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Chapter 1219 - Emperor Clan

“Ah tu tuo lan…” That creature spoke, his silver pupils releasing a deep radiance, cold and penetrating. The long red hair covering his body made him look quite terrifying.

Even the hair covering his face was full of this type of blood red hair. Apart from his eyes, everything else was covered.

He was replying to the protectors’ descendant, communicating with him. Its words were a bit intense, quite domineering and strong, not scared of the people here at all. 

What was slightly reassuring was that even though he was extremely strong, his cultivation realm wasn’t too much higher than everyone’s, very likely also at the peak of the heavenly deity level like the young supreme beings.

In addition, there was someone who was able to sense a wave of vigorous energy from the wisps of blood energy that were released from its body. This was a young expert, not an extremely old individual.

Only heaven knew how many years this creature had been sealed for. How could he still be so young?!

Everyone was incredibly shocked, a bit perplexed, unable to understand why this was. However, it was precisely because he wasn’t a powerful ancient being that everyone felt a bit more confidence.

“Le duo xi!” Dugu Yun shouted angrily, arguing with it, his chests rising and falling intensely, appearing extremely unsatisfied and upset.

“What are they saying? What are they arguing about?” Shi Hao asked.

Mo Dao shook his head, because he couldn’t understand anything. This was the foreign land’s most ancient Emperor Clan language, something not even a few present world Emperor Clans grasped.

Strands of green moonlight passed through Qing Yi’s beautiful eyes, her appearance gentle and divine. Her entire body was bathed in large amounts of pure and holy moonlight, aloof and free from vulgarity.

“They are discussing a place, the homeland of those with golden divine blood within them. Dugu Yun wants to find a path and head there, but that creature told him that it’s impossible. The creature who left that place would be affected with the air of the mundane world, and thus no longer be able to return!”

Qing Yi’s words left everyone shocked. What kind of place was this? Once you came out, you couldn’t go back!

The homeland of the protectors was full of mysteries. It seemed to be an extremely divine place that didn’t tolerate the aura of the mundane world. There were extremely strict rules about that place.

According to what the red-haired creature said, Dugu Yun’s ancestors, precisely the protectors bloodline, came from that place, but they couldn’t go back, so there was even less of a chance of their descendants being able to.

“The red-haired creature isn’t willing to tell Dugu Yun, because he fears that he might search for it hastily and spark unnecessary trouble.” Qing Yi added.

Everyone revealed expressions of shock. There was a power that made even the other side feel restraining fear!

Dugu Yun quarreled with it, clearly not agreeing. He wanted to find that ancient path and return to the pure land where his ancestors lived, this way make his golden blood even richer and stronger!

“Pu si nie teng…” The blood-colored hairy creature’s silver pupils released an ice-cold light. It was warning Dugu Yun, not budging on this subject at all.

The entire body of the descendant of the protectors was covered in golden light, long hair even golden, the aura he released oppressive. He took half a step forward, making contact with that creature, his bearing also extremely forceful.


Between the two, heaven overflowing divine flames erupted, the violent blaze burning everything until half the skies distorted, about to collapse.

These were symbols produced from divine force. The divine flames weren’t true flames, but rather the brilliance created when great dao patterns flourished with the greatest brilliance!

“That creature said that once the ancient road is followed to the end and the realm gate is opened so he could enter, there would be mysterious powerful individuals that would be summoned.” Qing Yi said.

She was translating the two individuals’ dispute. Sometimes, it was extremely precise, while sometimes, some words meanings were quite vague, because she couldn’t completely understand them either. 

However, the parts that were translated were already enough to leave everyone stupefied.

Not only were there golden blood creatures, there were other terrifying clans. Normally speaking, they wouldn’t step foot into the mundane world, but once they did end up crossing over, then the effects would be extremely serious.

The red-haired creature didn’t wish for things to get out of hand, thus not telling Dugu Yun.

“The Emperor Clans of the other side of the world have promised me that once I found you all, I can obtain the path. Why do you refuse?!” Dugu Yun roared.

This time, he used the language of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths when he shouted out, seething with anger. His hand grabbed the red hair in front of that creature’s chest.

“You dare take action against me?!” At this moment, this red-haired creature no longer used the ancient language either, instead using divine will, because they were no longer talking about secrets. He released a shout, the ground nearby rupturing, void becoming indistinct, twisting about.


Astonishing symbols erupted between the two, dense and concentrated. A great battle broke out.

The red-haired creature raised its hand, immediately grabbing Dugu Yun’s wrist, twisting it in the opposite direction. Divine light surged, scarlet multicolored light burning. Divine force rushed out like ocean waves.

In that instead, the two individuals’ arms erupted with several types of great divine abilities, facing off and clashing fiercely.

The void exploded, immortal energy pervading the air. The two individuals were sent flying at the same time, berating each other and continuously trading attacks. Large amounts of great dao divine patterns were released.

Even though they both flew backwards, they still continued to fight intensely!


A divine lance appeared in that red-haired creature’s hands. This weapon was like a spear, yet unlike a spear. It was even more ferocious, all those who used this type of weapon possessed ridiculous boldness and strength!

At the same time, a heavenly spear appeared in the protectors’ descendant Dugu Yun’s hands, similarly a great weapon, all those who dared to use it astonishing individuals.

