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Chapter 1218 - The Life Within the Stone Wall

That hand was hairy, covered in red long hair. Even though it was the shape of a hand, it still made most people immediately think of a beast claw.

It actually reached out through the stone wall, appearing from the engraved door!

Everyone was stupefied. This was a door drawn on a rock wall, so how could it really become a path?


That sound was so deafening it made everyone’s eardrums feel like they were going to rupture. This entire world was trembling intensely, that creature struggling with difficulty, wishing to break free, struggle out from the stone walls.

What was going on? Many people were confused.

The stone engraving was reviving, someone was going to come into this world? This really was strange, making one’s heart beat violently.

A savage aura swept out, as if it ran here from the ancient times, wishing to show itself in this world, contend with the heroes of this world.

Only, it failed after trying several times. After that entirely red haired hand reached out, its body didn’t move again, unable to move through.


Immortal Academy’s two experts released a cold snort. They walked up together, about to take action.

“Out of the way!” The protectors’ descendant Dugu Yun shouted. In that instant, his entire body’s golden blood energy surged, even his head of thick pitch-black long hair becoming golden, his entire body’s aura raised to the peak.

At this moment, his expression was extremely serious. At the same time, there was a type of excitement within the depths of his pupils, impatient as he stood right in front of the stone wall.

In the stone wall, that figure seemed to feel some misgivings, fearing that it would be plotted against. That arm disappeared, returning inside the engraved stone door.

Dugu Yun’s arms moved out, actually producing a mysterious magical imprint, from time to time striking the stone wall, producing strange patterns. This seemed like some type of powerful offensive magic technique, and also like some type of ceremony was being carried out.

In addition, during this process, his finger continuously trickled out blood. When the golden blood landed on the stone walls, it was as if an arid desert finally experienced rain and dew, completely absorbing everything.

“What are you doing?” Immortal Academy’s two individuals shouted.

Exiled Immortal’s expression changed slightly. He looked at the protectors’ descendant, his aloof and otherworldly aura restrained somewhat, now appearing a bit serious. A pair of true phoenix void figures appeared behind, preparing to attack at any time.

“Ah mu du luo…”

Right at this moment, an overcast noise sounded from the stone wall. That hairy arm moved again, sensing the golden blood’s aura, at the same time as if asking something.

Almost no one could understand what it was saying. That voice was difficult to understand, the syllables ancient, moreover carrying a wave of strange demonic power that seemed to be able to injure one’s soul.

“Tuo ka ni ma sal…” Dugu Yun replied, his expression more and more dignified. Golden blood continuously flowed out from the finger, converging towards the stone door.

“Explain to us what you are doing right now!” Right at this time, Ten Crown King also stepped out. He stood there, in his hands the World Tree Sapling.

In addition, Shi Hao came out, his expression extremely serious. A terrifying aura was released, making quite a few people from Immortal Academy and Heavenly Deity Institution back up, feeling like the situation was extremely dangerous.

Shi Hao had to admit that what the protectors’ descendant was doing was too strange. No matter how he looked at it, it looked as if he was cracking a seal, making that creature come over.

This was especially the case when one thought about Dugu Yun’s background, immediately making them feel more worried. After all, he had previously lived in the other side of the world, not growing up in the Nine Heavens Ten Earths.

The fact that he was brought over by a foreign expert was already not normal in itself!

“Can you understand what they are saying?” Shi Hao secretly asked Qing Yi.

Qing Yi frowned, thinking to herself, interacting with the green moon within her, wishing to figure out what those two were talking about.

“Mo Dao, come here!” Shi Hao gave the foreign expert he had subdued a look. He had just hurried over here. Right now, he actually revealed a look of shock.

Shi Hao was naturally moved, calling him over, asking him if he could understand what they were saying.

Mo Dao felt rather conflicted, but he still spoke, saying, “This is the language of the other side of the world. I cannot understand it, but I know that this is the most ancient Emperor Clan’s language.”

This was definitely shocking information. Everyone’s expressions changed greatly. With a hu la sound, Lu Tuo, Exiled Immortal, and Immortal Academy’s people surrounded over, about to subdue Dugu Yun.

It was because his actions were just too suspicios, actually using the most ancient foreign Emperor Clan language to communicate with the creature in the stone wall, immediately making everyone produce negative associations.

It was because according to what Mo Dao said, even in the other side of the world, not many clans could understand it, only a few Emperor Clans able to understand.

This was an undying language, words of the great dao. This type of language was an embodiment of the dao to begin within, able to produce the most powerful incantations!


Exiled Immortal took action, extremely decisive. A True Phoenix appeared before him, its feathers brilliantly, resplendent with divine light, illuminating the sky. It dove towards the stone wall, attacking Dugu Yun.


Golden blood energy surged around the protector’s descendant, creating a storm. Meanwhile, the indistinct figure inside was like an unmatched war god, able to forcefully resist the True Phoenix.

A dong noise sounded in this place, the void exploding. The two had just exchanged attacks, yet the most terrifying destructive results were already produced.

Even the young supreme beings who cultivated three strands of immortal energy withdrew, not willing to be easily caught up, all of their expressions serious. It was because their strength was too great.

There was even less of a need to talk about normal people, their faces turning pale. They activated their immortal energy to protect themselves, quickly withdrawing.


