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Chapter 1207 - Overbearing


A bronze arrow flew over, tearing through the skies. The air released an exploding sound, carrying a type of ancient and crude aura, as well as a type of unstoppable ‘might’, instantly flying before his eyes.

Shi Hao was angry. He turned into a Kun Peng, yet someone actually really treated him like some vicious bird, wanting to hunt him down here.

At the same time, he also understood that the one who came was extremely arrogant, even daring to kill a Kun Peng. Regardless of whether the other party saw through his true body or not, it was ridiculously overbearing.

They fired as soon as they saw him, shockingly self-confident and also full of murderous intent!


Shi Hao’s wings moved about, stirring up heaven reaching powerful winds. His body shrunk, moreover turning into a streak of golden light like a streak of lightning, evading this bronze arrow.


Not far out, an enormous volcano was struck by that arrow. It exploded on the spot, magma surging, rushing outards. Then, everything was restrained by that bronze arrow’s power, completely obliterated into scattered ashes.

That arrow’s power was great to this extent, truly leaving everyone shocked.

One had to know that this was not an ordinary place, it was Five Elements Continent, protected by the richest five elements foundational spiritual essence. The mountains and valleys were sturdy, comparable to divine treasures.

Meanwhile, this place was even more extraordinary, suspected to be a sealed land. Every single volcano carried powerful divine patterns, sturdy and imperishable.

It was just a bronze arrow that was casually shot out, yet it destroyed a divine mountain here. Everyone was naturally shocked.

“Yi, that furred livestock has some cultivation, actually evading my arrow.” A surprised voice sounded from the ancient ship up above.

The ship was extremely large, and also indistinct. It was wrapped within immortal mists, making it look incredibly mysterious, as if it was an immortal precious ship that traveled from the creation of the world.

One could vaguely see blade marks and arrow holes on the ship’s body, carrying mottle imprints of time. There were some places that were still carried a copper greenness, as if it had just broken free from some ancient land.

On the warship were a few youngsters, all of them imposing in appearance, the looks in their eyes penetrating. Immortal energy covered their bodies, making them look incredibly intimidating.

They carried immortal dao aura, but it was also extremely domineering. They weren’t like the gentle flowers and grass grown in a greenhouse, clearly young experts who had experienced blood and flames.

One of the youngsters wore light blue metal armor, on his back a war spear full of killing intent. In his hands was a bronze great bow, and after producing a bronze arrow from the quiver, he loaded the bow again.

This person’s head of purple hair was extremely long and thick, hanging down to his waist. His eyes were like two golden stars, pupils actually cross shaped, brilliant like the edge of swords.

His face looked like it was sculpted with a chisel, possessing a persistent yet coarse and wild temperament. With a light shout, he drew his bow again, saying, “Take this!”

“Are you looking for death?!” Shi Hao shouted angrily. This person didn’t stop here, using his vicious weapon again after shooting the first arrow, wishing to kill him, treating him like game.

This type of shout was like thunder, blasting heavenly space until it swayed back and forth, rumbling with noise. Cracking sounds could be heard in the air.

However, Shi Hao’s berating didn’t make everyone stop, instead releasing the bowstring even more directly. The arrow was like a rainbow as it pierced heaven and earth, the arrowpoint terrifying.

Chi chi chi!

The moment Shi Hao evaded this time, many golden feathers appeared around him, all turning into divine arrows, shooting towards the one who was shooting at him.

As for the bronze arrow, it blasted through five giant volcanoes in succession. All of these were divine peaks protected by symbols, but they still exploded.

“Speed is too fast, he has Kun Peng’s extreme speed.” The individuals on the ancient ship didn’t seem too concerned, discussing things there. Only the face of the one who fired the arrows became serious, his smile fading somewhat, the golden cross in his eyes becoming more penetrating.

The light blue armor on his body shone, protecting him. Moreover, he put away the large bow, the heavenly spear now clasped in his hands, fiercely brandishing about at those divine arrows.


Sparks flew in all directions, large amounts of light surging.

At the same time, Shi Hao returned to human form, descending on a volcanic crater with Qing Yi, now surrounded by rich five elements energy. He glared angrily at the other party.

“Not simple, actually stopping Wu Tai’s divine arrow!”

“Wu, even carrying a girl whose looks are quite outstanding. Yi, I spoke incorrect, a country toppling rarely seen beauty, haha…”

These individuals didn’t have any feelings of regret. Just now, they viciously fired arrows at the other party, and now, they were teasing like ruffians, the expressions in every one of their eyes like lightning as they stared at the two people below.

“Who even are you all? Why would you fire randomly with your bow?” Shi Hao’s face sunk.

Even though he could tell that they weren’t ordinary, not a single one of them simple, Shi Hao still spoke up. This group of people were too domineering, still laughing like this after acting murderously.

“Wu, youngster, I advise you to obediently play your role. Are you provoking us? It’s not like you were really killed, so what are you making a big fuss for?!” One of them shouted.

“Little girl, seeing how pretty you are, why are you staying at his side? Come to our immortal warship, hurry and come up, there are immortal dao opportunities here.”

