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Chapter 1217 - True Gold

Meng Dou was even defeated, almost killed, this definitely left everyone greatly shocked!

Everyone’s evaluation of Shi Hao’s strength increased once more, believing that this was an extremely dangerous person. Not even someone who cultivated three strands of immortal energy was a match for him, truly making everyone feel restraining fear.

“You alright?” Shi Hao looked towards Qing Yi.

Qing Yi shook her head. She felt rather strange. A green moon suspended above her, making her look a bit absent-minded. At this moment, she seemed to have seen many blurry scenes, feeling an unmatched fairy currently walking towards her inner world, gradually becoming clearer.

“Qing Yue…” She muttered to herself.

Nearby, everyone was shocked. Could the inner details be true, the legend going to become reality? The true immortal of a former era was going to descend into this world again!

Everyone’s minds shook, feeling that this was inconceivable, revealing an expression of disbelief.

“Heng!” Shi Hao released a cold heng, this sound crashing down on everyone’s minds, making them all snap back.

Everyone shivered with fear, especially Immortal Academy’s people who even more so shivered in fear. This was simply an unmatched killing disaster, even defeating Meng Dou! How many people were there left who could keep him in check?

Experts with three strands of immortal energy were all exceptional individuals, people who would rule the Nine Heavens Ten Earths in the future, destined to become unmatched powerful beings!

However, that type of individual was still almost killed by Shi Hao, running away shamelessly. This was enough to prove how frightening this person from the lower realm was.

Shi Hao’s performance made these people feel extremely uneasy, none of them daring to get close.

In the distance, when the woman who had her Phoenix Wing Immortal Gold Ranseur destroyed saw this scene, she was dealt a mental blow. She really didn’t know if she should rejoice or curse.


The green moon flashed, entering Qing Yi’s body once more. The gentle moonlight disappeared, she woke up from that absent-minded state.

“Don’t tell me you really are a reincarnated body?” Shi Hao asked.

“Weren’t there some supreme beings that already proved that true reincarnations doesn’t exist in this world?” Qing Yi shook her head. However, she didn’t know what exactly was going on with this green moon either.

“Let’s go, we should pick divine medicines. I feel like this is an abandoned medicine garden with many divine medicines planted within!” Shi Hao said.

He brought Qing Yi in the direction he came from. There was an Octadic Treasure Unicorn here, from a certain perspective, something even more rare and precious than divine medicines, its value even greater.

When the two individuals left, this place couldn’t calm down. Immortal Academy’s people were greatly shocked, a few people starting to discuss quietly.

“The three strands of immortal energy he has are likely… all cultivated by himself, not a quick fix, not through stealing opportunities!”

“I believe… this should be the case. He is like the unmatched young experts from Immortal Ancient Great Era. They all relied on themselves to cultivate them, not obtained from older generations’ achievements.”

This naturally triggered great waves. Everyone watched Shi Hao’s rear figure disappear into the distance, their eyes containing complex and burning expressions.

They were sure that this was a true matchless young expert!

Immortal Academy’s people had long heard that even though there were young supreme beings who cultivated three strands of immortal energy, there were some that were ‘padded’, created through the assistance of great figures.

For example, some people absorbing the aura from ancient immortal corpses, some directly exchanging a set of flesh!

And now, they were sure that Shi Hao was definitely a piece of true gold!

“Don’t let it get away!”

In another direction, there was someone who shouted, trying to capture the Octadic Treasure Unicorn.

This place was surrounded by a formation, but the Qilin shaped plant was too agile, moving about the earth, its escape methods unmatched, difficult to track down.

Moreover, because everyone was fighting with each other, taking action and resisting one another, it made it much easier to run.

This was especially the case when Shi Hao returned, a few people becoming anxious, directly opening up a hole in the formation, and then waiting with Heaven and Earth Pouches and other spatial precious artifacts to take a risk and seize it. This way, that Octadic Treasure Unicorn truly obtained the opportunity to run!

“Fool, what you doing!” Lu Tuo was furious, loudly berating a young man from Immortal Academy.


Princess Yao Yue was also here. She activated a streak of moonlight, sweeping towards the depths of the earth, but she was still a step too late. That Octadic Treasure Unicorn rushed out directly through the opening.

“Collect!” Immortal Academy’s expert shouted, activating a Heaven and Earth Pouch, blocking the opening, about to collect it.


On the other side, Wang Xi ruthlessly took action. The space between her brows shone, half of her primordial spirit separating, merging with the sword radiance and immortal energy. It directly hacked out, power exceptionally powerful.

She attacked with the Chaos Calming Art, the power naturally endlessly terrifying!

Immortal Academy’s male was shocked, hurriedly defending himself. His hands moved, and then the Heaven and Earth Pouch’s radiance moved, unable to collect the Octadic Treasure Unicorn, passing right by him.

“No!” Many people cried out.


Shi Hao rushed over, arriving through the air. He reached out a large earthen-colored hand, slapping the table, blasting apart the earth, and then grabbed outwards.

In that instant, earth and rock flew everywhere, five elements energy surging chaotically, smoke and dust rushing into the sky.


A divine sword released a light cry, cutting open the heavens.


A great bell rang out, long and drawn-out, the sound ringing for thousands of li, producing ripples of time.


