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Chapter 1220 - Heaven Overflowing Vicious Flames 

The red-haired creature moved again, brandishing the divine lance in its hands. Heavenly winds swept about, the void caving in, chaotic energy surging. A blinding streak of light was drawn out by the lance’s blade as it thrusted forward.


The protectors’ descendant Dugu Yun’s body was like cast from metal, dazzling and brilliant. The heavenly spear in his hands rushed up to meet it, hacking down with the massive heavy weapon. When the two divine weapons collided, it was as if small mountains smashed into each other, sparks flying in all directions, divine radiance erupting.

It was as if planets collided here, making heaven and earth split apart, the sounds deafening, dazzling radiance filling every inch of space, making one’s mind pound.

This was a great decisive battle, the two individuals opposing each other with equal harshness, their strength similar, difficult for one side to get an edge over the other.

Everyone’s expressions changed. Even Lu Tuo, Yao Yue, and those like them were shocked, feeling threatened. They cultivated three strands of immortal energy, but when they saw these two, their expressions all became serious.

“Too strong, the number of people able to face them too few! Not many people could stop their advance!” Someone said with a sigh.

“Do you really want to cross that realm gate?” That creature covered in long red hair shouted.

“I do! I want to return to the ancestral land, bathe in golden sacred rivers, allow my body to transform, the golden blood to boil!” Dugu Yun said. This was a type of ceremony, and even more so their clan’s journey of rebirth.

If he could experience this type of ceremony, it would make him more powerful, bring him to the very peak!

“Your clan isn’t the only one there, there are other clans too. No one will let you go through the realm gate! Once they find you, you will be killed without exception!” The red-haired creature said.

“This is something I need to worry about, not your business. I just need you to tell me the ancient path to that realm gate!” Dugu Yun insisted on advancing.

“Good, since you are this stubborn, I’ll give you a chance!” The red-haired creature said coldly, his silver pupils immediately becoming incredibly deep.

In addition, he withdrew backwards, putting away the divine lance, stopping the battle.

This place was in quite the bad state. There were clearly divine patterns and other things underground, but it was still struck until it broke apart, only the shoddy temple and low mountain remained.

The red-haired creature pointed at the mountain wall, saying, “Release my ancestors, and I will tell you!”

Qing Yi immediately translated his words, informing everyone, instantly triggering a huge uproar. No one could remain quiet anymore, all of them glaring at them angrily.

“Truly unbridled, are treating us like empty air, saying this type of thing in front of our faces!” There were immediately people who became furious. Even though they knew that this creature was extremely strong, they still couldn’t help but berate outloud, using their divine wills to transmit sound.

That red-haired creature was large and tall, leaning against the lance as he looked at the one who spoke in disdain, not treating him with any importance, coldy saying, “You thing that doesn’t know the height and depth of heaven and earth, even someone like you can interrupt me when I speak?”

While speaking, he raised his right hand. An enormous expanse of light appeared, forming a dragon claw, then quickly clawing towards that person. 


A great dragon roared. That giant dragon claw tore through space, immediately arriving, covering heaven and earth as it descended. That person’s expression immediately changed, discovering that he couldn’t move at all, trapped in place.

If no one took action, he would, without a doubt, die right here. The difference between the red-haired creature and himself was far too great.

Everyone naturally wouldn’t just watch from the side. Shi Hao frowned, about to take action, but Xuan Kun was closer, already roaring out, sending a fist smashing outwards to stop that dragon claw.


In the void, that fist and dragon claw collided, unexpectedly like metal when they made contact, the metallic vibrating sound almost directly rupturing everyone’s eardrums, the noise too great!

“Two strands of true immortal energy, one strand fake, yet you dare show yourself before me. Do you like making an exhibition of yourself?” The red-haired creature said. This time, he used his divine will so everyone could hear him.

“Unbridled!” Xuan Kun was furious. After all, he had three strands of immortal energy around him, a top level expert at the Heavenly Deity Realm, never had he been humiliated and looked down on like this before.

“It’s not that I want to criticize you, if you fought alone, coming one by one, I could kill you all alone!” The red-haired creature held the divine lance single-handedly, aiming it at everyone.


What he got in response was Xuan Kun’s palm. His five fingers closed, every single one sparkling, releasing five-colored multicolored light and flowing with five elements divine force.

The others were all angry as well. This red-haired creature had been sealed for so many years, yet he was still so wild and domineering, looking down on the experts of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, making everyone furious. They all wanted Xuan Kun to win.


