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Chapter 1209 - Savage After a Bit of Success

Red magma splashed out, carrying scorching heat as it landed on the ground, burning the ground surface scarlet red. Quite a few areas turned into lava as a result, releasing chi chi sound as they flowed about.

There were divine symbols inside of this volcanic crater, carrying divine force, definitely not a place that could be underestimated.

Shi Hao stepped on his chest, following the volcanic crater into the terrifyingly red liquid. Roiling heat surged. If not for his flesh being so powerful, he would have long turned into white bones, his skin and flesh even more so immediately being burnt off.


Wu Tai struggled, his arms and legs moving, sending red magma flying in all directions, trying to break free from Shi Hao. Being stepped onto the volcano’s magma with a single foot was too graceless of a stance, a type of humiliation.

Shi Hao’s right leg moved, releasing a spiral wave of power, the great yin and great yang energies interweaving together to form a wave of miraculous power, the might incomparable.

Wu Tai felt intense pain from his chest, his bones as if broken. Blood sprayed out from his mouth, the same color as the magma. When they mixed together, one couldn’t be distinguished from the other.

Only, one was warm, carrying a fishy smell, while the other was blazing hot, able to burn a person to ashes.

Even when someone as powerful as Wu Tai struggled in the magma, he still felt a blade-like pain, this red liquid containing murderous energy, carrying mysterious divine patterns.


Wu Tai’s long hair stood on end as he struggled intensely, sending the magma splashing out several hundred zhang into the air, as intense as if the volcano was erupting, lighting up all of the nearby topography.

Shi Hao remained unmoved, rising and falling with his movements. That wave of spiraling power destroyed his opponent’s vitality.


Wu Tai screamed. The scarlet liquid immediately poured into his mouth, delivering intense pain, and even more so a feeling of humiliation. Who was he? He was Immortal Academy’s direct disciple, a brilliant student taught by old monsters, yet he suffered humiliation here, being trampled on into the mountain, intolerable!


As if cicada’s wings were lightly sounding, azure multicolored light shot in all directions. This was especially the case in the red magma, everything becoming even more misty, carrying a type of brilliant radiance.


Great waves surged into the heavens. Wu Tai finally struggled free from Shi Hao. He was like a furious demonic god, messy hair flying about, the golden cross in his pupils even sharper.

“It’s the azure armor!” The ones who were currently observing the battle were pleasantly surprised.

“I knew that the situation would be turned around. How could Wu Tai be that easy to defeat?!” Someone roared with laughter.

“Even though that wild brat is quite strong, how can he compare to my Immortal Academy? In the end, he will still be suppressed. Not just anyone can challenge my Immortal Academy!” There was someone else who continuously sneered.

Shi Hao remained calm. He stood on the volcano, his long hair flying on their own even though there was no wind. On his back was a pair of Kun Peng wings, chaotic energy surging. His appearance was incredibly calm, as if he was a prehistoric divine mountain, unmoving, his imposing appearance intimidating.

On the other side, Wu Tai stood in the void, lava continuously flowing out from his body, his expression ice-cold, eyes deep. He was truly angered, actually suffering this type of humiliation.

“You dare step on my chest!” He removed the black heavenly spear from his back, pointing it forward.

The expression on Shi Hao’s face was indifferent. “So what? I already said that I am going to beat you until your bones are broken and muscles snapped. You think you are anyone special?”


Wu Tai’s hands held the war spear, hacking it down, directly splitting the skies. A terrifying great crack appeared, dividing this heaven and earth into two.

It was too ferocious, fighting strength astonishing!

The volcano below was immediately cleaved in half, roiling scarlet liquid splashing out, surging towards the mountain region, the scene spectacular, as if a terrifying mountain torrent had erupted.

As for the sky, it was even more terrifying, full of terrifying attacks. All things perished wherever killing energy passed.

Everyone who watched this battle couldn’t help but feel their hearts beat, their skin turning cold. Those who were behind Shi Hao all quickly moved out of the way out of fear of getting caught up in the blastwaves.

Shi Hao’s body shifted out, his speed inconceivably fast, avoiding this strike. The crack in the skies didn’t close for a long time, the power of that heavenly spear making one’s body shake in fear.

