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Chapter 1202 - Soul Force Seed

A wave of cold energy swept over. Shi Hao felt greatly refreshed, as if he ate long life medicine. His primordial spirit was being nourished, having a vague feeling of becoming stronger.

“Kill!” He released a light shout, continuously taking action. Right now, a large group of creatures appeared on the silver warship, every one of them extremely powerful, but they were all treated by him as food.

In reality, this group of war spirits also saw him as prey to hunt, swarming over, because he was the first one to kill a war spirit here.


A purple-colored radiance rushed over, shooting out like an immortal war spear, shattering the cosmos, directly descending here!

This was a scorpion tail. It drew out an arc in the air, stabbing towards Shi Hao’s head, fierce and precise, penetrating and berserk, speed just too fast.

It was precisely a human shaped Heavenly Scorpion, its body not any different from that of a human’s. It had thick purple hair, its eyes sparkling like blades, a scorpion tail extending out from his rear, looking like it was cast from violet gold.

The scorpion tail pierced over, penetrating the void!

When the sharp end approached, the space between Shi Hao’s brows felt intense pain. Even with the single heavenly passage protecting him, his forehead still felt as if there were needles stabbing at him, trying to pierce through.

This was a mental attack. This was especially the case when he was facing this humanoid Heavenly Scorpion, its tail blessed by heaven, even more domineering when it released spiritual attacks.

In Shi Hao’s surroundings, a few cultivators from Heavenly Deity Institution cried out loudly, because they weren’t that far away, also affected by the spiritual force.

There were some whose foreheads already split open, their primordial spirits seriously injured!

This was only being affected by being nearby, not like Shi Hao who was currently suffering the brunt of the attack.

War spirits, the most terrifying part of them were soul attacks. It wiped out one’s divine senses, cut down their primordial spirit, impossible to defend effectively against!


Shi Hao released a low roar, activating the single heavenly passage, making it surge with radiance. In addition, the space between his brows shone, a symbol vaguely appearing there. It was like an engraving, bright and dazzling!

His mental force was surging, erupting with power as he faced this war spirit.

At the same time, his body also moved, quickly taking steps out, sweeping forward like a crazy gate, blasting aside all of the other war spirits as he charged straight for the humanoid Heavenly Scorpion.


He raised a hand, actually grabbing that sparkling purple scorpion tail. Brilliant light erupted in between, the sound as if metal struck into each other!

At this moment, the two made contact, the scorpion tail actually warping, about to break. However, a bit of blood also appeared from the space between Shi Hao’s brows, currently feeling incredible pain!

This scorpion tail was a tangible embodiment of spiritual force. None of these war spirits had true bodies, all bodies condensed after their spirits became powerful enough.


However, in the end, Shi Hao still twisted and broke that scorpion tail, tearing it off. Then, he rose into the air, a kick smashing over, smashing into the humanoid Heavenly Scorpion.

Precious techniques appeared one after another. The Heavenly Scorpion was definitely not simple, using spiritual force to protect itself. However, that person’s leg still approached, smashing into its body with a peng sound.

The humanoid Heavenly Scorpion first staggered back a bit, and then immediately afterwards, his chest area cracked apart. Then, his entire body exploded!

Shi Hao’s foot just carried too much force. Even if it were large amounts of archaic divine mountains before him, they would still be smashed into ashes, unstoppable.

When this powerful war spirit fell, it turned into strand after strand of spiritual essence that scattered in all directions. A bit of mental force turned into a rain of light, making Shi Hao feel as if he was bathing in autumn winds.

This type of light rain, for his primordial spirit, was a great mending medicine, extremely comfortable, making his surroundings bright and sparkling, as if he was going to sprout wings and ascend.

His primordial spirit force increased somewhat!

Shi Hao’s primordial spirit force was powerful to being with, long turning into a venerable small seated creature, foundation strong and solid. Now, he discovered some clues to strengthen it further, so he naturally wouldn’t let this chance go.


A strand of immortal energy appeared on his arm, winding around his hand. Then, it formed a spotlessly white sword body, completely formed from condensed immortal energy.


Shi Hao shouted, starting to rush at his enemy, fighting intensely against them.

