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Chapter 1201 - War Spirits

On the blood-colored warship, many figures appeared, all of them wrapped around by gray mists, carrying killing intent as they threw themselves murderously at the silver-colored warship!

In this ancient land, there were damaged stars, shattered continents everywhere. Right now, a strange and ancient ship moved over, carrying so many terrifying creatures, leaving everyone alarmed.

“These are war spirits? I can’t see their true appearance! They are wrapped within mists, what fast speed!” Someone cried out.

It was because after those creatures rushed out from the ancient blood-colored ship, every one of them was fast to the extreme, rushing over to the silver warship in the blink of an eye.

“What is going on, they… are devouring divine force!” At his moment, even Wang Xi who cultivated three strands of immortal energy cried out in alarm, different from her usual calm and composed temperament.

The others also noticed this scene, feeling greatly shocked. Those creatures rushed over like lightning, the symbols produced by the silver warship unable to stop them. It was because they devoured divine force, quickly refining it!

This situation was definitely worse than terrible, these creatures just too strange.

“These are precisely the war spirits, devouring divine force, and then turning it into its own strange force. You all have to be careful!” An elder reminded.

The elders didn’t stop them, having the students deal with them. It was because they had an even more important task. They continuously monitored the blood-colored ancient ship, staring at it.


Sure enough, the blood-colored ancient ship released roaring sounds, shaking up this entire place. That type of sound was enough to blast large amounts of experts to death.

Fortunately, there were a few elders who were protecting this place, not letting those on the silver warship encounter too much trouble.

“There are ancient ancestor war spirits overseeing this place! Things are much more troublesome!” Third Elder said, expression becoming serious. The reason why they didn’t move, only staring at the blood-colored ancient ship was precisely because they were waiting for these types of big fellas to appear.

In the warship, several frightening creatures appeared, their eyes releasing sinister radiance, peering through the gray mist and watching this place coldly.

Those were extremely terrifying war spirits who could fight decisive battles against the elders. Right now, both sides confronted each other.


A loud roar sounded. A giant creature on the blood-colored ancient ship moved, this individual one of the most powerful battle spirits. It turned into a streak of lightning, rushing over.


At the same time, Heavenly Deity Institution’s Fourth Elder took action, jumping out of the silver warship to face that creature. Dazzling light erupted between the two, roars sounding continuously.

With a chi sound, another war spirit with venerable status flew over from the blood-colored ancient warship, slaughtering its way over. It was definitely not the slightest bit weaker than the one from just now.

From Heavenly Deity Institution, Fifth Elder appeared, facing it in the air.

This was a great battle at the peak, a clash between the most powerful individuals!

Which one of Heavenly Deity Institution’s elders weren’t hidden experts? They all had extraordinary backgrounds in the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, just a stamp of their feet was enough to make all sides tremble.

However here, they were stopped by war spirit leaders, unable to immediately defeat their opponent.

Then, the few leaders on the blood-colored ancient ship all moved, personally slaughtering their way over.

As a result, the elders all moved, facing this enemy, all of them joining the fight!

At the same time, the students on the silver warship finally saw the creatures who landed on this warship, what they were really like.

“Ah…” Someone screamed.

It was because the war spirits who were pressing forward really were a bit frightening. The gray fog around their bodies scattered, exposing their true selves.

These creatures were of all different oddities and appearances, as if the experts of different powerful clans were merged together, their appearances just too strange.

For example, there was a war spirit that was a monkey with three heads and six arms, while the war spirit on another side was like an ocean clam, having a human body, but two enormous shells rested at its side like wings. There were even stranger creatures, ones with human bodies, fiend heads, ghost flames flickering about, sinister fangs protruding outwards, incomparably sinister.

“They are corpses!” Someone cried out loudly, now seeing clearly, finally knowing the meaning behind the term war spirits, what they were here for.

The others quickly saw them, their eyes widening one after another. It was simply the living seeing ghosts!

This really was the case, everyone being greatly affected. These were all heroic spirits that were killed in battle. They were previously unresigned in death, left with regrets, in the end becoming war spirits.

Soon afterwards, they realized how terrifying these creatures were, every one of them incomparably vicious, directly attacking at their primordial spirits!

It was because they were transformed from dead heroic spirits, the wills left behind by former powerful experts having special fates. After receiving a near endless amount of time’s nourishments, they gradually developed a new consciousness.

This was precisely a war spirit!

The silver warship was being attacked. These creatures devoured divine force, quickly converting it into their own spiritual essence. Even though the silver warship was a warship of the utmost quality, right now, it still couldn’t hold on.

Comparatively speaking, these creatures were just like material eating vermin, quickly breaking through the barrier of light around the silver warship, all of them swarming over.


There were creatures that got onto the ship, now standing in the same place as the academy’s students. One of the female students was attacked, having her shoulder torn into by the war spirits, an arm directly ripped off.