A six layered pagoda smashed down, making space itself unstable, the void tremble. Natural laws suppressed this place.

These were all great dao weapons, weapons of young supreme beings. When the earth ruptured, everyone took action without holding back, crazily attacking.

It was clear that Shi Hao took on the brunt of the firepower. Everyone was worried that he would obtain it, quite a few people even charging at him.

In reality, regardless of who it was who obtained the Octadic Treasure Unicorn, they would be attacked by everyone else, suffering the suppression of magical artifacts and precious techniques.

Shi Hao was like a spectre, his figure flickering, silently shifting out who knew how many li, avoiding the various weapons. He looked coldy at everyone.

His grab towards the Octadic Treasure Unicorn failed, not able to obtain it.

Everyone naturally stopped their attacks, all of their expressions ugly. That rare Octadic Treasure Unicorn was actually lost just like this! It was originally even trapped in the formation.

“You selfish and small-minded person!” Lu Tuo berated, directly sending a palm in the direction of that young man from Immortal Academy.

The others were also upset. Princess Yao Yue released a streak of moonlight, attacking at him, even Immortal Academy’s people annoyed, not helping that person.

This place became chaotic, extremely noisy.

Shi Hao also felt vexed, really wanting to slap that male from Immortal Academy to death. After missing this chance, it would be hard for them to capture that Octadic Treasure Unicorn again.


Suddenly, a muffled sound could be heard from the distance. The great earth was shaking in response, shocking everyone.

Then, a tremendous noise rang out. It was as if the heavens were collapsing and earth caving in, the void even shaking, rumbling noises sounding.

Everyone turned around, their eyes full of shock as they looked in the same direction.

An expanse of primordial symbols surged, filling the skies. 

“Guardian spirit text!” Someone cried out.

If one were to say what was one similarity between the last great era and this one, then it would be guardian spirits. However, guardian spirit texts had long been lost in inheritance, or changed entirely.

 Regardless of whether it was Immortal Ancient or the present world, guardian spirits all existed. Those that had weaker strength protected a tribe, while those with greater strength would protect a country, or maybe a great heaven and earth.

Only, now, the guardian spirits are a bit different from those from Immortal Ancient, living independently. Rarely would there be secretly exchanged guardian spirit texts between them.

“Let’s go!”

A group of people rose into the air, flying in that direction.

Shi Hao also moved, traveling together with Qing Yi.

There was a small temple located within a small mountain.

This was the destination, an extremely simple place without magnificent mountains and rivers. There was no beautiful scenery, this place too monotonous.

The small temple was extremely worn-out, about to collapse. There was only one opening, and it was at the base of the mountain.

The small mountain was bare, no plants on its surface, mainly made of rock, extremely short, only barely passable as a mountain. It wasn’t over a hundred meters in height.

But the astonishing guardian spirit text came from the mountain body, making the void brilliant.

In front of the mountain, there were some figures that made Shi Hao’s expression become serious, not daring to act recklessly. Exiled Immortal who was just as famous as Ten Crown King was there, and there was also the protectors’ descendant, Dugu Yun.

Apart from this, there were two formidable individuals from Immortal Academy, these individuals all standing outside the small mountain right now.

There were a few traces on the stone walls, the engravings blurry, but symbols were currently seeping out through those walls.

A door rested right on that stone wall. Those individuals attacked it just now, as if they were trying to enter from this place.

Right now, Exiled Immortal took action, attacking at some of the patterns on the walls, using quite a bit of effort.

Immortal Academy’s two individuals also moved, attacking again, similarly striking the stone wall.

Dazzling symbols rushed into the air, released from the mountain body.

“Yi, that stone gate seems to have become a bit clearer just now!”

“Do you all see? The precious pitcher on the wall shone just now, as if it was about to truly appear!” 

Everyone began to discuss among themselves, all of them paying careful attention.

“Do you recognize those guardian spirit texts?” Shi Hao asked Qing Yi.

“I don’t recognize all of them.” Qing Yi said. However, she still read a few characters, enough to leave Shi Hao shocked.

“Five Magics Sealing Heavenly Seed is precisely here. This stone mountain path must be taken!” Qing Yi said.


Right at this time, the protectors’ descendant Dugu Yun took action. In addition, he bit down on his middle finger, dripping a bit of golden blood on the stone walls.

At this moment, shocking changes happened!


A world-shaking roar sounded from that stone wall, as if it came from the distant ancient past, carrying an aura of great changes, as well as a primitive savageness.

Then, everyone was shocked. A few indistinct figures that were trapped in the stone wall really appeared, as if they were walking over from the limits of heaven and earth, slowly approaching them!

“Heavens! Isn’t this a door carved into a stone wall? How can there really be someone walking inside? Is it going to cross over?” Someone cried out loudly.

That figure was extremely blurry, but it was quite frightening, carrying a wave of domineeringness, as well as a type of excitement and boldness. It quickly ran, shaking up this entire place.

Even outside the mountain, in the world where everyone was in, the great earth began to shake, trembling along with it.

Ao xi… 

Following a great roar, the mountain began to shake violently. Inside the gate that was carved on the stone wall, a hand that was covered in fur reached out.

That figure was going to leave its world!

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