“A bit strange, even someone like you can display this level of power.” Shi Hao’s expression was calm. Even though he was a bit surprised, he still didn’t feel any apprehension.

Black patterns covered Wu Tai’s face, some produced by techniques, some due to anger. The other person looked down on him like this, showing this kind of contempt, implying that he didn’t care much about this amount of power at all.

“Courting death!” He released a light shout, brandishing his heavenly spear again, gathering astonishing power that surged like shocking waves.

“Is it really the power granted by that armor?” Shi Hao looked at the armor covering him, but he didn’t sense any astonishing auras.

However, that armor was quite beautiful, blue-gold brilliance flickering about like waves, moreover scattering down streak after streak of immortal flower-like multicolored light.

On that armor were all types of markings, many of them flower petal markings, as if it was a metal tree that produced flowers, possessing a type of gorgeous beauty.


This time, the heavenly spear’s power erupted as expected, even more terrifying than before. It hacked open heaven and earth, splitting one into two. Moreover, it erupted with the endless symbols, as if golden rain scattered about, no distance it couldn't cover!

Shi Hao frowned. It was just an armor, so how could it increase a person’s strength for no reason? He was a bit confused.

In reality, previously, it was precisely because of the defenses of the armor on Wu Tai’s body that protected him, or else his chest would have long been trampled through by Shi Hao’s stomp, no way he could live.


Wu Tai charged forward, looking more and more ferocious, his boldness unstoppable. The heavenly spear in his hands shattered the void, nothing it couldn’t overcome.

Shi Hao didn’t try to block it, instead observing from the side. He displayed the Earth to Inches divine ability below his feet, avoiding it. Those who were watching thought that his withdrawing was an act of weakness.

Wu Tai even more so revealed a sneer, feeling that Shi Hao didn’t dare fight against him in his current state, coldly saying, “Nothing more than this!”


Then, while holding the war spear, he brandished it about again. In that instant, three strands of immortal energy surged from him, turning into sharp radiance, winding about the heavenly spear, becoming more and more terrifying.


This heaven and earth were shattered by the heavenly spear, his heroic appearance incredibly terrifying. Immortal mists unfolded, making him look like a matchless demonic god.

“How frightening, a young supreme being who has three strands of immortal energy after all. No wonder he is so powerful! We already had our suspicions!” Heavenly Deity Institution’s side sighed.

They couldn’t help but sigh. The first person that came off that warship was already this formidable, a young supreme being, so they could imagine that those who were standing with him were definitely not weaker.

“Worthy of being the azure armor borrowed from Little Sky King, seizing heaven and earth natural luck, immeasurable. Wu Tai will definitely win!” Many people said quietly on that warship.

“Die, or submit, you have these two choices!” Wu Tai shouted. He rushed at Shi Hao, his entire body erupting with blue light, flower petals appearing from his armor one after another, sparkling and replete with moisture.

He himself was extremely dazzling as well. With the war spear in hand, he shouted, “What kind of place do you treat my Immortal Academy as? Daring to challenge us, today, I will teach you through battle accomplishments that not any random cat or dog has the qualifications!”

“Really is acting savage after just a bit of success, did you forget your experience just now, of being trampled into the volcano?” Shi Hao spoke indifferently.


Wu Tai’s expression was ice-cold, his eyes malicious. He only said the word ‘kill’, rushing forward, his war spear almost burning, divine force surging, releasing dazzling radiance.

Shi Hao no longer evaded. He was sure that the armor was strange, not wishing to give this person another opportunity, instead wishing to quickly seize the precious armor.


Immediately afterwards, Shi Hao’s body erupted with endless light, all of it lightning radiance, merging together with the Kun Peng wings behind him. Moreover, his shoulders and arms also became like this, dazzling and brilliant, lightning rumbling about.

Shi Hao used two types of precious techniques, merging them together. He began to take action ferociously.


Shi Hao received the heavenly spear with his bare hands, his fingers like clamps cast from Immortal Gold, firmly pressing down on the heavenly spear’s blade from both sides. Then, with a fierce twist, this divine weapon immediately warped, already deforming!

