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Chapter 1211 - Opposing the Five Elements

These individuals were all extremely strong, their appearances deep and enigmatic. Immortal mists scattered around their bodies, not in strands, nor streaks, pervading the air just like that, making them look mysterious and extraordinary.

On Heavenly Deity Institution’s side, everyone was shocked. What kind of scene was this? It was extremely similar to a certain recording in historical texts, the effects of cultivating unmatched mysterious techniques.

“Immortal Academy is formidable after all, grasping immortal dao secret texts, these core disciples all obtaining the true inheritance, immortal energy long merging with the dao, all children of heaven!” An elder from Heavenly Deity Institution said with a sigh.

This made the minds of the academy’s disciples all shake greatly, because this type of evaluation was too high! Even Lu Tuo, Wang Xi, and the others were rarely praised like this.

“Just some achievements while young, they are still far too lacking. There seem to be a few good saplings from Heavenly Deity Institution though. If they are carefully nurtured, they will quickly emerge from cocoons and become butterflies.” An old monster said.

Fourth Elder’s face twitched slightly, feeling extremely unwilling inside. He understood the other party’s intention. In the end, they were still going to come to Heavenly Deity Institution and select disciples, so their exceptional individuals were likely going to become Immortal Academy’s disciples.

“Shi Hao, are you still not going to return the azure armor to Immortal Academy?” Second Elder said.

This armor was an ancient artifact. When divine force supported it, it would become bright and dazzling, but when it was quiet, it was simple and unadorned, the blue radiance dim like normal earth.

Shi Hao carried the armor, feeling extremely reluctant. He knew that this thing had an extraordinary background from a single look, definitely not an ordinary armor. He didn’t want to return it.

“We have to ask you to return it!” Those individuals that were close to Wu Tai on that ancient ship spoke up again, their voices extremely loud. It was because Immortal Academy’s old monsters appeared, so their courage welled up again.

Shi Hao glared out, two streaks of golden rainbows flying out, immediately making those individuals shiver. When they saw the heads by Shi Hao’s feet, their minds were shaken up.

“You all humiliated me first, and then after being defeated, you retorted back with delirious ravings. Now, you are asking me to return this armor, do you think that I am easily bullied, or could it be that you believe that I am weak?” Shi Hao asked viciously.

Those individuals were alarmed. They couldn’t help but take steps backwards, their faces becoming pale, intimidated by his aura, feeling fear inside.

Many people on Heavenly Deity Institution’s side revealed strange looks, even the elders speechless. This youngster already had heads by his feet, leaving those individuals so scared they were shivering, yet he still felt like he was wronged? He clearly didn’t want to return the armor.

“Dao brother, let me remind you, that is Little Sky King’s item. In my Immortal Academy, there is none who does not know about Little Sky King’s reputation.”

At this moment, a woman smiled faintly, speaking extremely calmly, precisely one of the youngster who came out later. There was an immortal dao aura at the corners of her eyes, beautiful like someone who walked out from a painting.

“Heaven’s children?” Shi Hao said softly to himself. He looked at those individuals, carefully sizing them up. Those individuals were all mysterious after all, immortal energy scattering out, merging with them, all of them otherworldly like aloof immortals.

“It’s not like I seized it from Little Sky King’s hands, this is my spoils of war from enemies who offended me. As for how to treat this matter, it is naturally up to me to decide.” Shi Hao said.

“Sigh, Little Sky King is definitely not a simple individual you know?” That woman’s smile was sweet, not saying too much, nor showing any intentions of taking action.

As for the others from Immortal Academy, they all revealed looks of surprise, as if they were looking forward to something, but also like they were taking delight in his misfortune as they looked at Shi Hao.

“What kind of person is Little Sky King? Did he come?” Shi Hao lowered his head to look at Wu Tai’s ruined body. At the Heavenly Deity Realm, even though there was only a head left, there still wouldn’t be any danger to one’s life. One could still recover after slowly adjusting their condition.

“Cultivation profound, blessed by the heavens, long obtaining a mysterious immortal seed, already became a sect master level individual two years ago.” Wu Tai played his part, no longer acting tough, obediently replying.

However, Little Sky King didn’t come, because at his level, there was already no need to find a dao seed here, long successfully taken that step.

Shi Hao frowned. The words were already spoken, couldn’t be changed. Moreover, he had been provoked by the other party again and again, so if he really did returned the armor when the other party asked for it, then he really would look too weak and easy to bully.

“Ha ha, since this young man really wishes to research this azure armor, then we’ll first leave it in your hands. This thing is an Immortal Ancient remnant treasure, indeed quite unordinary.” An old monster smiled and spoke.

Heavenly Deity Institution’s Second Elder frowned, but soon afterwards, he recovered his cool. “Since it is like this, then just hold onto it, Shi Hao.”

“Understood!” Shi Hao happily agreed.

“Since it is like this, then we will search for immortal opportunities on our own and part here.” An old monster from Immortal Academy said.

