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Chapter 1223 - History Reconstructed

One plant per mountain, all of them releasing great roars!

Every single plant was enormous, growing at the peak of mountain, each with a flower bud blossoming from it, containing a creature within. Right now, they were reviving from that extremely ancient era, rushing out together.

This type of scene was extremely terrifying, and extremely unusual. Creatures emerged from flowers, covering the mountains and plains as they appeared, as if the gate to hell was opened, the supernatural swarming out!


They all broke free from the flower petals, all of their bodies strong and healthy, jumping out like divine apes, slaughtering their way out.

These creatures all possessed astonishing fiendish energy, their shapes all different. There were divine bugs, hundred winged vicious birds, scaleless ghost dragons, all of them sinister and terrifying.

Half of them were human shaped, bodies carrying divine weapons and sharp artifacts, hacking open the heavenly dome. They were like comets as they moved through the sky, illuminating this heaven and earth!

It was too crazy, this place immediately thrown into disorder!

The ground ruptured instantly, just that type of power alone leaving everyone stupefied. How were they even supposed to fight against this? They were all great vicious beings, moreover this many of them, enough to attack the Nine Heavens Ten Earths.


They couldn’t just stand there and wait for death. Everyone risked it all, even if they were going to fall in battle soon, they still had to make their own voices heard, display the most powerful battle spirit.


Right when everyone’s hopes were turning to dust, believing that they were undoubtedly dead, the most dazzling divine radiance shone in the void, exceptionally sharp as it swept through heaven and earth.

 That was an immortal weapon, extremely indistinct. It was like a great halberd, but also like a war spear, too terrifying. It slashed out, divine light spilling out, striking down all of the powerful creatures in the heavens!

Everyone couldn’t believe what they were seeing. Just how powerful of a strike was this? How could this be?  A single attack from the weapon was enough to strike down so many powerful world-shaking ancient creatures.

“It is the great dao precious pitcher!” Princess Yao Yue cried out in alarm.

The so-called immortal weapon was condensed from the great dao pitcher, released from the pitcher’s body, suppressing all of the enemies!

At this moment, the mountains swayed, all of the plants suffering strikes. The terrifying flowers shattered one after another, many creatures suffering a fatal blow.

This scene left everyone shocked, finding this inconceivable. It was just a single strike, yet it returned everything back to normal.

“Ao…” Many creatures howled, their expressions sinister, quite a few still not dying, becoming even more ferocious after they dropped on the ground.

The great dao pitcher moved again, producing another type of imprint, an immortal sword. It flew across the void like a streak of lightning, and then pu pu sounds rang out continuously, cutting them all down.

“Is this real? Why do I feel like I am dreaming?!” Lu Tuo said to himself. It wasn’t just him who had this type of feeling, even Shi Hao and the others were feeling doubt inside, everything seeming not that realistic.


Shouts of war shook the sky. On the ground, the endless powerful creatures still didn’t die, rushing towards the sky to resist the immortal weapon.

They were everywhere, densely packed, why did more appear the more they were killed?

Everyone realized this abnormality. Even the weather changed, dark clouds sending rain pouring down, crazy winds stirring about and thunder crashing down, as if judgment day had arrived.

Meanwhile, all of this was only happening within an instant!

This was extremely unnatural, as if space itself ruptured, suddenly entering a different realm, displaying this kind of scene.

“This is most likely the reappearance of an Immortal Ancient scene, what we are seeing might not necessarily be currently happening, even heavenly eyes blocked!” Exiled Immortal said quietly. 

“It can’t completely be considered an illusion either, it is true imprints that are reappearing, everything recorded in this ancient land, engraved within countless mountains!” A powerful cultivator from Immortal Academy said.

“Power of time!” At this moment, Ten Crown King spoke, forcefully brandishing the World Tree Sapling in his hands.

The others also sensed something, all of them quickly moving back, extremely shocked. It was because there was an aura of time that swept out, fragments of time immediately brandishing about, completely erupting here.

“This... , is too terrifying. Is this going to bring us into a world of history?”

“Turns out it is like this!”

Everyone turned pale with fright, finally noticing some clues.

All of this could be said to be the reappearance of history, and it could also be said to be a fault in space, opening a segment of time reincarnation, surrounding them, forcefully dragging them inside.

Once they entered, it would definitely be difficult for them to come out alive.

“Just how terrifying of a power is this? To create a time reincarnation trap, surrounding us. If we fell in, what would we even be able to do?”

Those creatures, those plants, all of them were ancient imprints. Now that they appeared, if they had surrounded everyone, it really would be as if the great battle of the past replayed itself.

With their current cultivation, they were definitely not a match. If they entered, they wouldn’t last a single breathe, immediately dying.

“Using engravings of the past to kill, this type of method really is unimaginable!”

It appeared real, but also appeared fake. When this place calmed down, the mountains released black smoke, all of them in ruins, revealing their true appearance.

This was the result after the great battle of the past, the truth emerging.

“Retreat quickly!”

Someone shouted, having a bad feeling.

It was because countless mountains were rupturing, collapsing. A giant plant appeared from the ground, or perhaps it could be called a mother root. It was connected to many mountains, enormous to the point of making everyone shiver inwardly, become completely speechless.

Not long ago, what they saw were imprints of history. Every single mountain peak had a plant, all of them produced by the mother root, originating from one mother body.