Everyone was shocked. What kind of power was this? To use a hand to face a divine weapon’s blade, he was strong to the point of leaving them speechless, their minds all trembling.

This heavenly spar was a rarely seen secret treasure, long developing a spirit. Right now, it struggled intensely, while Wu Tai’s expression changed even more. He never expected Shi Hao would be this freakish, actually bare-handedly stopping the heavenly weapon’s sharp blade.

“Break free!” Wu Tai shouted, activating all of his strength. Azure light flowed out, supporting his arm. The three strands of immortal energy became even more terrifying.

Shi Hao’s eyes became cold. His arms moved, and with a kacha sound, he bare-handedly snapped this divine weapon!


His hand moved, flinging the heavenly spear’s sharp portion out, the blade stabbing into a volcano.

At the same time, lightning poured down like a waterfall, erupting from his palm, rushing at Wu Tai through the war spear, immediately covering him in symbols, suffering the hacking of lightning.

Everyone became stupefied, as if they were looking at a ghost. This type of physical strength was too freakish!

Even the protectors’ descendant Dugu Yun was speechless. Their bloodline was known to be one of the four great unmatched bloodlines, when their blood surged, it would split heaven and earth, able to kill the divine, yet their physical strength still wouldn’t be more than this, right?

Wu Tai did everything he could to resist, protecting himself with three strands of immortal energy, using the azure armor to resist. All types of mysterious symbols surged.


The Kun Peng wings on Shi Hao’s back were incomparably large. While merged with lightning, they hacked down like heavenly blades, slicing forward, directly blasting Wu Tai’s body.

The azure armor shone, blocking this terrifying power. Wu Tai coughed out large amounts of blood, his body flying outwards, suffering a serious blow!

If the armor wasn’t there, he would have definitely been hacked apart!

“How could it be? You also cultivated three strands of immortal energy?” Wu Tai shouted.

“Is three strands of immortal energy all that special?” Shi Hao said to himself. In his surroundings, three thick strands of immortal energy surrounded him, making him look like a True Dragon that emerged from an abyss, his imposing might shocking the world.


Shi Hao formed a fist imprint, lightning surging, moreover suffused with Kun Peng power. This was the combination of two types of precious techniques, ferocious and incomparable, not much that could stop it.

His fist imprint directly smashed down on Wu Tai’s body, making his body release pi pa sounds, many of his bones breaking, even the azure armor unable to stop it.


Wu Tai screamed in pain, the intense pain difficult to endure. He knew that things were bad. The other party’s power was too strange, rushing about chaotically in his body, symbols surrounding him like a tide.


Shi Hao’s foot lashed out, smashing into his body like a steel mallet, sending him flying out again, crashing into a volcano.

Wu Tai’s face warped, his entire body contorting. This kick made him almost lose all of his fighting strength, because there were at least several dozen bones that were broken, even his primordial spirit becoming unstable.

Shi Hao released a light shout, and then when he raised his hand, lightning converged into a large hand, grabbing Wu Tai. At the same time, there was a Kun Peng Claw that was removing his armor!

“No! This is Little Sky King’s armor, you cannot touch it!” Wu Tai shouted. He was now panicking greatly. If he lost this armor, there was no way he could explain it, unable to continue living.


Blue light flickered about. The armor separated from him, making his expression pale.

Moreover, at this time, Shi Hao discovered that something strange happened. One strand of immortal energy disappeared from Wu Tai’s body, only two strands left.

“The armor is this miraculous?!” Shi Hao was shocked.

Then, the three strands of immortal energy around his body spun about, blasting at Wu Tai. With a pu sounds, half of this person’s body was crushed, falling into the volcano.

Shi Hao revealed a strange expression. This person’s strength was so weak, originally only having two strands, only because of this armor could he obtain three strands?

Wu Tai’s face was like earth and ashes as he looked at Shi Hao, full of a defeated feeling. He originally thought that by relying on the armor’s strand of immortal energy, he could look down on this person, but he never thought that before this person, what he was most proud of was nothing. That person had three strands of immortal energy himself.


Shi Hao trampled down. Wu Tai felt his damaged body break apart inch by inch, completely unable to withstand the power of a young supreme being with three strands of immortal energy.

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