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Chapter 1210 - Brave Person

Many people on Immortal Academy’s warship cried out in alarm, especially those young individuals who previously stood together with Wu Tai. “Stop!”


When Shi Hao’s foot dropped, even an archaic demonic mountain would be flattened beneath, so how could Wu Tai, a flesh and blood body, be able to withstand this power?


In that instant, Wu Tai’s body burst, breaking apart inch by inch, turning into a bloody mist.

Then, only a head was left, carrying fear and alarm, face pale. His lips opened and closed, truly scared badly, difficult for him to even say a word.

Shi Hao pulled back his hand, not taking his life. After all, there were a few old monsters watching. If he truly took vicious action, he would likely be stopped.


On Immortal Academy’s warship, those people reacted. The individuals who were close to Wu Tai all berated, pointing at Shi Hao.

“You actually dare do this type of thing, injure my academy’s disciples in front of the elder’s faces? Are you looking down on my Immortal Academy?!”

“Where did this wild brat come from, actually challenging Immortal Academy’s dignity, doing such savage things, killing Wu Tai until only a head remains? We won’t tolerate this!”

Those people were all shouting loudly, directly blaming Shi Hao for many things. All of them shouted like they were passing judgment from a high position, berating Shi Hao for his dishonorable actions, about to discipline him.

“So noisy, what are you all making a racket for? Less nonsense! If you can’t accept it, then just come at me!”

When faced with this berating, Shi Hao only had this line, simple and forceful, domineering and cold. He directly declared that anyone who was unconvinced could feel free to come and fight him.

Everyone from Heavenly Deity Institution looked at each other in dismay. They understood Huang, knowing that his dao methods were profound, rarely encountering worthy opponents, but they didn’t think he would be this bold, not showing any fear when facing Immortal Academy’s people, instead directly beating them up, not putting them in his eyes at all.

One had to bear in mind that Heavenly Deity Institution’s disciples all longed for Immortal Academy, hoping that they would be chosen, some long making preparations, even having plans to make friends with the disciples of this academy.

However, Huang instead acted as he pleased, powerfully suppressing a disciple of Immortal Academy. Compared to them, he was ridiculously fierce, not viewing Immortal Academy favorably from the very start.

“You really are daring, are you challenging my Immortal Academy’s experts?!” Those individuals’ faces had long changed, one of them even more so acting fiercely, looking at the others on the warship in hopes of inviting the most powerful disciples to suppress this vicious individual.

At this moment, none of those old monsters said anything, watching quietly this entire time. Only, a flash of light occasionally passed through their eyes.

As for Heavenly Deity Institution’s elders, they also remained calm, not interfering.

“What are you all still speaking such nonsense for? Isn’t talking so much just a reflection of your lacking in confidence? If you all really dared, then you would have already come down to fight. Otherwise, stop barking!” Shi Hao was not polite at all, his words sharp, ridiculing those individuals, a look of contempt and despise on his face.

“Wild youngster who doesn’t know the depths of heaven and earth, you’ve humiliated my Immortal Academy, do you really think there’s no one who can deal with you?” One person berated.

“At the very least, you all aren’t enough. If you all really are scared and don’t dare fight me alone, then you can come at me a few at a time. I’ll even give you the chance to surround and attack me!” Shi Hao said, extremely brash and confident.

“Cut him down!” Those individuals really didn’t hesitate, immediately taking action. They all produced magical artifacts to suppress Shi Hao.

They were all secret treasures, all sparkling and brilliant, extremely powerful!

With a raise of Shi Hao’s hand, the bronze core bow that had fallen to the distance entered his hands. He directly drew the bow and fired towards the sky, sou sou noises sounding, the divine arrows like streaks of rainbows!


Intense explosions sounded from the skies. There were some magical artifacts that were overturned, and some secret treasures that were shattered, the sound deafening.

“Too lacking. You don’t dare come down, right? Only daring to release weapons from the ship, truly shaming Immortal Academy’s reputation!” Shi Hao laughed loudly, mocking them in a completely undisguised manner.

When these words sounded, regardless of whether it was Heavenly Deity Institution’s people or Immortal Academy’s disciples, their attention became focused on this individual.

“What are you acting all unbridled for? Hand over your life!”

There were immediately two people who leapt out, attacking at Shi Hao together. It was because they were already mocked to this extent. If they continued to shrink back, it really was inexcusable, a type of humiliation.

Even though they knew they weren’t a match, the two still chose to fight. Even if they were defeated, suffering serious injuries, it was still much better than being looked down on by others.

It was clear that they overestimated their own strength. Even though they used secret treasures that exceeded the Heavenly Deity Realm, giving Shi Hao quite a bit of threat, under his extreme speed, all of the attacks were avoided.


A streak of sword light flew out, and then with a pu sound, one person’s chest was pierced through, bright red blood flowing, a ghastly sight, a bit intimidating.

Shi Hao was also unhesitant, exceptionally powerful. His fingers were like swords, sword radiance immediately rushing into the heavens, directly seriously injuring one of them.

“You…” That person’s face became pale from alarm, staggering backwards, quickly evading. However, Shi Hao was like a vicious tiger that descended a mountain, like a hidden dragon that leapt into the skies, powerful like a rainbow, impossible to withstand. He was going to unleash a great massacre.

The other person rushed over to help, but as a result, he was cut by Shi Hao’s attack until blood gushed out, his stomach hacked open.

“Chaos Calming Art?!”