In the ancient times, it had produced countless creatures, a mother nest. Now, only a root was left.

This was something completely unique to the foreign land!


It moved, breaking free from underground, wrapping around the great dao pitcher with its roots!


The precious pitcher shone, immediately burning the mother root, large areas immediately charred black and falling off.

The great precious pitcher was also shaking. There was a creature that was awakening inside, releasing its divine will. An irresistible temptation was transmitted to everyone’s heart.

“I want special blood to soak the mother nest. In the future, you all will be granted immortality!”

Even though it was tempting them, using a type of irresistible demonic voice, it was still domineering.

There were a few people whose faces distorted, their hearts wavering, difficult for them to resist this type of bewitching voice. A few people cut open their wrists, about to offer up precious blood.

This was too terrifying, impossible to withstand!

The mother root wriggled over. Even though there were many areas that were scorched black, quickly falling, but there were still some areas that grew frantically, reaching out from the mountains. It extended out the roots, desiring the precious blood.

However, its reach was limited. Once it crossed a certain distance, it would explode with a peng sound, turning into ashes.

“Send me all of your most powerful precious blood!” The voice originated from the great dao pitcher.

The mother root was was seeking out the blood precisely for the mother nest’s sake. The voice carried undefiable power, the will frightening, many people unable to resist, starting to involuntarily walk towards the mountain region.

“Why go so far?”

At the most critical moment, an aged sigh sounded, waking everyone up, all of them instantly stopping.

The great dao pitcher shone, a few patterns becoming clear. It was unexpectedly a humanoid image, right now condensing, becoming more and more clear. Then, a person walked out from the pitcher’s surface!

That was originally an engraving, but now, it freed itself. The sword in hand directly hacked at the mother root, fiery light overflowing into the heavens, burning many roots into black ashes.

“Didn’t you die? How could you have… left behind a doppelganger?!” The creature sealed in the great dao precious vase roared in anger, unable to accept this. He felt extreme despair, exceptionally weak, as if he was a leftover candle in the wind, his soul flame about to be extinguished at any moment.

“Countless members of your army were wiped out back then, I never expected there to still be one mother root left behind. After a few roots survived, you actually recovered to this extent! If not for me also leaving behind a will, you really might have been able to defy the heavens.” That humanoid creature said.


His figure almost seemed to be burning. He brandished the sword in his hand, the endless flames that were released drowning that mother root.


The great dao pitcher shook violently, the creature inside struggling. This was where his hope to escape lied, as long as it was immersed in different types of precious blood, it could be reborn, escaping through this.

Now, all of his hopes were crushed!

“It’s about time for you to disappear as well. You all can only become the heavenly seed’s nourishment, allow it to mature and achieve perfection.” That humanoid creature spoke ruthlessly.

When they heard up to here, everyone shivered inwardly. How powerful was the foreign Emperor Clan, yet it was actually about to become the nourishment of a seed? Everyone was horrified. What exactly was that heavenly seed, needing this type of nourishment, the nurturing of endless time? Was this something humans could control?

Once it matured, just who was going to be making who whole?

Suspicion emerged in everyone’s minds again, feeling like there was definitely something extremely strange going on, the results completely different from their previous speculations!

“Old ancestor!” The red-haired creature cried out.

At his side, Dugu Yun’s expression was overcast, unknown what he was thinking. His emotions were fluctuating intensely.

That humanoid creature was becoming blurry, starting to grow dim, not paying the two of them any attention, not attaching any importance to them. He completely ignored these ‘weak’ creatures.

“You… are completing who? You are not someone from the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, who are you?” The foreign Emperor Clan expert weakly shouted from the great dao precious vase.

Back then, this person had sealed him, but in the end, he himself also died, paying such a great price just to nurture that heavenly seed, who was this for?

“Someone will come to harvest this heavenly seed, it is not something you need to concern yourself with.” That creature said indifferently. This strand of remnant will became indistinct, about to completely scatter.

“You… are you a creature that came from that ancient path?” Dugu Yun asked with a trembling voice.

“These have nothing to do with you all. As this great era has reached its end, about to be destroyed, you all should just go and fight. The opportunity here is not something you all can dip your fingers in.” That humanoid figure coldly said.

In the distance, Shi Hao, Wang Xi, Exiled Immortal, and everyone else’s expressions became serious one after another, their minds greatly shaken.

“Just what kind of role did my ancestors previously play?” Dugu Yun shouted out. He felt extremely conflicted inside, filled with worry and fear.

In the ancient times, in the last great era, the creatures who had golden blood were the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ protectors, shedding blood in war, ultimately paying with their lives as the price.

And now, Dugu Yun understood that there was a time when his golden blood would turn pitch-black. He saw it with his own eyes, learning some of the inner details.

Meanwhile, he even went to Origin Ancient Mine, triggering endless black blood to rush out, sweeping him out. He saw some things that toppled everything he knew.

Only, he didn’t have the confidence to enter the deepest parts of Origin Ancient Mine, only having some vague speculations inside.

Right now, he discovered that this person might have come from the same place as his ancestors, and as such, he loudly shouted, having endless questions he wanted answers to.

“After falling into the world of mortals just like me, you should not think too much. You should just wait for the inevitable tribulation.” This creature’s body became more and more dim, responding coldly like this. He began to take steps out, about to return to that great dao precious pitcher.

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