It was incredibly savage, these war spirits too barbaric and wild, directly tearing off a woman’s arm, the scene leaving everyone shocked.

It was because that woman’s strength wasn’t weak, but the other party arrived in an instant. The students all took emergency measures, defending themselves.

“Be careful, protect your primordial spirits!” Someone transmitted sound, reminding everyone. Just now, the reason why that woman suffered so greatly was because her primordial spirit suffered an attack, causing her to momentarily enter a daze, her divine senses suffering damage, which made her reaction speed half a step too late. The war spirit then grabbed an arm, directly ripping it off.


The roaring sounds were ear-splitting, as if a malicious spirit was weeping. At this moment, there were several dozen to over a hundred war spirits who all threw themselves onto the silver warship, moreover breaking through the barrier of light and rushing in.

True danger had arrived, this was a life and death trial.


A Green Luan spread its wings, flames surging around it, covering everything below. Everyone could see that Shi Hao was currently being pursued.

“Ah…” Miserable cries sounded, many of them unable to avoid disaster. Their divine senses were first attacked, and then there were people whose bodies suffered destructive attacks.

In that instant, three people on the warship were directly killed, impossible to rescue.

“These damned things all developed intelligence, are they about to become sentient ancient corpses? Extremely difficult to subdue!” Shi Hao said, his way of thinking completely different from everyone else’s.

“Kill!” Lu Tuo roared. He already took action, just like Shi Hao, extremely domineering and ferocious, fighting against these intruders!

“They aren’t sentient corpses, but the result of transformed divine senses, bodies formed from divine senses, hoping to become just like a real existence one day!” Not far out, Second Elder who was currently fighting a decisive battle against the war spirit leaders said with a decisive tone.


Not too far from Shi Hao, a blue clad young lady suffered a disaster, unable to react at all, the space between her brows split, red blood flowing down, her entire being becoming dispirited and listless.

It was precisely under this type of situation that the war spirits became even more vicious. With a pu sound, they immediately attacked, directly tearing that young lady in half, blood pouring out like rain.

This scene was extremely bloody, leaving all those nearby horrified.

However, what could they do? They didn’t have any better methods, because these war spirits were too strange, their spiritual force terrifyingly great, immediately delivering a blow to their primordial spirits.

Meanwhile, at the center, there were some whose primordial spirits truly couldn’t withstand these attacks, which was why they suffered so severely immediately after trading attacks.


On the silver warship, a group of strange creatures roared, launching a full on attack.

In that instant, there were many people who were injured, even more who were torn to pieces, the scene just too horrible, blood dyeing the silver warship red.

“Kill!” This was Shi Hao’s voice. Killing intent surged within him. He attacked viciously, about to unleash a great killing disaster.


Shi Hao moved his arm, smashing out a fist, directly blasting through a war spirit’s chest. However, it didn’t die. It released a shrill cry that was extremely sad and shrill.


This continued until Shi Hao’s other hand rushed out, crushing his skull with a single finger, and only then was there a momentary peacefulness.

“Truly not a flesh body!” After Shi Hao killed these war spirits, he discovered that there were no corpses left behind. They turned into spiritual energy that slowly scattered.

It seemed like a true body, but was actually produced when their minds became powerful enough, primarily made of spirit.

“Good!” These were some who shouted, because Shi Hao was the first one who killed a war spirit, extremely decisive and efficient.

“Ao…” However, this seemed to have stirred up the hornet’s nest. When the other war spirits saw this, they all released shrill screams, surrounding and attacking together to end Shi Hao’s life.

There were Nine-Headed Divine Birds, human form Heavenly Scorpions, Bifang, and others, all of them ridiculously powerful.


Shi Hao foremed a fist imprint, blasting apart another war spirit, making these creatures go crazy, throwing themselves at him.

“En?” In that instant, he felt an intense pain between his brows. These creatures’ spiritual force really was too great, attacking at his primordial spirit from all directions, as if there were immortal swords that hacked over one after another, stabbing at his soul.


A screen of light surged around his body. That was the single heavenly passage, able to block even spiritual force!

A drop of blood flowed out from the space between Shi Hao’s brows, couldn’t be considered too great of an injury. He now went all out, unleashing a great massacre here.


He continuously took action, crushing nine heads in succession, killing the Nine-Headed Divine Bird. After he killed this especially powerful war spirit, he suddenly felt a refreshing feeling, a wave of spiritual essence drifting over, nourishing his primordial spirit.

“The war spirits could nourish the soul?!” Shi Hao was shocked, and then revealed a surprised expression. He quickly rushed forward, rushing murderously at the war spirits.

Everyone was stupefied, because many of them suffered greatly, their primordial spirits were injured, yet Huang rushed into the war spirits just like that, fighting alone, truly too terrifying.

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