The ancient ship carried immortal energy, releasing muffled noises. It slowly rose into the air, and then departed into the distance.

Only blood stains left on the ground. Wu Tai and the others were let go. Even though only heads remained, their heavenly deity bodies would regenerate soon.

This volcanic region still couldn’t be calm. Heavenly Deity Institution’s disciples took action together, searching about here, the enormous volcano at the center even more so the target of their exploration. 

“There is a sealing force, but there is no perfect Five Elements Seed!” An elder said with regret. In reality, it was still to be expected, because those old monsters stopped here for a bit, long secretly searching this place with their divine wills, leaving precisely because there were no opportunities left.

However, the academy’s disciples found two flame dao seeds from within the volcano, the value astonishing, so the trip hadn’t been made in vain.

Time quickly passed, another half month gone in the blink of an eye. There were many young figures moving about Five Elements Continent, all of them searching for the Five Elements Seed.

Heavenly Deity Institution’s silver ship continuously advanced, searching for that mysterious ancient land according to the ancient heavenly monument’s recordings, based on the vague clues.

Unfortunately, after those areas were searched, there were still no clues to be found.

“Was there a mistake in the recordings?”

“They are just speculations made by those of ancient times after all, not a true treasure map. If they were sure where it was, then they wouldn’t have left these clues behind.”

The elders discussed their following plan of action, how they should continue searching.

Five Elements Continent was too vast, no end in sight. If they searched through it area by area, who knew how much time would be used up. After all, this place as as large as a starry sky.


In the distance, golden light surged. A giant tree was moving, the golden ancient tree shining. There were many stars on it, all of them moving about as well.

“The Half World Tree absorbed a tremendous amount of five elements spiritual essence, likely going to leave in a few days.”

“What do you all think? Could the place where it took root be that sealed land?”

This question was raised during the elders’ discussion.

The silver warship set out again, landing not too far from the golden ancient tree, looking about nearby. Unfortunately, there was still no gains, still not finding that exceptional seed.

“Five Magics Sealing Heavenly Seed!” Second Elder walked back and forth, thinking it over again and again. Then, he pointed at the Half World Tree, saying, “The place it descended is definitely an important place. Let’s start from there.”

“Could it be Five Elements Reversal?!” Eventually, when an elder thought of the ranked formation diagrams, he was shocked, proposing this type of conjecture.

“Five Elements Reversal, defying the order of five elements foundation, reversing the world?!” Second Elder’s face revealed shock. He also recalled this legend.

That was not some good legend, rumored to be an extremely frightening thing. The one who was searching for this formation diagram already died. It was rumored to have sealed a formidable object.

“Many formation have existed since the ancient times, there are ranked killing formations, ranked vicious formations. It is rumored that this Five Elements Reversal Formation is ranked within the top three of the vicious formations!” An elder spoke with a serious expression.

“With the Half World Tree at the center, we are going to carry out a derivation in advance!” Second Elder made this decision.

On the silver warship, none of the disciples dared disturb them, because they all knew that the elders were currently exhausting themselves mentally and physically to study this place.

Shi Hao was also extremely shocked. The elders sat on an elevated platform, all of their appearances dignified. Soon afterwards, their foreheads were covered in sweat, engravings continuously made on the elevated platform, writing down formation methods.

“Five Elements Reversal’s true meaning should conform with the proper Five Elements Formation, a dividing line within it!”

They continuously searched about, finally actually successfully deducing some clues. Second Elder quickly carved the diagram, drawing the seal on the elevated platform.

“This is…” A few disciples swarmed over, all of them shocked. 

In the location where the Half World Tree was, a symbol was carved. Then, there was a dividing line not far out, and then a symbol appeared on the other end as well.

Soon afterwards, yin and yang energies swirled, slowly moving, gradually forming a circle, wrapping around the two symbols and dividing line.

“Yin Yang Diagram!” Everyone cried out in alarm.

Wasn’t it related to the five elements? There was actually this type of great dao picture that was involved.

Second elder said, “The Half World Tree is rooted in a yin yang eye position, so the location of the Five Magics Sealing Heavenly Seed location should be located on the other symmetrical yin yang eye position.”

They actually really did successfully derive its location, leaving everyone greatly shocked!

On the elevated platform, yin and yang energies swirled, the great dao diagram appearing, mysterious and powerful. The yin yang eye inside unexpectedly became the location of Five Elements Reversal.

Everyone turned around to look at the World Tree, and then at the boundless continent. What was on the elevated platform was merely the deduced formation diagram, while the true continent’s terrain was what was really terrifying. There were great formations that had existed for all of eternity, absolutely shocking arrangements.

“Are you certain that the other yin yang eye has a heavenly seed sealed inside?” An elder carried doubt inside, as well as even more uneasiness.

It was because according to the rumors, the place of Five Elements Reversal was extremely terrifying, not a place they could come in contact with. Those who headed there all died, no survivors ever returning alive.

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