The divine lance shone, ten thousand streaks of blazing divine radiance erupting, tearing open the void. The red-haired creature was too powerful, holding the divine lance just like that, brandishing it about, divine might unstoppable.

He wanted to cripple Xuan Kun’s palm. That divine lance’s blade shone, illuminating the sky. Chaotic energy surged, the attack exceptionally terrifying.

In that instant, this place was surrounded by dao sound. Xuan Kun’s palm strength erupted like a flood, divine patterns interweaving, dense and concentrated, surrounding this place.

In addition, he then quickly formed imprints, using a type of ancient heavenly art, could be said to have used his most powerful methods, wanting to truly suppress and kill the red-haired creature and win.

The two figures tangled together, the battle incredibly intense.

Suddenly, golden lotuses appeared in that red-haired creature’s surroundings one after another,  the flower petals enormous, wrapping him within. There was unexpectedly an all methods immunity power!

This happened extremely abruptly, Xuan Kun’s attacks almost losing effects. Even though he struggled with everything he had, he was still at a disadvantage.


The divine lance was like a rainbow, shattering the heavens, immediately slicing down. It turned into ten thousand blades, lance images appearing everywhere, cold and sharp, incredibly terrifying.

Xuan Kun wasn’t a match. Moreover, no one expected the last few strikes to be so miserable. Following a pu sound, blood splashed several dozen feet into the air, the divine lance’s point more frightening than heaven’s blade, directly hacking down.

Blood surged, and then a muffled groan was produced. The moment Xuan Kun’s right arm was removed, he immediately entered an even more dangerous situation. A cruel smile appeared at the corners of the red-haired creature’s lips, his eyes vicious. He brandished the divine lance, sweeping it over.


Bloody light gushed out. Xuan Kun screamed, experiencing the greatest suffering. His body was cut into two, and then it collapsed, falling into a puddle of blood.

He was chopped into two, directly having his vertebra smashed by that divine lance, severed at the waist, the scene too horrible to endure.

“Even you, a fake supreme being, wants to contend against me, to speak against an Emperor Clan’s young supreme being?!” The red-haired creature shouted, brandishing the divine lance, about to stab it into Xuan Kun’s head.

Many people shouted out angrily. The changes happened too abruptly. Everyone wanted to stop it, but they were too far, the will was there, but not the strength.


Sword light rushed into the heavens. At this moment, those with three strands of immortal energy from the two academies naturally wouldn’t just watch with folded arms. They all took action one after the other.

However, they were just a bit too far, unable to arrive in time.


At the critical moment, Dugu Yun who was standing at the very front, closest to the red-haired creature reached out a finger. A streak of blinding radiance shot out from his finger, stopping the divine lance. Then, he even more so pressed forward, striking out with the heavenly spear. Sparks flew everywhere, immortal energy surging, stopping the divine lance.

“What are you doing? Do you not want to learn where that ancient realm door is anymore?!” The red-haired creature shouted.

At this moment, the others’ attacks arrived, divine radiance pouring down like rain, covering heaven and earth, smashing towards him.

Even the red-haired creature didn’t dare face all of this head-on no matter how arrogant he was. This wasn’t just one or two young supreme beings he was dealing with! When they all took action like this, he would definitely be blown up if he faced them all head-on.


He left behind an afterimage, quickly retreating backwards, immediately arriving in front of the stone wall, ready to withdraw into that door’s world at any time.

Someone walked up, lifting up the two pieces of Xuan Kun’s body. The suffering Xuan Kun went through couldn’t be alleviated, the divine lance carried terrifying divine patterns, not only cutting at his body, right now, it even corroded his vital energy, making his physical body wither up.

The two pieces of his body joined up, but even though the bleeding quickly stopped, merging together, the bones and inner organs were in tatters, suffering the corrosion and burning of the leftover divine patterns.

Xuan Kun lost all fighting strength, unable to take action anymore.

“Just a group of livestock, yet you all dare compete against an Emperor Clan, not knowing the difference between life and death!” The red-haired creature said coldly.

Everyone’s expressions immediately changed, all of them absolutely furious. The so-called livestock were basically the chickens, ducks, cattle, sheep, food to be eaten. He was actually comparing them like this, absolute contempt and disdain.

With a hu la sound, a group of people surrounded over, about to rise up in attack.

The red-haired creature directly supported the stone wall with a single hand, and then turned around to leave, saying, “Do any of you have the courage to fight me one on one? Or I’ll permit you all to fight in a group of three, do any of you dare?”

This was an undisguised provocation, not placing these people in his eyes at all, full of disdain towards the young talents who cultivated three strands of immortal energy, actually letting them join hands.