Those individuals were all roaring with laughter, not treating them with any respect.

Shi Hao’s face immediately darkened. This was just too brash, firing at him, and after failing to kill him, they actually had this type of attitudes, moreover provoking the female companion at his side, not putting him in their eyes at all.

Right now, the others from Heavenly Deity Institution were all stunned as well. When they saw this scene, they all revealed strange looks, feeling doubt inside. Where did this group of experts come from, actually looking down on Huang like this?

At the same time, everyone felt extremely shocked, because that warship was too unordinary, surrounded by immortal energy. They really were intimidated, everyone feeling a wave of apprehension.

Shi Hao produced a bow as well without another word, and then pulled it all the way back. A divine arrow was fired, firing at the warship with a dong sound, the aura astonishing.

“Yi, quite bold, actually daring to fire back!”

This time, those individuals on the warship didn’t take action, instead chanting incantations. The ship shone, a barrier of light surged over there, blocking the divine arrow.

With a chi sound, the divine arrow was burned to ashes, scattering down.

“Who is attacking my warship?”

The ancient ship was extremely large. An aged voice sounded from the ship, possessing a type of awe-inspiring might. Shi Hao’s arrow activated the defenses, disturbing the others in the ship.

“Apologies for disturbing the elder. It is just a wild brat, not worth mentioning.” One of those youngsters said nonchalantly.

Right now, Heavenly Deity Institution’s elders had all appeared, walking up together. They looked at the ancient ship that was overflowing with immortal energy, their expressions serious.

After carefully sizing it up, Fourth Elder opened his mouth, asking, “May I ask if these are Immortal Academy’s dao friends?”

The students near the volcano were all shocked. This ancient warship came from Immortal Academy? Didn’t this mean that this was the place they were heading towards in the future?

Sacred Academy and Immortal Academy were isolated from the world, rarely did their disciples make an appearance, because they were all secluded within pure lands, only recently did they recruit disciples, choosing from Heavenly Deity Institution.

A few people looked towards Shi Hao, revealing strange looks. They had just met, yet Huang already offended a few experts from Immortal Academy, even though the events couldn’t really be blamed on him.

A fluctuation sounded from the warship, the sealed cabin door opening. A few elders walked out from within, even more aged than Heavenly Deity Institution’s elders, beard and hair white like snow, to the extent where some of them already lost all of their hair, wrinkles folding over each other as if they were scrunched together. 

These individuals’ ages were terrifyingly great, but every one of their spirits were still vigorous and healthy, eyes like golden lamps. Their bodies contained astonishing life aura, all of them extremely powerful.

Moreover, this was still the result of them forcefully restraining their auras. Otherwise, once the true fluctuations were released, all of the youngsters might vomit blood and collapse, finding it too difficult to endure.

These were old freaks, all of them possessing paramount power. None of them were weaker than Second Elder, ridiculously powerful.

They came from Immortal Academy, an unmatched holy land for cultivating the ancient methods. All of them researched Immortal Ancient methods carefully, this place also having many ancient texts, exceptional immortal scriptures, and an environment even more suited for cultivation.

“Turns out it is dao friends from Heavenly Deity Institution. We were just about to pay you all a visit, never expecting to run into you here.” A white haired elder who was comparatively not as ancient spoke. At the very least, he still had hair, moreover quite thick, only that it was snow-white. However, his complexion was still quite good, his face suffused with red light.

“A misunderstanding, we are all on the same side.” Heavenly Deity Institution’s Fourth Elder said.

As people from the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, a battle impending where they had to fight side to side, some of Heavenly Deity Institution’s elites even being chosen to enter Immortal Academy, their relationship was naturally not ordinary.

Only, the disciples were destined to be chosen, taken away, making Heavenly Deity Institution’s elders feel a bit unhappy, but there wasn’t much they could do about this.

“Who hasn’t been young before? Back then, weren’t we like this too? A clash between younger generation, having an unyielding spirit, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.” An elder from Immortal Academy said with a smile.

It was clear that there was no way the old monsters didn’t sense what happened just now, just that they allowed it to play out.

Shi Hao felt extremely dissatisfied. Regardless, he was shot at by someone for no reason, so there was no way he could be as magnanimous as treating the situation as if nothing happened. The expression on his face was not good.

“You aren’t that bad, if you work a bit harder, you might become our junior brother.” Those youngsters roared with laughter, not apologizing at all.

At this moment, quite a few youngsters walked out from the ship, every one of them promising and outstanding individuals. There were heroic young men and also pure and beautiful young ladies, all of them exceptional, carrying immortal energy.

“You can bring that girl with you, come and have a chat on the ship, get a little close to us.” The young man who fired the bow previously snickered, clearly ridiculing Shi Hao no matter how one looked at it. Instead of calling it an invitation, it was better to say that he was asking Shi Hao to send Qing Yi over.

“Who do you think you are? You think you have to qualifications to tell me what to do? Immortal Academy’s disciples really are something! If you come down from the ship, I’ll break all your bones and snap your muscles!” Shi Hao was too direct, responding fiercely.

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