The two weapons erupted with power, rushing out several hundred zhang from the blades, looking like two small golden mountains. They clashed together, sparks flying everywhere.

At the same time, there were two types of great dao divine sounds that rang out. Terrifying ripples were formed that crushed the void, even more so violently smashing into the observers. 

Exiled Immortal, Wang Xi, Lu Tuo, and the others were still better off as they cultivated three strands of immortal energy, able to protect themselves, but it was different for the others. Blood spilled out from the mouths and noses of a few people with only one strand of immortal energy, their bodies staggering backwards.

One could see how terrifying the collision between these two weapons was. It was because they were dao weapons, the items they achieved the dao through, weapons that accompanied their growth. Right now, the ripples that were released from the weapons were the effects of both individuals’ divine abilities overlaying. Even from quite far away, the power these blast waves possessed was still great.

Dugu Yun landed on the ground. He held the heavenly spear in hand, his appearance handsome, long hair hanging down to his waist. His entire body released golden light, becoming more and more resplendent, burning brilliantly like a sun.

The weapon in his hand pointed forward, his expression serious, carrying a wave of ice-cold killing intent.

On the other side, the red-haired creature was rather tall. The moment he landed, with a raise of his hand, he immediately restricted three cultivators from afar, two from Heavenly Deity Institution, one from Immortal Academy.


His right hand had the divine lance in hand, while his right hand crushed one person’s head with a pu sound. Blood began to flow towards his arm, vigorous life essence energy rising into the air.

This all happened too quickly! Those three individuals didn’t have time to evade, and none of the others had time to stop it.


Those people all cried out miserably, their bodies starting to dry up at almost the same time, their flesh shriveling. Soon afterwards, their skin began to crack, looking like air-dried tangerines, wrinkled and dried-up.

This was absolutely terrifying. In that instant, this creature sucked a cultivator’s life essence dry.

“After being sealed for endless time, it’s been quite some time since I enjoyed meat. This type of feeling truly is refreshing!” The red-haired creature revealed an infatuated expression, as if he was experiencing great pleasure.

While speaking, the two others crushed under his feet had already withered up as well, strand after strand of essence energy turned into blazing multicolored light, entering his body through the soles of his feet.

One could clearly see that both of his legs were shining. If not for the hair blocking them, they would be almost transparent. Two waves of surging life essence energy entered his body, replenishing his energy.

“You dare?!” Many people were furious, loudly berating him when they were able to react.

“The era really has changed. The insignificant clans that had worshiped us as divine existences now dare to point their weapons at us?” The creature covered in long red hair spoke, the long lance in hand. He stretched his body, looking incredibly relaxed. The three cultivators he absorbed just now seemed to have left him extremely satisfied, his vitality becoming even more vigorous.


Meanwhile, when he moved his body, the red hair released sharp and clear sounds. As he moved forward, piece after piece of brilliant matter fell out, dropping from the hair, landing on the ground.

“What is that?” Many people were shocked. They felt a wave of divine aura, as if these were things condensed from a type of viscous liquid, previously sealing this creature.

“This is the main reason why it was able to live until now!” Wang Xi said.

Otherwise, there was no way this person could have lasted all this time with his current cultivation realm. He couldn’t have continued living, moreover maintaining his youthful state.

“This is a liquid refined by undying beings, able to seal all things, prevent them from decaying, allowing them to live for as long as the world.” Mo Dao also spoke, revealing an expression of shock.

Shi Hao turned around and looked at him. Even though he didn’t say anything, his inquiring appearance was clear.

“If I am not wrong, this should be the descendant of an ancient Emperor Clan from the other side. This clan of theirs was sealed here.” Mo Dao said.

“What else do you know?” Shi Hao continued asking.

“There should be a dao seed here, the Emperor Clan previously coming precisely for it. That seed is known as a heavenly seed, something that an unmatched great figure had previously even felt regret over.” Mo Dao said quietly.

“A great figure feeling regret for?” Shi Hao was shocked, feeling extremely confused.

“Correct, there was a powerful figure, accomplishments reaching the undying level, who thought back to the events of his younger years, previously feeling regret that he missed out on this heavenly seed. If he had used this seed to seek the dao, his accomplishments would have been even more terrifying, reaching an unimaginable state.” Mo Dao said.

Shi Hao was shocked, immediately thinking of many things. The legends really weren’t completely baseless! Five Magics Sealing Heavenly Seed, there really was a corresponding astonishing dao seed, even the foreign creatures previously continuously thought about it.

If it was a normal person, then it was one thing, but that was an undying being, an existence that existed forever with the world, alive all this time.

“That giant was extremely powerful, no one knowing what era he was born in, not even a time he was completely defeated. Among the divine images consecrated in the temples on the other side, there would definitely be one of him.” Mo Dao said it like this.

This type of information was too shocking. An unmatched giant, a paramount existence’s regret, just how extraordinary was that heavenly seed?

“This place is extremely dangerous, the so-called sealed refinement of medicine within a pill furnace, what is sealed might very well be a certain foreign Emperor Clan.” Qing Yi came to this conclusion.

The red-haired creature before them was definitely not the only one, there were definitely elders, more powerful existences, just that only this person broke free thus far.

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