This was a chaotic battle. The war spirits’ spiritual power was too great, extremely difficult to deal with. If not for Shi Hao being peerless in his generation, he would have fallen a long time ago.

One could see just how frightening this type of creature was.

“Ah..” Not far out, a young man in blue-gold armor had his head crushed by a vicious bird’s claws, dying on the spot.


On the other side, even though a woman resisted with everything she had, her forehead bone still cracked, pressured by powerful spiritual force. Then, a strange snake flew over, snapping her neck.

The gray strange snake wasn’t long, only a meter or so in length, but it was terrifyingly powerful. That woman who cultivated immortal energy was unexpectedly not a match, the precious techniques ineffective against it, crushed to death on the spot.

“These things are too sinister, how are we supposed to deal with them?” Someone cried out loudly. Everyone began to panic, because unless it was Shi Hao, Lu Tuo, Wang Xi, and people like these, normal cultivators weren’t a match at all.

It was one thing if they couldn’t deal with the war spirit leaders, but even normal war spirits possessed incomparable and exuberant spiritual force, difficult for them to face.

This was just the beginning, yet the academy’s students already died one after another.

They were all heaven warping talents, yet in the end, they died mysterious here, it really was too much of a waste. They felt a type of flusteredness inside, a few people losing the courage to continue fighting.

“Just this bit of skill, can’t even kill a war spirit, yet you want to face the foreign side? The appearance of any one of those ancient families’ Emperor Clan members is enough to sweep through the entire war spirit ancient ship!” The protectors’ descendant Dugu Yun spoke. He watched as a bystander the entire time, not taking action, these words making many people alarmed and humiliated.


Lu Tuo took action, killing a Three-Eyed Divine Ape. The moment it was killed, he felt his primordial spirit become nourished, becoming a bit stronger. He now knew why Shi Hao took the initiative to kill these war spirits.

Then, Wang Xi, Ten Crown King, Princess Yao Yue and the others also discovered some clues, this place immediately becoming chaotic. All those who cultivated three strands of immortal energy all took action.

This time, the war spirits’ vicious attacks were counteracted!

“Kill!” Killing these war spirits can actually nourish the soul, strengthen the primordial spirit! They are formed from spiritual force, able to transform our divine senses!”

The others also went crazy. Now that there was no path of retreat, these war spirits all extremely vicious, continuously attacking, they might as well throw caution to the wind and fight with everything they had, perhaps able to even profit from this disaster, making themselves stronger.

The situation immediately changed. Even though the war spirits were strong, there were Wang Xi, Xuan Kun, Shi Hao, Ten Crown King, and others. Even Dugu Yun took action, immediately launching a ferocious counterattack.


Shi Hao gripped a gray-colored strange snake with a single motion. Even though it was less than a meter in length, it was extremely strong. If not for Shi Hao’s strength being above his peers, it would have immediately struggled free.

Unless one cultivated three strands of immortal energy, they couldn’t deal with this snake!

However, Shi Hao was quite dissatisfied, feeling extremely annoyed. “Just a war spirit, yet still this ridiculous!”

His hands exerted power, tearing at this strange snake. In the end, this snake struggled free. Four clawed arms reached out from its belly; other than its head, the other parts were just like a true dragon.

Si si!

The gray-colored strange snake’s tongue shot out. In that instant, a spiritual field was produced, actually matching Shi Hao’s single heavenly passage. The two of them fought intensely.

“Really is strange and sinister!” A drop of blood trickled out from between Shi Hao’s brows, becoming more and more dissatisfied. This snake really was too terrifying.

If it was anyone else, they would have likely been killed as soon as they made contact. Even Shi Hao felt extremely strained, had no choice but to face it with all of his strength.

“What kind of background does this stupid snake have?” He used all his strength to tear the snake’s body, wishing to rip it apart.

In the distance, the great battle became more and more intense. In front of that blood-colored ancient ship, several ancient war spirits displayed world shocking magical force one after another, fighting intensely against the elders, actually able to move stars, affect the damaged ancient realm.


They fought until the sun and moon were without light, heaven and earth losing color. Cold winds roared about, killing intent overflowing into the heavens.

“Cannot underestimate these war spirits, any one of them were previously exceptional heroes…” Even while fighting the great battle, Second Elder was still transmitting sound and giving pointers to the students fighting on the silver warship.

