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Chapter 1208 - Directly Expression

It was because this not only concerned his own image, it was a direct expression of his ‘true self’. His dao heart was not restricted, not feeling any fear when facing great power.

There were some things that could be endured, while some provocations had to be directly faced. He didn’t believe that the old monsters of Immortal Academy would be extremely partial if there really was conflict.

These individuals continuously made things difficult, so if he withdrew once more, what so-called unmatched conviction would he have left? They were all nothing more than academy disciples, so what was there to fear?

However, in everyone’s eyes, this was no small matter. He was actually challenging Immortal Academy’s disciples like this, leaving everyone shocked. They all stared blankly at him.

This was especially the case with Heavenly Deity Institution’s students who felt even more conflicted. They cultivated the ancient method, the best of them destined to choose Immortal Academy, yet this academy’s people were offended before they even entered. In their eyes, the results of this were definitely far from reassuring.

“Are you speaking to me?” Wu Tai returned the heavenly spear to his back, the copper core bow held in his hands, body covered in light blue armor. He stood on the ship, lowering his head to look below.

The atmosphere immediately became tense. There was going to be an intense clash after they had just mediated the situation!

“That youngster really doesn’t know how to play his role. It’s not like we really killed you. Aren’t you still properly standing there? Why would you feel so upset?” One of those individuals also spoke indifferently.


When Shi Hao raised his hand, a golden war spear appeared in his palm. This was completely condensed from lightning, bright and dazzling. With a shake of his hand, the war spear aimed straight up.

Then, Shi Hao began to move. His waist turned, and then his arm flung out. The golden war spear flew out, as brilliant as a stellar river.

It was too fast, tearing through the sky, rushing at the ancient ship above, directly flying towards Wu Tai and the others. Its aura was astonishing, carrying large amounts of lightning.


One of them shouted, producing a precious artifact, a precious vase. It released fiery light that raged about, smashing into that war spear. Endless symbols erupted between the two, noises ringing out continuously.

Meanwhile Wu Tai even more so fired his bow, shooting out a bronze arrow to stop this spear of lightning.

When things calmed down, those individuals’ expressions were all not good, one of their faces even sinking, saying, “Are you looking to die? Attacking us like this!”

“Wild brat, you don’t know how to appreciate others’ kindness! Do you think you are that good, using violence in front of us?!” Wu Tai berated.

“Do you all feel humiliated? I am only returning the favor. Just now, this was how you all dealt with me, attacking like you were dealing with a random vicious bird!” Shi Hao said coldly.

“Even someone like you dare treat yourself on equal terms with us?!” Wu Tai’s shout cut him off.

“Moron, you think you are anyone special? If you can’t accept it, then come down here. I already said that I was going to beat you until your bones break and muscles snap, those words were definitely not spoken just for show!” Shi Hao pointed at him.

This produced an uproar. Regardless of whether it was Heavenly Deity Institution’s students of Immortal Academy’s students, they all revealed shock. Huang had already set his resolution to take action.

Wang Xi, Lu Tuo, and the others were quietly watching, waiting for him to take action, hoping to see him fight a great battle against Immortal Academy’s people.

Qing Yi was quite worried. Those were Immortal Academy’s disciples, yet before he entered, he already offended them. The consequences of this were hard to imagine.

As for the two academy’s elders, they temporarily didn’t say anything, their eyes narrowing slightly, calmly observing the situation.

“Who is this person? So egotistical, do you think my Immortal Academy has no one in it? Actually provoking us like this, what skills does he even have?” A young lady on that ancient ship said quietly.

“Most likely because he’s unconvinced about our Immortal Academy reputation, wishing to make a name for himself through this battle.” A young man said.

“Does he really think there’s no one in my Immortal Academy, even any random person daring to challenge us. Wu Tai, go down and fight him, you definitely have to obtain a great victory!” Someone said with a loud voice.

Of course, there were people who knew the course of events, saying, “Sigh, this time, Wu Tai and the others were the first to provoke the other party, can’t be blamed on him for fighting back.”

“Wu Tai, you have the azure armor on you, so defeating that person isn’t a problem. Teach him a lesson!” Someone among those individuals spoke.

Wu Tai nodded, his face cold and stiff. His head of purple hair flew about, cross shaped golden stars appeared in his pupils. With the war spear on his back, copper core bow in his hand, he immediately jumped off the ship and descended.

“Who do you think you are, daring to speak so recklessly here? Let me tell you, not any random dog or cat can challenge Immortal Academy’s dignity!” Wu Tai shouted.

“Even a little shit like you can represent Immortal Academy?!” Shi Hao only spoke a single sentence, and then he leapt out fiercely towards Wu Tai.


Wu Tai’s eyes narrowed, astonishing radiance shooting out from his cross shaped golden star eyes from time to time. He continuously drew his bow, shooting at Shi Hao.

In addition, this time, he used all of his strength, divine arrows firing like streaks of rainbows, every single one releasing wuwu sounds, shattering the sky. They were all rarely seen secret precious artifacts.