Everyone cried out in alarm, their faces becoming serious, simply unable to believe their own eyes. Wasn’t this the long life family Wang Family’s sect protecting extreme art? It was the greatest inheritance, so how could he have it? 

“Are you someone from the Wang Family?” One person asked.

“I am not!” Shi Hao replied, simple and forceful. He brandished the sword radiance again, hacking forward.

In the distance, Wang Xi was quite sullen. This was definitely not the Chaos Calming Art, but it looked extremely similar. It was clearly  an extreme method Shi Hao imitated and displayed here.

The reason he had this type of power wasn’t because the sword art was extraordinary, but because that person was too powerful. When he brandished the sword energy, what was activated wasn’t the sword art’s own true meaning itself, but other precious techniques.

“Kill!” After those two were seriously injured, they shouted loudly, carrying out the final struggle.

Shi Hao’s expression was indifferent. When those precious treasures that exceeded the Heavenly Deity Realm became ineffective against him, unable to hit him, that meant that it was time for this battle to end.


A streak of sword energy surged, simply as if it connected heaven and earth. With a pu sound, one of them was cut right in half at the waist. Blood scattered outwards, half of his body falling onto the ground.

“Ah…” That person screamed miserably. The head on the upper half of his body was still there, his face deathly pale, the intense pain making his face warp. He already lost all fighting spirit and combat strength.


Almost at the same time, another scream sounded not far out from the other person. His head was removed by a streak of heaven reaching sword energy. The sword energy entered his body, making the body that was separated explode.

Clean and efficient, two great experts had their bodies completely destroyed.

Together with Wu Tai, three great experts had now fallen here, all of them only having their heads left, without any strength to fight.

Everyone erupted into an uproar. This fella was decisive and direct, continuously cutting down three expert, his brows not even frowning during this process.

“Are you all convinced now? How about you all come down to exchange pointers too?” Shi Hao spoke, looking towards the ancient ship.

There were still three individuals left, all of them people who previously stood together with Wu Tai. Just now, they didn’t come down to participate in the battle, all of them still standing there, not willing to take the risk.

At this time, when they heard Shi Hao’s challenge and mockery, their faces turned green and read, unable to argue back, all of them becoming quiet.

At this moment, they were unable to respond, mocked until they couldn’t show a temper. Otherwise, were they really going to fight? They were definitely going to suffer a similar great defeat.

Shi Hao laughed coldly, no longer paying them any attention. This type of quiet temperament made them feel even more embarrassed.

There were some who even though they were also disciples of Immortal Academy, felt like these individuals were too unsightly. Taking the initiative to provoke things was one thing, but they were suppressed instead, stupid and cowardly to this extent.

“Truly inviting humiliation onto yourselves!”

“Are these my Immortal Academy’s disciples? Unable to even take down a single youngster, utter trash!”

There were people from Immortal Academy who couldn’t hold it in, harshly criticizing, feeling embarrassed for them. At the same time, they felt a wave of discontent, felt like that youth not only won over those individuals, but was also losing face for Immortal Academy.

As for Heavenly Deity Institution’s students, they all revealed looks of surprise. There really wasn’t much to say, Huang really was a fierce person, actually like this.

“We’ve lost, there is nothing to say about this. Can you return the azure armor?” One person on the ancient ship said in humiliation, not daring to fight, instead asking for that armor.

It was to the extent where they didn’t even ask Shi Hao to first let Wu Tai and the other two go, because they believed that with the old monsters here, it would be difficult for those three to really die.

“This is my spoils of war, why should I give it to you all?” Shi Hao said coldly.

He already saw that this armor was an ancient object, actually able to grand Wu Tai another strand of immortal energy, its power immeasurable, worth researching.

“You… this is Little Sky King’s armor, yet you want to take it for yourself? Just pull back here!” The expression of one of them changed.

“What Little Sky King, have I ever seen him before? I only know that I obtained some spoils of war from Wu Tai’s hands, won’t discuss anything else!” Shi Hao’s tone was firm.

All of the disciples from Immortal Academy felt their minds pound, many of their expressions changing. What kind of background did this fella have? Could it be that he really was going to provoke Little Sky King?

Even those old monsters’ expressions changed, narrowing their eyes.

Heavenly Deity institution elders’ minds jumped. They clearly knew about that individual named Little Sky King.

“Elders, please help us retake the azure armor.” Finally, one of them couldn’t take it anymore, asking the old monsters to get involved.

“Cough, youngster, this armor has long recognized an owner. It won’t be too useful in your hands.” An old monster really did open his mouth and ask for it, clearly attaching great importance to this divine armor, not willing to let it fall into the hands of outsiders.

“Thank you for senior’s reminder, but I still wish to research it a bit.” Shi Hao calmly replied.

That old monster was speechless. Was this a pointer? This was clearly asking for it back, hello?!

On Heavenly Deity Institution’s side, regardless of whether it was Yao Yue, Wang Xi, or Lu Tuo and the others, they were all a bit speechless, but they had no choice but to acknowledge this fella’s boldness, really not scared of anything!

Those on Immortal Academy’s side were thinking similarly. Who was this fella? He really deserved praise for his courage, not listening to the old monster’s urging. Could it be that he really wanted to fight a great battle against Little Sky King?

Right now, there were some who revealed hostility, but there were also some that felt admiration, their eyes blinking as they continuously looked at him.

At the same time, a few people walked out from the shiphold again. There were some young men and women who were especially eye-catching, as if they were the children of heaven, their bearing extraordinary. The men were heroic and tall, women exceptionally beautiful, all of them currently looking towards Shi Hao!

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