In the past, all those who left behind remnant wills were all exceptional figures. Their primordial spirits were powerful enough, and only because of that was there a chance of them leaving behind a hint of remnant divine will and other things after dying.

Meanwhile, these wills who had the opportunity to grow and evolve once more, becoming a type of soul body, they were precisely war spirits.

“That is why you all feel that the war spirits are powerful, impossible to defeat, but don’t feel discouraged, because they were all exceptional individuals in their previous lives!” Second Elder said.

When everyone heard these words, they felt much better. Otherwise, many of them felt like their own strength was truly too lacking.

“That strange snake… is related to the True Dragon!” Suddenly, Second Elder was shocked, staring at the gray strange snake Shi Hao was fighting intensely against, revealing an expression of shock.

“That can’t be, it really is that snake! In the past, there was a strange snake that appeared from a stone cliff next to a True Dragon nest. It became an unmatched expert, but ultimately died in Realm Tomb.” Fourth Elder also released a cry of alarm.

It was because no matter how these creatures changed, becoming spiritual bodies, forgotten in the past, when they took form, they were still similar to their bodies in their previous lives.

Heavenly Deity Institution’s elders recognized many spirit bodies that were formed from remnant wills of legendary experts, for example, the Nine-Headed Divine Bird, White Gold Lion, and others, all of them previously having a glorious reputation.

This strange snake was even more clearly recorded and portrayed in the bone books. It had previously warped and weaved in the heavens above and earth below, rarely encountering enemies, dying endless years ago.


The space between Shi Hao’s brows split open. The moment wisps of blood appeared, he still killed the gray strange snake, using his single heavenly passage to neutralize its spiritual field, while he himself even more so engaged in a true contest of strength with it.

The strange snake wasn’t a real body, only formed from divine senses. In the end, it was torn apart, and then exploded.

Immediately afterwards, the space between Shi Hao’s brows healed, his mind feeling refreshed and clear. This strange snake was too powerful, the vital energy that was released truly a great mending medicine, making Shi Hao’s primordial spirit sparkling and shining.

This strange great snake was the leader of the war spirits who attacked the silver warship. After it was killed, it immediately caused panic.

Meanwhile, the blood-colored ancient ship’s battle was also decided, several ancient ancestor level war spirits not a match for Second Elder and the others, almost all killed here.


Second Elder even more so took action, hacking apart that ancient ship.


The war spirits that were fighting intensely against Heavenly Deity Institution’s students all cried out, as if they were going mad. They rushed towards the shattered ship, abandoning this battlefield.

“Yi, a complete Soul Force Seed!” Second Elder was shocked.

The moment the blood-colored ancient warship split open, all types of objects fell out. Apart from this, there was a shining seed that released astonishing soul force, shining here.

“A priceless seed!” Fifth Elder exclaimed with astonishment.

The reason they came was to find all types of immortal seeds, because this group of students were cultivating the ancient methods, all of them needing a seed. They actually discovered one, moreover one that was ridiculously good.


Everyone on the silver warship chased after, pursuing the war spirits, all of them approaching that seed.

In reality, the reason why these war spirits withdrew was completely because they wanted to seize that Soul Force Seed, wishing to merge it into themselves.

Shi Hao slaughtered in and out, unknown just how many war spirits he eliminated, definitely like a killing god, killing to the point of making those war spirits panic, shudder with fear.

During this process, Shi Hao became stronger the more he fought, his divine senses continuously being nourished, his primordial spirit becoming stronger, becoming more and more outstanding!


He exchanged a blow with Wang Xi, and then continuously fought against Lu Tuo, even trading an attack with Ten Crown King’s Dragon Fist, the scene extremely intense.

None of the elders took action, watching silently. They were only in charge of stopping the ancient ancestor level war spirits, everything else was left up to the students to compete over.

Shi Hao was also in this battle, his body as if covered in a layer of sacred light, forming a divine disk, brilliant and holy.


He shouted loudly. That single heavenly passage became brilliant, auspicious light surging out from within, immediately locking down the Soul Force Seed, pulling it into his single heavenly passage.

“This battle has come to an end, the struggle is finished!” Second Elder said, not allowing them to destroy each other.

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