Shi Hao didn’t dare act carelessly, because he discovered that the arrows that were fired this time were definitely no trivial matter, not refined by experts at the heavenly deity level. 

“Wu Tai, kill him! When dealing with this type of lunatic, there is only suppression!” His companions shouted, cheering him on.

“Shoot him down with divine arrows, impale his body with a single shot!” The shouts were like thunder, those individuals all shouting out.

Heavenly winds swept about. Shi Hao turned into a Kun Peng, but this time, it didn’t cover heaven and earth, but was only a zhang in length, inconceivably fast. It moved its wings below the skies, circling in the air and approaching Wu Tai.


A ferocious claw instantly tore through the skies, making that place explode. Rumbling sounds rang out.

Everyone was shocked. This type of speed, these types of methods were ridiculously powerful. How could normal people dare face it head on?

If not for the sect master level weapon in his hands, using the secret bow, making it hard for Shi Hao to immediately attack him, he would have likely been in great trouble.

“Since you are turning into a furred livestock, then I will help you accomplish your aim, draw my bow and shoot down the Peng!” Wu Tai’s expression was cold, becoming more and more vicious. He produced a scarlet red arrow that was different from the bronze arrow before.

“Fire!” He shouted loudly, letting go of the bowstring. A string of blood immediately surged, that arrow as if possessing demonic power. Scarlet multicolored light overflowed, the scene incomparably terrifying.

This arrow had all types of symbols engraved into it. It appeared in the void, directly attacking at Shi Hao!

“Divine Will Soul Imprisoning Arrow!” Someone from Heavenly Deity Institution cried out in alarm, recognizing what kind of arrow this was.

This was a magical arrow refined by a great individual. Its power was exceptional, the one who fired could infuse a bit of divine will into it, able to lock onto the other party’s primordial spirit, the arrow not stopping until it struck its target.

It was clear that this arrow was refined by an extremely powerful expert. Once it hit Shi Hao, it would definitely erupt with heaven shocking might.


Shi Hao turned into a Kun Peng, continuously dodging, piercing through the sky several times. He was like a golden streak of lightning, speed fast to the extreme, everyone’s eyes unable to keep up with his movements.

“Hurry and dodge!” A few people cried out in alarm from the ancient ship.

“Too fast, that Kun Peng is already before you!” Someone loudly shouted in warning.

Wu Tai wasn’t an ordinary person, his reaction speed extremely fast. He no longer continue shooting, instead brandishing the longbow in his hands, hacking forward. This bow released astonishing brilliance, erupting with heaven overflowing killing energy.


Shi Hao turned around, his wings moving, brushing right past him, not diving down and tearing at his opponent.

Wu Tai’s eyes were cold. The longbow made a turn through the air, returning into his hands, preparing to launch another attack.

However, with a weng sound, his ears rumbled, the sound of air exploding sounded. A Kun Peng appeared again, and this time, it possessed unprecedented swiftness, immediately transforming and emerging, symbols pouring over like a great wave.

Behind Shi Hao, that scarlet arrow chased after him the entire time. However, he didn’t pay it any attention. He first attacked Wu Tai, as long as he could seriously injure him, this arrow would definitely be destroyed.


The longbow released a loud sound. Wu Tai brandished it again, facing Shi Hao’s attack head-on.

In that instant, thousands of great claws descended, the Kun Peng’s sharp claws attacking over a thousand times, all of them landing on the great bow, all the most complex symbols.

Wu Tai’s body was greatly shaken, his complexion becoming scarlet red.

In reality, this was only the first wave of attacks, just the supreme yang precious technique Shi Hao activated. What followed was the supreme yin side, a black giant fish emerged, bringing a black sea behind it, covering heaven and earth, locking down Wu Tai’s body, affecting his speed.


Wu Tai relied on the azure armor on his body, activating a secret method, producing a water blue barrier of light to stop these attacks.

However, in the final moments, his body still shook greatly, and then flew out diagonally, suffering a heavy blow!

That was the result of Shi Hao’s Kun Peng transformation’s divine wings hacking down, too powerful, unstoppable. His body continuously shook.

“This person is so strong, his comprehension reaching this kind of level, the profound mysteries of the Kun Peng fully grasped, yin and yang complementing each other, deriving the primal chaos, close to transcendence, comparable to an ancient heavenly method!” Someone said with shock.

Shi Hao turned into a divine bird, his wings moving, one wing blazing with golden light, one pitch-black like ink. Right now, both wings clashed tightly, yin and yang energies pervading the air, erupting with the most terrifying chaotic light!


Another strike was delivered. Wu Tai released a loud cry, the longbow leaving his hand, the barrier of light produced by the azure armor on his body shattered. Blood was coughed out from his mouth, body smashed into a volcanic crater.

During this process, Shi Hao’s speed was even faster, turning into human form, a pair of wings on his back as he dove down fiercely.


Shi Hao stepped on Wu Tai’s chest, trampling him into the volcanic crater’s magma. With a putong sound, large amounts of lava surged.

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