was the second seed that moved his mind, yet he was going to miss out.

“I feel like that tree is a bit familiar, but I can’t recall why.” While Qing Yi was transmitting sound to him, moonlight flowed around her body.

Shi Hao knew that this was definitely because of the Green Lunar Flame, allowing her to understand many secrets.

Everyone stopped here for a set amount of time, searching around every day, finding many trees, fruits, and other things created from natural laws. There were some who obtained great harvests.

Only when that ancient golden tree pulled out its roots again, leaving this place, did they prepare to continue following it once more.

However, this time, there was a major problem. The World Tree shattered the void, and while bringing heaven overflowing chaos around it, it immediately vanished, stopping the two warships, preventing them from following it.

“This tree’s evolution is becoming more and more mature, developing a powerful will of its own. It won’t allow us to follow it any longer!”

The elders sighed with disappointment and frustration, unable to take advantage of this opportunity anymore. 

Meanwhile, there were still some people who felt a bit of regret, wondering if the next location would’ve had another perfect seed.

In theory, it should be impossible for another one to appear, because those types of things were just too heaven-defying. The fact that they were able to find two should already be ridiculously good luck, a type of wondrous karma.

Only, they felt that the places where the Half World Tree stopped were too special. The two different places they followed it to had two perfect immortal seeds, it really was just too much of a coincidence.

That was why a few people speculated that the next place also had that type of heaven-defying thing, feeling that the golden ancient tree was advancing along an ancient path!

“The true dangers have arrived, because we can only rely on ourselves to advance now!” Heavenly Deity Academy’s elder said.

Sure enough, not long afterwards, when the silver warship continued, they accidentally landed on a damaged earth, a place with shattered stars everywhere. Moreover, there were all types of broken corpses and blood floating in the void!

When someone tried to gather a certain type of silver blood, he immediately released a miserable scream. It was his spatial magical artifact that melted, but immediately afterwards, he himself also decayed, turning into viscous blood.

“Do not act randomly, these things have long lost their spirituality, now only carrying death energy and destruction!” An elder shouted.

This region was incomparably vast. They saw too many corpses, all of them damaged, moreover incredibly massive, some even larger than stars.

It was difficult to imagine what kind of intense battle this place previously experienced!

“Blood seed!”

Someone shouted in pleasant surprise, collecting a blood seed here. It was extremely powerful, collecting the fiendish energy, ancient blood and other things here, forming a unique and rare blood seed.

There were more than just one or two of these blood seeds, more than ten individuals ultimately obtaining them.

When past unmatched innate gods and devils were killed in battle, the blood essence within them wouldn’t fade, possessing spirituality. It would then seep out, turning into blood seeds.

The process of gathering them was extremely dangerous, three people unexpectedly dying, drowned in corpse energy, turning into mush on the spot, and then rotting away, completely dying.

They departed soon afterwards, entering an ancient cluster of constructs floating in Realm Tomb. They noticed many shadows here.

“There are Heroic Spirit Seeds here, the leftover souls of ancient experts who developed spirituality, turning into seeds!” An elder said.

It could be said that these seeds were related to the soul, all of them soul dao seeds. During the process, there were more people who died, devoured by the dao seed instead.

Several days later, they left. After searching everywhere, they arrived before a shining lake. They felt a strong power of time here.

“There are time seeds here, exceptionally rare and precious. It’ll depend on your luck to see if you can get one.” An elder said.


A disciple was swept up by the river, not even the elders able to rescue him. He was drowned in time, quickly drying up, dissolved into pieces.

The following areas were clearly places the elder had been to before, paths that they were familiar with. Even though there were dangers, it wasn’t to the point of completely wiping them out.

A few months later, this journey ended. They passed through ancient lands one after another. They didn’t dare advance any further, as they encountered too many dangers along the way.

If they continued any further, even the elders might die.

During this time, they even encountered living creatures, especially some ancient terrifying experts that were either sealed or trapped in Realm Tomb, these individuals casting their projections outwards, almost causing great problems.

Wuwu… The bugle horn on the warship sounded, calling everyone back. They began to head back, the warship turning into a streak of divine radiance, departing into the distance, leaving Realm Tomb and heading back to Heavenly Deity Institution.

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