Everyone felt a type of sullenness brewing within them. Immortal Academy’s experts were the first to burst. They had to stop him, about to fight with him.

“I’ll help you all satisfy your desires to be defeated!” The red-haired creature laughed coldly.

“Cease your insolence and come fight!” That person shouted.

“Fine!” Dugu Yun nodded.

“You…” In the distance, everyone’s expressions changed, feeling shock and anger. The protectors’ descendant was actually going to stand together with a foreign Emperor Clan?

“Excellent, do you see the diagram patterns on the stone wall? Inside that precious pitcher is a heavenly seed. As long as you move it away, you can rescue my clan’s experts!” The red-haired creature pointed at the stone wall.

Apart from that gate, there were also other engravings on the stone wall, the most eye-catching a precious pitcher. Its aura was grand, as if it was going to come out of the wall.

The precious pitcher was moist and sparkling. Even though it was a stone engraving, right now, it was flowing with misty brilliance.

Everyone's minds trembled. The heavenly seed really did exist, and it was just inside that precious pitcher, so how could they not be moved?

“Look at that stone wall, it is a diagram, but there is actually a world that you have to enter inside, kill two birds with one stone. You will have a chance of obtaining a heavenly seed even an unmatched giant felt regret over not being able to obtain!” Then everyone's minds trembled. The heavenly seed really did exist, and it was just inside that precious pitcher, so how could they not be moved? The red-haired creature tempted.

“What do I need to do?” Dugu Yun calmly asked.

“Need your golden blood, best if there is other precious blood too!” When the red-haired creature spoke up to here, he looked at everyone, and then settled on Wang Xi, saying, “Just now, you had previously attacked me with sword energy, it is the Chaos Calming Art no matter how I look at it. Could it be that you are the descendant of the ones who stopped my realm’s great army back then? You, come over!”

The powerful individuals he spoke of came from the middle stages of Immortal Ancient Great Era. There were previously swords that stopped the foreign great army from invading, successfully calming the chaos, obtaining an undefeated reputation.

“You should speak less nonsense. Fight against me first!” Immortal Academy’s person said coldly.

“As you wish!” The red-haired creature attacked, fighting an intense battle in front of that stone wall. The result was extremely cruel, that expert was penetrated by the divine lance and fished into the air.

“Do you dare come and fight? His life and death will depend on your choice.” The red-haired creature said to Wang Xi.

Everyone felt their minds tremble, feeling a bit frightened. This foreign Emperor Clan expert was too vicious, continuously defeating two young supreme beings!

Wang Xi’s beautiful appearance changed. If she didn’t take action, when the time came, Immortal Academy would blame her. She had to fight.


Immortal Academy’s person was flung out, blood dying his body red. That divine spear had just stabbed through his thoracic cavity, the injury truly frightening. His body was completely pierced through, the hole connected from one end to the other.


The red-haired creature shouted, standing together with Wang Xi, fighting intensely, wishing to subdue the Chaos Calming Art.

Many people held their breaths, all of them hoping for Wang Xi to win. It was because this foreign Emperor Clan expert was too unbridled, viewing them like dogs.

Unfortunately, their wishes were beautiful, but reality was cruel. After fighting the great battle for a long time, Wang Xi wasn’t a match, the golden lotus petals blocking the sword energy, divine lance stabbing straight at her.


Wang Xi’s shoulder dripped with blood. Even though it wasn’t life-threatening, she was injured. She staggered backwards.

The red-haired creature didn’t continue to attack, instead grabbing the blood that scattered out, giving it a taste. “This is the taste! Perhaps it can be used to lift the restrictions as well, can be considered a type of precious blood.”

Soon afterwards, he raised his head, his eyes resplendent like divine lamps as he looked at everyone. Then, he looked at Qing Yi, saying, “You can understand my ancient emperor language, and there is even a mysterious immortal dao aura within your body, so you’ll have to do. You’re next. Come over, I need your blood!”

No one made any noise now, not showing any anger, instead calming down, all of them looking towards Qing Yi’s direction.

It was because they all knew that there was a killing disaster there, and he was probably going to take action now!

As expected, Shi Hao walked up, one step after another. “I’ve been waiting for this chance for a long time already. I’ve been itching to fight against an Emperor Clan of the other side of the world!”

“And what kind of thing are you? What I want is that woman, not you, so get lost!” The red-haired creature was incredibly arrogant, actually berating Shi Hao like this.

“The one who is going to be bleeding is you!” Shi Hao didn’t display anger, but his tone was incredibly cold. He directly pressed forward.

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