Ten Crown King took action. With the World Tree Sapling in hand, he directly attacked that stone wall, producing the most terrifying scene. Heaven collapsed and earth split, ghosts wept and deities howled, chaotic energy rushed in all directions!

His target was the stone gate, as well as the palm that reached out.

“Ao…” A roar sounded, grand and resonant, as if it erupted right by everyone’s ears, making everyone feel as if their blood ran cold.

That stone wall was shining, many symbols appearing on the surface. This was especially the case when golden blood flowed, filling all of the stone engravings, making the stone doors sparkling and almost transparent.

An extremely terrifying wave of energy was released from that area!

“The seal has been undone!” Someone cried out in alarm, speculating this type of result, body couldn't help but tremble.

That stone gate shone, actually stopping the World Tree Sapling, ridiculously powerful. All types of symbols and patterns interweaved densely, extremely mysterious.

Then, not only an arm reached out. Half a body followed, and then its entire body emerged. A creature came over!


There was a type of savage aura, a wave of crazy power. The creature stepped out of the stone door, covering heaven and earth as it arrived, its eyes coldly sweeping over everywhere.

This was a human shaped creature, but it was unknown what kind of species this was. There was scarlet red hair covering its entire body, a head taller than normal people, its eyes were a silver color.

The young supreme beings were unexpectedly unified, each standing at a side, surrounding this place. Every one of them produced weapons and other things, ready to release a decisive strike at any time.

Dugu Yun walked up, almost about to make physical contact with it.

Exiled Immortal and Ten Crown King took a few steps back, not immediately taking action, because it was all too late now. They quietly watched how the situation was going to develop.

This place immediately became quiet, no one opening their mouths. They all wanted to see what exactly the protectors’ descendant wanted to do.

Of course, there were many people who were extremely nervous. After all, a creature was mysteriously released, so how could they not be worried?

“Gu luo mo si…” Dugu Yun said, earnest and serious, in the end even shouting it out, about to become hostile with that creature.

That creature whose entire body was covered in scarlet red hair spoke deeply and coldly, its silver pupils releasing metal-like light, its voice extremely unyielding as it conversed with the protectors’ descendant.

Everyone was confused, not knowing what they were saying. What exactly was Dugu Yun trying to do? This was what everyone wanted to know.

There was someone who wanted to get access to their divine wills, but they discovered with shock that they couldn’t do this, all of them failing. A few people even suffering a backslash, blood flowing out from the space between their brows.

“You can’t understand even a single line?” Shi Hao asked Mo Dao.

“This type of undying language is something only the most powerful clans in the other side have the qualifications to learn, only grasped within a few emperor clans.” Mo Dao felt helpless. He was extremely strong, but not even his clan could rank in the very front.

Right at this time, Qing Yi opened her eyes. A layer of pure and holy moonlight scattered out. She opened her mouth and said, “I understand some of it!”

Those nearby were all shocked. Even Exiled Immortal, Wang Xi, Ten Crown King, Immortal Academy’s great experts and others looked over with shock.

“The protectors’ descendents is inquiring about their bloodline’s land of residence, how to get there. He is trying to find an ancient path!” Qing Yi’s words left everyone shocked.

Meanwhile, her following explanation was even more shocking.

Dugu Yun continued to ask that creature covered in red hair, asking him how to find that path and enter that secret land.

Everyone was stunned. Wasn’t the protectors’ bloodline completely wiped out? There were only a few individuals, and almost all of them were killed in battle.

However, when they heard Qing Yi’s following explanations, they began to shiver coldly. That so-called clan’s land of residence was a different place, their original home.

“Heavens, the protectors’ bloodline’s place of origin? There are still survivors? They don’t seem to be in the Nine Heavens Ten Earths. Just how powerful is this clan?”

Everyone's fine hairs stood on end. Some of the people who left this clan back then protected this world, being called protectors, so if the rest from the original land came, just how terrifying would it be?

Soon afterwards, everyone thought of an issue, moreover inner details they had only recently understood.

Creatures with golden blood were known to be an unmatched clan. During Immortal Ancient years, there were other legends claiming that they were one of the four supreme bloodlines.

“One of the four powerful bloodlines, Dugu Yun’s clan is an extremely powerful one. Could it be that they weren’t wiped out?”

“This really is scary! Perhaps the so-called title of being one of the four supreme bloodlines was something those people from the clan’s original location contended for.”

Everyone’s minds were in chaos, their emotions rising and falling, finding it difficult to calm down.

Immortal Ancient has secrets, too many unknowns. It seemed like many past things were going to reappear in this era!

“Exactly what kind of task was Dugu Yun given after being sent back to this world? Will he help the foreign side, or is he searching for his own clansmen’s location?”

Everyone carried doubts, finding it hard to calm down. They were all hoping that no drastic unforeseen changes took place.

There were a few people who thought of many other things. Not long ago, they had learned that the protectors’ bloodline’s golden blood could turn black, and when that time came, it would no longer be a holy aura, but rather berserk, murderous, and full of demonic power.

Apart from this, everyone had heard that Dugu Yun had previously headed to Origin Ancient Mine, wishing to investigate something. As a result, black blood surged out from the ancient mine, pouring out from the ancient mine’s entrance.

“There is something strange!”

“How strong is this red-haired creature? We aren’t going to all die here, right?”

“No matter, if there is a battle, then so be it!”

Right now, some people were nervous, some excited, and there were others who longed for more information, all of them wishing to understand everything fully.

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